I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Leather Jacket Asos Top, Shoes Topshop Pants MNG Bag DIY studded on Vintage Scarf Fabric-cut


Ellen noticed this while we were walking to get some grub the other day. To Holborn, 8 minutes; to Covent Garden, 1 minute; and to W/C 24 hours.

Very hormonal and underslept right now, if you sniff closer you may catch a whiff of bitchiness. I think I can barely take just about everything except hearing automatic music played in blogs where I rather close the tab/window than go look for the player that is always hidden in the vaguest of places. I think this may be a good time to be a graphic designer and write a list of things not-to-do in blogdesign. Stuff like what fonts to avoid, background colours or header heights. Of course with a bit of bitchiness sprinkled on top of it. At your service, soon.

My laziness has taken itself to the next level: 10 fingernails is just too many to cut.

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  1. LOVE the pants and shoes. and i frickin’ want your bag!! :)

  2. nice pants, yo!

  3. yeah auto music bothered me alot. but with the combination of google reader and stop autoplay add on for firefox fixed that problem!

  4. your pants + heels combo is too cooooool for school! :D hey, nice bag!

  5. D

    ^ Thanks for the autoplay add-on tip. I, too, hate the auto player.

  6. Arielle

    I’m just about to start a blog and I’d love any advice or tips on what not to do. I do read a heckuva lot of them and man, I hate those music players too (I mean, I would think that everyone has iTunes playing in the background, no?) so that’s a given.

    I love your blog, especially the DIYing and all your gorgeous shoes. Thanks!

    P.S. Bitchiness is charming, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

  7. I’m so jealous of your hair, it’s so long and gorgeous. Also, those pants are outrageously cool.

  8. emily

    green is your color!
    and your bag looks soooo good! what a good idea.
    you are truly so clever. i think you should start selling your creations and ideas!

  9. Yea those music players are a tidge annoying.

    Your outfit is right on time for St. Patty’s day. I think I need some green pants too.

    And btw, can you stud my bag for me? I’d be too mad at the world if I had to do it myself.

  10. God, I hate the music players…..I’m so loving the green on you!

  11. even with the sprinkle of bitchiness you are a delight. hope things get better.

  12. Totally agree, I dislike people forcing their musical taste on me…even though I am reading their blogs..there has to be a line somewhere ;)

  13. Henrietta

    You look so cute :-)

  14. ahh I don’t even know where I stored all of my old sticker pictures! (secretly they are all locked up in my chamber of secrets… those photos cannot resurface and be publicized lol!!)

    p.s. your hair is SO LONG.

  15. I LOVE your bag and scarf, and you look (as always) so absolutely stunning. AND I have to agree about these blogs with music, gaaah, I hate that. Why would people need to put automatic music players on their blogs? -sighs-

  16. I have those shoes!!!

  17. yay for green colored pants!
    bitch or no bitch, i love you.

  18. I so agree with you on the music-thing in blogs, makes me puke. Really love the bag.

  19. lol : ]
    cant cut ten fingernails at one time
    dats me

  20. i think i know what you mean…
    for me, gossip girl box set till 2:30 in the morning and bitch karma the next day. not a good mix…

    i hope you don’t self destruct. we’d miss you too much!

  21. very nice outfit :P

  22. Oh, love reading your blog, you have like the perfect sence of humor. Btw. the green trousers are incredible and they fits you very good. Like the contrast between the green and the black-white stripes on your tee!

  23. Love the pants!

  24. Love the outfit!
    Me likey your blog :D

  25. 10 nails is also too many to paint! lol :) great outfit again & that sign is so funny!


  26. haaaaaaa I HATE automatic music playerrrs.
    They always make me jump. Even if I’m listening to something else. AARG
    Your hair is really lovely.
    I want long hair so bad! Mine just makes me cry everyday haha

  27. look at this


    the guy is wearing your look. its a sart photo i think.

  28. surprisingly, I am a big fan of green trousers. and a little bit of snarkiness is good for everyone.

    ps. i did dabble in a bit of tibetan buddhism…but i’m just too materialistic

  29. At least it’s the weekend right? Hope you feel happier soon :)
    But at least your outfit kicks ass.

  30. hah, i have contemplated writing about the music player on my twitter. its especially annoying when you’re playing your own music and then another plays over the top. usually i just get fed up and exit.
    if you have any tips for my layout, please do say :)
    nice trousers aswell, they have similar ones in purple in topshop that i love dearly.

