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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.
photography SHINI PARK


Created for
Tu Clothing

I’ve been nursing a serious case of ennui in the form of a writer’s block for the better half of the past year – and yes I know, one needs to be a writer to have ‘writer’s block’ (does Ex-blogger-slash-self-proclaimed-CEO-of-Internet Block go down better?). Articles here are usually fuelled by what I’m sure is an illegal amount of caffeine and a cursory re-reading of the ENTIRE blog archive*; mostly to spark any sort of desperate magic that places words onto paper, but also to remind my jaded self of the joy and elation I once used to feel when sharing my thoughts online, way back when. i.e Before the Insta-era, when success wasn’t measured in crude numbers and product placement was as organic as

free-range Alpine cows that donated milk out of generosity for humankind.

Something else dissolves my ennui – or Nonplussitude (what did we end up calling this?) – this time around; the days are warmer, and it is Graduate Fashion Week season after all. Seeing as I’m not allowed within 500ft of a school, this is probably also the next best thing to being near young talent.


*It’s a faaaairly effective technique in that I can probably write 150 words after about six hours of reading, which means to write one full article I will have needed to seek apprenticeship in a dusty monastery in the Himalayan foothills or frickin’ Kamar-Taj under Benedict Cucumberpatch.
Also, in November 2018 we hit the 10 year anniversary, after which point I can quite confidently say I’ve written enough words to warrant a phD, yes/no?

Young talent is de facto the new definition of the Rock & Roll attitude.




…to celebrate youth, tenacity and charisma!

I do relish sounding like a Dementor though. It’s not enough that I shroud myself in under-25yo employees (not only because I see promising futures in each of their sparkling eyeballs but because their electric enthusiasm gives me vitality like a Pret A Manger ginger shot), I just love the idea of being an all-black, cloaked, flying figure. CHIC!
Young talent is de facto the new definition of the Rock & Roll attitude. The rockstar confidence of the two 2018 Tu scholarship graduate collection winners, Amy Vanderwal (menswear) and Laura Gillings (womenswear), inspires this second story we shot for Tu Clothing, that seeks to celebrate youth, tenacity and charisma.

…androgynous tailoring as shared between the Rolling Stones and their girlfriends.
Kaia wears: GFW Striped blazer & trousers – Tu Clothing. Boots – Coach. Hat – Vintage.
Maria wears: GFW Dress – Tu Clothing.



Vanderwall [menswear] takes inspiration from punk, Vivienne Westwood and The New Gypsies

Riley wears: GFW Striped t-shirt, Tartan shirt, GFW denim shorts – Tu Clothing.



Both collections speak in volumes, with bold, clashing prints and silhouettes as if rebelling against conformity (equivalent to me throwing an impromptu gel manicure appointment curveball at the overpacked Google Calendar). Last year saw Genevieve Devine and her embellished twist to historic workwear. This year, Vanderwal, mentored by Oliver Spencer, takes inspiration from punk, Vivienne Westwood and The New Gypsies; while Gillings, mentored by Henry Holland, delve into lush androgynous tailoring as shared between the Rolling Stones and their girlfriends.

Finally, as per legends of Rock & Roll and cult followers, this is also a story of thick-as-blood friendships and impenetrable creative community of young talent. Plus, a friendly price-point that rocks all our worlds.

Ruffle sleeve stripe blouse, Ruffle Hem Slim TrouserTu Clothing


Faja (left) wears: GFW Ruffle Sleeve Stripe Dress. Maria (right) wears: GFW Stripe Overlay Tunic – Tu Clothing.



production ELLEN LI
hair & makeup AGA DOBOSZ (CAROL HAYES)
lighting technician NATHAN SCOTT


Created for
Tu Clothing

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  1. In love with all the cool looks!
    xx Rena

  2. Love the looks and shots! Great post!

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  5. Nora

    I simply cannot believe how you managed to elevate Tu like this. Wonderful storytelling as always, but a truly a feat in bringing a basic brand to an international stage.

    I just wanted to let you know how proud we are as readers, I’ve been reading since 2010 and yours is the only platform that has gone from strength to strength, and now sharing the strength I can see!

    Much love, Nora xxx

  6. Amazing photography, and beautiful choice of models too.


  7. Incredibly beautiful Shini.

    Is it strange that I see a bit of us (circa 2010) in these photos? Arms linked, cameras pointed, ready to take on the world.


  8. i love the stripe outfit, the photos really good

  9. “Young talent is de facto the new definition of the Rock & Roll attitude.” Love the attitude. All the photos are so artistic! The striped clothes are full of sense of time.
    Really want to try the clothes in the pictures!
    Annie From https://anniejewel.com/

  10. Wow, stunning and so fashion forward! I LOVE the photo with the cat <3

    Keep it up! xoxo

  11. As an ex-journalist I could talk about writer’s blog for long. The best therapy was a deadline, but I always ended up as a Zombie with no sleep and migraine as a bonus. Well, easy reading means damn hard writing. This article is a proof. I enjoyed to read as always. I’m just little bit sad, because I personally missed the time before Insta-era. I was too busy and exhausted full time investigative/analytical journalist at the time. Sometimes I read old articles in archive of my favourite bloggers, they were so different than now, quite magical. I’m always amazed by your level of English. BTW, perfect photos. The one with a cat is my favourite.


  12. Minah Lynn

    They carry stripes so well! The models are so professional as well as the shots! Keep up the good work.

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