I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


creative direction SHINI PARK photography assistance SIMON SCHMIDT in collaboration with DELL

So, it all starts like this: I like computers, I like pictures, I like not moving. I also happen to like burritos, and DIY (once upon a time). Drop all this into one cauldron – add bat-wings for double-jointedness – and brew 12 years… POOF! out comes a Graphic Designer. Apparently. (Hey, this story needs to be in my LinkedIn profile. *goes and adds*)

A fortnight ago, Dell threw a two-day workshop shindig around the adept new Dell XPS – sessions that were fine-catered to productivity and professionalism for influencers, and I was graciously invited to lead a one. One might note, that by this point in time I was determined, if not hell-bent, on starting a serious conversation with my fellow online publishers regarding branding and professionalism in the industry. So I accepted. Gladly. Twitter conversations are SLOW, what we need is a round-table discussion.

Photos 1,3,4 courtesy of The Apartment


Between the inappropriate/dad jokes, I cautiously raised what it is to be a blogger in this day and age, how we are – so to speak – dime a dozen, and why branding is perhaps the single most important thing we need to invest in. As a matter of fact, what I really wanted was to be frank, pound the podium, beat the gavel. Alas, what authority did I have, other than some pixel shifting know-how?

But what I didn’t realise then was how crucial this #WeLoveYourWork Dell XPS event was to be for those participated. My gig ran after a VAT & tax 101 class, and then was succeeded by panel discussion session on Influencer professionalism & growth the following day… guys, sign me up, I think I’m ready for another degree. No cauldrons – I do it right this time.

– · –

One of the easiest branding tools happens to be integrating your own personal handwriting into content. Give it a go yourself, the tutorial is available below.



#Weloveyourwork #DellXPS


organic handwritten typography: a how to
Easy as a microwave dinner
what you’ll need

Some paper (I keep a cheap sketchbook aside), scanner or smartphone, A brush, ink or paint, Adobe Photoshop (Pixlr is a good online alternative). Any other writing tools such as coloured pencils, markers, pens, watercolour… etc.


Clockwise from top: Watercolour, marker, ink – all three have slightly different textures

Decide on the words, and write the sh*t out of them

Write repeatedly until you have a few potential candidates, work on letters separately if you’d like – everything can be pieced together later. Try different writing/drawing tools, and brush size. Try wet/dry application. ParknCube_Dell-XPS_009b


Once the ink is dry (and do make sure it is fully dry, especially if you opted on using the scanner, as the some ink can dirty and even stain the glass surface).

Alternatively, you can simply snap the page with a smartphone. NOTE: For maximum results, make sure to snap on the highest resolution possible, under brightest light – watch out for shadows. Using flash also helps.



Set up shop

Open Adobe Photoshop CC. By clicking File > Open, open the image you want to work on (you can choose to work on a blank canvas too, in which case, click File > New and set your canvas size). Open the scanned files as well.ParknCube_Dell-XPS_013


Grab that lasso

Using the lasso tool (shortcut ‘L’ on Photoshop), roughly select the version that looks best.

Copy (Ctrl/Cmd + C) the selection, and paste (Ctrl/Cmd + V) into the working canvas, or drag the selection over.

Repeat for the rest of the words.

Black & White

Working on the typography layer that was just pasted in, click Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and pull the Saturation all the way down. (Or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+U shortcut)

Click Image > Adjustments > Levels (Ctrl/Cmd + L) to clarify the image – play with the three arrows to make the white, whiter and black, blacker.

* For white font, invert the colours by clicking Image > Adjustments > Invert (or Ctrl/Cmd + I). The font should appear white on black.

Multiply or Screen

On your layers panel (bottom-right of screen), change the blend option for the typography layer to ‘Multiply’. For white font, select ‘Screen’.

You may need to adjust the Levels again (as above) to clear away any ‘dust’ in the white. Alternatively, use the Erase tool.


