I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



ParknCube_Anniversary-ysl-giveaway_03 ParknCube_Anniversary-ysl-giveaway_04


And here are some of things up for grabs…

One box contains: a heap of (seven!) YSL beauty goodies for the festive season!


One sack contains: One classic-red YSL lipstick, to wear with a tartan hat that comes as a knit-yourself kit by Wool and the Gang (or I can knit it up for you!)




ParknCube_Anniversary-ysl-giveaway_11 ParknCube_Anniversary-ysl-giveaway_12

Wearing: Dress – ASOS. Bag – Kurt Geiger. Shoes – Mango. Coat – Zara. Watch – Sekonda. Necklace – Mikimoto

Woof, five years! Before I get all sentimental about what five years ago felt like for me in terms of how many more stairs I was able to climb without throwing up my lungs, let me just say, FIVE!? Come on, vaccinations, play dates, potty training… don’t you get some kind of medal for this? Oh I forgot, this bundle of joy of mine lives on the internet. Can we just pretend for the sake for things, that it’s a living, screaming, kicking, pooping child – because thanks to you, loyal readers + occasional swing by-ers + first time visitors, this kid is fat and very happy. And it’s his 5th birthday today. (Well, it was technically back sometime in November but I’m a shitty parent, remember) Thank you for feeding bacon through the cage, and thank you most of all, for your support for the past five years. I’m very lucky to have you all. Oh there goes the emotions, paypal me some tissues will ya.

I’ve prepared some gifts for you, and while I’m sad that I cannot gift each and every one of my readers, I will sure strive to create content that hopefully will educate/entertain/inspire you, even accidentally, in the coming five years. In the meantime, do stick around!


Sunday, 15th December 2013 23:59 GMT
  1. Leave a comment under this post (Please make sure to leave a valid email in the email field so winners can be contacted.)
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♥ YSL Beauty and Wool and the Gang have so generously offered to send the prizes, so it would be nice, out of respect but not requirement, to show support by visiting their sites and social media platforms! YSL | Wool and the Gang

5 x YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats lipstick shades 201, 202, 204, 205, 206
1 x La Laque Couture nail polish shade 01 Rouge Pop Art
1 x Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation shade BD 40


1 x Wool and the Gang tartan Zion Lion hat – knit-yourself kit,
OR pre-knitted by Park & Cube
1 x YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats lipstick (Shade 203)

Well, good luck!

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  1. Congratulations with the 5th year anniversary Shini! It’s a huge accomplished! x

  2. Kristina

    Congrats, Shini! Hoping to win for the first time!

  3. lihua

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Big Congrats on the Big 5! I’m an avid swing by-er of the site ;)

  5. Congratulations! Five years is super fabulous, so I’m saying it five times! It was also Coco Chanel’s fave number, so that makes it extra special -slightly random I know. In celebration of all things fabulous it’s obvious to state that you make it easy to be glam. Cheers to many more years of being a stylish inspiration!

  6. Congrats on the big 5! It’s been so great to watch your blog transform over the years. Here’s to many, many more.

  7. Congrats on 5 years on this awesome blog!

  8. Justyna

    Shini, I was about to write this comment in Polish, but I’m not sure how understandable it would be for you, so here it is in English. I love your sense of humour that you show us in the posts, and the simple happiness hidden in your photos. I’m very happy for you and your 5-year old kid-o, and I hope to see it grow so much older!
    (Maybe not turning 18, since I bet you have other plans for your life in…13 years.)
    Thanks for having this blog!

  9. This is so exciting! Can’t believe I have been reading your blog for 5 years, it’s gone so quickly. Love this hat, somebody is going to be very cosy this winter!
    Victoria x

  10. Autumne

    Happy birthday Park & Cube! Looking forward to the years to come. :)

  11. Paige

    Congratulations on 5 years! I got referred to your site by another blog around a year ago and have been reading ever since. Your style and adventures are everything I crave about London!

  12. Katrine

    Happy 5th birthday! Your blog, and the way London looks through it, played an indecently big role when I had to decide which university to… emigrate to. London is truly as lovely as you make it look – sometimes, and when it isn’t, I come back here to be reminded how it can be!

  13. Emily Love

    congratulations! amazing accomplishment

  14. So glad I came across this lovely blog… 5 years of vicarious lifestyle fulfillment and pleasure! Thank you, Shini + Park & Cube.

  15. Rafaele

    Happy birthday // Joyeux anniversaire!
    Hope this fifth year will be as interesting as the ones before!

  16. Marie

    Thank you for being so inspiring and helping us create a much funner life style! Hope you will be staying for much longer! Happy 5 years!

  17. Happy Anniversary!Live long and prosper!

    “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
    ― Marilyn Monroe

  18. Whitney

    Hooray on 5 years! Do you hope to be doing this for 5 more or do you see yourself doing something else?

  19. Congrats and thank you for sharing your style in these 5 years, you’ve been amazing!

  20. Congrats! I really love reading your posts they are always fun with breathtaking pictures.

  21. Congratulation! There would be more than these 5 years; looking forward to it :D!

  22. congrats shini!!! Ive been reading your blog for the past one year, it has always been one of the most inspiring blogs I’ve ever read, keep going, the next 5 years will be more fabulous! ;)


  23. Yoojee

    LOVE your blog..congrats on your success. p.s. big up the korean massive london style!

  24. Libby

    Congrats on 5 years! Have been reading you for only a few, but enjoy your blog. Would love to win!

  25. Tam Do

    Congratulations first of all for this meaningful day! I am thinking of starting my own blog because of inspiration from you and others. But I was so impressed with your talents! I love your photos, styles, sense of humour and love for flowers (I live in Manchester but everytime I go to London, I would spend a Sunday in Columbia street). Best of luck in your journey and please keep posting wonderful entry!!! I also love your blogposts about styling and DIY tips too!!!

  26. Flora

    Happy anniversary! That cake looks delicious :)

  27. Cheryl

    Hi Shini!!! Firstly a big congratulations on parkandcube’s 5th birthday (my favourite fashion/lifestlye blog btw)! None of my blogs ever survived 1 year and you must be really amazing to keep this absolutely beautiful blog running for so long! I came to London 3 years ago for my undergrad and I’ve been following your blog and then subsequently your ig/twitter. I love all your gorgeous visuals and your candid posts. Everytime my flatmate and I see a new post of yours (visiting a restaurant etc.), we’ll be super excited and add it immediately to our ‘to-visit’ list. Looking forward to more great posts of yours xxxx

  28. How lovely!

  29. Chris

    Happy anniversary and thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Congratulations on 5 years Shini!

  31. Rachel

    Happy anniversary!! I really like your blog and instagram…. here’s to five more years!!

  32. V.L.

    Congratulations on hitting five years! May you have many more wonderful years here :)

  33. Happy anniversary! Love your blog and your Instagram :)

  34. Congratulations Shini! I’m a big fan of your blog and your pictures continually inspire me to look for beauty in my surroundings! Keep blogging, I’m looking forward to your baby’s 10 year birthday!

  35. ffany97

    Happy 5th birthday!CONGRATs!your blog is so interesting:D

  36. Congrats! Have been (secretly) following your blog these past years and I must say you really deserve all of these (: Keep up the awesomeness and keep blogging!


  37. soojin

    Have been following you for a while and youre def one of my favorite blogs to read. Happy 5th!!

  38. Super congratulations! 5 years is such a huge target and you’ve hit it so gracefully!

  39. Congratulations on 5 years – that’s absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see where you go next :)

  40. I hope you will get another 5 years (at least) out of your blog! Best wishes for Christmas.

  41. Emily

    Congrats on five years! I discovered your blog around two years ago and immediately devoured every single post you have ever written! As a California girl your blog gives me a glimpse into life across the pond and I can’t help but love your style and hilarious commentary. I can’t wait to see where you go from here and will be avidly reading every post.

  42. […] post FIVE! (+ a YSL beauty giveaway) appeared first on PARK & […]

  43. well happy blog birthday!!!!!… celebrate hon as it is well deserved!!x


  44. T.N

    Congrats on the big 5!

  45. chooracy

    HI SHINI !!!
    HAPPY 5 YEARS !!!!!

  46. Hester

    A very happy anniversary! I adore your blog.

  47. Many, many of the warmest congratulatory wishes to you, Shini! I’ve always loved your blog and will continue to. It has been a whirlwind for sure and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for the next 5 years! x


  48. BoKyeong Kim

    I’m a huge fan of your blog and style.
    Thank you for delighting my eyes and giving me tips on styling.

    (5주년 축하합니다! 팬이에요!! ♥)
    Bokyeong Kim from Seoul.

  49. Linh

    Wow, this is so great! Congratulations! Keep it up :)

  50. Erina

    Congrats on five years! I have been reading for at least 3 and still get so excited for new posts :)

  51. Congratulations!!!!! ^^ I love following you on Instagram :) my friend Yoojin taught me to say that you are: nomu yeppeo ^^ I love your fashion sense <3 thank you for always making my day!!!

  52. Janet

    Congratulations on five years! ♡

  53. Hi Shini! Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! I discovered your blog three years ago, explored it, bookmarked it and we all know that once you bookmark something it can be easily forgotten. (In an internet society, there really should be days specifically for going through your web browser Bookmarks). But I’m recently spent a semester abroad in England and knew I would spent time in London. I rediscovered your blog and got to go to some of my new favorite places. (Ozone Coffee Roasters and The Broadway Schoolyard Market are dreams come true). So thank you for creating such wonderful content with a killer sense of humor! Your blog has also become a huge inspiration for me, so thank you, really!

  54. congrats! u look so sweet :)

  55. Sophie-Elise

    Happy anniversary and congratulations! I love your blog.

  56. Congrats on 5 magnificent years!
    Thank you for this giveaway, I’d love to win one of your lovely prizes. Hugs from Portugal!

  57. Esther

    Congratulations on 5 years! Keep up the great work!

  58. Wow, 5 years. As someone who has started and abandoned too many blogs to count over the years, I cannot even conceive of that. What an accomplishment! And you’re still putting out amazing content! I want to be you when my blog grows up. :)

    Shani x

  59. Kasia

    Congrats Shini. I love your blog, keep doing what u are doing the best!! Love all your pictures. Xx

  60. Love the knitted stuff! so awesome!

  61. Anna

    I also want to thank you for these 5 years :)
    I joined your blog about 2 years ago, but I went through the archives :D

    THANK YOU for your awesome work!

  62. Happy 5th blog birthday. That’s definitely a milestone.
    May xx

  63. Jenni

    Wow! Congrats on 5 years! I have to say I have always loved your photographs, they’re always stunning.

  64. anni

    You are a great blog mum (+ you are also kind of secret Santa with these giveaways ;) ). Keep it up for the next 5!

  65. Tiffany

    woot woot! Shini, congrats congrats!! I’ve enjoyed every one of your posts and pictures for the past however-many years and will continue to enjoy them in the coming however-many more years :)

  66. Happy Blog Birthday!

    I first came across you a few years ago on Frock Off! You actually inspired me to create a blog and then i finally found you on the internet! (forgot your blog name so couldn’t find you :( )

    Hayley xx

  67. Isadora

    Congrats dear Shini!! Your kid is definitely big, healthy and amazing!!! Hope more 5 years to come ( an some many more!)

  68. Bao

    Have always loved your blog and yayyyy, congrats on the 5th year anniversary! So much dedication and hard work to keep a blog running but I hope your blog will run for the longest time :D

  69. Wieeeeeee Happy 5th Birthday Park&Cube :3 Though I’ve known you for only the last four, it’s been an amazing journey! Keep it up! I love it, always have, always will

  70. Jessie

    Happy 5th! Here’s to many more years to follow!

  71. Lan

    Ooooh Congrats!!!! And Many moooooore yeeeeears.

  72. Sydney Nam

    Park! As an avid reader and follower of your blog I would like to congratulate you for your growth and your success over these last five years! It’s always a pleasure for me as a fellow Korean-London dweller to dip into your blog and see what you’re up to. Whenever I’m in need of something new to do or to see or two eat I’ll always go to your blog. Thanks to you I have two favourite restaurants in London, one being Viet Grill and the other being Dishoom. Before I sign off I have a short anecdote if you will; it turns out that a close family friend’s neighbour and friend is the owner of Dishoom! I actually remember meeting the neighbour and her speaking about her restaurant that was starting up! I thought that was quite funny.

    Anyway I wish you all the best of luck for the next five years! Thanks so much for having your blog and for hosting these giveaways :) xx

  73. Congratulations on this blog’s fifth year anniversary!

  74. Christine

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog! But I am hooked! I went through all your old posts because I was so delighted and wanted to get to know you better! You are so witty and creative. I love your sense of humor! Please post more often! xoxo

  75. Kika

    Congrats!!!… I heart your blog!!! :D

  76. I only found your blog this past year, but I love reading it and keeping up with your fabulous life via Instagram. Thanks for providing so much inspiration!

