I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Blue coat – Anywho x Brics, Cream coat – Mum’s, Boots – Sam Edelman, Clutch – C/O Kurt Geiger, Watch – Casio, Bracelets – C/O Boticca, Dress- ASOS Salon

Oh how I love Christmas! Mariah (and lately Justin Bieber, the horror) constantly wanting only me from speakers of the randomest of places (butcher’s down the road, WHY); the smart-ass, seemingly-omniscient gift guides of the interwebs; twelve days of Christmas and one very bankrupt and exhausted true love; the visible struggle for the shops to make a watered down version of the season’s products (i.e very well-dressed snowmen decorations and elaborate snowflakes) that hopefully appeal to those that don’t necessarily, by religion or whatnot, celebrate the day but would still like to participate in the buzz…. But most of all, the ‘christ’-lessness of ‘Christ’mas, and a whole month of cringing at the fact that it’s less and less that and more and more ‘x’ of Xmas, probably x = the unknown? To be very frank, I always find myself distressed by the noise around Christmas – this of course will serve as the primary reason to the fact that my children will be the scoundrels who will break the Santa secret to all his classmates on the eve, making the night truly sleepless but for entirely different reasons. And I will die of chronic cynicism, on Christmas day, surely.

Babbling aside, this year I was most drawn to Malachi chapter 4, the final book and chapter of the Old Testament which dates 300 years before the birth of Christ, but in all its might leaves a big arrow towards the coming of Jesus. (Yes Christmas is defacto a pagan tradition and Jesus was really born closer to March but if we’re plastering babies & mangers over our cards and we’ve allocated ONE time during the year to remember His birth then might as well do it properly)

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  1. stunning photos! merry christmas
    Moloko & Honey

  2. Merry Christmas, hope you had a great one!

    god bless x

  3. I’ve always admired your photos and style. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  4. beautiful purple clutch!


  5. Vivien

    I’m totally with you on that one! No Xmas-ing for me! Hahahah
    Though I love the pictures <3

  6. I love the black boots, they look fantastic!
    and Merry Christmas!

  7. Love your style and Merry CHRISTmas!

  8. These photographs are really lovely! Love the combination of different textures that you’re wearing and the pop of colour from your clutch. You’re definitely right about each year Christmas being less about Christ, but pft at your dying of chronic cynicism– sometimes back to basics of holidays is the way it should be ^^ Hope you had a wonderful day!

  9. Merry Christmas to you too, Shini! Beautiful graphics, and thank you for the reminder of Christ being the reason for Christmas, and all the thanksgiving and joy that comes from that. :)

  10. Merry “Christ” / “X”mas (even though today is the boxing day) !!

  11. Miranda

    inspired post!
    on a related note I am profoundly baffled by how much people love their santa claus. It’s so completely ridiculous. When i tell people I don’t plan to LIE to my children about a fake gift giver that completely obscures the reason for Christmas, I get incredulous/horrified reactions. They say I am “ruining the magic of Christmas”. Come on, really??!! I really wonder about people these days.

  12. the quality of your photographs are so beautiful. i really love these. what camera do you use?
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  13. Thank you! I use a Canon 5D mark II xx

  14. love those shoes!!!

  15. Hear, hear…

    It’s so bizarre seeing Christmas from the view of an adult with my sister’s little kids. They all know Santa isn’t real (but like to pretend and call my mom ‘NanaClaus’) – my sister never told them he wasn’t real but she never said he was either (she just asked them if they thought he was real – and they said no). My niece, who’s in kindergarten, didn’t have a Christmas party or do anything related to Christmas at school… bummer, huh? I’m pretty sure the people at Starbucks weren’t even allowed to say ‘Merry Christmas.’ I said it to them on Christms eve and they said ‘Have a nice night.’ L.a.m.e.

    Anything ‘xmas’ always gives me the creeps.

    Anyway. Hope you had a merry day Shini and got to spend the day with the ones you love. xx

  16. OHhh yeah there’s also that religious sensitivity nowadays huh, now it’s not diluted enough, they’re banning it! It must suck though as kids.
    Miss you Jenny Jen jen! Saw that kickass tree with presents stacked under, goodness meeee that pic just smells of Christmas dinner and lots of laughs.
    (Can I be more corny?)

    Be warm and have a wonderful Christmas!! xxx

  17. Woman have you slimmed?

    Coming from a non-religious background saying ‘Happy/Merry Christmas’ is so commercialised nowadays, those greetings to come out from my mouth do I really mean it? No, I now say ‘Happy Holidays’.