Resizing should always be done at the very end, (for more than one layer, select multiple by holding down the Ctrl/Cmd key while selecting) click Edit > Free Transform to resize and adjust your handwritten elements.



Now play!

Experiment with the best placement for the text (generally white font looks cleaner on busy backgrounds). Handwritten elements look handsome mixed with other typography.

Save for Web by clicking File > Export > Save for Web. (Or save normally as a *.psd if you’d like to revisit the work.)

Think outside the box, consider scanning in your own doodles, sign-off signatures, patterns… the possibility is endless. Good luck!

some inspiration to get you going…




The Setting

this is a photo Diary(ish) of a twenty-something year-old taking on seven days in new york city for fashion week, one hot minute a time. watch as she steps into a puddle of trash juice and denies the whole thing happened, then does a marylin monroe over subway fart in front of a gaggle of construction workers. it’s ok, she is proud about it all.

I can never go back, can i.

art direction SHINI PARK photography & styling TEAM PARK & CUBE supported by THE APARTMENT, in collaboration with KURT GEIGER
Checked into an AirBnb in SoHo and got lost everytime I went out to get milk.
Dress – 2nd DAY. Skirt – ASOS (similar). Hat & Bag – Kurt Geiger. Watch – Larsson & Jennings. Bracelet – X Jewellery.


…so much that once I took a cab back from two blocks away.


As usual, the effect of New York to this European-to-the-core is that of whiplash, whatever medal I mentally award myself for packing semi-appropriately for the weather (contrary to the numerous occasions in the past in which I had completely missed the memo about either blood-stopping cold or biohazard heat). The minute you get in that Uber at JFK, it’s Keep your hands in at all times, and better secure those sunglasses because they will fly off on the next loop. If a New York minute is to Johnny Carson, the interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn, to me it’s that (ever so slightly dejecting) micro-moment when the tax gets added onto a bill. One minute you have the exact change, the next minute you’re splitting your $100 note and getting a Robin Hood sack of change in coins. My point is, seven days in New York is but a blink of an eye, and at the end of it all, you’re just in sheer amazement of how much you managed to take in such beautiful grandness, smelly, screaming awesomeness, in that split second of a minute. Well here’s me trying to explain in photos.

And of course, it’s just too bad a London Minute is essentially the customer ahead of me in the Royal Mail Post Office checkout line, which means I’m looking forward to being in New York again in about TWO BILLION YEARS.

Bag – Kurt Geiger



Cotton shirt
Contrast boots
Kurt Geiger
Messenger Bag
Navy Bandana
Mineral UV Shield
V-Rings Pack
Denim Culottes
BOND Stilettos
Kurt Geiger


Dress – Coach. Culottes – Finders Keepers. Bag – Coach. Boots – Kurt Geiger. Watch – Larsson & Jennings. Bracelet – X Jewellery.


New York Fashion Week
Lest we (or I) forget the fact that we are in town for work
Streets of London bracelet
Park & Cube for X Jewellery
Knit top
Tailored trousers
Filippa K
D Earrings
Wool wrap-skirt
Tortoise Sunglasses
Kurt Geiger
CM Silver
Larsson & Jennings
Sparkling probiotic drink
A little bit obsessed with layering a wrap-skirt over similar-coloured trousers these days!


Fell back in love with dresses at Zimmerman SS16



…and fell in love with multiple beautiful models at POLO Ralph Lauren



Speaking of falling, the models kept falling over at Opening Ceremony. On purpose, it turns out, and to one sick beat.



The Apartment as a base between the hustle and bustle…
Brigadier Skirt
Astrid & Miyu
Platform heels
Kurt Geiger
Sometimes I look back and think, how did I even handle life during the Fashion weeks without the haven that is the Apartment. Now, I haven’t explained much why I spend so much time at the Apartment, but it’s basically my second home away from my Airbnb home during Fashion Week, and voluntary self-spoil-station with manicures, plush sofas, food… Particularly loved gathering some of my favourite people during NYFW with the help of Boden for brunch this season.


