I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Gmarket, Shirt – Uniqlo, Pants – +J Uniqlo, Bag – Courtesy of JHYoo, Shoes – Zara, Bracelets – Kelly Melu + COS + Gold Hearted + H&M

Ice coffee, Summer rolls and Beef Pho at Viet Grill, 58 Kingsland Road; Thank you Kit for the outfit shots.

This is why I can’t let go of this blog, because that last post was apparently an equivalent to sobbing into a tub of ice-cream (somewhat), and so many kind readers came and asked what’s wrong and told me everything will be okay. Well, I mean, some did wander off into the bedroom and complimented on the curtains, but then again I can’t blame them, holding a tub of icecream does not necessarily mean I’m brooding. I guess one can simply like icecream. I disgress, I just wanted to thank you for the comments and emails of encouragement – I know it’s a simple matter of finding a bad trait in the blog and trying hard to turn it off, but I cherish the interaction. I mean, I will probably break something if someone asks again about my camera equipment, but you know what I mean.

Also wanted to welcome Jen back to London. The gang (Jen, Kit, myself) got together and discussed the usual blogging affairs, politics and a certain delinquent over Pho and ice coffee at Viet Grill on Kingsland Road.

This is also first instalment of Uniqlooks for June. There’s a grool contest going on – enter and win a trip to a Uniqlo flagship store in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai or Tokyo!

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  1. I want to make a post about your UNIQLOOKS! Mostly because the photography and style is always pretty, and because I want to make a new post, period. :P I wish I had enough clothing from Uniqlo to participate (I live in Manila, where there is no Uniqlo. This makes me very sad sometimes.) hehe but since I don’t, I’ll just make posts about other people in the game haha.

    Glad you feel somewhat better? Pho is delicious. :)

  2. Best shirt. And it looks like you plucked that fish right out of the tank and made it into a rice-paper roll. I know there’s prawns in it, but whatever.

    Fox Whiskers

  3. O ya, I said I WANT THIS ONE, ON MY PLATE, NOW, and they obliged, because I’m a blogging superstar or something like that.

  4. @Shini, YESSSSSS! This totally made me laugh out loud!

    Love it, love the blog, and love you!


  5. i too just wanted to share my appreciation for pho. it is almost as delicious as your gorgeous photos always are.

  6. Aaaah drool dribble dribble…I’m so addicted to Pho right now, had it twice in the past week & a half & I need mooore! Haha But Pho & iced coffee eh? Strange combination in my eyes, but if you recommend it, I will be quick to try it. ;)

    mew mew

  7. It’s the bessst evverr combination, you should try it AND REPORT BACK!

  8. I adore your utility blouse from Uniqlo and the purse is total eye candy. Nothing beats delectable Vietnamese dishes either.

    ♥, Jamie

  9. fantastic photographs. vietnamese is my favorite food hands down. thanks for sharing your ventures.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  10. everything i like in this post: cute bag, cool wrist gear, great hair, boy-ish shirt/pants combo, beautiful photography, delish food – and good laugh, but most probably that only applies to me ’cause i first thought that the fish you’ve “chosen” (in the fish photo) had landed on your plate (in the next photo) – i think it’s because of the colours – fish=spring rolls. :) anyways, yummy post!

  11. HAHhaaaa now that you say it, it does look like that, it’s hecka funny. CHEF, COOK ME THIS ONE PLZ.

  12. love these pics… beautiful ;D

    Salomé’s Thoughts: Bad remake of “Singin’ in the rain”

  13. Gosh you’re not helping my pho craving right now… I love your hair by the way, it’s so long and luscious!

  14. details are absolutely spectacular, gorgeous shots


  15. Tora

    Your writing is so wonderful. Just like your photography. I read your blog every day, even when there is no new post. Thank you! <3

  16. You are hi-freaking-larious. I have a request: Can you please write a book on the best restaurants in London? I LOVE YOUR FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY! The way the glasses are placed, the little chili.. EVERYTHING… it looks so beautiful and so yummy. Can we go back there… uhhh, right now? Ok, I’m off to compliment your curtains… and your shoes. xx

  17. That iced coffee looks so good! I love that bag too–you look wonderful!

  18. Amanita

    Espectacular como siempre. Las fotos son preciosas!!!. Bicos.


