I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Jacket, Dress, Tights ASOS, Bag – Gmarket, Shoes – F21, Bodychain – DIY

Today: Wrote one lame paragraph for my dissertation (aimed for 15, oh well.), bought this off etsy, spent 2.5h looking at 15,000 photos from photoalbum, forgot what my face looked like after that so visited the mirror; bought this off etsy, contemplated buying groceries online, I need milk and bread…no delivery under £30? screw you, how about something from Amazon, do I need anything? Doesn’t look like I can afford the new Canon 7D…close window… shoved innocently clean bedsheets into washing machine, watched it spin a bit… did a spell-check on my dissertation… Well now I need to sleep, don’t I. Such a fruitful day.

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  1. I love this look…and that jacket is amazing

  2. this is sooo beautiful, i loove the long gray sheath
    sooo simple yet soooe expressive :)

  3. Love love love the long dress! Suited you so good with the long hair and all. :)

  4. hmm sounds like my day. :\ except I’m studying for midterms
    and like everyone else, I love your dress as well :)

  5. fantastic look! love everything!

  6. oh my. that dress on you makes fireworks.

  7. lyndsey

    LOVE those etsy purchases!!!!

  8. the etsy purchases looks gorgeous! I didn’t know this boutique! i kind of fell in love with the owl printed shirt!
    beautiful outfit! i don’t know exactly why (maybe the very long dress or the very long hair), but it make me think of the movie kaïro. beautiful!

  9. waouh!!
    the long dress is soooo beautiful!!
    i love it!!!
    congratulations for your blog!!! it’s fantastic!!! many beautiful pics,and your outfits are waouh!!!
    so gorgeous!!!

  10. I love this outfits, like the others!
    your blog is great and i post an article about you last day, i hope it’s not a problem^^

    Have a nice day!

  11. What amazing buys! Your outfit is perfect! I’m so loving your gorgeous hair :)

  12. great look ‘)
    love the dress =)

  13. Wow your hair is beautifully long! And I love the outfit!

  14. great look, lovely photos!
    adorable boots

    kiss :)

  15. Hahaha! We are wearing the same dress. Don’t you think it is extremelly long??? You look gorgeous on it. All my friends told me that I looked too much sinister… Well, I really love that dress.

  16. omg that dress is super stunning on u. U are super sleek!

  17. Love this dress on you! It looks stunning. I love how it still looks casual even though its floor-length


  18. i put that jacket from etsy up on my site a few days ago, i love it. nice vintage briefcase as well, i swear i could spend 3 hours on that site.
    love the maxi dress + jacket

  19. Great dress.. but how do you walk around London with that??


  20. It’s actually surprisingly comfortable, it doesn’t drag, and its jersey so it’s quite easy to sort of…shuffle around :P

  21. as always, love your blog! the pictures look amazing, and the graphic design is so clean! one question, if i may: what html code do you use to place two pictures next to each other (as opposed to one on top of the other)? hope to hear from you :)


  22. You have to play with the CSS styles – make the two Divs, and let them both float next to eachother. So like this:

    <*div id="wrap">
    <*div class="left"">
    <*div class="right">

    (remove *)
    and in the css you’d give values to the classes you set in html –

    #wrap {
    width: __px;

    .left {

    .right {
    float: right;

    like that. It’s best if you could cocoon the two divs into a wrapper so that it’s contained in a space and not floating at the far left of the monitor and the far right of the monitor!
    Hope that helped:P

  23. oh lord lol i’m afraid i made myself sound much more knowledgeable about these things than i actually am :$ i went in the “modify the html code” section, but i can’t quite figure out where exactly i’m supposed to add these codes. i guessed somewhere in the content wrapper… but what is the css exactly? i’m terribly sorry for the hassle, i just really wish i could figure this out! i really appreciate you taking the time to answer me :)

    petite esthète

  24. love the dress did they have one in black?
    been looking for one for aggggges

  25. Nooope not in black, if they did I’d have snatched up in each colour!

  26. Love the dark outfit with the background. Beautiful!
    What is your dissertation on?

  27. Ohh my, my dissertation huh.
    It’s the study of relationship between cinema and military perception, by cinema I mean the recording and communication of images like reconnaissance photos or surveillance :P
    Yarrh boring, right :P

  28. No, that is not boring at all. Sounds, quite interesting if you ask me. Keep going at it! :)

  29. Canon 7D sounds chock full of features. what camera are you using at the moment if i may ask?

  30. That dress looks perfect for fall weather!

  31. yennie

    嗨嗨,姐姐 我又来了 欣赏你的生活方式 (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

  32. oh wow, that neoprene coast is unreal. UNREAL.

  33. i love your etsy finds! & most days are less productive than you want them to be… sadly.

  34. really perfect outfit. love.

  35. oh yay pretty dress!! and i love the jacket :D
    sounds like a super productive day. Yesterday I sewed my boyfriend a laundry bag. Thats about the most productive thing i did all day.

  36. that neoprene coat on etsy is CRAZY. hum suddenly so many posts of yours to catch up on!
    loove the dress :D

  37. I’m loving maxi dresses right now, they’re perfect for fall. Love the chain your wearing.

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  39. Fabulous long dress! You look amazing in it.
    Good luck with the dissertation! XXX

  40. Your photographs always have the best lighting. I am utterly jealous.

    Oh man, that is my life everyday. I can totally relate. ==

    x Natalie

  41. I usually don’t like long dresses, but your look is really cool and it suits you. Thumbs up! :D

  42. Love this dress… I need it! You look gorgeous too.

    PP x

  43. great outfit, beautiful mix of different styles and shapes … hooray internet, which allows us to know each others and do the shopping sitting comfortably at home

  44. I wish I could pull off a long dress like yours. I love the etsy buy. I find that with dissertations, SOME days you’ll write next to nothing, other days you’ll type 3000 words in one go…crazy stuff.

  45. I need that 3000-a-day power like right now. :P

  46. good luck with the dissertation! thank goodness i don’t have to write essays now :P

  47. i love how you’re transitioning the maxi dress into autumn. you look lovely.

  48. Love the long grey dress. It drapes beautifully.

  49. sounds like a typical day for me >.<

  50. What camera do you use?
    Cheers from Poland!

  51. Thx for reply! :)
    Your style and blog are my favourite. And grey bag is awsome.
    I’m still waiting for new post.

    xx :)))))

  52. I love bodychains.
    And long dresses/high heels couple (but still doesn’t have enough courage to wear them ;)

    from Poland

  53. I love love love that you are brave enough to walk out in a long dress during the day so effortlessly, très chic! Boston is waaaay too dirty for this number!

  54. I love your pretty pale skin, bare face without makeup and smart sense of fashion (all highstreet!)

    Btw, you look Korean, are you?

  55. You look great. The dress looks great too.

  56. LOVELY


  57. Wauw! Love the maxi dress on u! :D


  58. I love this look, especially the dress combined with the body chain, it’s perfect!!!

  59. Magnifique cette robe longue et comme d’habitude tu portes ça à merveille ton style frôle la perfection

  60. J’adore ta longue robe elle se plie à merveille entre tes mains elle est magnifique

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