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Topshop AW12 Old

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Billingsgate Market, London Fashion Week

I can’t highlight enough how admirable Topshop is when it comes to spatial arrangement – seated in the first row or standing in the back the view is simply spectacular. Thankfully there’s also none of that courteous yet begrudging ‘nod’ to online media so popular in other shows that help fill the space near the walls but eventually fill the blogosphere with badly taken photos of model’s scalps. Topshop Unique truly is one of my most anticipated shows at LFW, not just because time and time again they being the frothiest milkshake that naturally pull the boys and buoys, but because they seem to give a lot of effort to show respect to all individuals of media. Well, I’ll stop there before I start taking the butt-kissing to second base, but you get my drift. The collection was spot-on and right up my alley – military, utilitarian, urban, sharp cuts and great draping – absolutely wearable. Less of the gimmick and more of the chic – HEY THAT RHYMES – overall a more sophisticated package with pieces that might as well end up as timeless wardrobe staples.

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  1. agreed. i love everything you posted.
    p.s. you said milkshake to the yard.

  2. Those lace-up hiking boots are killer!

    These are the first shots I’ve seen of this collection, thanks for sharing them. Crazy-good photos, as always.

    [ Becky at life/style/flash. blog]

  3. i absolutely ADORE this collection! and how wonderful to hear that such an important brand has respect for every camera and person behind it. lovely shots.



  4. i absolutely ADORE this collection! and how wonderful to hear that such an important brand has respect for every camera and person behind it. lovely shots.



  5. WOW,blown away by this incredible collection! Have to admit the past couple of seasons i haven’t been that keen on their collections but this one is AMAZING! Completely in love

    Take care,Daniella xox

  6. beautiful!


  7. I couldn’t agree more. X

  8. You always capture these events perfectly!

    Monochrome Magpie

  9. Photos are beautiful! Well done. ;)

  10. This is actually one of my favourite runways!!! How great are the boots?!



  11. These shots look absoluetly amazing!!!
    I wish I could shoot pictures like yours!

    Love from Seoul,


  12. You captured the runway show so beautifully, always so delighted to see things from your point of view. It’s like a whole other world, a fashion fairy tale. x


  13. Beautiful collection.. and I really like the little ceramic milk carton containers. They’re so interesting!

  14. This collection is admirably structured and put together. love the attention to detail the great accessories and the mix of textures!

  15. Your photos are really THE most incredible. Have yet to see any that can beat you!

  16. i love that coat!


  17. I’m kind of loving the nod to the overalls… I recently went to the Diego Rivera exhibit at MoMA and have been constantly thinking about the utilitarian, industrial theme. Thank you for sharing!

  18. I absolutely love the yellow nail polish, it’s so cute!
    the fashion show is good enough


  19. Eva

    Always wish there are more photos in ur posts.
    Loving topshop so much this time

  20. yes, from the pictures you have here, looks like a fantastic show.


  21. Topshop always have unexpected things in hand. Finally something more practical from Unique.


  22. Your pictures are always unique!


  23. I love their shoes! Especially those with hight heels :)

  24. THANK YOU, Shini, for pointing out the fact that FW these days seems to be all about excited girls with wanting photography skills and less about the fact that it is a TRADE show of designers/the fashion industry showing (to finally sell) their creations. Beautiful photography as always – and I can actually SEE THE DESIGNS, yay!

  25. wow – so right, had to read twice before i realised/believed this was topshop! loving the oversized sweater. great photos as always, looks like it was an amazing show!


  26. Great show and images! Unfortunately not for me as along with a lot of people begrudgingly made to go stand on a balcony, with a standing ticket the view of the show was all scalps. Alas further if you unfortunately stuck behind someone on the balcony and you can kiss away your hopes of seeing anything! Almost not worth it if you have a stand ticket at the Topshop venue.

  27. Beautiful, loving all the heavy textures!


  28. Wahou I love all those colors ! Thanks for sharing


  29. Man, I couldn’t agree with you more. I seriously would wear SO much of what is in the photos above. Good times!

  30. love the photos!!! the collection is amazing!!!

  31. anonymous

    hey! something irrelevant! i just saw you in Face hunter!!!

  32. Great collection!!! I love the loose clothes and the mixture of textures…

  33. I really enjoy your photos of the details, it’s like your hiding out taking pictures of things other people would miss.
    Plus neon nails and white clothes, so cool!!!!

  34. You lucky girl!!!

  35. Oh my gosh, these photos are AMAZING!

  36. Love all those looks! And again: I love your post


  37. These photos are really beautiful! It looks like such a great show…
    – Aliya

  38. amazing photography


  39. Love these photos!



  40. Shini, how do you make your photos look so amazing even with all these blobs of shadow in your way?! I’m sorely tempted to beg you for a post on tips & tricks for good photography x:

  41. As usual your photography is beautiful! You really captured the collection well.


  42. I didn’t realize this was a Topshop show until I got through all the pics! Wow…love the whole vibe of the collection.
    <3 Kate

  43. Love the trench coats.


  44. THOSE nails. :)

    Love Grace.

  45. Super cool collection!

  46. Very nice picture of the runaways and details of what some ppl where wearing!

    x Romi

  47. Shini these shots are spectacular! I watched it live online but really nothing compares to the drama and detail of your photos. Carrie was singing praise for the seating arrangements too, so so good!! Love all the calm before the storm bits too! Can soo see you wearing these stomptastic pieces! Xx

  48. This collection seems so perfect for this year & our Urban Country. Never been more excited for #TOPSHOP

  49. Amazing collection.
    I’m new reader and I adore your blog.
    /Siv Maria

  50. Great

  51. Beautiful pictures!!!!

  52. Love Topshop! One of my favorite brands!