I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Two Options pour vous

Option 1: 3 24k gold Bracelets by Bijouxbar by Vivien Frank +1 DIY Park & Cube friendship bracelet; Option 2: Peridot Twig Solitaire ring by Michelle Oh, Cocktail ring by Toosis, Silk scarf by Lucy Jay

 Leave a comment (please leave a valid email address in the ’email’ section so winner can be contacted)

(Not required but would be super nice to say thanks)

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Deadline: 23rd Januaray 23:59 GMT

Giveaways are a bit of a pet peeve but I like to hold one or two every year with a company/brand I really think my you might like, so meet Boticca! Otherwise I tell my doctor about it and he says I have to carry one of those syringes in my sock in case another “Do you want to hold a giveaway in your blog” email lands in my inbox and I die of anaphylactic shock. Or a purplep-ish rash… due to acute-annoyance. It’s not because I don’t want to chuck free stuff at you, I just feel like I’m asking for your souls to collect on a clipboard I’d rather be giving something nice while I’m at it. Plus, it kinda cheapens the blog and you know my blog is, like, soo expensive.

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  1. Stephanie Schapowal

    Ah! These are so cool. I’ve been digging bright colors lately.

  2. Giang Cao

    Love the retro Print on the Silk Scarf! Twigs and stones is definitely my favorite out of the two options..!

  3. What an awesome giveaway. Crossing my fingers!!!!!

    -Mimosa Vu

  4. I adore option 2 :) !!!

  5. Arm-y Brat for sure – I love fabric and metal in my jewellery!

  6. Thin bracelets are the best.. I’ve gotten a bunch from jcrew and I can’t get enough. I really love reading your blog, it’s such an inspiration.

  7. I’d love that first option. Amazing bracelets that goes with almost everything. Perfect with a simple tee, jeans and heels. Crossing my fingers! And of course liked both Park & Cube and Boticca.

  8. Belle Sohn

    This is really awesome. I love love love the twigs and stone giveaway! Super gorg. I hope I’m lucky!

  9. My blog is, like, soo expensive. Whatevs Shinmiister, I want to win BOTH sets so… even though I feel a wee little bit guilty for entering a giveaway on your blog I’ll choke down the bad feelings and go for it anyway. Mmmkay? Consider me entered. I want that arm party on the left. It would look, like, soooo hot during #LFW.

    p.s. will go like Boticca but I swear if I liked Park & Cube anymore my head might explode. I like you, like, so freaking much doll.

  10. Jennifer

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I’ve been admiring the rings of your recent blog posts, but I think I could wear option 1 more!

  11. option 1 would be so nice :*

  12. I am dying over the “Twigs and Stones” option. Those rings and that scarf are so gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. lovely giveaway!


  14. Here we are!

  15. Thank you for this giveaway!

  16. Wow, both options are awesome but option II I like best. I love jewelry inspired by twigs and branches, but don’t own anything like that yet. Maybe, one can hope. Thanks.

  17. Frances

    Omg these are amazing.
    I think the rings are making me go a little bit obsessive, so let’s hope :)

  18. aww, those thin bracelets are very cute. in general, thin bracelets are good, they somehow transfer attention from my giant hands, haha.

  19. Option 2 definitely has my vote! Just because I love the retro scarf and the stone ring and the bracelet. woops, that’s everything.

    I’ve liked Park and Cube since like, forever? I wish I could click the like button more than once. haha.


  20. i love the rings.. and liked both! thanks for holding a giveaway :)

  21. Arm-y brat for meee :) haha don’t worry you’re readers aren’t complaining about a giveaway :D

  22. Option 2 is fantastic!

  23. Whoa! amazing scarfs!
    I agree with you, there are blogs with too many give aways, gets a little boring…

    Thank you for this one though ;)

  24. I adore option one, mainly because I’ve had the worst luck finding the perfect friendship bracelets. I was then thinking I could possibly make my own, but my goodness it turned out rather horrid. The Arm-y brat babies for the win!

  25. I am all for the arm party that’s going on with Option 1! xx

  26. Erica

    I love your blog! You are hilarious, and I love your quirky way of writing. :)

  27. Shelby

    I can’t choose!

  28. Katerina

    love the scarf!

  29. This giveaway is amazing.
    I adore option 1!

  30. i love option no1!
    your blog is amazing! i loved the florence pics!!!!!

  31. Franzi

    Hi there, found your blog just the other day through lesmads and I’m already in love with it! Since then I’m checking in on a daily basis and if there is no new post I like reading the old ones to “get to know you” :)

  32. Wow – what a great giveaway!
    Let’s hope for number 1 :-) – those friendship bracelet is amazing! love it!

  33. Izabele

    ohhh, holy karma. i hope i’ve done something right lately…
    thank you! ( + bonus karma point)

  34. Thanks darling for not chucking your blog to the untamed wilds of the giveaway industrial complex and for this one giveaway! <3

  35. mon pak

    totally diggin option #2!! all the different colors, mediums and prints!
    thanks for hosting this giveaway =)

  36. Aleksandra

    my email- wesola77@wp.pl Dzięki pozdrawiam :)

  37. Tiffany Chen

    I’m loving the silk scarf, but I’m not too into the stones double-finger ring. Yet I like the simplistic bracelets in option 1.
    & Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  38. Those rings are calling my name!