  77. Zoe L

    Congrats on five years! Your photos are so beautiful! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  78. Nevena

    Dear Shini, big congratulations on 5th anniversary with this fantastic blog. I find your style, effort and way of work very unique and artistic. I am very happy that 5 years ago I discovered your blog and with the same enthusiasmus I am reading every new post and enjoying every beautiful photo that you make. I wish you all the best! Best regards

  79. Carolina

    Congratulations, 5 years!! Half a decade, that’s a big milestone!!
    Thanks for the giveaway xx

  80. Jessica L.

    Congrats on your anniversary! I’ve been reading your blog for so long ~ love your pics, but more so love the way you write!

  81. HAPPY BLOGGIE BOOGIE DAY, 5 years which I’ve been following you ever since. From Shin

  82. sulli

    Happy anniversary ^^
    Love you <3

  83. Emily

    Congratulations on Park and Cube’s 5th anniversary! It takes a lot of passion to continue such a big project for so long – I know because I’ve given up out of sheer laziness many times, sigh. However, seeing you celebrate this 5th anniversary makes me want to pick up old projects that I gave up on and see if I can see them through to the end.

    Keep up with the wonderful work, and I’ll hopefully still be visiting in another five years!

  84. Jacquie

    Congratulations on the Big 5! It’s definitely been a fun and beautiful adventure. Here’s to many more milestones to come :)

  85. kanna

    Congrats! I hope there will be many more to come! Love stopping by and catching up :)

  86. Juhyun

    congratulations! five years! your baby is growing so big.. it’s a beautiful baby! it’s become an office ritual to check your blog in the morning and read it together with my team. thanks for the little bundles of joy and laughter you send to this mundane work environment! i freakin’ love you!!

  87. Gosh, 5 years, super huge congratulations!! Thank you for being a constant source of humor and inspiration. Here is to many many more years!

  88. lau

    happiest anniversary, shini!

  89. Lisa Dinh

    Congrats! I just recently found your blog & its so beautiful!

  90. Nicole

    Happy 5th Anniversary :) I live your Blog, it really inspires me. I Hope I’m One of the Lucky winners!

  91. Huge fan of your blog – not only are your photos wonderful but your writing always puts a smile on my face. So thank you, and congrats on 5 years! What a fab giveaway, too. Fingers crossed.

  92. Stefania


  93. Congratulations!
    Was always meaning to tell you: once on your blog you compared something to “quick as a toothpaste cap goes down in the sink” or something along those lines and e v e r y t i m e I drop the cap of my toothpaste into the sink I think about you.

  94. Dilek

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! (축하합니다!) I wish you many more years of happy and successful blogging. Your creativity is so addicting that I got all my closest friends hooked up on your blog as well. They couldn’t be more thankful. And I am thankful for the truly unique content that I get to enjoy. ^^ <3

  95. <3 Congrats!

  96. Aleksandra

    Congrats! I absolutely love your blog, every post is flawless in terms of photography.

  97. Carolina

    This is the first time I have commented on your blog, but yours are some of my favorite posts to show up on my blog reader! Congratulations on 5 years! What an adorable, entertaining child you have raised!

  98. Oooo those YSL lippies look like little gems!! Congrats on your 5 year blogiversary!!

  99. Merrill

    Happy blog birthday! It’s such a treat to read your site.

  100. Lidia Sagastume

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! I love reading your blog. Not only is it beautiful to look at but I also love you sense of humor! Here’s to many more!

  101. Sophia

    happy blogiversary shini! i’m not usually this cheesy, but its a birthday, so: your blog is my favourite. and i read a lot. so don’t stop.
    love from germany – sophia

  102. Eliana

    Happy birthay Park & cube!!!
    I really love your blog <3

  103. Katarina

    This is really nice, Shini! I actually love to knit in the wintertime, this year I will tackle a sweater for the first time. Of cause with a cat in the front. So I would actually really like the wool-and-the-gang-knit-kit. On the other hand I really love (red) lipstick and that is really the only beauty item I’m willing to splurge on, so the 5 lipsticks are very tempting, too.
    Anyways, thank you and your sponsors, I’ll cross my fingers!

  104. Hey Katarina! Just thought I’d drop a note here too as you were one of the two winners for the Wool & The Gang + YSL lipstick set!
    I’ve sent an email but wasn’t too sure if you received it, could you let me know? If you could send over your address the gifts will be on its way to you shortly! x

  105. Hello!
    Just thought I’d drop a note to see if you’ve received my email? You were one of the winners, congratulations!
    Shini x

  106. Ampa

    Congratulation! I adore your job, fashion yeah is fine but I am food and journey lover. Keep posting :)

  107. Eliana


  108. Ah ~Happy 5 years and to many more years of blogging !

  109. Diane Chen

    You are a gem! Congratulations!

  110. Rachel Summers

    Congrats on 5 great years! Keep up the fantastically fresh work! XO.

  111. What a giveaway! I seriously adore YSL. To me, there is no house more classic, and that translates right through to their gorgeous lipsticks…. Furthermore, I am knitting obsessed! Congratulations on the blog birthday dear!

  112. I’m a very new follower (I’ve been following you since october) but I really love your blog and I’m very happy to learn that it’ 5(didn’t have time to go through the archive, but I will soon!!) So congratulations and thank you for the inspiration!!
    Keep inspiring!!!

    P.s: would loooove to win :D

  113. Charlene

    Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary!

  114. Anna C

    Happy 5th BlogBirthday, hope you celebrated well and hopefully to many more year!

  115. Nevena

    Big congratulations on 5th anniversary with this magnificent blog. I am very happy that I discovered this corner of beauty, unique style, fantastic ideas and beautiful photos. I wish all the best and sending my best regards to you.

  116. Congratulations with your blog! Really nice and keep blogging. It would be nice to win one of the prices :)

  117. Congrats in the 5 years!!! I’m always looking forward to your posts!!!!

    Love from Seoul,

  118. Happy birthday to your beautiful wee baby of a blog! It’s incredible how much it’s grown in just a couple of years. Comes to show just how hardworking and amazing of a momma you are to it. Congrats!

  119. Grace

    shini. i love you and your blog — play dates, vaccinations, potty training and all.
    you are my inspiration and im so glad to have found this hidden gem five years ago. cant wait to see more of your amazing photos and read snippets of your fantastically humerous notes about life. go go parkandcube!

  120. All I am hoping for Christmas is that once I renovate my blog I too will have the drive and ambition to push my blog farther than ever before.
    Congrats Shini! So well deserved.

    double xo’s

  121. Jessie

    Your daily pics on Instagram inspire me to dress more fashionable..

  122. Laura

    Congratulations! Many Many Happy Returns! (Is it weird to wish that to a blog? Oh well…)

  123. Happy 5 Years! It’s been quite an adventure with you this past year, Shini!

  124. Sonya Radetsky

    Your blog always brightens my day and gives me great ideas for things to try. My look has definitely improved since I started following :)


    PS Hope to win!!

  125. Jane

    Happy 5th Birthday to http://www.ParkandCube.com!! Love your style and personality, please keep it up. I’m sure I will stick around! And also, Congratulation ;) xx

  126. Jing

    Congratulations and celebrations! Happy 5th birthday!

  127. Mercedes Cant

    Awesome – congrats Ms. Park on five years, your blog is fab! (And makes dreary work days slightly more bearable!)

  128. Ellen H

    Congratulations on 5 years!! Love your blog :)

  129. Lenea Sims

    Gorgeous giveaway! Happy Holidays and congrats!


  130. Tsze

    Woot! Happy Birthday/Anniersary Park & Cube! Thanks for all the awesome articles and gorgeous photos Shini! Definitely don’t regret blog hopping onto your page :)
    Make a wish and blow out the candles =]

  131. I am so, so happy for you and a HUGE congratulation on keeping your 5 year old alive and thrivin. It’s no small feat. I love reading, commenting often and am wishing you another 5 years of success!


  132. ESTHER



  133. Molly Taylor

    Congrats! Great to see your blog still thriving- I remember when you’d just started as I had a blog then too!

  134. haraajukulover

    Congratulations on your 5 years with us :D
    I can prouldy say that I’m with you almost since beginning (over 4 years!)

  135. I’ve been reading your blog for ages and absolutely love the photos and your style. Saw you at Somerset house during LFW last season. Congrats on 5 years!! keep doing what you’re doing cos so many readers around the world love this blog. I’m saying this all the way from Singapore (but study in London) . x


  136. Alice

    Congratulations Shini! Been happily following along all this time, and will continue to do so! xo

  137. Bianca

    Congrats on five years! Your blog is 1/5 of a quarter century old (;

  138. cheers to the big F I V E!

  139. sophia

    thanks for being an inspiration to me when im studying here in london :) i’ve followed your blog for 2 years (and hence followed your footsteps through london as well) am graduating soon and will just like to extend a big thank you for introducing me to this wonderful city.

    stay warm, x

  140. OMG! I cannot believe it’s been 5 years already! You were one of the first bloggers I followed (along with Karla of Karla’s Closet and Jane of Sea of Shoes), and I’ll even go as far as saying that you were also one of the few bloggers who actually inspired me to create a little something of my own in this big net-world! Congratulations love!!! Here’s to the next five years!

    Also, brilliant giveaway! I’m such a huge fan on YSL make-up and cosmetic products (don’t they all just smell heavenly?!) and the Wool and the Gang is also amazing! Count me in! ^^

    Dominika of FASHIONPHILOSOPHY.net – (dominika.wojciechowska@ymail.com)

  141. Amanda dunkley

    Happy Anniversary. I am new to your blog but am glad to have found it. :)

  142. Elizabeth

    Awesome. FiVE years!! You do an awsome and very inspirationnal job and I hope that you will keep writing about the things you like ( and obviously we do like as well) :)
    Looking forward for you next post … That I will keep reading for a loooonnnggg time.

  143. Anna Harned

    5 years! An accomplishment definitely worth celebrating. Thanks for the opportunity to win such stellar prizes. To 5 more years of adventure!

  144. Si Hui

    You’re a lovely person — thank you for five years of a wonderful blog! Such great styling sense, too.

  145. Congrats on turning 5! (email: kevinscrumbs@gmail.com)

  146. Laura Fisher


  147. Michelle

    Congrats on the big 5!! I love following your blog & Pinterest boards! Keep up the good work :) Here’s to the next 5 years!

  148. Karine

    Happy Big 5!!! simply adore everything in Park&Cube ♥ stay gorgeous as always and looking forward to seeing even more amazing stuff here! xxx

  149. fantastic contest. Hope I win! ;)

  150. Anne W.

    Totally not the point of the post I know, but what kind of cake is that?

  151. Christiane Yshida

    Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of Park&Cube, Shini! This is definitely my favorite blog to visit on a daily basis and get inspiration from your beautiful photos and funny content. Keep up with the good work!!!

    Regards from Brazil! ;)

  152. Youngbin Im

    You are wearing the dress I have been put in my wishlist. And i wasnt sure how to wear.. thanks to you now i have ideas that might work for me.. (^-^) Thank you..

  153. Niki

    Happy birthday Park and Cube! Thanks for being a great blogger and giving us the opportunity to win some gifties.

  154. Lauren

    You RULE! Your blog has consistently been one my my favourites. I have been a fan since I was 16 (I’m currently 20). Congrats on 5 years of maintaining an uniquely awesome blog!
    Thank you for providing me with years of inspiration,

  155. congrats unni! you’ve evolved so much in five years and it’s delightful to see new posts of yours in my bloglovin feed. i’m sounded like a starstruck fan omg i hope to see you someday and maybe we can chat over baskin robbins pit about everything? ;-; ilysfm and congrats once again! xx

  156. Monyale

    Happy 5th Birthday! Congratulations on this big accomplishment, thanks for sharing a bit on your life and wonderful style!


  157. Wow, the prizes are amazing! Would love to win this (:
    Happy blogversary! Keep up the amazing content (:

  158. Veronica

    Congrats on the fifth birthday! You’ve definitely kept me entertained and inspired (:

  159. katerina

    happy birthday!!!

  160. congrat shini! i’ve been following your blog since my undergraduate days till now… 5 years it’s been! thanks for your amazing posts and awesome giveaway!

  161. Chloe Tee

    5 years ain’t too long but enough to inspire many. Love how you make every blog posts a little bit more, jolly, by showing off your sense of humor which sometimes would stuck in my head and pops out occasionally whenever i encounter anything relevant. Of course, there’s no need for me to comment on your fashion sense as I will just be stating the obvious. Frankly, this is the ever most cheesy comment I’ve given to anyone, not saying that it isn’t true though. Looking forward to see what surprises that you are going to give us as you always does. Here’s a big fat THANK YOU for being a fashion icon that seems much more approachable to people like us who just sits in front of the screen and dream about wanna-be. Thank you, Shini. : )

  162. Dear Shini,

    You have been such an inspiration. I’m sure you already know how good you are. Please keep up with posting and I will always be here supporting. Cheers to 5 and more!


    P.s. female coders are so, so sexy.

