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Park-and-Cube_Tommy-Hilfiger-BHI-Bag_005 Park-and-Cube_Tommy-Hilfiger-BHI-Bag_006

Blazer – Vintage Tommy Hilfiger. T-shirt – SuperTrash. Bracelet – SuperTrash. Jeans – James Jeans. Heels – Christian Louboutin Pigalle. Bag – Tommy Hilfiger BHI Bag. Watch – Sekonda. Ponyskin-effect belt – Next.

I know I constantly joke about my boobs and oddly seem to have embraced the fact that I can jog without the fear of getting punched by ‘fast moving parts’, and that my second and third blouse buttons have never had to work very hard except on the rare chicken-fillet days. And let’s just say I wear a bra to keep warm. Shamefully at times I don’t realise, that this something I often joke about, is a heart-ache and grief to some others. My own tiger mother has been fighting cancer (thyroid) in the past few years, and while I don’t wish to reveal too much personal detail, there was a definite impact – not only for the diagnosed, but one that rippled through and shook the core of everyone she mattered to, and whom mattered most to her. So I’m happy to collaborate with Tommy Hilfiger, who have joined forces with Breast Health International and released a beautiful, practical bag to make some beautiful, practical changes to those diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A little jump makes a big difference, and get this, your jump can be in the form of a new, limited-edition bag. Usually I’d ask do you reeeally need a new bag, but this time I think you need a new bag for work because that one in the corner there is looking very tattered right now. Yes, that one. Tell me there’s a better excuse to support a great cause. A whopping £100 of every sale (of £299.90 retail price) will go directly to Breast Health International’s “Fund For Living”, and I know for some of my readers this might be quite a high price for a bag, but can I suggest your ‘little jump’ to be a cheeky little re-tweet or a share? OR do what I like to do and wail in a supermarket aisle until your mother surrenders and buys you that Ferrero Rocher-studded bear toy – something like this. Works every time.

The Tommy Hilfiger BHI bag is available at Tommy.com from October 1 (today!).

Collaborative post with Tommy Hilfiger x BHI. Many thanks to Jin Oh for helping with these shots.

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  1. FIGHTING!!! To your mother and you!! Xoxo

  2. Love the jump-photo with the Eiffel tower in the back :)
    Beautiful collaboration with Tommy & much hope and strength to your mum! (And everybody else fighting this disease) xx

  3. beautiful bag for a beautiful cause! good luck!



  4. I usual never comment, but this was such a touching post. I too have a small bust, so I make all those same random jokes about my chest which most people never get. “It looks like I’m walking backwards.” But I too ALSO have a mother who had cancer. She had breast cancer and has been in remission since early this year. It was and still is scary to think about, but that makes me all for supporting causes that help anyone with any type of illness, not just cancer. Great cause, great post.

  5. Great photos, esp. the 1st one! You look so pretty and content :)


  6. my fave style and photos of you to date. and the heartwarming story. i can relate as i have mum who had similar story and it’s still affected me greatly to now (last month have marked 11 years of her death). fighting to you and your mom. and keep smiling, unni! this too, shall pass. so much loves from your little fan <3

  7. Stunning pictures you look so polished and happy!


  8. I was thisclose to posting a Vogue + Caroline Trentini joke, but I read the post all the way through first and felt a bit sobered. Cancer has taken a few close family friends, but having a parent go through it must have been really difficult. I’m glad this collaboration is helping out a good cause.

    And as always…the photographs are gorgeous.

  9. Great look! I love that bag!!! I wish they make a smaller version of that design. I’m only 5 feet, so the usual jumbo size bags are too large for me. I love the bags that are firmly shaped, minimal design, and have some space so that I can put my giant make up pouch in it.(sometimes my 11″ macbook air, too) But it’s a bit hard to find one because of the size…

    And thank you for the reply on let’s have a meeting post! I visited MCM store, and they had about 5 colors. Well, actually there were 2 different lines, called CANDY bag (yellow, mint, black) and NUOVO mini tote bag (red, purple, blue) and the clerk told me they look similar but different line products. But they looked identical to me lol. The price was same, the size was same, the design was same, they were both calf leather… anyway, I got mint one as I wanted! I can’t put my macbook air in it, which I carry almost everywhere I go, but who cares!!!! That bas is sooo cuteee!!