  19. you never know what you got until it’s gone.. right?

  20. WORD.

  21. I hope all your readers -like me ;) – are giving you some good vibes !
    I love your blog sooo much!
    Oh and the clutch on the first pic is magic !


  22. Love the bag!! :)

  23. Love the ET moment with the weird looking fish.

    P.s don’t blame me for the second blurry pic :S

  24. It ain’t your fault, it’s KIT’S FAULT.
    Thank you always always for lovely photos x

  25. @Shini,

    Which Kit? Your GOTTA GET KIT or JET LI?

  26. Jet Li, OBVIOUSLY.

  27. love your bag! and the food looks delicious. xx

  28. Mmmm i could go for some hot pho right now

    Bright Green Laces

  29. Keep doing what you’re doing because, seriously, I find zero wrong with your blog – it’s 100% fantastic and I love reading it!

    P.S. Totally stoked to see you wearing my jewelry. Super, duper stoked.

  30. oh how i love pho (and that button down shirt) … but i’ve never been able to get a good picture ‘cuz it’d be gone–in my belly before i think of my camera.

  31. omg!
    the second picture is amazing!!!

  32. OK i had this big comment ready to post and it didnt go through and got deleted so ill keep this short. I dont even know if you read all of the comments but I felt compelled to post. You know your beliefs and you hold them dear. I share them. Im a pastors daughter. I know how hard it is. I love clothes and fashion. I have a blog and Ive been down that same nervous road, only I let mine get out of control at one point. I had to take inventory and start watching how much I let myself give into those whims of materialism. I work in a mall. I use to buy everything I saw. I just got back from vaca and was only excited about shopping and did everything in my power to shop! But ultimately, being consumed by it all…Its not good. Watch yourself. If you fee nervous or convicted, dont ignore that!! Thank the good Lord that He is dealing with you on it. When you dont feel convicted about anything and you get to where He is not dealing with you…thats when you should worry. Stay involved in the word and prayer. Its necessary. You cant survive as a christian without it. Keep a journal. Whenever youre inspired about something in the Bible or something God touches you with is always so good, but what I mean right now is keep a journal of how youre feeling and what you give the most time to. We live in a world and age that says its ok to be consumed by materialism and consumerism, but ultimately, its not. it leads to nowhere. And its easy to let those things take precedence over more important things. I am proud of you for sharing this and taking note of how you feel. Its honorable and it was the right thing. People need to know thats not all there is to life. II think you had beautiful things in the post and I enjoyed the lovely images. Remember this. My parents always told me this: There is nothing wrong with having nice things as long as they dont have you. I hope it wasnt too much for you and I know it ended up being super long but I could only imagine people saying its ok, youre fine, just ignore that. When i know that you know there was something making you nervous. Im prying for you. I enjoy this blog and you are a great inspiration. Have a great week and stay encouraged. You rock.

  33. Also, my fast typing ended up in sucky errors. Please forgive!

  34. @Madison, thanks for posting this.

  35. I’ve been looking for a green shirt like yours so badly for a lot of time!!! I like it.

  36. I discovered your blog through the Blog and the City Campaign, I’m really glad I found it because your blog is pretty spectacular and as a result it has ended up on my blog roll so I’ll never forger to check it out!! Your style is out of this world and I love your witty banter.

    p.s. NEED the bag in the first pic

  37. Love your pictures!! What camera do you use???

  38. As usual the food looks delicious! I am also trying to decide between, Uniqlooks, Lookbook.nu, and Chictopia. Have you tried other sites? Opinions?