  163. Congrats on the blog birthday! I’ve only begun to read Park&Cube in the last few months, but I’m so glad I found it! Your photography, your writing, and most importantly you are incredibly lovely. Keep on keepin’ on!

  164. MC

    Congrats on five years of adding beauty to the wide, wide web — your impeccably curated and creative blog has been a lovely spot to visit and revisit.

  165. Haley

    생일축하합니다, Park&Cube!

    Shini, I love your site (instagram/twitter/pinterest) and I’ve been following it from Minneapolis, Minnesota for the past three years! Your talent in writing, photography, and design is some of my favorite in the blogging world. If you ever find yourself in the Midwest USA, I hope our paths can cross! ㅋㅋㅋ Looking forward to more and more Park&Cube in the future ^_^


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    P.S. Red is a gorgeous colour on you,

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    To five more years!

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    Your photos are always gorgeous, bright and cheerful. I love the way you see things and capture them so much. I cant count how many time I double tap your instargam photos or re-read your blog.

    I’m looking forward to years and years~

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    2nd guilty plead is that : I used to just scroll through the blog pics (ONLY at initial stages) and one day I started reading your posts seriously,and I love your writing! Initially I thought it was just a boring typical posts,like all other blogs,but I LOVE your sense your humour in it! I was in love and at the same time growing green horns on my head as to your writing skills!

    Would my ‘crimes’ be forgiven or sentence by picking me as one of the lucky winners? *begs* I promise I shall never commit them again!! *swears under the ipromiseiamagoodblogreaderofparkandcube* oath.

    Sorry for leaving such a long comment.Cheers to 5 years and many more on such a special day (the date in my timezone/continent i am living now is 11.12.13 already!)

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    Congrats on your 5th blogging anniversary! For the past 4 years, you filled me with inspiration. Thank you for the great work!


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    Big kiss from Poland

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    and of course congratulations on your blog’s 5th year anniversary :)

    xo tiphaine

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  307. Dear Shini,
    Your blog is, well, unlike any other I’ve ever seen. It’s a great mix of fashion, food and city snaps and your personal adventures. I like to come back every day and read a little and I can see I’m not the only one. Please keep it up! We want to see your blog munchkin grow older and bigger!
    Love, Kay

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    I hope to win the pack of YSL beauty products. If I win the knit kit then you’ll have to make the hat for me because all I know how to do are scarves.

    Love you sweet thing and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Breakfast or sushi is on me in February to celebrate. xx

  315. Ana

    Congrats on your five year old kid-o, you kept it in a truly great shape – most inspiring! xx

  316. Congratulations!! FIVE YEARS!! Woohoo! Congrats Shini – you will forever be one of my most favorite bloggers!

  317. Congratulations with the 5th year anniversary Shini! I’m so proud to be one of your all time readers and so proud of what you do here in Park and Cube and of what you have achieved. And many thanks for the giveaway, wish me luck!

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    So I wish you happy 5, and 5 more, and 5 more, and 5 more, and 5 more…….

    regards from Skopje, Macedonia

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    Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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    Happy 5th year anniversary! it has been amazing since the first time i came across here, looking forward for other great posts of yours, i love how your sense of art can always make something simple more beautiful and stay classy, thanks for the inspiring stuffs! :)

  328. Joyeux anniversaire as we say here in France ! Your blog’s really awesome ;)

  329. удача

  330. Happy anniversary! Wish your blog to grow and make us happy even more!
    (With more and more DIYs ;)
    Thank you for starting it 5 years ago.

  331. H.B.D to your MAGNIFICENT blog! *\(^o^)/*

    I follow you for 3 years now, but you can be sure i have gone trough all your previous post :) and always with enjoyment and delight going crescendo every time!

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    Congratulations! As a new Londoner, your blog is always a great read :) x

  338. you and your blog are gorgeous. Happy anniversary:)
    Greeting from Poland, Maja

  339. CONGRATS sweetie :) Hope to see you soon again! xx

  340. Here’s to many many more! I think you’re a great “mother” and inspire many people to be better bloggers, me included.

  341. georgina

    You make me feel like my life is grey and dull. Life swap please? Your photos are so beautifully taken and inspiring and your wit and honesty in your writing makes it feel like you’re an old friend I just haven’t met yet. We love what you do :)

  342. Dear Shini, your blog is one of the best I know! Happy birthday Park&Cube!

  343. Victoria

    Happy fifth birthday to your wonderful blog!

  344. Congrats for you and Park & Cube!
    Glad that I found your blog couple years back then, and stick still around till now.
    Cheers to many more years!

  345. Lauren

    Congratulations on 5 years! Thank you for being so inspiring and lovely!

  346. Congrats on the amazing 5 years, your blog is so inspirational and filled with positive energy, keep up the great work! :) :*

  347. OMG this is an amazing giveaway!

    Happy 5th Bloggerversary/Blogday x

    Email: oromajh@hotmail.com

    O. R. R.

  348. Agnieszka

    Just a few years ago i used to watch a lot of blogs about fashion, traveling, living… As time was passing by, i realized that actually just a few of them are really worth watching and it’s hard to beleive it’s been 5 years with your blog so far. You’re are one of the greatest, beautiful, sublime, elegant… Congratulations and please make it at least five more! :)

  349. Anna

    Congratulations! Your blog is an inspiration to me. I wish you another 5 successful years!

  350. Congratulations on the big 5!

  351. Iinamaarit

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  352. Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations.

    Only discovered your blog in the last year and adore it. By far one of the most elegant ones and unique in its writing style.

    *High five*, F x

  353. Shilbe

    Shini, happy 5th year anniversary! you’ve been an amazing inspiration :) 언니 항상행복하구 건강하쇼~ Congratulations 넘넘축하해요! cheers xx

  354. Saci

    Congratulations!! I started following your blog around this time 3 years ago and I still check every day to see if you’ve posted something ^_^ Not only do I love your style and sense of humour but you inspired me to explore London and to see it in a new light. Wishing you another 5 years of success and happiness, keep up the wonderful work :)

  355. Danielle

    Happy 5th Anniversary, Shini!!
    It’s been so great to know your blog and read your posts :)
    Congratulation again, and I look forward to see your blogs for another 5 years and more! <3 :)

  356. I absolutely love YSL and all their products! All the shades from the Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick collection are beautiful but I have been looking for a deep plum lipstick and the 206 seems perfect! The Wool and the Gang also have a great collection of hats and scarves that I would love to wear! Congrats on your 5th anniversary, I have loved your posts since the very beginning!

  357. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday dear Park & Cube
    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu!


  358. Isabella Allen

    Congratulations Shini! Bon bon! x

  359. Happy birthday to you (and the blog!) Is it 5 years already? Oh my… time flies when you’re having fun!
    Here’s to another 5 years!! (Yes, I’m popping champagne, if you’re interested, come join me on this virtual too-early-to-drink-champagne-without-being-called-an-alcoholic-but-what-the-heck party!)


  360. Congratulations! 5 is an amazing number.
    It always reminds me of this legendary John Lennon quote:
    “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

    Your blog clearly understand life, beauty and happiness.

  361. Gorgeous blog, truly one of the most creative blogs out there. Woop, huge congratulations on your blogday!

  362. Jo

    Congrats Shini!
    Your blog has been quite entertaining. I am heading to London next week and I am inspired by all your reviews that I hope to try at least one of the cafe’s you’ve mentioned.
    Please continue the good work and share with us the amazing photos of your ventures.


  363. Xin

    Congratulations Park and Cube! Looking forward to more years of your unique blend of style, creativity and beauty (:

  364. Marta R.

    Wish me luck! And thank you so much for the lovely giveaway :)

  365. marta

    No to, sto lat! :)

  366. Miky

    Awesome giveaway! it’s perfect for Christmas :)

  367. Congratulations on five years! What a fantastic achievement.
    and who could live without a YSL red lipstick!

  368. Sofia

    congrats Shini on the big 5! love your blog! keep ´em comin ;)

  369. Happy Birthday Baby boy Park & Cube. Your images and humour have been a little window of joy. X

  370. Manja

    Yay! Happy blogaversary (this word looks and sounds a little ridicoulous, anyway…) I am so happy that you are still blogging! Your blog is one of my favorite ones and I get excited whenever I see a new post. Thanks for the giveaway, too! It’s really generous of you :)

  371. Congrats on the amazing journey and keep up the good work.

  372. Congratulations Shini, this is huge ( and inspiring). I love your happy blog and it has provided me with lots of inspiration. If I get my blog to even a little bit like yours in the next four years, I’ll be a happy chicken! Ann x

  373. Beatrice

    Hippie birthday! :)

  374. Phoebe

    Well done on hitting the big five! Look forward to reading the next five years content Xx

  375. Exciting news. Congratulations on five years of amazing photography and posts about fashion and your London life!

  376. I really enjoy your blog and the lovely photographs. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your five years!

  377. Congratulations on 5 years! Yours was one of the first blogs I found and followed, now I am addicted to the blogosphere! Great prizes :)

  378. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! Best wishes for big accomplishments and good health and relationships to you!

  379. Stephanie

    Thank you for the great inspiration for all these years! x

  380. Jennifer

    Happy birthday Park and Cube ! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and i’m a huge fan. i love your looks and the design of your blog :) xoxo from a french fashion lover !

  381. Ellinor

    Congrats! Now looking forward to another five more inspiring years- no pressure ;-)

  382. 5 years – so fast! Such an inspiration Shini.
    What beautiful YSL colors too.

  383. I think I’ve been reading for at least four of those years, it’s been a glorious ride! Happy blog birthday and fingers crossed x

  384. Wow, happy five years! What’s that they say about fun and time flying…

    p.s. you don’t look a day over three Park & Cube ;-)

    kb xx

  385. Happy happy happy 5th birthday park and cube! It feels like it has been longer because I am in my 5th year of uni. Anyway shini thank you for sharing your inspirations, your impecabble style and your lovely (though sonetimes odd) sense of humour.

    Lots of love.

  386. I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for 5 years! That’s amazing! I hope that I’ll still be blogging in 5 years time. Gosh, I keep getting asked “where do you see yourself in 5 years time”, I’m hoping I can say “I see myself in a shoe collection as good as yours”. <3

  387. Congrats Shini! I’m a new follower and just found your blog last week but I’ve been diligently working through your archive ever since. Park & Cube has officially replaced YouTube as my midnight haunt. Keep up the amazing work- can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2014!

  388. Atiqah

    I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and I can’t believe it has been five years! Congratulation! I really love your humour in your post and will always read it because it is always short but apt. And of course your style and photography is amazing! I wish you all the best and to many many more years to come! And I will continue to support you. Yay!

  389. beatrice

    Congratulation! Loved your blog since the very beginning and still adore it!! XD

  390. Nileema

    Congratulations Shini! 5 years is such an accomplishment! But so deserved, for you blog is wonderful, keep it up! xoxo

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    Congratulations!! And thanks for the giveaway!

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    Congratulations on turning 5 years!
    I’ve been reading your blog for 2 years and you never fail to surprise me with your wonderful posalways u are such an inspiration and I always want to travel to London when I see your great photos.
    Here’s to another 5 years and hopefully much more!

  393. Nina

    5 years passed so quickly! Good job Shini, you inspire me everyday by bringing these beautiful photographs and funny comments! Visiting your blog is always the highlight of my day! Proud of you!
    Nina xx

  394. Congrats on the big 5, that takes some staying power!
    Fingers crossed for many more years, (and fingers crossed that I win the giveaway :))

  395. Lucile

    Bon anniversaire ! Love the giveaways :)
    Thank you Shini !

  396. Nura

    I am your daily follower because you stay true to yourself. You have your own writing style, fashion style and you photos are always a-ma-zing. Keep up the good work and enjoy this festive. You can be really proud of yourself :)

    x Nura

  397. i’m a new reader and just absolutely love what i have seen so far! lost myself in your blog the other evening! aren’t wool and the gang just awesome?! seriously got my knit on because of those dudes! x

  398. Vera

    Wooooow It would be so cool to win this giveaway! Cross my fingers :)
    And congratulations! 5 years are a big goal! :)

  399. congrats on 5 years of park and cube!! I’ve been a fan since :)

  400. Kathe

    wszystkiego najlepszego! congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and I can’t get enough! Your blog is so honest and genuine, I’m always excited to read every new post! Every post about your world, fashion, and of course all the good food makes each one a pleasant read!

    Sto lat, sto lat,
    Niech żyje, żyje nam!


  401. Happy Birthday from Germany! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 5. Geburtstag!

  402. Happy 5th Anniversary Park&Cube !
    Your blog has been a great inspiration to me.
    Wishing your blog a successful future!
    Thank you for the give away too :*

  403. Hello! Congratulations on the 5th anniversary! It was funny to see here so many 5-es. Funny because I am born on a 5th and also I’ve just celebrated my best friend’s 30th anniversary on the 5th of December!.. and we both live on the 5th floor ! Different building, though.
    I really appreciate you blog, the quality of images, design and your inspired writing.
    All the best!