Kurt Geiger
Black Bond bracelet
Park & Cube for X Jewellery


Shoes – Kurt Geiger. Trousers – Filippa K. Top – Carven.


…and of course, stuffed my trap every moment of the way.


In the end, seven days in the city of dreams dashed by like a single New York minute


Park-and-Cube_Alice-Olivia_03 Park-and-Cube_Alice-Olivia_04



Park-and-Cube_Alice-Olivia_07 Park-and-Cube_Alice-Olivia_08



Top, Skirt, Shoes & Clutch – Alice & Olivia. Watch – Larsson & Jennings. Bangle – ASOS.

Dear skirt that hangs south of my faux-abs and forgives all sorts of dinner crime… where have you been all my life? I mean really, every meal I’ve ever had – especially in Paris – has been a two-part act of 1) arriving in jittery enthusiasm with dance moves that impress no judge, and 2) waddling out belt unbuckled and unladylike, burping the alphabet in post-meal euphoria. Alas, a maxi skirt, as pictured, means unsightly leg dance concealed within the folds of silky meringue, and the entire table worth of food – minus the plates – safely tucked into the fabric puff under the waist belt, which to curious onlookers I insist is an Alice & Olivia design feature and NOT a food baby (it is). It’s genius, and useful also in making the evening a tad more interesting because guess how many people it takes to pack a semi-drunk woman in a creampuff/ballgown skirt into a taxi?

BTW, this was the stunning Paris flat I was staying with a couple of girlfriends (Team Apartment + Reem) over Paris Fashion Week, and now that I look back I wish I’d taken more photos. Too bad we were too convinced this was our upgraded life now and that we were never going to leave, and this also explains why I kept reaching out for my ballgown get-up… 

Thank you Reem for helping with the shots!


A wee holiday gathering…





Sweater by Sonia Rykiel

ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_13 ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_14

Gorgeous Reem of Five Five Fabulous


ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_07 ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_08


ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_10 ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_11

Wearing: Sweater – Sonia Rykiel. Skirt – Alexander McQueen. Boots – Sergio Rossi. Rings – mix of ASOS, StreetBauble. Clutch – JinYoo103684

As captain of Lazy club, I’m obliged to say that I don’t do Christmas. Not in a conventional, fairy-lights-lined walls, itchy glittery leggings and dead tree in the corner type of way, at least. Well, there is at least one dead plant in our flat at any point in the year, and on some glamorous years we wrap that with fairy lights and hope it changes its mind and photosynthesise back to life. True spirit of Christmas right there, no? (or is that Easter) No, we go to church and leave it at that, all the goodness in one. I do love seeing how others do it though, especially if I get to deplete the baked goods like a ravished raccoon and then have the jingle balls to ask for a take-away box for the left-overs. Team Apartment threw a wee holiday get-together last night for some of my favourite girls, which was exactly the dose of others’ Christmas I needed this year. They’d gone over and beyond: Oversized knitted blankets and pillows strewn across the furry carpet floor, fairy lights to set the mood, and cosy Odd Molly pieces to keep everyone warm while the cakes gradually became crumbs between the wood boards throughout the evening. No Santa present, but we were all Santas after a each sip from the hot chocolate mug filled with whipping cream. I wore a glittery Sonia Rykiel jumper that I had saved for the perfect occasion and promptly filled it with mini sausages and home-made shortbread cookies. And, as they didn’t have a take-away box big enough to fit more marshmallows, I had to stuff some in my bra which made the cherries quite 3D by the time I was leaving.

Also speaking of Sonia Rykiel, thought I’d share the holiday collection video because I’m in the mood, why not.

Thank you to The Apartment for a great night, s’more pleaase! Thank you Kit for helping with the shots; Sonia Rykiel x Park & Cube