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Giorgio Armani: Le rouge ecstasy

Park-and-Cube_ArmaniRougeEcstasy_002 Park-and-Cube_ArmaniRougeEcstasy_003


Ecstasy Rouge #503



Ecstasy Rouge #304 ‘Heat’




Wearing: Black dress – Zara. Slingback heels – Lucy Choi. Grey sweater – American Apparel. Door-knocker ring – & Other Stories. Chevron knuckle Ring – We the Hatters. Textured rings – H&M. Bejewelled rings – ASOS. Nail Polish – Anna Sui (via ASOS)

Here’s another thing that makes my knees go weak now that I’m well past my mid-twenties – yes, beautiful lipsticks, but more specifically THE MAGNET that holds the cap secure and makes such a sexy snap noise it makes you purr a little. I know the technology has been around for quite some time now, but now that I’m in that stage where my life is acutely edited into the contents of one handbag, it’s starting to matter whether one day the inside of my bag looks like a drag queen or not. Alas, I’m clearly not yet old enough to understand the full potential of le make-up pouch that would essentially localize the hot mess, but I don’t want said hot mess anywhere other than my face, thank you. Anyhoo. These siren-red beauties are from the Giorgio Armani lipstick collection, Le Rouge ecstasy, a  new line introducing a “CC” innovation, or “Colour and Care”, that focuses on high-opacity, velvety colour, matched with moisturising comfort. I’ve had a chance to play around with a couple and personally love the darker colours in the range, which probably is another sign of getting older… well, this missus ain’t seducing no one in this household with coral-coloured lipsticks for sure. I’m kidding, please believe me.

As a bonus, here’s a rather hypnotic marriage of beat and beauty by Giorgio Armani Beauty, and if you’re extra bored, here’s my own lame attempt at beats.

Collaborative post with Giorgio Armani beauty; Shot in South Place Hotel. Thank you Kit for helping with these shots

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  2. Oh I just love lipstick with magnet latches!! The Marc Jacobs makeup line has a similar mechanism with their lipsticks and I love it! Thanks for posting as I now have to get myself one of those to add to my collection (which I just recently started–I can’t seem to stop buying them beautifully packaged lipsticks).

  3. perfection!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Beautiful pictures as always! And you’re so gorgeous with the perfect lipstick!
    LOVE IT!

  5. Is Heat #304 suppose to be a pinkish-red? Ugh, my purse is weeping…


    “Miss Golightly! Again, I must complainnn! Your tapping is too loudddd!” – Mr. Yunioshi.

  6. Danielle

    The lipstick is a BOMB! You are so beautiful Shini. x

  7. I’ve never really thought of Armani as a cosmetics brand, but the shades of lipstick are lovely.

  8. Great pictures, I love how bold the red looks in them….

  9. I just LOVE the gif of your hand ! So cool


  10. Perfect.x


  11. Wuaah the one with the moving finger is so spooky!! Not expecting anything and suddenly it moves, like thing in Addams family! LOVE it!

  12. oh all these cinemagraphs are incredible! You are so talented, Shini! I love a good lippy in red. And I must admit your “lame attempt” is hilarious. :)

  13. The gif picture with the finger is amazing! You write so funny and fascinating. x


  14. I love the tapping finger image.

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  16. I just found your blog! I love love it – so incredibly happy i found you today. I am the same way ( being in my late twenties) – however I do admit the inside of my bag still looks a hot mess 99% of the time. I need help!

  17. Oh gosh, you’re so pretty!

  18. I love the magnet idea, I’m a fool for things like that. The chunky gold ring is gorgeous!

  19. Christine

    i love the way you write! so fun =)

  20. Anna

    Loving the dress!! Do you have a tailor, your dress looks so much shorter than the one on the website?! xx

  21. love the packaging of that and love the little animations!


  22. nDing

    Ooohhh I love the satisfying sound of the lipstick cap snap too! The picture in the middle w/ your finger moving gave me a “WAITTTT! WHAT IS THAT?!” moment, not going to lie. Awesome post again!

  23. this is what they called heavenly post ♥♥ you are so so so gorgeous in those lips color

  24. Everything looks utterly amazing. Wow.

  25. Gorgeous photos (as always), but I must admit that I’m heartbroken that the doorknocker ring isn’t available for US shipping. :-(


  26. Amazing pics as always! and yes, love those lipsticks.

  27. your hands is sooooo beautiful!

  28. While the lipstick is great – the photo essay is AWESOME. The use of red threw from the lipstick, to the phone to the red nails…yeah…appeals to the photog in me.

  29. ah you were at le chiffre! south place hotel is my favorite hotel in london! i don’t go anywhere else because of the vibe and the impeccable service

  30. Jag såg en intressant scen, fingrarna rör sig~~

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  32. quite a collection! are those still available?

  33. Pauline

    I love Armani lipsticks! My rich dark plum is a winter favourite. The texture is sublime and yes – the magnetic closure adds to the luxurious feel!

  34. Great post!

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  35. Can’t leave the house without red lipstick – love your colours and your jewellery!

    Micah xx


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  37. I love the red and more for my full lips ….

  38. These stuffs look great, and I love the color, it is so beautiful.

  39. Wow the color is lovely.