  404. maria

    Congrats !! Love your blog !

  405. Anni

    Congrats on 5 years! That’s older than my real screaming pooping child. :)

  406. Thought this Giveaway i discover your blogg and i loveee it. Cherryy on…

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  408. Happy 5th! Congrats!
    I’ve learned about your blog just now- through Wool and the Gang IG’s post. Starting to read your blog today. Looking forward for more :))

  409. even though i am a guy and i haven’t been reading your blog for too long i have learned a bit more than i should about several topics and once i saw this giveaway not to be greedy or anything i was kind of interested in leaving a comment because there is a person that i know that is in need of new color lips and i in need of new yarn materials so this is my way of saying thank you for your blog and thanks for teaching me several things that i didn’t know of and congratulations on this fifth anniversary and hope another five are to come

  410. Camellia

    Yay!!! 5 years! Congrats on your blog, i really love your style. Keep it up! Thanks for also doing this giveaway, i appreciate so much! Have a merry christmas and a happy mew year ahead! Hugs :)

  411. Ooo, a great giveaway, enter me please :-)

  412. Deborah

    i came across your blog about 2 years back, and have been hooked ever since. here’s to another 5 years (and more!) :)

  413. Unfortunately I haven’t been reading your blog for 5 years (not sure how I could have missed this on the blogoshepere cause now I’m hooked!) I try to visit as often as I can cause I just love your posts, pictures and your texts.

    Happy birthday and looking forward for the years to come!
    Keep inspiring please!!! :)

  414. Happy 5th Birthday, I hope you have many more years of happy blogging! x

  415. Anna Harrison

    Happy 5th Anniversary to you and your ever so lovely blog – keep up the good work – wishing you every success for the next 5 years and beyond!

  416. Larissa

    I LOVE that beanie! ^_^

  417. i love ur blog! happy birthday and all the best! :)

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  419. happy 5th birthday!!
    your blog and pictures are inspirational!
    thank you for sharing <3

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    Lovely giveaway, congratulations on your 5th anniversary, may there be many more :)

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  423. Clare


  424. A year ago I found your blog. And until today every of your post still amazes me; Happy anniversary! :)

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    happy anniversary! keep up the good work :)

  426. Flimbouille

    Congratulations on the 5th anniversary! I’m dying for this tartan Zion Lion hat, fingers crossed for that! Thanks

  427. Congratulation! I have great experience with your blog since I found it in 2011. I love your pictures, the simplicity of it and the most important, the life behind the camera that you take with great passion. You and your blog are One of The Kind! Hope to meet you in this blog for the upcoming years. Cheers!

  428. Rachel

    기념일 축하해요!!!!! Happy Anniversary!! ㅋㅋㅋ

  429. Happy 5th birthday Park & Cube!! Don’t know if you know, but I’ve always been biased towards your blog because you’re web designer fashion blogger, lol :)

    You also have a unique voice and you take the time to answer questions on Formspring, so thank you thank you thank you. Basically, you are the b o m b

    ps. Love the way you styled the photos in this post~

  430. ange

    o_O 408 com’ OMG
    Papa Noël I’ve been very good this year I hope to have a great reward in participating in this contest


  431. HAPPY FIVE YEARS!!! This kind of dedication should be noticed by loads of people, because it takes A LOT of effort. CONGRATULATIONS!! *gives high five over the intrnet*

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  438. Congratulations Shini!
    I get a lot of inspiration from you!

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    Gratuluję wytrwałości! Przez 5 lat czytania Twojego bloga czuję jakbym Cie juz trochę znała, a to jest trochę szalone:) Wielu inspiracji na kolejne lata! Pozdrowienia z Krakowa

  442. You were totally different from the beginning and still are. I will definitely read your blog for another 5 or 10 years, maybe I can give a little break when you’re really pregnant :)) you know, mother-to-be’s. Anyway, happy anniversary!

  443. Happy birthday! I’ve been eyeing Wool and the Gang for a while now; it’d be lovely to win one of their kits!!


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  452. Ahhh can’t believe this blog is 5 years old! Your life has been inspiring me since 2010 ;)

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    congratulations! and the layout for this post is beautiful!

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    Had great time following this blog for two years please keep posting)

  455. Malina Sternberg

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  456. As I just told you on twitter, i’m really thankful for this blog of yours. It’s always so inspiring, I love reading every of your updates. You’re one of my favourite fashion bloggers in the whole world and I’m really happy to be here when you hit your fifth anniversary! Congratulations, I hope that we will still be able to check your amazing outfits, to get all kinds of inspirations from your vision of fashion in ten years :)
    Keep going on. Lot of support from Paris.

  457. Irene

    Congrats!! Been reading your blog for a couple of years now!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  458. Jia

    aww, sweet celebration! those are really nice gifts to give, though every post on here makes me happy already. thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world, stay true.

  459. Congratulations for this 5th year anniversary !!! that’s so great i’m a huge fan of your website !! xoxo dijan, from france

  460. Happy 5th anniversary! I’ve only been going 18 months, that’s a real milestone! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the lipstick and hat kit.

  461. Congratulations on your 5th year anniversary. I know there will be more years to come and also it will take you to a very fun adventures and projects. It’s been tough to catch up on my favorite reads (blogs) lately but I always take a peek to your Instagram and Pinterest. I really enjoy reading you and following your adventures. :-) Big kiss and hug (and greetings) from Colombia.

    PS: I’ll keep my eyes peeled on my mail just in case I’m one of the lucky winners.

  462. Iga

    Wowwowwow! Congrats dear :)

  463. Congratulations Shini! You do a great job!

  464. Allison

    Congratulations Shini! =) Well done!

  465. I so look forward to your posts, not only here but on Instagram and Twitter. You caught my attention first with of course, a post of pastries. You had me there. But then of course, I realized your impeccable eye, attention to fashion trends, its milestones, and its future. May I add how absolutely funny and stylish you are. Girl, can you work a sweater and midi-skirt or what!!?? Here’s to another 5 years where, in human child years, you’ll be able to fix your own breakfast, select your outfits and master geometry or at least fractions. :) Kidding. Congrats to you Shini!


  466. Well, ain’t this the cutest mummy blog post I’ve ever read? As you can tell, I’m not the most maternal of souls, but massive congrats on the anniversary (birthday?)!

  467. kathy

    YAYYYY!!! congrats on your 5th year annivesary bloggin such an awesome blog!! :)

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    Many happy returns of the day to Park and Cube! Thanks for being a beautiful addition to my day!

  469. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites! Hope you will make it to another 5 years.

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    Happy 5th Anniversary!! You rock <3

  471. Sara Katarina

    Five years ago you gave birth to this “child” and it turned out to be the most adorable creature. Its one of those children you can’t get your eyes of. When it comes to blogs its a jungle out there and I want you to know that this one inspires me in my daily living in a way that makes me feel good.

    Thank you
    Sara Katarina

  472. Kat

    Oh wow, quality wool AND a luxurious lipstick…What a great pre-Christmas present that would be! And I’d know what to do with it in a big armchair on Boxing day. :)

  473. Roisin Follows

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 5 years young!!! Keep up the good work!! xx

  474. Lindsay

    Congrats, Shini! Your blog is truly one of my favorites. I also love YSL beauty so this is doubly exciting. Cheers!

  475. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!! There’s still a lot of good things to come, I’m sure about that <3

    (email: speaking-prada@hotmail.com)

  476. Olga

    Next 5 more goor years and even more more! happy aniversary!

  477. Daria

    Happy anniversaryShini! xxx

  478. Congrats on the Big 5 Shini! I’m an occasional swing by-er but Park & Cube is a blog I’ve been following for a few years now. I don’t have much time to constantly keep up with blogs but when I do get on Bloglovin, I always hit up Park & Cube. Keep up the awesome job because it definitely has me coming back for more!

  479. Helena

    congrats on the 5 years! obsessed with both ysl and wool&thegang!! hope i win!

  480. Helena


    i love to knit! hope i win! love your blog!

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    Congrats, Shini!!Five years is quite a long time, I’ve been reading your blog now for more than one and a half years and I almost freak out every time I see that there’s a new post :).Your style of fashion is absolutely phenomenal and totally my taste and your writing is always hilarious!Cheers to many more years! x

  488. Happy blogaversary! Just think, in five more years P&C will be entering middle school :) xo

  489. Congrats on the 5 years, I have been following your blog for about three years and get so much inspiration from it! Loving the giveaway prizes! Lisanne (lisannehillen@gmail.com)

  490. Congrats for 5 years and thanks for the great giveaway!

  491. Congratulations! Everything looks beautiful. :)

  492. Katie


    And this looks like a great excuse to take up knitting once again!

  493. Lipstick and knitted hats. This is the cutest giveaway ever! Congratulations Shini~

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    Happy 5th Birthday! ! ^^

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    Happy Five “Park and Cube” ! I always visit your blog in my bad and good times and always get new inspiration. Thank you for being such a great companion for all these years. Keep it up. Cheers!

  500. Best wishes to you Shini, Congratulations!
    This blog is always a favourite, it’s a routine to read! ♡

  501. Happy Five “Park and Cube” !
    I always visit your blog in my bad and good times and always get new inspiration. Thank you for being such a great companion for all these years.
    Keep it up. Cheers!

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    Happy 5th anniversary! Congratulations on this amazing milestone. Cheers to more years!

    anne.j2 [at] gmail.com

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    Happy anniversary!
    I always enjoy reading your post.
    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulation! Your posts are always witty and charming, not to mention the gorgeous photography! Cheers to many more successes!

  507. Nat

    oh, the lipsticks do look gorgeous!

  508. Congratulations Shini! Since discovering your blog around 2.5 years ago, I have always put your blog in the Must Read section in my Bloglovin page keke. The photographs on the blog are always amazing and your writing is the cherry on top.
    Happy 5 years old Park & Cube! ^_^

  509. elizabeth

    Congrats on reaching this milestone!! Here’s to Park & Cube *toasts with Nutella on top* All the best and the rest! xoxo

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    Joyeux Anniversaire !
    It’s a real pleasure to read your posts.
    Best wishes ! xx

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    Happy 5 years Shini! I still like to go back to your earliest posts and think of how much you’ve grown since then! :)

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    Long time fan.

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  520. Yay congrats on the five years! I’m sure there are lots more years, opportunities, memories and great moments to come for you and your blog!

    email: melissadevrij@gmail.com

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    Totally heart your first picture! Beautifully done! <3

    Gratz on your 5th anniversary! May you have many more years to come!

  522. Vy Pettit

    Many congratulations with the big 5 anniversary. I have been followed your post for a while love your style and the posted u shared so far. The only thing putting me off browsing around your site is the page loading speed. It took a while to open your pages…. Not sure if it is my internet problem, but I have it at home when I used my iPad and have it at work when I used my iMac. Not sure if other have the same problem?

    Again, well done you. Keep up with the good work, I love reading your post x

  523. Miranda

    Congratulations! It’s always a pleasure to read your (witty) blogposts, and the photo’s are a treat to the eyes. Please keep up the good work :)

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  525. Happy Anniversary!,

  526. Nika

    I cannot believe have great giveaway you’re having! Thank you so much for the opportunity to get some of YSL cool products. Happy 5th and many more! :)

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    Congratz on your 5th anniversary! & it’s always nice to visit this blog. Was glad to see the changes you have done & that wool hat looks really warm & cozy.

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    5 years full of fashion,travel,inspiration!!! looking forward for more to come!!!

  532. How wonderful! Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary :)
    Those lipsticks seem incredible, I’d love to get my hands on them (or, better yet, my lips)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  533. christine

    yay! congrats! :)

  534. Nelanne

    Love that you support watg in this contest! One of my favorite brands! And their tartan style that recently came out is brilliant, I know who ever wins the knit will enjoy making their own personal hat!

  535. Joyce

    HAPPY 5 YEARS!! So excited for this giveaway!!

  536. How Cool was that contest!!! Congrats for your 5 year, reading you is always a pleasure!

    Lídia Juvanteny

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    Happy birthday Park & Cube! and thank you Shini! Looking forward to the years to come.

  538. Five years, wahoo!! Wool & The Gang has such adorable stuff, love it! xx

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    Happy 5 years to your beautiful blog I read every day you post !

    finger crossed !!!

    xoxo from France,


  546. Assal Eidan

    Happy 5th birthday!!!

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    This is so exciting! I’m a relatively new reader, but I love your content and getting to see a snapshot of your life through your instagram. Keep up the lovely work!

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  549. Happy 5 years Shini, may there be many more to come! I adore your blog.


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  558. Amazing how time has flown, congratulations on having a fat, happy kid-blog!

  559. Maja

    It was such a pleasant experience to watch your blog grow. Park and Cube became place that is truly worth reading. I constantly come back to see if there is something new here. You stories are simple yet amazing, and that is what I appreciate most. You inspire (I started knitting, when I saw your baby-blue scarf), and your writing always makes me happier. And.. oh well, your classic style with fresh twist makes everyone think a bit different about their wardrobes. I share your stories with my mother and even grondmothers, just to convince them that fashion can be playful. I wish You and your blog all the best.

