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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Park-and-Cube_Michael-Kors-Selfridges_004 Park-and-Cube_Michael-Kors-Selfridges_0051


Park-and-Cube_Michael-Kors-Selfridges_008_1 Park-and-Cube_Michael-Kors-Selfridges_009




Wearing: Sweater – American Apparel. Tartan pants – Zara (similar). Watch – Guess. Heels – Lucy Choi. Bag – c/o Michael Kors (via Selfridges).

So, are we loving this new weather or what? This murky, yucky, wet weather that induces PMS* and general serial-killer urges. I personally love it because, HELLOoo pasta! (RIP diet) That’s right, it’s sweater season – even as I write this I’m digging through a pick’n’mix bag of Haribo + Skittles + candy corn assortment in full confidence that tomorrow I can just cover it all up with an oversized knit and call it an outfit. Pop on a berry-coloured lipstick and a cherry-on-top kinda bag, and presto you’re ready for civilization. There’s a wee Instagram competition hosted by Selfridges and Michael Kors now with a runway look worth £1,000 and a few other goodies up for grabs, and I’d instagrammed earlier how I’d wear my own Michael Kors Dressy, but I might as well pop it up here properly as well in case you wanted to get involved. The competition lasts from the 17th till the 31st of October, and all you’ll have to do is tag #HowIWearMyKors. More deets here!

Oh, and I don’t know if this is too early an announcement, but seeing as I’m now filling in snugly into my boyfriend jeans, I’m going as Peter Griffin on Halloween. All I need me is a Lois, and Jennifer Lawrence, I’m looking at you.

*FYI, I like my PMS, I like to think it gives me character (i.e I f*cking love this leaf!


Giorgio Armani: Le rouge ecstasy

Park-and-Cube_ArmaniRougeEcstasy_002 Park-and-Cube_ArmaniRougeEcstasy_003


Ecstasy Rouge #503



Ecstasy Rouge #304 ‘Heat’




Wearing: Black dress – Zara. Slingback heels – Lucy Choi. Grey sweater – American Apparel. Door-knocker ring – & Other Stories. Chevron knuckle Ring – We the Hatters. Textured rings – H&M. Bejewelled rings – ASOS. Nail Polish – Anna Sui (via ASOS)

Here’s another thing that makes my knees go weak now that I’m well past my mid-twenties – yes, beautiful lipsticks, but more specifically THE MAGNET that holds the cap secure and makes such a sexy snap noise it makes you purr a little. I know the technology has been around for quite some time now, but now that I’m in that stage where my life is acutely edited into the contents of one handbag, it’s starting to matter whether one day the inside of my bag looks like a drag queen or not. Alas, I’m clearly not yet old enough to understand the full potential of le make-up pouch that would essentially localize the hot mess, but I don’t want said hot mess anywhere other than my face, thank you. Anyhoo. These siren-red beauties are from the Giorgio Armani lipstick collection, Le Rouge ecstasy, a  new line introducing a “CC” innovation, or “Colour and Care”, that focuses on high-opacity, velvety colour, matched with moisturising comfort. I’ve had a chance to play around with a couple and personally love the darker colours in the range, which probably is another sign of getting older… well, this missus ain’t seducing no one in this household with coral-coloured lipsticks for sure. I’m kidding, please believe me.

As a bonus, here’s a rather hypnotic marriage of beat and beauty by Giorgio Armani Beauty, and if you’re extra bored, here’s my own lame attempt at beats.

Collaborative post with Giorgio Armani beauty; Shot in South Place Hotel. Thank you Kit for helping with these shots

A collection of images

A water-themed patchwork : Acqua for life

Above is a collection of images from previous blogposts and other sources (sources linked – photos 2,3,6,10), to highlight the Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life water awareness campaign

If I’m visiting a new city the first thing I’ll Google once connected to the hotel wifi is ‘can you drink tap water in [insert city]‘, then sometimes I’ll double-check with ‘but are you suuuuure‘ and Google will ask me ‘are you suuuuure you’re wearing the right size bra?’. Just about drops the issue every time. However, the question whether tapwater is drinkable in Warsaw… still not answered after 16 years. The hubby who looked over my shoulder to read this just said ‘yeah, you wouldn’t die, but I honestly wouldn’t’. Growing up in Warsaw, thirty 5-litre bottles would be delivered every other month and the biggest chore for me and my brother was to carry them all into the house because we’d find them dumped at the bottom of the porch one random morning. You don’t leave twenty bottles of water in the lawn with the tigermum prowling in the kitchen. So my brother and I would compete whoever can carry in more at once and we’d hobble in and out carrying 6 bottles at once (30kg); and of course the next day we’d wake up and feel all the muscles in our arms torn and absolutely refuse to go to school. (Then we’d spend the free day swinging broomsticks ‘lightsabres’ and end up being schooled by mother with one, or both.) I guess my point is, 30L is undoubtedly a hell of an ordeal to transport for an average person, but get this, through Giorgio Armani’s Acqua For Life campaign, one ‘like‘ will deliver 50L of safe water to those in real need. So unhide yo

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kids, yo wife, and yo husband and tell them to get clicking. Unless you’re planning on doing it personally (and challenging airport security with 50L of water in your suitcase on your way to Bolivia) a click will do.