I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Laduree Covent Garden; Thank you Emily of JCPR for treating us to tea.

Well this officially makes Covent Garden a minefield, now doesn’t it. The best jacket potato in London happens to be just around the corner, as well as a SNOG and the Icecreamists… and you know what they say: you set off one mine, the rest go off. I think it’s high time I freeze my card in an ice block or leave the sweet tooth on the bedside table (along with my dentures) when coming out to the area. Although I do fear it’ll all be in vain – the new opening of a Ladurée also initiated a new opening of a stomach chamber, one adjacent to the Nevermind-the-full-stomach,-time-for-coffee chamber… this one specifically for Orange Blossom macarons. If the debitcard is back in the freezer then I guess I’ll have to start cutting off hair to pay for a box of macarons.

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  1. Should really studying, but your beautiful photos are taking me back to Laduree in Paris!!

    xx T

  2. If those macarons tastes as good as they look, I’d sell my blood for them if bank account is not cooperating! Haha! I love macarons!

  3. that does look like heaven. food is considered a “need” right. unfreeze the card :)

  4. Everything looks delicious, even the furniture.

  5. Your photography is so gorgeous! I love your blog <3


  6. love a great and good old macaroon. super delicious and beautiful to look at.
    xx, http;//wordbyjessie.com/

  7. Such delectable confections! A girl’s day can always be brightened up with demure macaroons and savory teas.


  8. everything is sooo precious! I love the first dress and all the atmosphere from the pictures!!

    lucky you! You’re the best.


  9. Your photos are so delish ..makes me want to reach out and pop one macaron in my mouth

  10. My mouth is watering. Is that creepy? Those look insanely delicious. I’m jealous of your proximity to them. Straight up.


  11. Oh my gosh that looks like heaven :0 I’m dying to try macarons from there!

  12. Ugh I love Laduree and everything they choose to be. GAWD BLESS LADUREE & their magnificent talent with pastries. ♥

  13. I love the pictures and their colors, so pastel and pure!

  14. WONDERFUL pics… ;D
    love <3


  15. Mmm, those macarons look so delicious!


  16. always love the way you take a pic,wonderful pastel color.me likely so much.
    and your outfit gorgeous as well

  17. Your photos always look like something out of a dream! I’m constantly envious. You capture the most beautiful shots! X

  18. It’s almost kinda ridiculous they treat PASTRY like jewellery. But who am I kiddin’? It’s Ladurée.

  19. Wow! So many macarons and all ready to be eaten :)

  20. mmmmm macaroons…


  21. your life looks so fab :) i loveee macarons &sweet desserts

  22. Those photos are amazing, it looks so delicious! Please, what camera do you use? Thanks.

  23. Thank you! I use a Canon 5D Mark II :)

  24. Yolanda

    @Shini,Then what lens do you normally use? I love the photos in your December archive!!:)

  25. Yolanda

    OOOH I didn’t see the comment below! So you’re using a 50mm :) Thanks!

  26. You take the best photos!!!! They are always so magical and while I am looking at them, I’m drawn into it wishing I was there.


  27. Oh, Ladurée. Be still my heart. Best news I’ve heard all year is they’re opening one in New York!

  28. Amanita

    Exquisito!!!! Me encanta!!!!. Bicos


  29. OMG I thought it was a thick carpet curtain tied with a ribbon (first pic), until I saw the legs above.

  30. Oh myyyy. Now I know what I’ll be doing in London in July- heading to Covent Garden after my classes and trying not to get crazy among all those macarons and pastries. Om nom nom!
    And these photographs make me even more hungry. They’re just too realistic.
    I sent you an email a couple days ago, hope you’ll respond when you have time. xx

  31. omg… how can you freeze YOUR card… when you are in the mist of such amazing treats!

  32. What a wonderful photos!

    New giveaway on my blog:

  33. oh, great pictures!

  34. Lovely photos. I love laduree!

  35. Ladurée will always make my heart beat a little faster. The food, the masterpieces they make and just the taste of it…. gah, it is almost heaven. I love the shots. I suppose I just need to move to either Paris or London… :)

  36. you dont seenmt o get away from macarons. keeping you their slave?