  560. Bianca Rogoveanu

    Great selection of products, thank you for the chance !

  561. Elizabeth

    As a longtime fan and reader — congratulations!

  562. Congrats!! These pictures are amazing!!
    abi from alittledustblog.blogspot.co.uk

  563. Judit

    Congrats Shini! I have been following your blog on and off over the past three years (yes i got here a little late) but ever since I saw you in hanbok for your wedding I make sure i do not miss a post! Especially your delicious writing sets you apart from the zillions of other fashion blogs on the internet, so fun to read! Keep it up and let’s get to the next five! All the love from the Netherlands x

  564. Congratulations! I always enjoy your blog so much:) And I loove your style!! Keep going hihi X

  565. 33

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! It’s incredible that your blog is 5 years old. I had started blogging since 2005 but gave up only after one year. It was just a writing blog, not photo or fashion blogs! I could not keep it going no matter what. That’s why I admire those who can stay in the game. I can see how much effort you put into your blog entries. You don’t post daily but when you do, it is top notch from photos to writing.

    Keep up the good work and I do hope to continue reading your blog for years to come (wondering what you’d be posting if you were to be pregnant, be a mother, get older…..). :-)

  566. Meghan

    Congratulations! Beautiful prizes!

  567. Christine

    Happy Anniversary on ur awesome blog! Looking forward to another 5 years :)

  568. Congrats on 5 years & all the success you’ve have with P&C, it’s a great blog so you deserve it all! xx

  569. Janet

    I discovered your site recently and you’ve totally won me over! Happy 5th!

  570. Tina

    Congratulations! I really love your blog! <3

  571. 5 years! That’s, like, a century in blog-years I think! Congrats on this blog’s success and thank you for making my day a wee bit brighter whenever I see a new post on here :) x

  572. Izabele

    ooh, my favorite blogger all of the sudden grew big:) congratulations. the internet is glad to have you:) x

  573. 5 years is an impressive amount of time! Your pictures are always so inspiring, thanks for keeping it up! Congratulations!

  574. Panagiota Batziou

    I wiss the best for you and your blog! You are one of my favourite bloggers! Keep going!

  575. Hey Shini,

    Your jumper came in :)

    Nike xx

  576. Aimes

    Oh happy day! So glad I stumbled upon this blog on my search for a glimpse into London (attempting to appease my Anglophile nature). Belated congrats on your 5th year!!

  577. Moira

    Congrats on 5 years! I’ve only been following you for the last couple of those, but here’s hoping for another five!

  578. Sanita

    hei, happy birthday park&cube! Shini, all best wishes for the next five years!

  579. Congrats on the anniversary Shini, hopefully it’ll last another 50 or even 500 years! ;)

  580. Zacharen

    Happy 5th birthday!!!!! I wish you always have creative and innovative ideas!

  581. kim

    Congratulations Shini! I hope to be able to read your blog for many more years to come ♥

  582. Jessica

    Congrats on 5 years!

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  589. i need it all.

  590. I love WATG! Congrats on 5 years!

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    Congrats Shini! Your blog has probably been in my top 3 most-checked and favourite blogs for the last couple of years and I’m looking forward to many more :)

  592. Oh, how I’d love to give YSL lip color a try! Thanks, and congrats, beautiful Shini!

  593. Definitely one of the best blogs around! Congratulations Shini!! The baby is getting big!

    Once again it was so nice to meet you back in Barcelona!
    Best of luck!

    Filipa Leite

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  596. Congratulations! Wow! That’s a great way of celebrating 5 years with the blog haha! I’m so happy I discovered you when arriving to Paris… Now I just want to move again to London ;)


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    I recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did! Love your style and your voice – here’s to another 5 years!

  599. Congratulations on five happy years of blogging.

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    Big congratulations with 5th annivesarry of your blog! I’m so happy, because I’m in love of your photographs, style and humour in your posts. Wish you much joy with the continuation of the blog and of course awesome Christmas. You’re always my inspiration. Greetings from Poland.

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    Always inspired by your photos…… ^^))

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    Wow, 5 years and your blog is still in my top 3 fashion blog I visit every week! Best wishes! F.

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    Have a lovely week!

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    Congratulations on your “wooden” anniversary! I’m deeply appreciative of having been able to read along so far and I hope I will be able to do so in the future. Thank you so much and once again, congratulations on running a successful and interesting blog!

  610. Helen

    Firstly a huge congrats on 5 sweet years! Although I can’t say I’ve been a follower for the same length of time, I can say that my 3 years as an avid reader and fan has been very fulfilling and fun. Here’s to many many more years!

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    Happy birthday, Park & Cube! Shini, I absolutely love this blog, I read/visit it religiously. Your beautiful pictures and hilarious writing is what I love about your blog, and of course your sense of style! Congrats on the big 5, keep on doing what you do!

  617. Congratulations on five years! I love your work on this blog, I find everything so endlessly inspiring, your sense of humour and style of writing is brilliant and always entertaining, and I look forward to every new post. All the best for the future, I can’t wait to keep reading & admiring! x

  618. Happy birthday then! Beautiful blog, amazing photos, smart graphics and witty writing… You look fabulous as a model too xx many more….

  619. congratulations on five years! always been my favorite fashion blog (: love your wit and humor hehe

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    your blog is written with such audacious verve! you have a refreshing and authentic voice in a sea of other fashion bloggers…+ you’re beautiful :]

    congrats, and here’s to many more years!

  621. I LOVE those lipsticks!
    PS – Congrats on 5 years – I can’t wait to see what more you have in store!!

  622. Congrats on five years, I’ve only been reading since last Christmas but this is one of those blogs that once you start reading, you can’t stop. It’s also one of the few blogs that I genuinely laugh at, at which everyone else around looks up at me quizzically before slinking back to their own computer.

  623. Martyna

    That’s my first time commenting after a lot of lurking, but those red lipsticks! :) Yours is the only blog which I actually read the content of (not just breeze through the pictures like in a book for every 5y old (secretly a lot older) girl). Thank you for posting and inspiring me to take care of my wardrobe!

  624. Anna Wade

    This is a great giveaway! Congrats on five years. One of my favorite blogs. Such pretty pictures every single time. :)

  625. wefadetogray

    Congratulations! 5 years go so fast. I discovered your blog 3 years ago and I visit it daily for inspiration. Thanks for helping me take better care of myself, even when I dont want to or lack the confidence. I remember long ago you wrote that you were very shy including with your neighbors and I am exactly the same. I tend to hide behind a door to avoid contact with people so I admire how you have been able to develop this site and keep it going for so long. To many more years to come!
    Thanks :)

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    Huge congrats! Love the giveaway!

  627. congrats on being five. here’s to many more years to come ! *clink*

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    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Park & Cube, happy birthday to you! Massive congratulations and thanks. Xxx

  631. Elizabeth

    I look forward to reading Park&Cube everyday, you inspire me in how you dress and to actually pull out my knitting needles and try something…Happy 5th!

  632. Anne

    Happy (belated) birthday Park&Cube!!

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    happy birthday!
    i’ve been following you since a while and you’re one of my favorite bloggers. love your sens of humor, style and photography.

  634. Wow! This made me think…nooo (!) have I spent the last 4 years babysitting?! Here’s to the next five! Congrats! x

  635. Wow, congrats on the milestone Shini! You’ve come such a long way since I started reading this blog :)

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  637. Jamie

    I truly enjoy your blog.

  638. Congratulations Shini! I want 500 hundred more (for the grandchildren and such, you know..) !!

  639. lol I almost thought you were having a baby…and I might’ve believed you! time flies. :b Thank you for the giveaway, and for always posting great content on your blog. I’ve been looking to your blog for inspiration since my late ‘teens. You definitely more than just a fashion blog here!

  640. Colleen Boudreau

    Awesome! Thank you. :)

  641. So

    Congratulations on the fifth birthday (of the blog, of course)
    I remember finding you on some website called weardrobe or something like that and entering your blog because you looked Korean.
    Ever since that discovery three years ago, you have always been inspirational with your sophisticated style, clean layout, amazing pictures, and most importantly, witty writing. (This is the only blog that I actually read the words to.)
    I think you are amazingly intelligent and thank you for letting me live vicariously through your work – traveling to places and going to fashion shows and whatnot.

  642. Wow, it’s really been 5 years already?? I’m shocked… I didn’t realize that:D Congrats!

  643. Victoria M

    Keep it up, Shini~

  644. Congrats on the 5 years. I’m addicted to this blog. The pictures are so well done that I reread for motivation. <3

  645. Yong Wei

    Congratulations with the 5th year anniversary <3 love your blog and keep up :3

  646. Meita Siswana

    Hey Shini! I come from Singapore and I was introduced to your blog through a video I saw on Youtube. A local blogger mentioned that you’re her favorite blogger and a style inspiration. Immediately, I thought.. Wow gotta check her out. To say the least I am pretty ashamed to realise that it was only a month back when I started following your blog, because your contents are indeed awesome. Not to mention, you have impeccable style and has definitely been an inspiration in the way i dress these days. Jumping on that bandwagon has indeed been one of the better decisions I have made in life (haha). On another note, congratulations on your blog and happy 5th anniversary. Look forward to more posts from you!
    Much love from Singapore! x

  647. I absolutely love YSL beauty products and your blog. Congratulations on 5 years!!

  648. Congratulations on your blog’s 5th anniversary!!
    Time past so quickly that I didn’t realize I’ve been following this blog for 5 years. Your blog has been a a great inspiration source for me and you have inspire me a lot, eonni. ㅋㅋ~ (I truly mean it though). I got a lot of inspiration from your ig and twitter as well.

    Anyways, hope the best for this blog and for you~! ;D

  649. Helen

    You’re amazingly perfect in everything you do & inspire me everyday! Congrats and please never stop!

  650. Andria

    5년은 벌써 지나는데요? 추카추카 언니 ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 더 새로운 재미있는 포스트를 만들어주세요 ㅋㅋ 기다릴거예융 ^~^ 뿅~~ 다시한번 추카요 신이언니!

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  652. Jessica

    Congratulations on 5 years! Your blog is so beautifully put together!

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    And watch out if you pick me, I will take you up on the knitting.

  656. Hello,
    I just want to say that your blog is the reason I didn’t give up on reading blogs! I know people have probably told you that you have unique content, your layout is wonderful and your sense of style too but I’d like to say it again. I think that you are one of the few people I have come across on the interweb who have given me inspiration beyond clothes. So thank you for five years.
    I hope that your sense of humour will live on well past the day you may decide to stop blogging.

  657. jenny z.

    ahhhh congratulations! *-* and thank you for the giveaway!

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  659. Alicia Tan

    A big congratulations to your 5 year! What a kickass accomplishment– you deserve to bask in every second of it. Ps. coming to London next year, crossing my fingers I see you!

  660. Congrats Shini :) I love your blog, it inspires me in some way with the vision you have and the way your photography comes to life. Thank you and looking forward to many years to come!!!

  661. Julie


  662. Maura D

    I love park&cube! Reader of two years here, but actually went back and read the previous three when I first started. Congratulations, can’t wait for the next five (I’ll be in realtime, this time!)) xo

  663. Samantha

    Congratulations on 5 years! That tartan Zion lion is fantastic!

  664. congrats on the anniversary. your blog is total quality and i love your photographs and style. keep it up. :)

  665. has it been five years already? :) i remember first stumbling upon your blog in early 2010, and i still find it one of the most inspiring places on the internet. happy 5th! x

  666. vanessa

    congrats on five! here’s to many more!

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    Congratulations on this very special celebration. I’m a recent viewer, having only found your blog two months ago, but it was love at first site (ha). Graceful, charmingly self-deprecating, with an eye for detail, this blog is a pleasure to view and even more of a pleasure to read! Thank you.

  670. Arune

    happy anniversary. love your photos :)

  671. Eunice

    Congratulations on the milestone!! :)

  672. Hi Shini, I am a relative newcomer, and I love reading your blog; your photos are great! The flower market blog prompted me to go there for the first time…. Just gorgeous! Congratulations, and ‘Happy anniversary’ x

  673. Jacqueline

    Congrats! Been following your blog for years and still love it!

  674. Marylo

    Joyeux anniversaire Shini !!!
    Continue encore très longtemps par ta grâce et ton bon goût de nous inspirer.

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    I really hope to win a giveaway for the firs time!!!!
    x Elena

  679. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years Shini! Congrats on your amazing success! It’s been a pleasure to watch you develop yourself over the years. I still remember your amazing DIY’s that sucked me into your site.

    Lidia Luna
    Black Luna Vintage

  680. Clareis

    Hi Shini,

    Happy 5th anniversary! I started reading 2 years ago and learn about styling and living a more vivacious life ever since. Thanks for being an inspiration and bringing a sense of humor in your blog. Keep it going~!

  681. Tina Lai

    Helllllooooo…. Love from Malaysia.

