I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Vintage; Cardigan & cashmere scarf – Uniqlo, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel, Shoes – H&M, Gloves – Dorothy Perkins #teenvogue

Thank you Macku for the photos!

Oh the joy of internet scandals… in one corner there’s a bloke blatantly copying the style and practices of another blogger, and in another corner there’s a blog of a major magazine with no apparent education on copyright and, well, human-to-human manners. (Read about it) It doesn’t really matter at what age you start exposing yourself to the internet and committing yourself into these small communities (blogging, in our case) but concerning the game rules there’s really not much to it. It’s not rocket science, or brain surgery, or knitting hair from your back – you take something from someone – a newspaper from their lawn or a JPG from a blog, you let them know and credit accordingly. Well, I mean, don’t take the newspaper and yell across the yard THIS NEWSPAPER IS FROM 23A. My point is, you learn this when you’re 3, so there’s really no excuse.

This reminds me: ‘TFS’ is not a source. If the image was a scan from Vogue Jan ’10 issue that was uploaded onto TFS, then the correct source is ‘Vogue Jan ’10 found on TFS’.



.The Draper Equestrian Hat – Modcloth
.Zipper Top – Dorothy Perkins | Pants – Zara | Shoes – Cutesyshoes | Bag – DIY Studded Vintage | Necklace – DIY

I apologise for the increased randomness – considering the nature of my blog you’re probably thinking oh is that mad woman going to staple that horse-riding hat, and the answer is no, I wasn’t thinking of that, but hey shall we try? I’ll take the stapler, you wear the hat. I was simply cleaning out all the irrelevant crap in my room – the highschool biology notes, college applications, Cosmopolitan mags (the horror). I realised, on pulling out 2 boxfulls of stapler eggs (that’s what I call it in Korean) that I have not had the need to staple in FOREVER, and why is it that we always end up with BOXFULS of staples? From the amount I found it looks like I was aspiring to be a secretary at a law firm – my CV proudly stating: Collector; Owns bajillion staples, no stapler.

p.s I would very much like a riding hat to go with my handsome riding shoes.






Jacket Reiss Sample Sale | Zipper Top Dorothy Perkins | One-arm ‘dress’ Topshop | Jeans Gmarket | Shoes H&M | Bag Public Beware | Sunglasses Warehouse


What are your interests outside fashion & graphic design? [Lorraine]Fishing in pond with barbeque fork.

Well, in all seriousness, I’m a Second World War/military history freak. I may have mentioned this earlier, but I’m more familar with guns and military equipment than fashion designers. I may have also raised a small red flag on some governmental database somewhere during my self-directed design project googling Nazi church, Hitler Youth, admissions into Hitler youth…

Although, I do like throwing forks at fishies in ponds just to see if they poop when they get scared, but unfortunately there aren’t that many ponds in my viccinity to sustain that hobby.

Do you watch Korean dramas and which are your favourite? [Phuong]

I do watch the occasional Korean TV Series, but I’ve only watched a handful. I find myself frequently hurling PG13 insults at the slow-running storyline and end up skipping a few episodes in the middle. The latest I watched was Boys over Flowersbased on a Japanese Manga, which I could say is currectly my favourite only because of Macaroni Hair (tall dude in the middle of the pic below), but I watched it in 2 days which is saying something since it’s 25-episode long.


What music do you like? [Lorraine]

I don’t really stick to one genre – it could as well be elevator music or thumpy music from cars passing by. When I was young I used to be a hardcore Christina Aguilera groupie so I hold quite a strong allegiance to her still, but nowadays my playlist is quite colourful. The base line is though, that it needs to be something I can sing along to. So preferably a female vocalist with a distinct singing voice. Other than that, I like metal, K-pop, HippityHoppity… Well the only thing I can’t stand is Techno and Trance.

Younha – Delete





Blazer Monton | Sweater Zara | Top Dorothy Perkins | Jeans H&M
Shoes Gmarket | Bag Solar

I’ve been going au natural nails for the past week, and I must say, it feels liberating to be free of muck chemicals on the tips of my appendages. I could actually hear the nails breathing (asthmatic huffpuffs) and every day I would make them all stand straight so I can mark their height on the adjoining fleshwall with a sharpie. Oh my babies are growing so fast.


Waiting for 2 boxes of stuff I bought from a Korean online store – well let me say, by now I forgot what I bought.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I still have 5 more days of it now. MUSHAHSHAHAHSH.

Sweater Vintage Silk Tunic, Bag Topshop Tights mytights.com Platformless-uncomfortable-as-butt-4-inch Boots Asos.com Skirt Dorothy Perkins

So my gas and electricity bills came. To tell the truth I have been naughty and kept the boiler running for hours and hours until I was sweating and turned on all the lights so my flat would look like some office supplies superstore (FLUORESCENT WHITE LIGHT). Except, when I opened the bills, trembling, I found out I happen to have CREDIT for low gas/electricity usage. I guess I don’t have to sell the landlord’s leather sofa after all.

The heels on those boots are so high that after dismount the Russian judge gave me a score of 8.6.