  39. Elena

    wow, both great options :) but I gueeess.. I prefer the second one !

  40. Love this giveaway! Yay!

  41. Option #2 all the way. I must have that Peridot twig ring. Peridot is probably my favorite gem, love the green color. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win. Plus I liked the Facebook pages. I could use the good karma.

  42. Camila


  43. OH my gosh it’s all so gorgeous !!! I’m in love with option 2 even more!!

    Your text is hilarious as always! I go crazy for your irony !! :P

    I keep my finger crossed!!




  44. I love bright colors in general, but the scarf is so eye-catching! Thanks for the giveaway! (:

  45. Liked!

  46. Big fan of this beautiful blog. Your photos are always splendid. xx

  47. this is a tough choice! option 1 – a bit of p&c to keep my watch company. thanks shini

  48. I love both of the choices! This giveaway was a superb choice. :)

  49. Alise

    The army-brat option it is! (I would have called it a well-travelled-wannabe-bohemians-arsenal, oh well..) :)

    p.s. choose me! choose me! (I got my first proper job today! YAY!)

  50. Connie

    Arm-y brat looks tasty and so does this blog

    thanks for all the posts :)

  51. Line Reedtz

    What a fantastic give away. If I should I be the lucky winner I would like option 2, the scarf is amazing.

  52. Jee

    I’m really liking option 2. I feel like I must avert eyes from becoming too attached to them haha.
    Thank you! :)

  53. so gorgeous, I understand why you feel that they’re a worthy brand to have a giveaway for! I’m definitely entered :)

  54. Ohhhh, nice! I get all grabby by this giveaway. I like both options! The twig ring is gorgeous, as well as… everything in option one… fingers crossed!

  55. Theresa

    I love the bracelets in option 1! I’m always searching for bracelets that I can wear on a daily basis; bracelets that are both delicate and edgy. These are pure perfection.

    Thanks :)

  56. Eunice


  57. Bethanie

    looove both options! gorgeous!


  58. thanks for the incredible giveaway! :)


  59. Thanks for doing this give away! Of course I hope I win but I do really enjoy your blog so please keep it up! :)

    P.s. the pink hair braid in tutorial was super rad!

  60. Monika

    The scarf is gorgeous!! I can’t take my eyes of it…

  61. hilalnur

    love the first option! :)

  62. Hanel

    Would have liked you on facebook anyway, so this giveaway is a great excuse to actually push the button.

  63. Love both of them! Thank you so much fo this opportunity :-)

  64. Eva

    I really like option 2, the rings and scarf are gorgeous!!

  65. Clementine

    I love the rings and scarf! So beautiful. And your blog is hella classy, no worries!

  66. tld

    that’s lovely, thank you!

    p.s. i prefer 2nd option – just in case ; )

  67. Sophie Wenning

    Really like the rings!!

  68. Lisa Matthias

    i have the zara blazer, too! wondering what you’re wearing underneath + what trousers to pair it with, as i’ve seen it with the floral print ones from H&M but i don’t like the print as much?

    my email address is: lisa.matthias@t-online.de

  69. Olga

    too hard to choose one ♥

  70. Claudia

    that twig ring is so amazing! fingers crossed.

  71. Natalia Palasz

    Two! Two! Two! Option 2! I love rings and this happy colours of this nice scarf makes me happy! Option 1 is cool too – i love friendship branclets, but not as much as i love rings!

  72. natalia

    Michelle Oh’s ring is really adorable, so I have to say: the right side!


  73. Hannah

    Mmm I like the triplets in option #2 along with the twig ring and the scarf! xx

  74. amy

    wow, thank you so much! this is a beautiful giveaway… i like that you’re not one of those bloggers who has a $50 gift card giveaway to the same three online shops every week. it’s super hard to choose, but i think i’d have to go with the arm party option if i won!

    i also liked you on facebook :)

  75. wow. the twigs and stones rings are amazing.

  76. yay, thank you for this! :)


  77. Would absolutely adore option 2!

  78. Texxy Smith

    Nice giveaway! Thanks :)
    I like option 1! The bracelets are so dainty

  79. Vanda

    Option 1 & 2 are both really lovely, but I’m really feeling the rings and scarf in the twigs and stones set.

    Thank-yous for holding this giveaway ❥❥❥
    lol and have a nice day.

  80. Willow

    this looks beautiful, I absulutly adore your blog !

