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Boo you whore (Mean Girls 2004)

ASUS EEE Pad Transformer; Brown Bag – Yesstyle

When device with the name like female hygiene supplement came out last year and geeks insisted on shoving tent poles into cement cracks on sidewalks eight hours before the fruit store opened, I was still MEH-ing about the necessity of such devices – as lieutenant of the 21st Century sceptics, why it’s my duty. Email, movies, music on the go, yay, like I need another thing to bother me from concentrating on walking on my super fashionista 5 inch heels that lets me breath the same airspace as the rollerbladers. All I thought was the second generation coming out with phone functions and chuckled at the eventual image of people holding up a huge tablet on their cheeks to call friends and smearing foundation on the screen. Yes yes, that’s the extent of my imagination. Dinosaurs evolved into Pokemon, same thing.

I received an email from an ASUS representative a few weeks ago that introduced the new ASUS transformer and asked if I’d like one. Koreans say you go bald when you like free stuff, I guess I should invest in a good wig soon. I had no idea, when I said yes with the same ‘meh ok’ attitude, that I’ll be carrying this buster around EVERYWHERE. I still swear by paperback and would someday like to own a Beauty & the Beast-esque library, but the fact that I didn’t need a mediocre night-light to read, or that I can pop in an earplug while reading and set the morning alarm when my eyes blur out won me over completely. The best thing about it is that the system is Android, I know Graphic Designer are all about Apple and stuff but I liked Apple before the tree conceived the fruit and now I’ve grown out of it.

What I know for sure is that gadgets like this will be taking us into the next generation of interaction and augmented reality – it’s really worth an investment if only for Angry Birds in bed.

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  1. I adore those cats eye glasses!


  2. Canary

    Your pictures are jaw-dropping! The ASUS EPAD looks authentic and phenomenal! Yay for ASUS! <3

  3. Well, I’m nosy, and I love the picture in which your face reflects in the screen, and the bit about dinosaurs :)

  4. Your tablet looks dusty. £429.99 for an Asus tablet and keyboard is too expensive (as correctly priced on currys.co.uk) for my liking.

    I’m in the last stage of my (borrowed) Motorola XOOM, have I grown to love it? I don’t have a clue as I’m not a frequent user. The necessity use of the apps…well I only use the basic ones like email, internet, Twitter and pointless game apps like Chinese Poker. Entertainment is dead for this one. Bummer I shouldn’t post my review on here LOL.

    Wellll, I hope your BB cream smear on your transformer.

  5. Sam

    Ditto on the Beauty & the Beast library.

  6. Seraphina

    Ooh is that your business card?

  7. jude

    Ive been looking for a bag just like that one for ages, but yesstyle has so many I can’t find it! What’s it called??

  8. Hmmm….. I’ve only recently really looked at ipads and just realized how easy they are. I’ve had a macbook for years, and so the transition would be simple. plus, they’re cheaper than laptops…. and now I see your asus on here and it also looks really cool! might be worth getting one… at some point. if i have more money.
    i love that you wear nail varnish on only one of your hands!

    CoryB xx


  9. lucky girl! i want one too
    it looks really smooth actually
    i use an android device as well, definitely getting the hang of it

  10. The pad looks real sleek and it seems thinner. Hopefully i’ll get one free too…since losing my Ipad:(
    And is that your dvd collection! I think i see a lot of action..sorry..noseying..hehehe.

  11. Ipad and Laptop in one? That sounds like a swell idea for the PC-er in me. Never gave into the Ipad phenom but this 2-in-1 sounds like the answer to my geeky dreams. Thanks for introducing us to it Shini!


  12. GReat! I LOVE IT!



  13. how awesome!! and totally in love with your BAG

  14. I’ve gotten more keen on the Androids and have grown out of taking a bite out of Apple, too. The ASUS transformers seems like a good piece to keep us distracted before we all finish having our own grand libraries.

    ♥, Jamie

  15. Love how you always keep the post clean and simple! and that two in one gadget seems like a good investment. Thanks for introducing!

  16. Wow, this Asus thing indeed can transform. Looks rad. But you know as much as we think “I am so over Apple”, Apple kinda has a lead in the technology market. They started touch screen phone mania, then followed by tablets craziness and every other company that before was so sceptic just copied the idea. People say copy can never be as good as original. I wonder how it is this time.
    P. S. Does it really say ‘Muzika’ on one of the labels? Or is it a partial fulfillment of my yesterday wish “Please God, make every blog in Lithuanian (or, I am guessing, Polish here?) because in the mornings I remember zero English”.