  31. What a refreshing color in still the dead of winter. Nice!

  32. I hate visiting blogs that plays auto music I just pause it or just move on to another blog.
    Great outfit for today!!!!

  33. flawless ;3 xo

  34. i really love the pants and scarf (: nice combination !
    love, victoria

  35. I love how your jacket collar curls just so. It looks so interesting paired with that striped top!

    I hate music embedded on pages too. I also hate designers and retail stores who insist on using only flash sites with no HTML option. Such a pain. It always loads to slowly and just isn’t user friendly. And you always have to screencap photos if you want to save them! Ugh. There’s my two cents worth of fashion web design rants.

  36. I would love if you posted some blogdesign stuff! I’m dying for it (I’m completely incompetent when it comes to design).

    Oh, and now I need green pants. Thanks =P

  37. LOVE those green pants on you!!xx

  38. don´t mind the bitching. I hate those music players as well, I mean it´s just irritating when you´re already listening to music and suddenly there is this irritating noise of which you can´t figure out the origin. blah.

    I love your look again, especially the shoes, I´m coming to the point where I´m delighted to see footwear that´s not black.
    but you should really cut your nails, girl.
    just kidding. ;)


  39. I ♥ your green pants!

    oh, and guilty as charged! Hope mine is easy to find :)
    and ha, can wait to read you blog design guide!

  40. STARR

    wow I love your green pants and yes I Hate people autoplaying music on their blogs.

  41. Ahaha oh dear Shini I do hope you’ll be within reach of some chocolate soon… always helps. And finding that W/C would be a good thing too. ;p

  42. lara

    I know what you mean about the automatic music! what is the deal with that, huh?! And it’s a pain to go looking for it, pause it and then only to have it play on the next page again! But enough of that! I’m loving the green pants! i was just about to give up on mine until I saw your post. Pure inspiration, I’m loving it!!

  43. im still in love with your amazing diy bag!

    Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


  44. pro.

    “The maximum width of a blog must be 1024pixels. This means with a sidebar size of, let’s say, 250px – image width should not go over ~750 px.”

    There is no maximum width. There is just no sense in that.

    Point is to use percents instead, which is the correct way.

    I’ve been using 1920 or 2560 pixels wide screens for years – and even larger ones with virtual desktops spanning several monitors.

    I really HATE pages/blogs designed for just one predetermined width, which is ALWAYS small. It wastes real estate on my screen, but if authers would use percents instead, everything would be much better.

    “Also, if you have a chance, view your blog from a smaller monitor”

    Hello? You can resize the browser window.
    Enable your browser or window manager to show the dimensions when resizing so you don’t have to guess.

    “Asking your visitors to click on every image to enlarge is a huge imposition”

    Is NOT.
    Always make images as large as possible but also allow users to click on each one to open it in full size as they please.
    Using full page width for images is just fine – actually you don’t have to care about that. Just insert the images as a list, not a table or separated by page breaks so the browser shows them side-by-side and flowing down when it hits the maximum width in resolution.
    OR use javascript to autoscale images – downside is that user needs to have javascript enabled (most do..) and the result image could be fuzzy on smaller screens.

    “Automatic Background Music ”

    Well that would be dumb, but usually it also requires javascript to function – which sadly most normal users don’t turn off by default.

    “The comfortable number of words across a screen is..”

    .. whatever the user/reader wants it to be. Don’t be the judge on how your content is to be consumed, just provide it and let people use their own taste.

    “If your paragraphs expand across the whole screen”

    See? I WANT text to flow from left to right, cover my whole screen or two, sometimes three.

    “to remind you to put yourself into the reader’s shoes”

    Put yourself in my shoes – or ask proof from other expert users instead of casual web navigators.

  45. i love your outfit the green pants are such a nice pop

  46. ok – I LOVE the green pants. LOVEEEE.

  47. yes wow i love EVERYTHING about this outfit. especially how you’ve layered coloured pants onto black stockings/socks and then those sexy heels. thumbs up from me ! x

  48. Lili

    Absolute perfection! The green pants are a delightful surprise and I love the way your standing, shoes and black tights and all. Love it :)