  37. hack it all off! Its worth going for a full on crop for those scrumtious macaroons! Wow, what great news, tea at Laudree it is tomorrow. Thanks for charing. xx

  38. ela

    I like your blog…Great pics. What camera and depth lens are shooting with?

  39. Thank you! I use a Canon 5D Mark II with 50mm f1.4 :)

  40. I adore the pastel themed post, Shini. Ladurée, of course, sounds amazing. I hope one day I will have saved enough pennies to pop over to London/Paris, visit their shop, and promptly fall into a macaron-induced coma. (Oh the pleasant dreams of a poor student.) My favourite flavours from the local patisseries include charred coconut and black rice, lychee bubble tea and of course the classic pistachio.

    PS: the other day I discovered a new stomach chamber too, exclusively for budae jjigae. It was a windy wintry evening and I could not get enough of its spicy + warming + bubbly goodness.

    PPS: wow, trust me to go off on a complete tangent about culinary delights.

  41. Tsze

    My mouth is watering now… The macarons! Delicious rainbow! And the print of your outfit looks awesome too as do the photos

  42. yummmmm.. i went to the laduree in harrods in may, and they didnt allow us to take photos, so lucky of you that you had the opportunity to photograph those wonderful goodies !

  43. I really want to jump up and down on those velvet green plush chairs!!! I’ve literally got a pool of drool on my computer desk right now.

  44. I wish there was a Laduree in Australia. Regardless, I’m definitely going to go into one someday in the future! The macarons / treats look deeelicious.

  45. Seraphina

    I absolutely ADORE the colours in this post! The pastel palette is so lovely.

  46. Ah Swoon, the Laduree in Covent Garden looks stunning. This is definitely a must visit next time I come down to London!

  47. I’m a big fan of your blog. And I want you to know that I find your writing style extremely good and the photographs you take are gorgeous as well!
    + Wow, the food looks sooooooooooooooo jummy!

  48. Pink, Parisian, pretty.

  49. Rebecca

    Oh my God, these pictures, I’m dying. So gorgeous!

  50. ENVY!! I pretty jealous with your life! It looks nice strolling around to get a nice pictures and fine foods.
    I love every single picture that you captured specially the details of macaroons :)
    The interior is superb! speechless..

  51. Ah I don’t have such an envyworthy life really, I get to experience such thing courtesy of their PR just once and then it’s like everyone else, lushing over beautiful/unaffordable/exclusive things.

  52. Ah Shini, you are too humble. Every girl who read your blog wants to have a life like yours.
    At least you have an opportunity to try it and spread some beautiful captures for us :)
    I really love a post like this beside your inspiring outfit post..

    *a huge fan of your blog

  53. Shini, I love your pants/leggings. That swirly pattern is hypnotizing…


  54. Oh wow, this looks….oh wow. I’ve always wanted to visit London, but this post has pushed it to the top of my must-visit places!

  55. I love this post! Its like pastel wonderland! Its so beautiful!

    Fox Whiskers

  56. whenever i make it to london and/or warsaw, i’m going to embark upon an ‘as seen on park & cube’ tour …!

  57. One of my favorite places in the entire world! (as well as your blog, of course!) Ladurée is pure heaven… and these photos, my goodness. You are so talented — each time I see a new post, I want to be there :) Hope you are having a great Monday.


  58. Your blog is really amazing! I LOVE it! :)
    And… I love Ladurée ;)


  59. lula

    i rarely do comment – but these pictures!


  60. somehow, even just the first picture tipped me off that this owuld be about ladurée. oh, your pictures are beautiful.

  61. I just redescovered your blog. It is so amazing. Your photographs are so good an professional! Love it.

  62. 노현아

    참 마카롱은 멋으면 별맛없는데 참 맛나보인단 말이야.. 희한하지..

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  64. Your photos are exquisite! I’ve only just discovered your blog ~ how can that be?! Thank you for the sweet glimpses of this particular Ladurée store. A girlfriend lives in NYC and queued for their opening recently ~ and worth every moment. Thank you for the beautiful post.

  65. Woow. These images make my heart beat faster. Absolutely delicious! Congratulations for your blog. Long time that I didn’t find posts so stunning.

  66. Wow, these are great photos:) I am going to London next week for 10 days and I will definitely go to Laduree :)

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