  17. glo

    lovin’ your theory about dino–>pokemon… woops. not theory (?) haha.
    and your note for the nosies?
    i make my brother read your posts quite often,
    i’m pretty sure he reads them without prompting when i’m not around ;)

    that ASUS tablet looks amazing…

    and do korean’s really say you go bald when you like free stuff too much? i’ve never heard that… though maybe that’s what’s causing my dad’s lack of …

  18. the way technology looks honestly makes everything look better. i love these photographs. captures a moment in time.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  19. now this is one sweet gadget that i would be willing to own because it is simply well designed and to top it all off, it runs android, my favourite thing in the world right now.

  20. damn, is that why more hair than usual has been falling off my head …?

    love the photographs & blurb as usual! & the message on the tablet!

  21. The new asus looks very nice…
    loooove your sunglasses
    great post ;D

    BILL GAYTTEN new designer for GALLIANO

  22. The bones collector is such an old school movie! I love it :P

    I am the nosiest one clearly.

    I love all these pictures, it looks super swish. xx

  23. My sister has an ipad and I am contemplating on getting one of my own but I can’t decide!!!


  24. Saw the ad for this yesterday and thought it was fantastic; I’m a mac girl and I’m not buying a new laptop til this one dies on me but if i was gonna move from the Apple world this would be the way I’d go. The problem with the iPad, i thought, was it was more expensive than most laptops without having all the functionality of them, whereas this has the functionality of both (and I assume is a decent price, certainly cheaper than buying an ipad AND a laptop!)


  25. Hahaha as usual very well written:) That thing looks pretty good! Enjoy it and don’t go bald please:)


  26. Nova

    I think that this one, other than the Samsung Galaxy, has much potential. The keyboard is a useful feature which makes it a bit better than other tablets. I’m sure that this one will be very popular (especially among the anti-apple people).

  27. That looks amazing! I like the note you’ve added for the truly nosy of us :-)

    p.s. I love that Korean proverb!

  28. Transformer, huh? Pretty cool. Especially what with it being FREE and all! (jealousy abounds) I myself scoffed at the ipad as merely an expensive toy when it first came out, but now that I’ve had a chance to play with it in person (my technologically advanced mother has one) I think I may have to get one of my own. And your post just may be the thing that put me over the edge…


  29. coooooooooooooooooooooooool

  30. Terrific gadget! thanks for sharing your life!

    lovely sunday,

  31. really great one!
    stylish and useful!


  32. Marta

    I love it!

    .. but I love your sunglasses more, where did you take them? Please tell me *_*


  33. The Sunglasses are from Jeepers Peepers, bought in Topshop!

  34. am somehow against these gadgest. alnmost against facebook too. mostly against new technological things. but no conservative, if its possible without the new inventions

  35. Ana

    ¡También te queremos mucho Shini! ¡Besitos desde Canarias!
    (btw Great transformer multidisciplinary cuasi computer portable self governing machine… I feel small next to these gadgets and even smaller close to the engineers who develop them)

  36. Just assume I’ve already left comments such as “LOVE your glasses/shoes/bag”……cause i just always do and i don’t want to repeat myself daily..

    Your imaginative little journalistic captions amuse me no end. You are wonderful!

  37. love the style of the pictures. specially like the text fun!!

    xo lovee


  38. Congrats so much! Seems like a super gadget!

    Xoxo Despite color

  39. sigh

    your humor never ceases to inspire and intimidate me.
    The transformer looks way cool, but too big for my wallet D:

  40. I wondered if this was any good and how it compared to an ipad (which i have)
    What are your thoughts?


  41. You know, I haven’t tried the ipod much, and if anything, I’d give the ipad a few more points just because of the apps available, but so far I haven’t found a single difficulty with this pad and I carry it everywhere. It’s so easy to take a photo and instantly share it with others, multitask seamlessly, it loads FLASH (important, since ipads don’t yet work with Flash)… overall it’s simply pleasant. There are plenty of apps in the Android Market too.

  42. Angry Birds in bed doesn’t sounds like a bad perk.

    Love the contents of your purse photo!

  43. very creative way to showcase this, your photos are beautiful.

  44. Looks interesting!


  45. ahhhh. i still retain terror at such technology.

  46. I’m jealous on you :P

    My blog♥mfashionfreak

  47. I have never heard of such a Korean saying.

  48. 정말 ‘공짜 많이 밝히면 대머리 된다’ 라는말 못들어보셨어요? 사실은 아니죠 물론.

  49. @Shini, LOL! I guess I haven’t, but I have heard my share of Korean predictions! Trust me, I have yet to see one come to light!

