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Jewellery designs by Andy Farrow








Flickr for more images.

I had a chance to attend a quick introduction session at Swarovski for their new collection the other day (thank you Laura!), where I was positively shocked at how versatile and widely used crystals were. So much that basically every time you see a sparkle on a fashion garment or home interior, you can safely assume it’s a product of Swarovski. I was shown all the types of beads, application techniques and texture ‘palettes’, then taken around the show room to see how they were put to action. It was a bit like seeing a few yarn balls and then going around to see a Rodarte piece, similar sort of overwhelming, but fantastic nonetheless.

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  1. everything looks so so so beautiful

  2. Trish

    The lamps and the jewels are incredibly glam! Very nice photos!

  3. Wow that skull necklace is STUNNING

  4. these

    WOW. i love the photo with the cuzzy cloth and netted wire and beads

    amazing <3

  5. yum yum!

  6. i envy you!! happy you have such a possibilty;)

  7. All so stunning!

  8. that is such a lucky experience you had – these images show so many beautiful things, it would be amazing in person!

  9. Wowza. How gorgeous! I love that swarovski’s updating/modernizing. Love!

  10. Love the details! They are Perfect! :)


  11. love the pic of the multi colored cuff and the other braeclet…perfection.

  12. i love tht calender!!!!!


  13. Ah it’s their moodboard but it’s still great, isn’t it ;)

  14. WOW! Amazing pictures and amazing rocks!!

  15. These crystals are epic!! I’m not a giant fan of Swarovski but these are great. :)

  16. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    i’ve not seen anything like these. awesome pictures, thanks for sharing.

  17. beyond beautiful pieces here
    i waaant the skull tho!

  18. wow ! These pictures are incredible, i feel so priveledged :)

  19. every photos is stunning. thanks for sharing!

  20. If I died and went to heaven, it would look something like this. Wowowow at that collar!

  21. Textures! That Rodarte yarn ball scenario is my fantasy.

  22. These are dripping with gorgeousness and luxury.

  23. fantastic!!! it’s all so beautiful!!!

  24. im usually not particularly excited by sparkly rocks but these enjoyable photos made it quite an exciting experience. thanks for sharing :)


  25. Gorgeous pictures! Seriously beautiful eye candy that I could sit and stare at forever.

  26. I love ! love!love!

    juliet xxx

  27. beautiful photos

  28. Seriously Amazing shots. Wow.

  29. The skull necklace is really stunning…

  30. Wow! Amazing, the crystal collar/shawl is my fave.

  31. Mallory

    I knew there was a reason why I kept all those found beads. You have given me great inspiration.
    Thank you and fantastic job.

  32. This is such a pretty post!!
    (I love your blog, btw. ^^)

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