    Super LOVE what you write (funny too, I must add)!!! Super LOVE your photos!!! Super LOVE your style!!! Super LOVE the way you decorated your home!!! Super LOVE everything YOU!!!

    Your are an inspiration, a stress reliever and most importantly, you are my vitamin! :D

    Happy Birthday PARKANDCUBE!!!

    So, where’s the next post? hahaha…

  682. Verna

    Congratulations! Love reading your blog, it’s so inspiring and fun.

  683. Ava Lapena

    My goodness 5 years, congrats! I found your blog about a year or two back and loved it since so I hope you continue on for maybe 5 more years or more!

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    congrats and happy 5th anniversary! this is an amazing giveaway :)

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    Congrats :) Just discovered your blog a week ago and i am so in love with it! Love your beautiful pictures, style and the funny way you write :)
    Cheers to the next five years :)

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    Awesome accomplishment! Congrats:) Love the tartan hat, so cute!

  687. Natalia

    Congrats/ Enhorabuena/ Gratulacje on the 5 years of one of the best blogs in the -sphere! Thanks for inspiring and sharing beauty!

  688. Congratulations on 5 years, Shini! Even though I’ve only been following your blog for a couple of years, late nights trawling through the (delightful) maze of your archives feels like I’ve known it much longer. Happy birthday to Park & Cube!

  689. christine

    Happy 5th, Shini! Many more fabulous years ahead_! Xxx

  690. viki

    inpiring style, life-style, photography! thanx for making my day better…

  691. Sara

    Happy Bbday (blogbrithday)! Love your blog, keep it growing! :)

  692. zeynep altmisoglu

    Happy anniversary! I love reading your posts not just for style inspiration but the way you blog and live.. Hope more five years to come ^_^

  693. Janne

    Oh my goodness, five years! Congratulations! I’ve been around for 3 and a half now, and I always feel bad about not leaving comments, because I know how much they can mean to the writer, but I do savour each and every photograph, and gigglesnort while nodding along at your writing. You are probably my most favourite blogger ever, and I’m so glad that this (blog)baby is still going strong! :)
    Much love from New Zealand!

  694. Many happy returns, Shini & Park & Cube!

  695. This would make my Christmas and my year!

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary! Your blog is such an inspiration to me.

  696. Happy Birthday! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and I have discovered your beautiful blog just recently.
    I’m a web designer and I’ll be moving from Tel Aviv to the Warwick this week (haaaa!), so I was thrilled to learn that you write about London.

  697. Zhen

    congratulation on 5 fabulous years!

  698. Ves

    Congratulations :D thanks to you i’ve gone back to knitting and i’m loving it! wish you all the positive thoughts and things in the world. kisses

  699. Vanda Lim

    Congrats! What a milestone–5 years of dedication to this wonderful blog of yours!

  700. Emily

    Happy anniversary/blogiversary!
    Those lipstick shades are so gorgeous.

  701. OH I REALLY HOPE I CAN WIN : ((((
    I love your blog so much btw.
    Iam sure you read this all the time, but still : )

  702. Amy

    Happy 5th! 5 years of beautiful posts :-)

  703. I love your blog… not only are you and your pictures gorgeous, but your posts always have me laughing. Hope you have many, many more years of success ahead of you. Thank you for this chance at such an amazing giveaway!

  704. Joanna

    Happy fifth anniversary! I’m one of the silent readers, but I think it’s worth to share my feelings with you. I enjoy every single post you create, your flower market escapades, or restaurant visits taught me how important it is to appreciate every simple moment in our lives. Reading your posts always brings smile to my face. The way you play with fashion is also inspiring. I have to admit that I had huge problems with my wardrobe, and now I know that fashion is fun. I often borrow amazing pieces from my mom’s wardrobe and try to reuse them. Your DIY’s are always good ideas to refreshen old clothes in interesting way. Park and Cube is really valuable part in fashion blogosphere.

    I wish you more amazing years spent on taking part in this fashion word sharing your inspirational thoughts with us.

  705. grace kim

    축하해요! Pick me pick me :)

  706. Hope I win :)

  707. FIVE YEARS! This is such a great giveaway.

    Red lipstick and knitting – 2 of my favourite things!! xx

  708. camillekim

    Happy 5th anniversary! Love that red dress!

  709. wow, congrats shini! happy anniversary to one of my favourite blogs ever! here’s to more years of awesome, quality blogging <3

  710. Shini (unni), happy 5th anniversary to the tres cute, chic and heartwarming PARK AND CUBE. I look up to this blog alot – when i’m happy, sad, bored and even busy! There are so much things that I love about this blog – your fashion sense (yes, you’re my fashion idol), your adventures and not to mention, the smart photography techniques. Thank you, Shini for inspiring me to become a better person, to love myself and to tell myself that there are many possibilities if you try hard and be optimistic in life:)

    PS. I really love the giveaway items. *fingers crossed* I really hope to be picked. I wish you all the best. Cheers to PARK AND CUBE – may it live forever young. Merry (early) Christmas and a Happy (early) new year!<3

  711. Julie

    Congrats on 5 years! Lovely as always!

  712. Nita

    Congrats Shini and the Park and Cube gang! Hope your five year old blog baby will continue to make my mouth water with the consistent food porn and amazing clothing/accessories.

  713. Irena

    Happy 5th birthday & Happy holidays!

  714. Seraphina

    Happy 5th Birthday, Park & Cube! Have you gotten taller?

  715. Suporn

    Happy anniversary Shini!! I’ve been a fan of Park and Cube for years, your blog is awesome!

  716. Kelly

    I LOVE WOOL & THE GANG! Their latest campaign is just lovely. Thanks for this awesome giveaway, Shini and congrats on 5 years!

  717. Congrats on five years! I’d love to win some YSL stuff or that cute beanie!

  718. Congrats! I come for the classic content but stay for the witty humor. Always inspirational and never fails to makes me me giggle to myself while I’m at work.

    Keep on truckin’! That 5 year old will be going on 10 before you know it!

    – Calina

  719. sofia

    Hiiii! congrats for your 5th anniversary! actually i’ve never heard about this blog and I’ve found it right now while I was looking for DIY inspiration…and…WOW IT’S AMAZING! Love your style so much!! Hope to get some inspiration! a kiss from Italy

  720. Congratulations on 5 years! Many more 5 years to come, I hope! :)

  721. Congratulations on turning 5! Many more 5s to come!

  722. S. Kim

    Awesome! Love this blog.

  723. I have been visiting your blog for quite a while and I also liked your facebook page too.
    I live in England (in Yorkshire) like you seem to be, and also a fashion-lover too originally from S/Korea.
    I love your beautiful pictures – they’re simply gorgeous!
    And guess what, I love YSL too! ;)

    Senna x

  724. Happy 5 years Shini! I love the content that you pass to us via Park and Cube! Thank you for the inspiration! x

    ps. these YSL goodies are AWESOME!!!!

  725. Happy fifth Birthday! That is quite an achievement, I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your world with us viewers! x

  726. Francesca H.

    thanks for all these wonderful years :)

  727. Just discovered your blog, and I love it! Happy 5th Birthday! Don’t stop bloggin’ :)

  728. Caroline

    Congrats on 5 years! I have been a dedicated reader and scroller (but not a very frequent commenter) for 4 years now. I remember the old days when you would only inspire me through your photographs, outfits and DIY’s. Now you inspire me through many many more ways – the photographs of the cities you’ve been to, the fashion shows and backstages you let us peek into.

    I have loved seeing how far you’ve come, the opportunities you’ve had, and the accomplishments you and your blog have made. You didn’t lose yourself through the way, and that is very special.

    Here’s to another 5+ years! xx

  729. Wow, 5 years! Happy bloggiversary!
    Mafalda ❤

  730. Shirley

    Congrats Shini!! You really did an amazing job during the past 5 years!! So proud of you!!! ^o^ Oh btw, thanks for this cool and awesome giveaway. I’ll cross my fingers… and toes…

  731. Lea

    love your blog. i really like the pictures. just as well as your style. looking forward to the next 5 years:)

  732. Erica

    Congratulations!! Happy 5th Birthday, Park & Cube! <3

  733. Maria S.

    Congratulations on the 5th anniversary! Your blog will never stop bringing light in my days.

  734. Li Cheng

    Thank you for offering this. It is a definite generous and amazing Christmas gift.:) always love your style, chic and edgy. I have learned so much about how to balance the trendy thing with classic style! Also love your writing style and your sharing of the life! Keep on please~I will always support you.

  735. Dido

    While reading, i develop empathy inevitably and willingly.
    It must be good to feel ‘thinking, producing and sharing’. Anniversaries reminds us.

  736. Nele

    Happy anniversary!!! I hope there will be more 5 years as awsome as the last! Greetings from germany … xoxo

  737. Kawah

    Congratulations on your big 5! You never cease to inspire and amaze me with your blog.

  738. Thank you Shini for this fabulous giveaway !
    I really want to win this YSL set, it’s so pretty, never tried out. So fingers crossed.
    THANK YOU AGAIN <3 Happy birthday to your wonderful blog and hope it to be continued <3 Congrats ^^!
    감사합니다 !

  739. Happy Birthday! Can’t believe I’ve been “coming” here for the past 5 years. It’s always a pleasure so keep doing what you’re doing for a bit longer please.

  740. Hehui Quan

    Can’t believe it’s been 5 years. I just started following you my sophomore year of undergrad and two years later, you and your blog are still going strong!

    CHEERS TO 5 YEARS of wonderful!

  741. Vikie

    OMG 5 years !!!

    I don’t believe it’s so long time, I’m happy and say you an happy ‘blog birthday’.
    I’m not sure it’s world open, not a problem, you are so pretty and your style is so classe. I love it and take no time to post a comment (because my english is really bad i think).
    ^^Really good and thank you

  742. Erin Morrow

    congrats on hitting 5 years! All the best!

  743. Patty

    Such a lovely blog and gorgeous photos to look at! Cannot wait to see more! Here’s to the next 5 years!

  744. Patricia

    Such a lovely blog and gorgeous photos to look at! Cannot wait to see more! Here’s to the next 5 years!

  745. Angelica

    Happy 5th birthday! Your blog is amazing!!!thanks for the giveaway! ps. Italy loves you Shini!

  746. Sophia

    Congrats on 5 years – your blog is always such a visual feast! xo

  747. domi

    Congratulations Shini!!! I have been your faithful reader for at least…well, ages! Must be at least 4 years:)

  748. Raynielle

    thank you for the giveaway, congrats on five years!!

  749. Aleksandra

    You have a great style and witty sense of humor Love it !

  750. Congrats on your 5th anniversery. I just finished my studies. Feel free to check out my first show with the links above.
    All the best!

  751. Cathy

    Happy Bday Park&Cube!!!

  752. lisa fouracre

    Congratulations! Five years is amazing! great giveaway!

  753. Stephanie Kim

    Love your blog and congrats on five years!

  754. congrats on 5 years !

  755. Jessica Paugh

    Big congrats! (and loving the giveaway!!!)


  756. Aw congrats Shini! An applause to your fantastic blog (and to the amazing balloon in the above photos). Wonderful prizes too! All the best to you! x

  757. Sare

    Happy anniversary..!!
    ..You’re blog is amazing..!


  758. Anna

    Congratulations, Shini! I love your blog. Its beautiful, and puts a smile on my face every time I visit!

  759. Julia Fuller

    I love taking my coffeebreak with you, so thank you for the Daily Elegant and funny. You are. And I couldn’t leave the house in the morning without my Touche Eclat, so I heart YSL too. 축하하기-

  760. Jenny ha

    Awesome giveaway! Plus I love your blog :)

  761. Isabel

    Congratulations Shini, for one of the most inspiring blogs I’ve ever read, hope it has many more years to come !

  762. Margaret

    Love your blog and your honesty! Happy Anniversary!!

  763. Jenny

    Congratulations!! Really like your posts and pics~

  764. Congrats on 5 years!

  765. Slim Célina

    Five years congratulations! I’m a french reader and always happy to read you! I hope I can read you five years later. Bye :)

  766. Tristana

    A wonderful giveaway if you know how to use the lipsticks properly. God damn it, YSL, who on Earth would not love it… Especially when you are a french girl ;)

    Bonne chance à toutes et.. peut-être tous!

    – Congratulations Shini, wonderful work, you are a true professional.
    Tristana (moitristana@gmail.com)

  767. Congratulation from France ! Keep blogging , you’re really inspiring ! And thanks for this giveaway ! :D

  768. Ivana

    The pics are so nice. Very cool “Stilleben”.
    I really like the hat. I saw on your Instagram your knitting progress and i really think i might join in as well soon. It looks like such a relaxing activity.

    Also Congratulations Shini! The time passed by so fast. Hope the next 5 years will be as fun as the past ones were.

  769. Gabby

    5 Years!! I adore this blog <3

  770. Happy anniversary! love the look.

  771. Ori

    Love your blog! I read it regularly but I don’t usually comment. Congrats on 5 years of awesomeness!