  10. Very, very nice outfit!

  11. I love these pictures, you look so beautiful. Longing for those heels and bag!
    Mafalda ❤

  12. Love the first jumoing photo! :)

    The idea with bag is great, bag looks amazing, but unfortunately is too expensive for me :/

  13. perfect outfit!


  14. High five small breasted girl here also haha. I really love your outfit and the first photo! And fighting n_n! Don’t give up

  15. I miss Paris so much!! And with all of these fw pictures it’s not easy to resist!
    Love your look by the way :)

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING


  16. Effortless chic!

  17. Oh, I adore that bag!

  18. That first picture of you is one of my favorites of all time. Also has your hair always been wavy and you’ve just been hiding it from us? Because dude… uncool. Cool is raising money for cancer, though, so I guess you balance out. I’m going to continue in corner all uncool though because of the little friend that sits on my shoulder and whispers, “but you need to eat, too.”

  19. Gorgeous outfit! The pictures are so beautiful! x


  20. dem cheekbones! i like the wide jump shot in front of the tower and the one where you’re leaning against a door. such preppy elegance. my heart goes out to you and your mother and both your strength in this fight.

  21. Great cause, it’s more and more common now it’s scary! Hope your mums ok chick :)

  22. Beautiful photos Shini. Paris suits you!

    Such a great project that you are taking part of. I’m happy to see you helping to spread the word about such a great cause. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she’s doing well. xx

  23. adorable capture!


  24. loving the bag x

  25. Oh, I’d like to have small breast ;) I guess it’s so comfortable.

  26. I love this outfit–particularly because I have recently become obsessed with the whole preppy-with-a-twist thing, so the blazer with embroidered crest really catches my eye. Also totally feeling you on the whole 2nd/3rd button thing. I recently tried to wear a cardigan buttoned all the way up (in an attempt to imitate Burberry’s Spring 2014 collection), and ran into a bit of a GAP situation. Lol.

    xx Harling

  27. Love the first photo! It can be really connected to Paris!


  28. One of your best outfits so far! And what a beautiful cause…

  29. Cool bag! Glad it’s for such a great cause. Best wishes to your mother.

  30. Nice shots! I love the blazer and the bag! Good luck with the cause!

  31. Hey dear!
    Great look as always! Amazing!

    Verena from Who is Mocca?

  32. Hope your Mother is doing well. Great collaboration, a good way of raising awareness xx

  33. You’re super classy !


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  35. Love it, so chic!

  36. NICE! Im new on blogger, take a look of my blog please, thanks!
    Hope you like it :)
    Julieta, 16 years. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  37. Nowadays, jumping is a good theraphy !!. And pink also !!. Marvellous bag.

    From Spain,

  38. Jee

    Like your spirit which is weaving your personal, professional and passion together and produces a beautiful ‘bag’. I live in the US so not sure if I can purchase but look into it. Bon courage!

  39. Beautiful pictures!!! I love Paris ♥

  40. This really touched me. Now I can’t afford to help the cause with that bag but it is beautiful. My aunt who pretty much helped raise me just finished her battle with breast cancer. She fought so hard and with a smile on her face the entire time. She is so positive about it, and i’m so happy that she is now living her life how she wants.


  41. szablony krawieckie

    Elegant Collection. Cool extras.

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  43. I love your photos! Lovely as always :)


  44. Ana Ilka

    beso beso to you and your mom!

  45. Great cause.. great city.. great cause ;)


  46. Ola

    Hello dearest Shini!
    This may sound odd but I actually cried while reading this post. You have an unbelievable to write about such a serious things in beautiful, heartwarming and uplifting way. My mom managed to win with cancer but the memories are still very painful and I’m still damn concern about. Boobs can be both funny but troubling, especially when you’re barely 17 and your bra size is 32D lol

  47. Hey Ola! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I hope your mom is well and healthy, and that the journey taught a lot, because it sure did for me. I’d say I envy you for being endowed in the chest area but I guess the grass is greener wherever you are! x

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  49. Lovely noir&rouge combination. Paris, je t’aime.
    Regards from Spain.


  50. My mother and I are in a similar sitch… and she is constantly looking to support the cause so I will definitely let her know about this! ;p
    Thank you, its nice to know there is support out there- especially when coming from the fashion world. :D

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