  50. I have so much love for Angry Birds and for the Beauty and the Beast library. This little device is way cooler than I was expecting it to be, I’ve got to say. Although I’m a sucker for Apple and, to be honest, I’d rather have an Ipad2 this little guy is still pretty fierce.

    p.s. love the Mean Girls reference and I swear I don’t know anyone else that can make an electronic device look so gosh darn beautiful. xx

  51. oooooooooooooooooh!

    a fashion girl from Barcelona?
    meet my friend in http://therachelbanks.blogspot.com


  52. Ina

    Do you recommend the bag? I’ve been eyeing it on yesstyle but have been apprehensive about the quality, etc. Would you say it was worth the $$?

    thanks so much!

  53. I’d say it was! The leather in the inside does come off though, you know, how cheap leather leaves those ‘dandruffy’ stuff, but overall the slouch and build of it surprised me!

  54. ida clara

    @Shini, OMG! I’ve spend almost 1 and a half hour to find the bag on yesstyle.. beside that, I’ve spend almost a year looking for a bag like that, and I got the same result as always.. I CAN’T FIND IT!!!

    So – is it stil on the web site? and is it to much to ask for some guide lines?

    Btw, great blog!!

    xx from Denmark!

  55. Heyloo, ah of course I can help!
    Should’ve linked it in the firs place but I had no idea anyone would possibly be interested after seeing just that top! ;)
    Here’s the link, http://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1023557041, I’m glad it’s not sold out or anything!


  56. Cat

    Keyboard = winning. Finally, a tablet design that’s actually…dare I say it? functional! Thank you for not blindly following the herd of flash-less iPad worshippers.

  57. for sure koreans will all go bald haha love this post! love devices like these

  58. I love that it comes with that nifty little keyboard. One thing the ipad is missing… Also loving all your photos, as usual.

    Fox Whiskers

  59. Wow, fantastic product placement, awww I want one! To jest niesamowite!

  60. It’s super cool that that the gadget transforms–I really like it! As an adamant Apple user (my entire family is–a family reunion instantly turns our house into an Apple store!), I have to say that even I’m a little wary of buying an iPad. My mom has one, but she doesn’t really do anything on the Internet other than read things; I, on the other had, get on the Internet to read and write comments like this one! For me, the only reason I would want an iPad is if it could suddenly make my life a million times easier. At the moment, that would require all textbook companies licensing their textbooks to e-book companies so I wouldn’t have to carry 5 pounds of casebooks to school. Since that’s not going to happen any time soon, I don’t know if a tablet will ever be for me. I’m a little old fashioned in the fact that I have no Internet friends I live a pretty offline life so I don’t know if this will ever be necessary!

  61. This seems really good. Quite fabulous as I am an iPad skeptic as well.

  62. The keyboard is a plus; but no quite convinced yet.

  63. Pushemek

    Oh…mean girls!
    Love this movie ^^ hahahahha

    XO from LittleBlackOrchids

  64. ooo lucky girl! I dont really understand how to use most gadgets… but i still love them!!

    Check out our new AW11 editorial images here:

  65. It looks cool! And this is the first time I’ve heard of it so I think Asus made a good investment on you, haha. If there is something like that transformer keyboard for the iPad then it would be perfect for me.

    Although what prompted me to comment here is your writing. Damn. I love the way you wrote the whole post. ‘…before the tree conceived the fruit..’? You, my friend, have a gift.


  66. i must at all times remind myself that i do not need a tablet (do not, do not, do not) because they are advertised everywhere in this city and oh, i want one. i realize i’m every advertiser’s dream because if it’s advertised well enough with pretty pictures i will buy it. thankfully i have a fairly empty wallet at the moment, or else this post would have been enough to push me over the edge and into the nearest yodobashi…!

  67. I resisted getting a smart phone (and transition myself into the 21st century) for a long time…but my boyfriend let me use his old droid in korea for the wifi and i loved it! words with friends and kakao talk alone are sweet. but i totally agree…nothing can take the place of my trusty journal and pen.

  68. Love it! :)

  69. so … in between studying for my medical school entrance exam, i’m going to read through the photography pron that is your blog. you have amazing skills girl! also, my bf is a fellow transformer user and he is jealous of your connections. haha :)

    rep the natural asian beauty.

    love, angie

  70. […] gadget that changed my life is: My ASUS EEE Transformer Pad – it’s like a cross between an iPad and a netbook but the keyboard comes off. During travels […]

  71. […] gadget that changed my life is my ASUS EEE Transformer Pad – it’s like a cross between an iPad and a netbook, but the keyboard […]

  72. Aw, this was a very good post. Taking the time and actual effort to make a very good article… but
    what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.

  73. Rihanna

    Love the site Shini. It is my first visit but by far not my last. Great pro piccies also. x