  772. shannon tsai

    Congratulations with the 5th year anniversary :)!

  773. Happy fifth year anniversary!

  774. Anna

    Congratulations on five amazing years ♥. I’ve been following your blog for a few years and wanted to say I love absolutely everything about it. Your photos, your sense of humor, and your general awesomeness have all kept me entertained. I’ve been lucky enough to win a giveaway, but am hoping that maybe my luck will change with this giveaway from my favorite blog. Again, congratulations on creating Park & Cube and hope it goes strong for many more years.

  775. Congratulations! Five years seems like such a long time!

  776. congratulations on 5 years!!! im not gonna pretend i was here from day 1 in fact i only found you out recently but i must say that even in this short span of time i have grown a significant amount of envy towards your life (& your clothes haha). take that envy & channel it into inspiration & you now have me, with my naive-from-head-to-toe 18 year old self, constantly going back & forth to parkandcube (be it on instagram or here) to remind myself that hardwork would eventually pay off. theres no need to thank us. the bigger thanks goes to you for your beautiful words & pictures that simply jazz up that artistic part of our minds i.e sparks our creativity (well at least for me but i doubt im alone in this). thank you Shini Park!! God bless & merry christmas in advance! <3 ^^

  777. Caroline C

    It’s all so lovely! I’ve always swooned over YSL’s products.
    Here’s to you – 5 years is no small feat!
    Love what you do, Shini!

  778. Gennie

    Congratulations on 5 years! I don’t remember when I bookmarked this site, but I do know I always come back to it!

  779. jenny

    happy anniversary! here’s to many more years of awesomeness.. cheers!

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    Congratulations, Shini! Your blog is such an inspiration. I hope you continue making quality posts for years to come. x

  785. Kelly To

    I hope you continue making quality posts for years to come! Happy 5! x

  786. Whitney Vesterfelt

    5 awesome years! Yay!

  787. Juliet

    Congrats on hitting the big five, girlie! Here’s to many more years of blogging-fun :) x

  788. Anna

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad I accidentally found your amazing blog one day, traipsing through the internet

  789. Eugenie

    My name is Eugenie. I’m a reader form Taiwan. Me and my friend have addicted about your blog from we are in high school. We are so like you. Of course and your taste about fashion.
    Your pictures are always looks warm and make people think the life will going to much better.
    Congratulations with the 5th year anniversary!!
    Thank you for giving us such nice and tasteful blog to share your life. :)

  790. Mindy

    Congratulations on the 5 years! Wishing you 5 more.

  791. Sydney

    Happy Anniversary, Shini! All the best for the future!

  792. Victoria Green

    Congrats on the anniversary! Love YSL’s lipstick! I’m known for wearing red lipstick on a daily basis at work, this would be a dream come true!

  793. Sarah

    One, two, three, four, FIVE!
    Five candles on your cake
    Blow them out and make your wishes!
    So many new things to learn and do.
    Happy birthday park and cube. Xo

  794. Congratulations <3 !

  795. Super chouette!

  796. Yiyang

    Congratulations on achieving 5 stylish years of blogging. Please keep it up cause I can’t wait to see more of your style! xxxx

  797. Ada Young

    Congratulations on a wonderful 5 years sharing your amazing photography and fashionable endeavors! I’ve been following since mid-university… and I’ve graduate already so it’s been a while!! Keep up the inspirational work : ).


  798. Wow Shini, congratulations and good luck for the future!

  799. Page

    Congrats!! The most inspirational blog I spotted, for the next 5 years!

  800. Dido

    While reading it is inevitable to develop empathy. It must be good to feel thinking, producing and sharing. Anniversaries remind us.Congratulations!

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    Congratulations! 5 years is a big deal and I love your blog that much. I hope for many more years to come…

  802. Elisabeth

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and and I really, really like your way of writing, it’s always so funny, creative and authentic! Thank you.

  803. Iside

    Happy 5th anniversary, Shini!! Love your blog.

  804. love your blog and I think that you are verry creative and your style is casual yet chic and special :) good luck/

  805. I love your blog and i think that u are creative/ your style is casual yet chic and special/ goodluck :)

  806. teitschen

    Congratulations! I´m very happy for you that your blog has made it this far. But it was to be expected, right? Great sense of aesthetics, style and humour! Love that all your outfits look very elegant, yet with a eclectic twist. When I´m grown up (ok, I mean when I finally get to finish my studies and have a paid job) I want to be like this : )

    But Shini, how do you think about doing some City Guides (especially for Asia)? You certainly have knowledge that can be shared? I´m going to Beijing for half a year (have lived in Shanghai for one year) and there are only those touristy kind of guides out there…The cool ones are all about Paris, New York, you name them…

  807. Sara

    Congrats on the anniversary!!! Cool contest!

  808. Wora

    Congratulations! thank you so much for being such an inspiration. your fashion sense, your traveling, your food, your diy, your knitting, it just really are an inspiration. Thank you for making this blog.

  809. Wora

    Congratulations! thank you so much for being such an inspiration. Your fashion sense, your traveling, your food, your diy, your knitting, it just really are an inspiration. Thank you for making my life less boring hahaha! and please please don’t ever stop blogging :))

  810. Happy, happy birthday! Congrats Shini.

  811. Always so inspired and humored by your posts, keep feeding the boy fat and chubby!
    Much love xx

  812. dee

    Hi, Shini! Congratulations. Happy birthday for Park & Cube!!! xoxo

  813. Amelia

    Happy anniversary. It’s already middle of December and i’ve been enjoying your blog about a year. I remember your post of ending and summarizing what you had done last year. It was quite shocked when reading the post because i didn’t have any traces to look back how i survived for just another one year! You’ve been a great influence for me to live actively. Thanks a lot and congratulations!

  814. cindy


  815. Nicole

    Congratulations!! Love your blog!!

  816. Allison

    Bonne anniversaire! Congratulations on 5 years of a wonderful blog.

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    congratulations!! wishing your blog the bestest and brightest and loveliest future!

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    Red lipstick for real women :)
    And, truthfully, i dream of knitting “wool and the gang” wool !!

    thankkkk youuu all
    and congratulation!!

  819. Léa

    Joyeux Anniversaire pour les 5 ans du blog !!!

    Have a nice day ;)

  820. Amy

    Happy Anniversary!

  821. alexandra talbert

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  822. Congratulations! I read every piece of blog for five years, thank you very much for bring a lot of beautiful information.

  823. ariadna

    Happy 5th Shini!!!

  824. Char

    Sweeet! Count me in.. :)
    Congratulations on 5 years, and thanks for creating such a wonderful blog.. yours is the only one I check (almost) daily- I’ve added it to my tea & chocolate break ritual!

  825. Thank you so much for the giveaway, you are the sweetest! Love the pictures in this post xx

  826. Marianne

    congrats ant thanks for the inspirations posts!

  827. Rita Cecilia Arban

    Happy Anniversary!

  828. Yu-Shan

    Hey Shini,
    I love it when you always know how to capture the beauty of London!
    Your style is so inspiring!

  829. Yu-Shan

    Hey Shini,

    Congrats no the fifth!
    I love that you always know how to capture the beauty of London.
    And your sense of fashion is so inspiring!

  830. lily c

    Congrats! have been following ur blog for more than two years and great to c it’s becoming better and better :)

  831. Nadezhda

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for the inspiration!

  832. Stella

    Love your website! Congratulations and happy 5th!

  833. Kamila

    jej brawo! sledze tego bloga juz od wielu lat i uwazam, ze robisz naprawde swietne zdjecia. prowadz go kolejne 5 lat!

  834. Congrats – wow… – really nice blog – i’m new, but i love it.

  835. omg super love the giveaway and of course your blog, i can’t believe it’s been 5 years, thank you for every of your fashion/beauty advice!! *kisskiss*

  836. omg super love the giveaway and of course your blog, i can’t believe it’s been 5 years, thank you for every of your fashion/beauty advice!! *kisskiss from milan!*

  837. Michelle Santos

    happy anniversary!

  838. Ana

    I love your blog, your photos and videos, the way you show different places (and food), your outfits… Thank your for the giveaway!

  839. Leah

    Congratulations for the anniversary, I absolutely love you’r style – it inspires me every day. I hope you will continue this great work!

  840. As one of your biggest fans I don’t care if I win, most important is that I am really looking forward to 5 more years with Park & Cube. I’ve been reading this blog from the beginning and you are just the most original and creative blogger out there.

  841. Leny

    I love your blog!!!thank you for sharing bits of your life with us. Hope to follow your journey many years to come. Happy birthday!!

    Greetings from indonesia :D

  842. Congratulations on the five years~!! Blogging is definitely one of those veryyyy time-consuming but fun hobbies and I am certainly glad for your five years. It is always a pleasure reading your blog, seeing your looks, and reading about what is inspiring you lately. Wishing you the best success in the future. To many many more years ahead!! :)

  843. Congratulations Shini!!
    I’m not lying and I mean it from the bottom of my heart: you really are my favorite blogger; hands down. You have really inspired me to keep on blogging, to do something with my love for fashion and illustrating and I really love the idea that someone who I look upon to enjoyes my fashion illustrating work. I really do! After two years following your blog I think you never disappointed me with any of your blogposts. I don’t care if I will win, because I just want to congratulate you and may the following blogging years on Park&Cube be even more awesome and successful!
    Keep spreading the beautiful pictorals! Keep up the good work!
    With lots of love from the Netherlands,


  844. I love your blog!!!!thank you for sharing your bits story of life with us ( with all those gorgeous pictures). hope to follow your journey for many years to come. Happy birthday!!

    greetings from indonesia :D

  845. Jane

    Happy Anniversary Shini! Here’s to 5 more! ^-^

  846. amanda

    Lovely giveaway!

  847. shima

    pop open the champagne, since it’s celebration time already! and to many more ahead, these past 5 have been great – to greater ahead to come. virtual cheers from bucharest, x

  848. happy 5 years! this makes me feel kinda old in myself, i must’ve been reading since almost the beginning – i always had good blog taste, clearly.



  849. Congrats!! My email is reese.sofi@gmail.com
    Xo Sofi http://thegirlinredtights.blogspot.com/

  850. Well done on 5 years of the blog! It’s my favourite fashion blog, your taste is impeccable and the photos on your site are stunning. Here’s to many more!

  851. Congrats on an amazing five years!! Love your blog, everything makes me smile

    p.s.I visit “wool and the gang” quite frequently as I got into knitting after I saw your DIY snood on this blog, a few friends and I meet up regularly to “stitch and bitch”

  852. Happy Birthday Park & Cube! xox

  853. Congrats on 5 years!

  854. Julia

    Ah, I just love your blog! You’ve been amazing! Happy Birthday :)

  855. Tsao

    Wow, congratulations!
    I feel like I’ve been following your blog for only a couple of months. It’s like a brand new, fresh and exciting relationship but when I come to think about it, it’s been 2+ years already. Thank you for all the beautiful things, and your texts always make me smile. Your child is a very beautiful one, I’m telling you!

  856. Berta

    Happy 5th anniversary!

  857. Five years of laughter, travel, beautiful clothes, fabulous pictures and wonderful smiles.
    Thanks for sharing and here’s to the next five.

    Live, laugh, Love

    Lucy x

  858. OMG! Fingers crossed!


  859. Happy 5th Anniversary Shini! I just found your blog like last year and totally LOVE all your pictures. You have inspired me so much! I thank you and your blog! Please keep the classic blog view forever! Have a successful year ahead!

  860. Happy 5th Anniversary! I just found out your blog this year and I LOVE all your pictures! It tells great stories! Your blog has inspired me so much and for that I thank you and your blog! Please keep the classic blog view forever and have a successful year ahead!

  861. Magda

    Sto Lat for your blog Shini :) Greetings from Poland!

    Best wishes,

  862. Kerri Anne

    Congratulations on five years Shini! You are such an inspiration!

  863. Catherine

    Congratulations! Five years now and many more to come, I’m sure!

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    Happy 5th Anniversary! Looking forward for more fabulous and amazing posts from you (* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• )

  865. Arizona Kay

    I want to celebrate with you by finally getting to knit something from Wool + The Gang. You can’t go wrong with a matching YSL lip. Happy 5th!

  866. Rebecca Vogan

    lovely! xx

  867. Linda

    Happy 5th anniversary to your blog! Thanks for continuing to inspire us everyday with your photos, fashion and sense of humor! x

  868. Always loved your blog and your style and it inspired me to start my own as well! Happy fifth anniversary, I look forward to seeing more wonderful posts from you for years to come!