  39. Hmm Uniqlooks isn’t really like Lookbook or Chictopia, I think it’s far more casual than the two? Tried all three and got sick of being ‘graded’ for an outfit, so quit Lookbook and Chictopia ages ago. Uniqlooks is just like a casual ‘hey look what I got from Uniqlooks’ without necessarily doing it for more points or popularity. xx

  40. Shini, your photos are always so pretty – which camera equipment are you using?

  41. Hhaaaa Sabine u so funneh

  42. i dont undestand what u ve been saying with the tub of ice cream. why brooding?
    give yourself ove r to some musings, even take a time off to come back with more “elan”.
    the outfit is a bit odd for your taste

  43. What is my taste, I don’t even know what my taste is. :)
    As for icecream and brooding, it’s all written in the last post and this one too, yay.

  44. Haha, some of these comments are just too funny ^ ^

    The colors on the bag couldn’t be any better.

    PHO!!! I love the soup! Fresh and yummy (: I would love to live or at least visit someplace in Asia because they take such good care of the food there and the flavors are amazing. Sushi is my favorite (: I wouldn’t get sick of it if I ate it every day.


    Vita T.

  45. Haha, infinite love for use of “grool”. The viet food makes me crave so badly!

  46. Oh, the foooooood. Like your outfit too!

  47. love your shirt!

  48. Love your purse!

  49. I’m glad you got encouraged by the comments and emails. I get DIScouraged by the pointless comments, but then there’s always one, which makes you feel like someone’s actually appreciated what you wrote, and it makes it all worth it :) *What camera equipment do you use btw? :P * (ONLY joking!!)


    Your outfit is genius, if I were you, I would be so damn proud of myself..

  51. In love with that bag!


  52. Jaehee

    Hi Shini,

    I never wrote a comment to you before. But I vist your blog on a daily basis. I just wanted to tell you today that you should NEVER let go of your blog. I am one of those avid (a bit excessive) style and lifestyle blog-hoppers and just to be very honest with you, your blog has a uniqueness to it that is rarely seen in others. Not saying this to make you feel good. But to say that your blog is even more valuable than you can imagine.

    Have a great day! :)





  54. Amazing outfit, you look fab! x


  55. If you don’t mind me saying, you have a really nice sense of grace in your photos, but also that feel that you’re a nice person too, which is nice to see in a style post. I actually much prefer getting a sense of the person and how the clothes contribute to that, as opposed to just seeing clothes.

    James @ La Mode Outré
    La Mode Outré

  56. Lovely outfit, so simple yet chic!

    Nice you are liking Kelly Melu bracelets! :)


  57. Your lovely photos of food always make me so jealous I live in small town USA! As always love your outfit!


  58. GORGEOUS! Love this post! Photos are so amazing! Keep it up! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca


  59. love the shirt and bag x

  60. Jeca

    Your sense of humor never fails to amuse me. Keep on writing and taking beautiful pictures! :D

  61. Love this look! A perfect simple but chic outfit, and what a great purse!


  62. hmmm this all looks sooo good!! im drooling


  63. Love the stripey bag against khaki. Also I love pho!!


  64. drooooooooools pho, how i miss it. the best pho is back home (best pho I can get outside of Vietnam, at least). love your hair blowing in the wind!

  65. I must confess I was one of those people that almost caused you to start breaking things! SORRY! (T-T)

    As always I love your blog! I find inspiration from your blog, photography-wise and fashion-wise, so Thank you!

  66. ohhh, pho! worlds greatest meal

  67. you have a lovely pictures…and your colorful bag is just fabulous..wanna have it..

  68. I adore that bag (and your food photography, of course)!


  69. Beautiful outfit! Diggin your style girl

  70. Kía

    I like the colors in these post and Vietnamese food is totally almost everyday choices if there’s a chance.
    How long is to Hackney from center London ?

  71. Depends where in hackney, but this restaurant is about 15 mins from the centre by tube and then a quick walk from the station, or about 30 minute bus ride!

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