I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




I keep looking for the right opportunity to mention this: I met up with Zanita during the London Fashion Weekend, I spotted her strutting down the runway last Wednesday in a black goddessy dress. As you can see, she’s absolutely gorgeous – sorry about the pic of us together, she’s like Glinda the Fair Witch of West and then me the Scarecrow. We talked about her modelling career and I told her, ever so enchalantly, that her face is versatile *slap mouth* sorry Zanita, I didn’t mean it in any negative way (negative likeversatile but not unique’?). stupid stupid…
So glad to have met her in person, she’s so down to earth.



Vogue UK April 2009 Pages 105,108

I’m a sucker for military garments. Vogue UK April did an impressive editorial using authentic army surplus garments, like the dress Karlie wears in the first photo. They can be bought in Squadron HQ, completely affordable (actually I’ve never seen such a low £price printed in Vogue) which also has a store in North London.


I got this navy coloured Middy through their online site – I can’t wait to pair it with something outrageous like leather or chiffon. (Do I even have chiffon?)



I think I need this in my life.

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  1. She is beautiful!
    And you do hold your own with her, you have such good complexion.
    I like military too, I need an army surplus jacket.
    You should totally get the hat, red always adds a little something,

  2. she is gorgeous, you BOTH look equally lovely together! that red hat is amazing! :)


  3. I love Zanita! She’s a great model. I love that red hat too, it reminds me of little red riding hood.

  4. You look very lovely together so just hush! :) I really like your blog (incase I havn’t said it already)

  5. oh yes we need that hat in our lives. :)
    why would versatile be bad?

    you look as gorgeous as zanita babe!

  6. I know I need this in my life too. Your fault !

  7. haha wonder girls

    you two look so gorgeous together!

  8. how is that a negative way? and omg i’m obsessed with zanita

  9. I saw a similar hat, only in black, in a second hat shop last week!!

  10. omg i love the hair flip. loooooove it.

  11. aw, you girls are so pretty:) and don’t be so harsh on yourself–you have wonderful eyes!

    regarding military wear…never really thought about it before, but that editorial makes it looks amazing! i really need an army green coat now, and that mesh scarf…

    oh, and love that hat.
    you should SO get it!

  12. That hat and middy are great. Like studs, I tend to think military is a style that although inspired by the boys, really shines on the ladies…

    ps although I couldn’t pick just one religion at uni, I wrote my b.a. on south american shamanism…

  13. that is such a cute hat! lol!!!!!!!
    are you a wondergirls fan? i really dislike that song though urgh -_- lol

  14. mr. freddy and i thanked you for the sweet comments.
    i’ve been following zanita’s blog too/
    i can tell she’s a good heart and i never thought that she will reply back to me.
    she’s not only beautiful but a good person.
    oh, you look good. you’re pretty in that picture.


  15. cynthia gonzalez

    not that i think you were looking for a sympathy-compliment but i think you are sooooo beautiful, it thought that way before this post. your blog is awesome, it definetely has a certain feel to it, you are so artsy and have great style. i mean this all in a good way and i truly do believe you were blessed with good looks, shini. :)

    from california. :)

  16. beautiful zanita! she looks sweet!


  17. oh my gosh, that’s amazing that you got to meet her! You look great, by the way–not at all scarecrow-y :-) What a fantastic opportunity!!

  18. that bowler is freaaaaking cute!!! buy it buy it buy it!!
    btw i love the title of this post. haha the korean fob in you is bustin’ out there for a second!! all you have to do is put up some of your old school sticker pictures and all would be complete!

  19. heheheh i also have that pic of the bowler hat pic from minimarket. i was gonna use it for my header but nothing has happened as of yet.

  20. Love all the photos, especially the one with her! She is stunning. :)


  21. how fun for you girls to have chatted! i would have been too nervous to strike a conversation. i really like the authentic army accessorizing. i’d like to get my hands on some spats . . .

  22. Love her face! And yes, you AND i need that hat in our lives. Love the bright redness of it!

  23. Ooohh I love zanita’s blog and that picture of the two of you together is lovely.

    Also, i must admit, when I saw that wondergirls reference i groaned. My friends are OBSESSED with kpop and some random korean drama. Drives me insane! lol.

  24. oh wow she is stunning! and you miss, are no scarecrow! bowler: to die, middy: adorable. and I think i need that khaki jakcet in the second pic

  25. Cute hat! And you are NOT a scarecrow. Haha.

    Oh, now I have that stupid Wondergirls song stuck in my head.

  26. love the red hat and the coolness of the model.

  27. Its strange, because I think this hat is cute too, but I would never want to own one…

  28. she JUST inspired me to create my first pair of dropcrotch leggings! I used silk, and they were inspired by this very editorial! (ive always loved UK’s vogue)

    what a fun post. and TOTALLY go for the hat. nothing is better than a great hat. although i love your hair. and you are NOT a scarecrow!!!

  29. i think everyone needs chiffon in their life. it is just TOO awesome.

  30. oh my how do you order from mini market??
    why is half in english then i cant understand the rest!
    are you able to order from there?

  31. oh zanita, she´s so lovely!
    I saw your gettogether on her blog, and really, you both look so lovely together, nothing scarecrow-ish to be seen. ;)


  32. Emma

    are u talking about the korean song?

  33. yes it is the korean song…but it’s just the title?…

  34. sweets you look damn cute.i love you.

  35. arg what we need are swedish friends!
    its too bad because that hat would be soo brilliant against your dark hair.

  36. Well, I’m 23. I just assumed I was older than you because you’re still in school, but I could be completely wrong! :)

  37. oh my god that little red bowler hat is the new love of my life. And you’re totally gorg, don’t worry about zanita (your hair is better..shhh)

  38. What’s a middy?

  39. Oh she is quite stunning, and you are beautiful too!

    Visit me at Vintage Tea!


  40. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I haven’t been much of a commenter. But all those wonderful posts and the wondergirls reference and now I just HAVE to comment. Love your blog!

  41. ahhh shini! You look great in this shot – im the one who looks like they been on a 20 show bender….hehe Thanks so much for posting about me im very flattered and im glad no one else has pointed out my bloodshot eyes and inside out cardigan.
    Also im very happy to be versatile! If i wasnt at least a little bit then i would be flat broke. Editorials dont pay you know!
    The hat is very important. Can you get hold of it? Its fabulous.

  42. Look! inside out cardigan! ;)

  43. i just have to stop by this older post and say, you and Zanita looks amazing, and you are so lucky to be able to meet her!

    and i just realized the title.. wonder girls!

  44. Adeline

    YAY wonder girl ^^ you look so sweet , love your skin !

  45. margie

    hahaaha i’ll never get sick of that song
    not sure if having some form of grasp of the korean language would change that
    ^ ^”