I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.
1/ Dirty make-up brushes

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 Berry, berry good: Pancakes and Berries at the Breakfast Club for days that could do with a good sugary kick-start. I personally prefer to ordering an eggy something first (they do a mean Eggs Royale) and then share pancakes for dessert. #threecoursebreakfastnaturally
 Ever since I was a kid I’ve been adamant about keeping bank-notes face-aligned and crease-free (what OCD?!) so I’ve only ever owned long-wallets. The size on this berry-red Chloe is perfect – especially the number of compartments – makes it easy for someone ‘loyal’ to just about every single store.
The ASOS Salon collection hath finally hitteth – pictured, one of my favourite pieces. Actually would love to layer it over lots of patterns like Lesya Paramonova’s debut collection (as seen on Style Bubble.)
 Scent of the season, Chloe L’eau de Parfum – Light, sweet & tangy. Sometimes I’d catch a whiff while cycling and wonder if there’s freshly cut grass or a field of flowers nearby. (Wow. Probably one of the  corniest thing I’ve ever written.)
 Strappy Mary Janes by Kate Kanzier:  thinking of pairing with light boyfriend jeans, slouchy grey marl tee and a boyfriend watch. (Or is it technically ‘Husband watch’ for newlyweds?)
  £25 a pop, can you believe it?? We’ve been looking for chairs to go with our new door-turned-dining table and found these FiftyOne Percent industrial chairs at Achica, with about an hour left in the sale. Been stalking that site everyday ever since.
 My little garden corner where half the plants are fake. From IKEA, naturally. Absolutely ideal for someone who can’t even grow mould, if tried. Give me a month though, I’m sure the plastic ones will wither too. Also doubles as perfume counter. (White ladder from ebay.)
  I may or may not have a thing for stilettos. And as you can see I went a bit mad with the Topshop bow heels – especially the yellow ones. I wore them on a night out a few months ago and woke up to only find out they were completely soiled. Must’ve been a good night out.
 Shwood wooden sunnies, hand-made in Oregon. Similar sensation as to wearing a straw hat due to lightness in weight. Gust of wind scenario: skirt flailing, straw hat flying, wooden sunnies crawling up into hair…
 I get asked often how I carry my camera around – Before: inside a failed knitted beanie (think beanie for smurf); Now: the Style Scrapbook x Kipling camera bag. A little worried about the chain being not sturdy enough, but otherwise the perfect size with handy pockets for peripherals.
 Pastel obsession, still strong with  Contrast sleeves top by Goodnight Macaroon. (Warning: if worn wrong, may look like supermarket uniform)
 Meh. I just don’t think I have a talent at stacking bracelets… this is really the most I’ll ‘pile on’. (That friendship bracelet may or may not have a colour palette inspired by Hermes.) Hare egg-cup from Liberty London

Uniqlooks May 2012, DC Comics UT

Look 1 (from left to right):  T-shirt, UT Uniqlo. Distressed Jeans, Zara. Heels, Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective, Bag, Michael Kors. Scarf, Lucy Jay. Friendship bracelet, DIY. Watch, Sekonda
Look 2: Blazer, Uniqlo. Trousers, ASOS. Clutch, Balmain. Heels, Kurt Geiger Elsie. Belt, vintage.
Look 3
Military camouflage jacket, mummy’s. T-shirt, UT Uniqlo. Checkered Skirt, Paul & Joe sister. Sandals, Camilla Skovgaard at a samplesale. Clutch, DVF. Skinny belt, JHYoo.

About high time I peel this T-shirt off myself before it pickles into a permanent layer… I’ve worn it non-stop for about a week now and I’m running out of dry-shampoo to spray under my armpits. So if you so ask nicely I could demonstrate a few more ways to wear it. For example, I find that the t-shirt goes handsomely with duvet, fluffier the better – but any tog will do. As for kicks – yes do kick your husband/bf/dog/cat to go turn off the pesky alarm. Alternatively, pair the t-shirt with a smear of pizza sauce on the sleeves for a nod to the DIY trend.  I ain’t kidding though, it’s super cliche, but when you’re that someone who own attention-deprived chesticulars  it’s also super fun to wear it out and see people trying to open your blazer a little wider to read the rest of your t-shirt. It excite mes because that’s the most intimacy I get, like ever. I think I’ve just said ‘super’ enough times that it doesn’t register as word in my brain anymore. Super, Suuper, Souper, Sooper, Supre, suoupre…

Also doods, Uniqlooks is holding a style contest involving UT – simply photograph an outfit with your favourite UT and upload into Uniqlooks for a chance to win an amount that I can only describe as ker-ching! SUPER FUN, innit? Enter here.


Two Options pour vous

Option 1: 3 24k gold Bracelets by Bijouxbar by Vivien Frank +1 DIY Park & Cube friendship bracelet; Option 2: Peridot Twig Solitaire ring by Michelle Oh, Cocktail ring by Toosis, Silk scarf by Lucy Jay

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Giveaways are a bit of a pet peeve but I like to hold one or two every year with a company/brand I really think my you might like, so meet Boticca! Otherwise I tell my doctor about it and he says I have to carry one of those syringes in my sock in case another “Do you want to hold a giveaway in your blog” email lands in my inbox and I die of anaphylactic shock. Or a purplep-ish rash… due to acute-annoyance. It’s not because I don’t want to chuck free stuff at you, I just feel like I’m asking for your souls to collect on a clipboard I’d rather be giving something nice while I’m at it. Plus, it kinda cheapens the blog and you know my blog is, like, soo expensive.

Blue coat – Anywho x Brics, Cream coat – Mum’s, Boots – Sam Edelman, Clutch – C/O Kurt Geiger, Watch – Casio, Bracelets – C/O Boticca, Dress- ASOS Salon

Oh how I love Christmas! Mariah (and lately Justin Bieber, the horror) constantly wanting only me from speakers of the randomest of places (butcher’s down the road, WHY); the smart-ass, seemingly-omniscient gift guides of the interwebs; twelve days of Christmas and one very bankrupt and exhausted true love; the visible struggle for the shops to make a watered down version of the season’s products (i.e very well-dressed snowmen decorations and elaborate snowflakes) that hopefully appeal to those that don’t necessarily, by religion or whatnot, celebrate the day but would still like to participate in the buzz…. But most of all, the ‘christ’-lessness of ‘Christ’mas, and a whole month of cringing at the fact that it’s less and less that and more and more ‘x’ of Xmas, probably x = the unknown? To be very frank, I always find myself distressed by the noise around Christmas – this of course will serve as the primary reason to the fact that my children will be the scoundrels who will break the Santa secret to all his classmates on the eve, making the night truly sleepless but for entirely different reasons. And I will die of chronic cynicism, on Christmas day, surely.

Babbling aside, this year I was most drawn to Malachi chapter 4, the final book and chapter of the Old Testament which dates 300 years before the birth of Christ, but in all its might leaves a big arrow towards the coming of Jesus. (Yes Christmas is defacto a pagan tradition and Jesus was really born closer to March but if we’re plastering babies & mangers over our cards and we’ve allocated ONE time during the year to remember His birth then might as well do it properly)