I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Leather Jacket & grey top – Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Trousers – ASOS, Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Warehouse, Rings – Daisy London, White Top – Diana Orving; Thank you Jen for the outfit snaps!

Never in the history of fashion (or mankind in fact, during PG hours at least) has ‘I’m so wet’ been used so loosely as today. You could hear It’s not London if there’s no rain being tossed around the courtyard matter-of-factly, but hi, I’ve been living in London for the past 5 years and I can tell you it rarely rains like this. It’s like all the bottled up pissin’ rainin finally blew up in the form of a bucket dump, subjecting us of all to a very bad case of sky PMS. So as streetstyle I logged a record-breaking number of photos of hunched miserable looking folk (I’m thinking of JAK & ILL) so we just ended up chain-lattéing under the Fernandez & Wells café parasol and debated on whether 6 inch heels and hobbling is truly a necessity to a LFW outfit.

On a separate note, Jen and I noticed the Union Jack at the top of Somerset House is black and white?!

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  1. Agnieszka

    your new hair is amazing, you look sooooo beautiful! :)

  2. Clementine

    I love your haircut! And this outfit. Especially the trousers and shoes – so cool.

  3. Lily Faolain

    Shini! Love the post! You look French with your new hair!

  4. I love everything about this look. The way the clothes fall beautifully, the lines, the colours, the texture. Love it!

  5. Phyllis

    Wow really lovely haircut! Adorable!

  6. lovely tunic!


  7. love your bag and your hair looks fabulous!


  8. Love your hair! Old Shanghai-glam-esque! Gorgeous… makes me wanna do something about mine too. :D

  9. Your new hair + that red lipstick= femme fatale (the Annie Hall trousers, asymmetric shirt and leather jacket don’t hurt either). It’s an amazing combination! How did you get your hair to wave quite so perfectly? Anyway, a lovely post as per usual!

  10. I seriously dig the hair. Impeccable outfit as always. It’s too cool that the Union Jack is B&W in the last photo!

  11. Gigi

    I love your new haircut!

  12. This layering is quite genius! I love your man style pants and leather jacket!!


  13. Shini, where has your hair gone?? It looks lovely this way, I have to admit, but still I miss the old style. Have you already adjusted to feeling the wind blowing in your neck?

  14. I am so in love with your hair!!! It looks stunning! Your outfit is perfection as well.

  15. SO in love with the hair!! x

  16. Your new hair cut looks a-mazing on you!

  17. I love your hair! Like of those vintage pin-up girls! Love it!

  18. your hair is looking fantastic. love that bag


  19. I’m loving your new hair! It looks great on you!
    It’s making me want to cut my hair!!

    Love from Seoul,


  20. Adorable bag =)

  21. your new haircut is so beautiful!


  22. Fantastic shots!


  23. You look absolutely stunning!
    This new haircut is perfect for you <3

  24. London sounds like Sydney at the moment. Every time we dare to think glorious summer has arrived, the skies break and it’s rain again. Liking your new bob – it’s the kind of style I secretly wish I could have but know I never could.

  25. Wow I love your Jacket!

  26. classy, I like your new hair, like a lot.

  27. adorable pics :)


  28. You are one modern day lady! The trousers are magnificent. Lovely shots despite the rain!


  29. Love your jacket



  30. Katherine N.

    Your short hair is sassy. :)

  31. Wow, I loooove your hair!

  32. your hair! little shock at first, but then: it suits you so well! and for some reason it makes you look really tall (hm, maybe you ARE really tall?). seriously, you look fantastic – the boyish outfit and your (i’d say) 1920s inspired hairdo – beautiful!

  33. Still can’t get over your beautiful haircut! <3 And your purse is truly a beauty!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  34. hahahahahahahaha^^ cracking introduction =p
    yes I would wear something comfortable and anti-slip if I were in London. it does rain a lot =/ well I hope the rain didn’t ruin the day too much :( at least there were still some events on show right? I like how you wear a leather jacket and those tan pants through the day. they seem super comfy and well, “anti-slip” ahaha^^

    let’s just wish it doesn’t rain as angrily and fumingly in London as today .. =p all the best wishes from Melbourne, Shini

    Style Hostess

  35. lovley outfit, and your haircut is perfect: light, charming and modern. Great choice Shini! :)

  36. I liked the haircut was very good. Everything good and great inspiration. Kiss kiss

  37. Beautiful!!!

  38. In love with this outfit! Stunning pictures. :)

    Step into Estherina’s World

  39. Seraphina

    Oh my gosh your hair looks fantastic! It suits you so well. I’m tempted to chop off my long hair too but I’m not sure whether I’ll regret it after I do it

  40. Love your new hair, you look very refreshed. x

  41. LOVE these photos you look incredible!


  42. Your new haircut is amazeballs. I just can’t get over it!!
    And I love this bag, but does your camera fit in it?

  43. Your haircut and outfit are perfect ! In the third picture you look like an independent woman from the 30’s (I’m completely fantasizing and this doesn’t make sense but you see the image…)

    What do you use (apart from rainwater) for your hair ?

