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Pants – Uniqlo, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Furla, Nail Polish – Chanel Peridot

I’ve actually been in Warsaw since Sunday, been passing it like a true headless chicken, you know – no pecking, mostly running around. For some reason, after that Hurts post I’ve been pushing away the lace and pleates, so my luggage so far has been untouched save for these boyfriend chinos from Uniqlo I peeled off the top of the pile and black Topshop heels. The rest of the contents are being pickled and I guess when I’m leaving on Saturday all I’ll have to do is throw my cosmetics bag in, zip it up and go.

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  1. I hate you for this carving bag and shoes and pants!
    Grr. :)

  2. love the boots! nice combination with the yellow too

  3. I like this photo! And the Topshop boots is gorgeous!

  4. do i spy the new chanel nail polish? fantastic!

  5. very nice pic…
    love the FURLA bag ;D


  6. Amazing shoes!
    Check out

  7. I’m still in LOVE with the furla bags! *daydreams*


  8. I’ve always been a sucker for the Furla candy tote. And those Topshop heels are fantastic.


  9. OMG>.. that bag is amazing the color is too die for!
    Have a great day!
    Take care,

  10. I love your bag… :( wished i had one!
    I also want to visit Warsaw one day :)

  11. lovely bag :)

  12. Adore this bag!And the heels!they look so comfortable!x

  13. Amanita

    I love this bag!!!. Bye Bye


  14. Love those shoes and I love that bag… and I love that you are heading back on Sunday just in time for your very special guests arrival. Muahhahaha. xx

  15. Have a wonderful time in Warsaw! Love the bag!


  16. subliminal message : give me your bag-give me your bag-give me your bag etc etc…

  17. i love that pic, amazing colour clash


  18. I wonder how these trousers look with flats…? A beautiful little peak into your outfit. I’d kill to see the top. X

  19. i’ve always been really obsessed with jelly bags. even after they were totally un cool. great photog
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  20. I am into anything with a tassel these days. Great shoes!


  21. Sweeeet bag! Who is it?


  22. Furla, as written in the side note! :)

  23. Gosia

    this bag is amaizing ! i love it

    if u are in Warsaw you should check it out
    (i know it is in polish but i couldn’t find anything in english)

    especially the fasion part. it’s not csm but it’s really good.
    here are some photos from the exibition

  24. I definitely will, thank you so much! :D

  25. your bag sure is sweet!!

  26. Pretty picture! I hope you enjoy your time in Warsaw :)

  27. great bag


  28. wonderful, wonderful photo.

  29. Kari


    That bag is just amazing! Did you get it in a store, or buy it online? Do you know if it is possible to order it from Furla’s web store? I can’t find it, and we don’t have Furla in Norway… Do you know?
    Love your blog btw!!! You give me real inspiration! (Unlike a lot of other blogs.)

  30. Ooooh, I love them shoes! I think they would be perfect for fall weather! I gotta write them down on my mental wish list ;)

  31. hey that bag again! ;)

  32. Looking forward to seing some new photos from Warsaw then! :)

  33. i love everything about this photo — the shoes, the rolled cuffs, the bag, the lacquer (!!!). (:

  34. The bag is amazing :) I can’t wait to hear more on your travels.

  35. Lusting the FURLA bag, except the hardest thing about the bag is to decide which colour to buy.

  36. I really want the same shoes !

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