  869. Congrats!! Love your blog. Thanks for the endless inspiration :)

  870. Congratsss! 5 years. Shiz. I can’t even stay loyal to my own blog for a year :p Kudos to you, that is some commitment right there! I simply cannot let a day pass by without checking your blog for any update. If there isn’t any update, I’ll visit for the sake of inspirations. (and for the love of Avenir font on your blog hahahaha) – looks ridiculously sleek. And, the insanely good photographs, I have nothing else to say……

    Love from Singapore <3


  871. I only recently discovered your site (ie a few months back) but I’ve been an avid reader of yours ever since :) I really love your blog and your pictures and words have been such an inspiration to me! I’m 16, a design enthusiast and recently decided to take Lingual Arts in school next year and follow my dreams – despite it being a risky and thus unpopular choice in my country – and I just wanted to know that you’re part of the reason :) Thanks for those 5 years, I’m sure you’ve touched many of your readers’ lives through your blog, whether you know it or not. You sure have touched mine!

  872. Amy

    Congratulations on the 5-year anniversary!! Hoping for many more – your blog is great.

  873. Magdalena

    Happy Bithday! You’re still one of my favorites, and your work has been consistently AMAZING. xx

  874. K N

    Hey!! Congrats on this anniversary! And, beautiful dress :)

  875. Joyce

    Hello from Hong Kong!
    Loveeee your blog! The photos are always sooo beautiful! Like your style a lot! (my family loveeees Korean food & dramas!!^^) Happy X’mas!

  876. Mari-Liis

    Happy 5th anniversary Shini & the Blog :)!!

  877. Happy 5th anniversary! You are still a little cute girl! :D

  878. Kayley

    Happy birthday! Got to love a red lippy for a birthday! Xx

  879. Congrats on 5 years, love your blog! Here’s to another 5!

  880. Malou

    Congratulations with your 5 year anniversary!

    Keep on inspiring us all!

  881. Maiia

    Congratulations Shini!!!!
    I love your photos but even more the way you write!! you are so funny! Five years… omg…time flies! i follow your blog since you started writing with looong hair, ;), and many things have changed in my life too.
    I wish you 5 years more of great blogging and that you continue enjoying your life as much as you do!



  882. Congratulations! Park and Cube is one of my favourite blogs :)

  883. Absolutely love your post and blogging style in general: the HQ photographs, the uniqueness to the motifs, simply everything. Congratulations to 5 years of blogging!

  884. Jenny

    Five years of delightfully curated posts with some of the best taste, photography and hot damn writing on this here internet i.e. A++ congratulations! Thanks for being your wonderful self. Plus, red lipstick and sexy knitting gear are just a few of my favourite things. Have a wonderful holiday!

  885. Lorena

    Congrats Shini!! I remember coming across those awesome chain DIYs you did 5 years ago and you’ve had me hooked ever since!! Keep up your incredible pictures , style, wit, geekyness, and overall awesomeness!

  886. arianna gomez

    Happy anniversary!!!!!
    hope to win! so excited!

  887. María José Martín

    Congratulations! This is a great blog ang great blogger!!. Kisses from Seville (Spain).

  888. Jenni

    Hugs and kisses from Finland, you are such an inspiration!

  889. Mae

    Shini :) congratulationsss <3
    I discovered your blog last year around this time and I have been your loyal reader since. Your blog is awesome and you photographs are soooo pretty. I love your instagram photos too. I hope to bump into you in London some day.. Hehe anyway thank you for giving birth to this beautiful kid who is 5 xx

  890. Paul

    What excitement! Congratulations on this wonderful event! Here’s to many more years of artistic expression of fashion. xx

  891. Lin tong

    been reading your website obsessedly and trying to spot that supposedly dead potted plant in your beautiful house photos. Please write more, it reminds me of London.

  892. Rachel

    Happy 5th anniversary, Shini! I love your photography and writing.

  893. Alicia N

    I hope I still on time to participate! Thank you and keep going! Alicia

  894. I absolute love Park & Cube. Thanks for all the work you put in! Your style is inspiring, and your life is beautiful.


  895. Elvira Medikhanova

    happy birthday Parkandcube! This blog remains to be the only permanent one in my list of daily reads!

  896. Bella Lamplough Shields

    Congratulations congratulations congratulations congratulations congratulations! (Five times for five times the effect!)

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    Congrats! Everything looks amazing! And you you always look great! :-)

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  899. Gosh! I’m completely dreaming about this!

  900. Congratulations!!!

  901. I have been following for the last five years, watching this site grow and gain recognition. Both you and your blog are wonderful.

  902. BB

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!!

  903. Claire

    Congratulations Shini Unnie!!
    Even though I only have seen your blog for few months,
    you always give me a true inspiration and I LOVE your styles and photos!
    Also I am so proud of you that you are also Korean like me yaaay!
    언니 블로그 너무 멋지고 예쁘고 그냥 한마디로 표현하자면 완벽해요!!
    다시한번 블로그 5주년 축하드리고 앞으로도 언니 열심히 응원할게요~
    I love you so much and hope you keep this blog forever! :)

  904. D Greenberg

    What a wonderful giveaway………happy holiday and happy 5

  905. lets make this baby grow into a angsty self absorbed preteen! oh wait, it’s already heading there!

  906. Dkim

    always enjoy reading your blog posts! congrats! xx


  908. Maria

    Congrats!! 5 years is a long way to go :)

  909. Happy anniversary! Reading your blog is a pleasure!

  910. Elisabetta

    I love your aesthetic spirit! From Italy with love

  911. Mimi

    What a treat!
    Congratulations on Park&Cube’s 5th! Been coming since 2010 and I remember spending hours clicking through the archives…thanks for the tips, inspirations, and fabulous photographs!

  912. CaffeinatedJen

    Congratulations, Shini! Whatta milestone! I think I’ve been reading your blog for *only* 3 years but it’s always been lovely following your adventures! Here’s to another 5 (at least) :)

  913. Ana

    Congrats! I’m sticking with you in the years to come! :) You have some wittiness about you to which i can totally relate!

  914. Christie Yoomi

    Congrats to a lovely five years!

  915. Congrats! I can honestly say Park&Cube delivers unique and inspiring content in the blogosphere! I would love anything from YSL – I don’t own a thing from them, so this would be very welcome :)

  916. Chelsea W

    Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing the celebration!

  917. kat

    congrats! 5 years and going…

  918. I found this blog over the summer after my back surgery. I can honestly say it was such a joyful part of my day to see a new post up.
    You are one of my favorite photographers and fashion bloggers – so congratulations to you on 5 years! I aspire to go as far as you have and to one day produce image like yours. don’t stop posting till your are very old and your fingers can shoot or type.
    <3 <3 much love from Cheri from california!!

  919. You are a fantastic photographer/blogger. Congrats on your 5 yrs of awesomeness. I love your style. These gift sets are gorgeous and I would loooooove to win one. Thanks so much for offering things giveaway! <3

  920. Genevieve

    Congratulation on these amazing 5 years, and to the many more to come. It’s always a pleasure to read you entries, and it would be only fair if we were to gift you on this anniversary rather than the other way around. Congrat once more. xo

  921. qila

    u always look stuninng. and the blog is amazing. happy 5th anniversary!

  922. Danli

    Congrats on 5 yrs!! will always love your blog :~)

  923. Clea

    Congrats on your five years and also thank you for the constant and amazing quality of your posts.
    Wish this baby a long life !!!

  924. Lor

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary. I enjoy reading your blog!

  925. stephanie soueidi

    Joyeux Anniversaire du merveilleux blog, Madame Shini!!
    Bisous et amour!

  926. Julie Yu

    Congratulations! Your blog gives me lots of inspiration, the point is that I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE towards daily life ! Happy 5th birthday & Happy New Year !

  927. Congrats on five years! You’re one of my most favorite blogs, here’s to five more!

  928. congrats on reaching 5 years on the blog! will definitely stick around for many years to come :)

  929. I love your blog! Congrats on five years, and best wishes for the years to come!

  930. I would love all the lipsticks!!!! amazing giveaway, Happy 5 years!!!

    email: jenalyenns@gmail.com


  931. Alex

    These are great giveaways. Thanks so much! I don’t know how long I’ve been a reader, but I do remember you being in school…Happy 5 years to you and your wonderful blog :]

  932. Theo

    Congratulations on 5 years. That’s an impressive number and here’s to 5 years more! Thank you for the chance. Those lipstick look gorgeous!

  933. Lisa

    Happy anniversary Park & Cube <33

  934. Eli

    Congrats and thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  935. Van

    Ahh… the terrific five !
    Your baby blog has been a home I look forward to when I’m venturing the webiverse.
    Congratulations on being quite an inspiration !!!

  936. JJ

    love your blog! congrats on 5-yr anniversary!

  937. Marwa

    Congratulations shini!!!You inspire me a lot..no talent is small or big,needles to say your blog is beyond awesome.And you have come a long way now..I wish you success in the coming years:).

  938. Yasmin

    So cool! I love knitting….!!!!

  939. Ségolène

    Happy anniversary!! Thank you for this giveway ! Hope to win one of them !!!

  940. congratulations on the 5th anniversary of your site – love it!
    keep the good work and have fun!

  941. Marta

    Happy 5th anniversary! And cheers for many other to come!

  942. kieran

    happy 5th birthday and i love this inspirational blog!!!

  943. marta silva

    Congratulations for the 5-year anniversary! x


  944. Joan Tay

    congrats!! on yours blog’s 5 years anniversary! I like your blog alots.. the photos are always so beautifully well taken. And of course, you are always so witty and funny! really enjoy your blog and hope that you will continue to thrive… wishing you and your blog the very best!!!;)))

  945. Bryant

    Happy 5 Year Anniversary Shini, wish you all the best!

  946. Bryant

    Happy 5 Year Anniversary! <3

  947. Celine H.

    Please always be you!
    Congrats for this beautiful blog!

  948. pallawi jain

    Congratulations for the fifth anniversary. It’s great to be a part of your celebrations. And thanks for being such an inspiration.

  949. Congrats ! I love your blog, it is so inspiring !

    email: juliajanku@yahoo.com

    x keep up the great work !

  950. Linda

    Happy anniversary!!!

    Looking forward to the years to come. :)

  951. Congratulations Shini! I hope for many more years of your entertaining anecdotes to come. Definitely one of my favourite voices in the London fashion scene.


  952. Congratulations!!

    I truly love your blog and what you are sharing day by day. Thank you for giving happiness and inspiration for girls and ladies around the world by your blog…


  953. Michalina

    Congrats! :D Wishing You more and more Anniversaries couse it’s great to celebrate with you!

  954. When I 1st read this I really didn’t want to comment thinking it’d be kinda uncool to drop a line just to get YSL goodies. Then I realized that this is not only an opportunity to receive, but actually a good time to give, to simple use the chance to say some words of thanks (which I’d have to do sooner or later) and congratulations.

    I just wanted to let you know you in some way have changed my life (and also the life of my bestie, whom I infected w the ‘Shini-Syndrome’). After reading your blog, admiring your style and photography skills, discussing both countless of times, somehow you became my ‘idol'(heck I got a DSLR and a PASHLI because of you /cough). You forever changed my own appreciation for fashion and art. Thank you! Apart from your exceptional sense for aesthetics I also love your awesome wit and unique writing style! I’m really glad that I stumbled over your blog some years ago and for all the inspiration and edification I found on it.

    Shini, 5 years of blogging is an achievement, but your achievement is how succesful your blog became during this time. I’m happy to see where this blog brought you and hope it will lead you to many more adventures you can share with us. I wish for you to always enjoy your work! With much love, a fan-girling student from Germany~

  955. Alia

    love it – and congrats!

  956. Sarah

    thanks for always providing a source of inspiration. cheers!

  957. Maria Dias

    I trully recommend YSL to women of all ages. The products are exquiset, trully the light of Gods on your skin!
    I hope win!

  958. Congrats on 5 years and all the success you’ve had! I always love the photos on your blog – they are so inspiring xx

  959. Eli

    Congratulations! Happy 5th birthday :)

  960. Congratulations for your 5 years! wow..5 years seem such a long time, and yet time passes in a blink of an eye! I wish you the best of luck in the years to come!
    your blog is just amazing!
    Happy birthday!


  961. Oh wow, five years! Happy Birthday, Park & Cube, I’m reading you for at least three years now and you’re definitely a favourite!
    And actually I’m searching for a new lipstick with the perfect shade of red, so winning would mean more to me than bacon through the cage. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  962. Karin

    Hey, congrats! Keep up the good work.
    Your posts are always inspiring!

  963. Yaiza Gomez

    Thank you so much for this! I enjoy your website several years for now and never got tired of it! Keep up the good work :)
    And thank you for letting us participate to this!

  964. star

    happy 5th anniversary Shini, you have got such a kind and generous spirit, deserving of success in all you do x

  965. Isabelle

    Congrats on the 5 years! You have a wonderful wonderful blog and I’m looking forward to all your future posts!

  966. isabelle

    congratulations on the 5 year anniversary! you have a wonderful wonderful blog and i’m looking forward to all the future posts. wishing you the best.

  967. Tori

    Dear Shini,

    Five years doesn’t sound like much
    But it’s time and words enough
    To leave at the very least a smutch
    In one’s heart and mind of your very creative touch
    In all things concerning sartorial and makeup stuff.

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work! And happy 5th birthday!
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