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A wee holiday gathering…





Sweater by Sonia Rykiel

ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_13 ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_14

Gorgeous Reem of Five Five Fabulous


ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_07 ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_08


ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_10 ParknCube_Sonia-Rykiel_Christmas_11

Wearing: Sweater – Sonia Rykiel. Skirt – Alexander McQueen. Boots – Sergio Rossi. Rings – mix of ASOS, StreetBauble. Clutch – JinYoo103684

As captain of Lazy club, I’m obliged to say that I don’t do Christmas. Not in a conventional, fairy-lights-lined walls, itchy glittery leggings and dead tree in the corner type of way, at least. Well, there is at least one dead plant in our flat at any point in the year, and on some glamorous years we wrap that with fairy lights and hope it changes its mind and photosynthesise back to life. True spirit of Christmas right there, no? (or is that Easter) No, we go to church and leave it at that, all the goodness in one. I do love seeing how others do it though, especially if I get to deplete the baked goods like a ravished raccoon and then have the jingle balls to ask for a take-away box for the left-overs. Team Apartment threw a wee holiday get-together last night for some of my favourite girls, which was exactly the dose of others’ Christmas I needed this year. They’d gone over and beyond: Oversized knitted blankets and pillows strewn across the furry carpet floor, fairy lights to set the mood, and cosy Odd Molly pieces to keep everyone warm while the cakes gradually became crumbs between the wood boards throughout the evening. No Santa present, but we were all Santas after a each sip from the hot chocolate mug filled with whipping cream. I wore a glittery Sonia Rykiel jumper that I had saved for the perfect occasion and promptly filled it with mini sausages and home-made shortbread cookies. And, as they didn’t have a take-away box big enough to fit more marshmallows, I had to stuff some in my bra which made the cherries quite 3D by the time I was leaving.

Also speaking of Sonia Rykiel, thought I’d share the holiday collection video because I’m in the mood, why not.

Thank you to The Apartment for a great night, s’more pleaase! Thank you Kit for helping with the shots; Sonia Rykiel x Park & Cube

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  1. Your photos are always so beautiful xx

  2. beautiful capture!

  3. OMG must be so delicious!

  4. Danielle

    ‘Jingle-balls’ the way to go!

  5. Perfect girly christmas! Love the black and white photos!


  6. Love black and white pictures. Beautiful.


  7. I’ll have a piece of each cake thanks! Ant the cherry on top is the perfect icing on the cake! ;)

  8. A wee gathering indeed! I wonder what Christmas is gonna look like!
    Gorgeous boots!
    Mafalda ❤

  9. You looked awesome! I’m still drooling over those canapes like it’s nobody’s business.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  10. A Christmas gathering that looks like a sleepover? I’m so down for that; eat then sleep.
    & the jumper is just the right amount of Christmas.

    The Fashann Monster

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  12. Really cute top. Looks like a great night

  13. how sweet is this? pure beauty!

  14. Anita

    I love love love the way you write its just AMAZING!!!!

  15. Sarah

    This outfit is just perfectoectoecto!

  16. Ah, why black & white? You do colour so well….x

  17. What a lovely looking time! These photos are inspiring me to host my own little get together <3


  18. Your writing always makes me smile :) x

  19. Burcu

    Happy birthday Park&Cube :))

  20. As festive sweaters go, that one from Sonia Rykiel is the most tasteful I’ve seen. Lovely photos as usual.

  21. You seem to have enjoyed yourself- I envy you all the food you got to eat!! I love the photographs. Do you take them yourself? x

  22. ollyvia laura


    love reading your blog, It’s very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)




  23. Love the black boots and sweater, lovely pics and this cakes look so yummi

  24. Claire

    That sweater is the most adorable sweater that I’ve ever seen :D

  25. Love this post – really cute top – but now I suddenly feel peckish for some macaroons!!! :)