    Happy Holidays Shini and I’m fricking bored in the countryside….off to go fishing for tonight’s dinner. xxx

  18. HHahahahahaaa you make me laugh so much, miss you KittyKat!!
    I’m really curious to see how the holidays is ‘celebrated’ in the countryside of HK, isn’t it like 20 degrees still? hhehe
    Take careee, and come back soon <3


  19. @Shini,

    Well it’s 20 mins bus ride to the nearest suburban town, the villagers here celebrate their own festive holidays by taking a bike ride along the promenade, BBQ is common here or go fishing.
    I’ve spotted a wild boar in my village, would have caught it for my BBQ roast.


    Miss you xxx

  20. @Kit, You can’t tell how slimmed down she is in these photos… she’s wearing like 3 coats?!

  21. you look cute! the photos are lovely!
    Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful day!

  22. Merry Christmas … :) hope u have a love;y week



  23. Thank you for bringing back to us the true meaning of Christmas. You look incredible as always. x


  24. Celia

    I’ve been an avid follower of P&C for a few years now, but I am finally posting my thoughts here to add a little perspective and to comment on your “Xmas” thoughts. “X” has long been used to denote Jesus Christ in ancient Christian art dating back to 400 AD. Uses also of “X”, “XP” and “Xt” are well documented throughout the entire history of the English-speaking world. “Xmas” was long used as a shortened version of “Christmas” back in the 1700’s and other variants substituting “X” for “Christ” were used hundreds of years prior. And while I do not disagree on the utter crassness of Christmas consumerism, it’s an inarguable that this fundamental story of modern Christianity still reaches even the most secular of communities through this holiday, in that virtually everyone in the world has some knowledge or idea of the birth of Christ, which can very well pique spiritual interest. The message may be diluted, but it is far from lost.

  25. Hi hi Celia, you’re absolutely right and don’t get me wrong, it really is the perfect opportunity to invite friends to hear the gospel and spread the Good News around the world, but it pains me – and this may be the cynicism monster speaking again – that in modern society the message is so diluted that any spiritual awakening is either lost or banked for the same time next year (or come Easter, perhaps). Obviously I don’t intend to shoot down Christmas as a holiday, but I most certainly won’t add to the froth by making materialistic wishlists and adorning the house up and down with red & green fairylights and woodcut reindeers. If it’s spiritual interest we’re after I’d be more inclined to deliver an UNdiluted message when given the opportunity. I’m also aware of the historical origins of the ‘X’, but again, nowadays it’s hardly seems to be used for that purpose, non?

  26. Season of greetings………………. Merry Christmas!

    Lovely purse .

  27. I always feel the most cynical as Christmas season approaches. The garishness of mall decorations, the gift lists in magazines and the watering down of the real reason we celebrate. At least now I feel less alone. Blessed Christmas, Shini. May we all find ways to still be thankful and full of cheer despite Carey and Bieber.

  28. The photos here are absolutely beautiful. Merry Christmas to you!

  29. hahaha adore the cynicism. bring. it. on.
    the holiday seasons, just like everything else in life has its goods and bads. Not gonna lie, this is the time of indulgence for me and my family, and although we can pick any other day to do this, we pick “Christmas.” I remember my parents doing the whole Santa Claus thing for one year when I was a kid, and they totally went all out with the gifts. Sure it felt great, but when I think about, all that stuff was completely unnecessary. Things haven’t really changed much, and in short, we’re just big consuming ho-bags Alls I know is that I hope I don’t do the same to my kids…not exactly the best way to go about life unfortunately.
    Either way, enjoy your holiday and respite!

  30. love the look…Killer boots! I like!xx

  31. Beautiful Shini! You look like a goddess! Merry Christmas to you too:)

  32. Merry Christmas!


  33. wonderful outfit, wonderful pictures! love it!

    what lens did you use if I may ask?

    have a great day!
    best wishes,

  34. greetings from Croatia in this festive time of year. March or December, i sometimes think we devised this day to somehow make us remember that we too can be good and warm-hearted and not just chase money to survive

  35. love the layering and the neutral hues with a purple pop.
    yeaahhhhh JESUS! :) reason for the season.

  36. i love the way you reflect on cultural, every-day phenomenons. like your thoughts of christ/xmas in this particular case. and: love your pics. and your style. naturally. best from luxembourg / berlin, lis

  37. Your fringe looks perfect on you!
    Congratulation to you and your significant other half !

    With lots of love from your Malaysia loyal reader,
    Jo Ann

  38. Hello Shini,

    I’m Tereza, the creator of Drastic Plastic Blog, and I did a small feature of you and your style on my blog.
    Here it is – feature post, I hope you liked it.

