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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014



Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_004 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_005


Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_007 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_008



Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_011 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_010



Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_015 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_016



Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_019 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_020





Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_025 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_026


Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_028 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_029


Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_031 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_032


Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_034 Park-and-Cube_Louis-Vuitton-SS14_035

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 14 collection, Paris; See the entire collection here.

Always personally a step late on fashion news, from start to finish this show was the usual Marc, a succession of delight: glimpses of pink coming through the queue into the show, the French maids that brushed the staircases Finalewith ostrich-feather dusters, and the near-complete darkness behind the doors. Almost too dark – guests were thumbing their phones, not to join the tweeting, but in attempts to illuminate the corridor to the showspace. Then came the hotel porters with mini torches, briefly lighting up the invitations and informing left or right in French. To the left, there was a black fountain that spewed water, also black in the light; to the right, a black carousel, flanked by two wrought-iron elevators each guarded by two doormen. A trainstation clock shone through the black horses of the carousel, its light gently riding down a pair of double escalators under. Upstairs, the corridor was studded with dark hotel doors. It was all too strange and familiar, and yet in my blissful ignorance, was a delight to me.

The clock counted down 60 seconds at exactly 10:00am, and unseated guests scrambled to find a corner in the dark. The models walked out balancing a Stephen-Jones designed ostrich headpiece, donning a collection that swung from glittery showgirl, to punk, to sports (of the rugby sort). The occasional denim, and the barely-there thongs. The choreography took the models through each of the landmarks, striding through the Mongolian lamb rugs, a ride on the carousel, then up the escalators, down the corridor, and down the elevator. At on point it felt like a funeral, a thought I’d quickly brushed aside before training my long lens back on a dress. At the end, Marc Jacobs , and across the floor I saw Anna Wintour starting a wave of standing ovation across the first and second row. The news reached me only as the lights came back on and the seats were emptying, during a frustrated attempt to upload a tweet, and accidentally reading others. Then everything just clicked. I feel a little foolish to have experienced it all in complete oblivion, but on hindsight, I think it made it all the more special – Marc’s last show, a grand compilation of the past seasons, a final mix-tape of sorts and something to remember for years to come.

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  1. Sarah


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  3. perfect.


  4. I am so glad you shared photos! This is such a great Finale of a beautiful partnership! I have seen instagrams of everything. Especially the maids, so I was itching to get a glimpse through a lens. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You’re so lucky to have there for Marc Jacobs last show! It is so amazing, and I love the photos!


  6. my favourite show this year!

  7. Simply stunning show!!

  8. Perfect title. Can’t believe MJ’s last show for LV is OVER just like that.

  9. Wow these detailed shots make you feel as I was there, very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  10. One word…Amazing!

  11. So dramatic & I LOVE all the black & the gothic touch!

    The Fashann Monster

  12. Shini,

    Gorgeous collection, gorgeous photos!

  13. So much Louis Vuitton perfection right here. I’ve never seen any fashion show like this – I’m so impressed – and the carousel has to be my favorite part. Marc Jacobs and his team are truly talented.. even Anna Wintour thinks so!

  14. this show is amazing!


  15. Just wow! I can imagine it would have been that much more amazing in person, but your photographs speak a million words. That atmosphere you describe comes out so well in these pictures.

  16. Wow this is amazing it looks fantastic!!xx

  17. This is just fabulous!

  18. What a cool event. I love the theatrics and elaborate detail.

  19. woah, your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! the best I’ve seen of this show so far.
    what camera (and more importantly) what lens did you use? (thinking about buying a professional zoom lens, hence the asking)

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  21. So beautiful!! The details in the carpet, every last inch of the venue was perfection

  22. Beautiful shots!


  23. This was spectacular!

  24. Awesome show! I wish I could have seen it live, you’re such a lucky one!!

  25. The screen is filled with excitement!!Can not be to watch is a great pity!!

  26. wow! i love all of your shots. xx

  27. Stunning Photos! J’adore!

  28. amazing.

    Vestiaire Collective

  29. your photos are always so amazing! the best i’ve seen so far of the show. you have a really interesting point of view!

  30. Your pictures are beautiful! Loving the dress and also the head pieces in this collection. mywhiteT.com

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  34. Amazing photos! SO jealous you got to be there in the flesh!

    xx Nicole

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  36. You write so beautifully, I feel like I was there (wishful thinking, I know). What was you’re favourite look? > ‘showgirl,’ ‘punk,’ or ‘sport?’ x

  37. grate fashion show

  38. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout
    and design. Excellent choice of colors!

  39. Gorgeous, inspiring photography, once again. You’re so lucky to have been able to attend… I’m so envious!

    Emma x

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