  44. You look very classy!


  45. Beautiful! I love your pants! :)


  46. Shelly Peleg

    You look absolutely stunning!
    The new haircut is PERFECTION :)

  47. Your hair! You look so glam!

  48. Holy shh. Wow. SO sexy! I mean your hair. You l0ook amazing.

  49. You look great…
    I was wondering, did you cuff the trousers yourself? They are amazing, and exactly what I am looking for…

  50. Aaaah! Your hair! Love your new haircut… Also love the outfit.

  51. I really adore you new haircut! Now you look really sexy and feminine ! Love it!!!
    And of course always love your amazing and stylish blog!


  52. Kristina

    Hi shini!
    I just found this photo of you from face hunter

    I think it’s really cute! BTW I love your hair.

  53. Hi!

    Waw very nice new look!

    I so love your looks!


  54. I watched your wedding dress once again. I think it’s wonderful and I’d like to wear something similar at my own wedding.
    I love your new hairdo :)

  55. What did you do with your beautiful long hair?!?

  56. aleksandra

    you look BEAUTIFUL in short hair!!!

  57. HQ

    Lovely outfit and hair~

  58. Yao

    Oh, Shini, I adore your new hair! You look like you’ve stepped out of 1920s Shanghai. Absolutely gorgeous.

  59. Great outfit, and your hair looks great! And a black + white Union Jack?? That’s pretty stellar actually…


  60. everything about this post is perfection. your hair looks incredible!



  61. fabulous look! so effortlessly chic!


  62. you look amazing!


  63. Me and my boyf noticed the flag as well!

  64. Thankfully the rather large paper schedule doubles nicely as an umbrella!

  65. that haircut suits you so well, like a modern charleston-dancer almost! The weather here is also unbearable, although it can’t be compared with London in rain i guess.

  66. Nicky

    love your hair <3

  67. I love the shorter hair on you!
    Also, fell in love with the text again. You write so perfectly!

  68. You always look so fresh and inspiring :)

  69. absolutely adore your hairdo


  70. Lovely combination. I admire your style.

    Please check out my attempt at fashion blogging –

  71. I find the rain charming, but not when it’s raining for a long time


  72. Zuza

    not related to the post but .. oh well! it`s all beacuse I ADORE your new haircut:

  73. HAH that’s brilliant!!

  74. anka

    I absolutely L.O.V.E. your new haircut! :)
    And bag is adorable, too.

  75. look at your new hair do!!! you look very pretty. I love your look too.

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  76. Yes, I like to think that London shed a few tears of emotion yesterday as the fashion was just so darn GORGEOUS!!!

  77. i am seriously LOVING your new do!!!!

  78. your hair! it looks terrific on you! i think this may be my favorite outfit of yours… the trousers paired with the white top is a great combination.

  79. Oh Shini..!! I love your new haircut.. It’s a + for your edgy look..

  80. The way you’ve styled your hair here looks super flattering– kind of reminiscent of the twenties but kept youthful with the play on proportions in your outfit. I like the simplicity of it all! I hope it does rain this much for the rest of LFW! xx

  81. Amazing hair Shini! Love it! Great outfit as always x


  82. The outfit it’s just gorgeous!
    I love it so much… every detail!!!

  83. HI!
    i’m following you for a months.. love your pictures and yours looks, and how looks like your life is awesome!..
    I never wrote, but today I need to tell you something..
    YOU LOOKS ESPECIALLY BEAUTIFUL WITH this short hair! belive me!

  84. HI!
    i’m following you for a months.. love your pictures and yours looks, and how looks like your life is awesome!..
    I never wrote, but today I need to tell you something..
    belive me!

    besos from Barcelona <3

  85. hair looks awesome! love the outfit

  86. You have short hair! Can’t believe it, you look absolutely amazing!!

  87. I have no words to say how great you look!

  88. Ann Choi

    Love your new haircut!!!

  89. Lovely top! this is my first time seeing your new hair clearly, it rocks!

  90. Great outfit and in love with your purse!!



  91. I wish I could see your rings better… they look interesting :)


  92. your hair + face + lips are unreal. you’re beautiful.

  93. Cute haircut! I’m in the process of growing a pixie cut out (ugh ugh ugh) and rue the day I ever decided to go so short.

  94. Wow, your haircut is so sultry and amazing. It completely changes your look and suddenly a sultry siren emerges. I’ve been absentee from the blogosphere, but am floored by your new look.

    The story about the geek bringing you flowers each day for 6 years made my eyes water. Thank you for sharing that and the confetti hearts.

    Jerri http://www.stylespotting.com

  95. Angele

    you are amazingly hot with this short hair. haha.
    gives you a more mature look. ;)
    nice !

  96. I am obsessed with the way you played with proportions! I would not have thought to pair those pieces (jacket/shirt/trousers) together, but the silhouette is both interesting and flattering.

  97. I love this pant! Thanks for finding.