    I want to wish Happy Holidays and a beautiful New Year next to your beautiful family and friends.

    All my best,

  39. tom tuttle from tacoma

    i was just reading an article on why the date dec 25. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ch/news/2000/dec08.html

    i used to make no attempt to hide my disapproval/contempt(?!) when non-christian friends celebrated christmas the way the world does. but that’s really not the way…

  40. Rouma Sakamoto

    Merry Christmas! beautiful purple clutch!

  41. Love your booties!


  42. adore that coat, the colour is amazing and the whole outfit is just stunning


  43. shimnari

    You look more and more beautiful with every post, your impeccable sense of style aside.
    Bright colors definitely work for you!

    Merry Christmas!

  44. Hannah

    Agreed agreed with how diluted Christmas has become. Or have we just grown older you think? I don’t remember Christmas being any more “Christ”mas when I was younger–actually yes, with Sunday school plays at least we were reminded of the day. But perhaps this is why I feel less and less excited for Christmas…the true meaning of Christmas was hardly ever there and now it has worn off completely without the substitute of Santa and his elves. While it is a day after Christmas, good thing you reminded me to think about the true meaning of Christmas…you see, I know what the day is yet its too easy to be swayed by the commercialized meaning…Anyway, Merry Christ-mas to you!

  45. geri


  46. the ‘probably’ wasn’t really an educated assumption but thanks for the link x

  47. K.

    Shini, Im not 100% sure, but I believe it was your picture that was used without giving credits in here? : http://raspberryandred.blogspot.com/

    the one on the left?

  48. The pictures are so pure! Stunning… I love your outfit as usual

    x Romi


  49. Hello beautiful! I found your blog by chance looking at each other and I must say that I love it. You have a different and original style that has left me speechless. Your posts, so I can see, are great and you will see a great person. I like your bag, it’s fantastic! :-)

    Kisses from Italy,

  50. Merry Christmas!
    What beautiful photos!

  51. Pretty pictures, love the smooth colors!

    Check my new blog dear :)

  52. great coat! and love your clutch x


  53. David

    Hii!!! ^_^
    I follow you for time because I LOVE your photos and your style.
    I like the design graphics. I would like to know which is the letter you used in the first image (Merry…)
    I’m sorry, my english language is very bad haha I’m from Spain.
    Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year ^^

  54. Hiya, thanks!
    The fontface is called Quicksand (Dash)! xx

  55. amazing outfit! love everything! like bright colour of the clutch! You look so stunning as always!



  56. The simpleness of your stylish outfits amazes me each time!


  57. It seems your flying… ;-)

    Wish you Happy holidays you too !


  58. I love the colours of the photos and I also love the coat and the watch!


  59. What a lovely pastel dress and coat!
    Just like usual coming with a beautiful shoots!
    Just curious but do you have a trick to make a beautiful expression on that jump shoot?

    By the way Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday :)

  60. I love the black shoes. Great pictures!

  61. Beautiful coat and love that purple metallic clutch.


  62. I simply love how your outfit has been brought to life by radiance of the jewelry! Makes me want to curl in a soft-as-kitten ball just as it does make me want to go out and be seen. Lovely <3

  63. L O V E

  64. Hello Shini,

    First off, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas! Truly, it is nice to leave a comment to a fellow Christian who is celebrating Christmas for the true meaning of CHRISTMAS :) Also, I had never looked at the “x” in “xmas” like how you had explained it. That is true, and through the years, I’ve refused to write Christmas this way.

    Additionally, I love love love your outfit—that coat especially. At first I thought it was Katie Ermilio: http://www.katieermilio.com/#!collections/albumphotos1=5
    But as I looked further I saw the details and color was different… looks lovely on you!

    I wish you wonderful things, great health, happiness and joy for 2012, and very much look forward to following along with your blog. Keep up the wonderful posts :)


  65. I love the combination of these colours. They look so lovely together. The shoes are amazing too :)

  66. I love this clutch, such a cute colour! Just found your blog on Blogger’s Wardrobe, love it :) assezblonde.blogspot.com

  67. Loooove that jumping shot! So beautiful~~

  68. i recently stumbled upon your blog, and oh my goodness, you’re such an inspiration. your pictures are so vibrant and exciting to look at. i will definitely be coming back for more~


  69. Mai

    Oh my god, your life looks amazing!

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