  81. Simone

    Okay, I dig this. A lot.

  82. Oh what a lovely give away! I know what you mean about give aways, I think I’ve only ever done one on my blog but this giveaway is quite special huh? I love them both but I would probably be better off with option 2 as I wear rings a little more. Seee Shini, you totally need a Muji jewellery box in your life.

  83. Gina

    Option 1!

  84. Aaah, so cool! Love them both! Thanks for doing a give-away. :)

  85. Karen

    So generous

  86. susan hwang

    ooh i like option 2. and thank you for holding this giveaway despite your strong feelings about them. i still think of your blog as high class :)

  87. Sue Lee

    love love option 1.

    p.s. i love your blog!

  88. I love your blog, I follow you in a while but I’m starting to leave posts on my lovinblogs, because my english is not really good…hahaha

    Thanks for your web, your posts and all stuff


  89. Mailin

    Thank you for the giveaway haha. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  90. I love your blog, I follow you in a while but I’m starting to leave posts on my lovinblogs, because my english is not really good…hahaha
    by the way, I think I prefer the option 2, this silk scarf is really pretty :3

    Thanks for your web, your posts and all stuff


  91. Kasia

    cannot decide which option I like better. awesome giveaway.

  92. Dianne Anderson

    I check your blog daily for updates and love to read every word and view every picture! Option #2 is fantastic.

  93. Kathleen S

    Amazing giveaway. It’s refreshing to see that you don’t require us to facebook like you to enter! Thanks! lovewantvintage at gmail dot com

  94. This is amazing! Thank you so much for putting it on. I’d have to go with option 2 but both are so beautiful. My email is tovogueorbust@gmail.com

    Alexandra xo


  95. yurga

    2 option is amazing :)

  96. The twigs & stones option is gorgeous!

  97. In!

  98. Love this!

    My name on facebook: Raquel Neves.

    My e-mail address: raquel_neves93@hotmail.com

    Thanks dear, your blog is amazing!

  99. 2.
    Super duper thanks? Hehe

  100. Oh, the army-s would be so handy… x

  101. option 2 please! thanks for the oppotunity, it was a tough choice

  102. Thank you so much for the kind giveaway! Love both options!
    Liked both of the Facebook pages, too. ^^


  103. Will love to win Twigs and Stones! Great giveaway! :-)


  104. so lovely ! i love the bright colours, i love the mixture ! (:

  105. I already like both on fb and I love your blog and immaculate personal style! I prefer arm-y brat, its very much me. Mainly because im uncomfortably obsessed with the idea of an arm party as pushed by Man Repeller.

  106. Lauren L

    so obsessed with the arm-y brat option!

  107. Lauren L

    so obsessed with the arm-y brat option! :)

  108. Great pieces, might need to get them regardless of winning.

  109. Option one is a definite winner, can’t get enough of little details to dress up an outfit! x

  110. Dominika

    wow how, nice pieces to create arm traffic

  111. JulesB

    Ooh la la! I love the twigs and stones option! Got my fingers crossed!

    And good for you for only doing giveaways with integrity!

  112. Second option is alluring ;)

  113. Suki Negusse

    Thank you so much! These look great! I like both options!

  114. stunning details!


  115. Effie

    It’s so nice! I like both option.
    I would be so lucky to win :D thanks for the giveaway

  116. Alda

    Love! … I could really get into collecting hand-woven bracelets again.
    Gracias :)

  117. This is a beautiful site! Thank you for sharing, option 2 is especially lovely.

  118. Candy

    Whoa! Option 2 is beautiful!

  119. alice

    The combination of those beautiful rings and scarf on #2 is lovely.
    Thanks for cheapening the blog this little bit for us.

  120. Amy

    These look awesome! The second option is especially gorgeous

  121. Meredith

    I really like Option 2! Thanks for the giveaway and the awesome blog! :D

  122. thanks for hosting the giveaway! i love it (:
    & it doesn’t cheapen your blog…
    (says the girl who loves free stuff….)
    elegant_storms at yahoo.com

  123. michelle

    fingers crossed for option number 2!! that scarf is beyond cool.

  124. Siena W

    Let’s see where this crazy giveaway rollercoaster ride takes us.

  125. i dunno if the ring will fit on me (if i win this of course :p)…
    i choose 1st option.
    besides, in the first option there’s DIY Park n Cube’s friendship bracelet!
    it will be very beautiful gift for me. :)

  126. Martina

    I never sign up for giveaways, but you do have the best one out there. sigh!

    where’s your blazer from? i have a soft spot for flashy floral prints ..

  127. I really love the army brat bracelets! They’re so cute!

  128. Shannon H.

    That Michelle Oh ring has haunted my dreams since I saw it. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  129. I love this giveaway, the pieces are so perfect!
    Thank you very much!
    And, by the way… always loved your blog, you’re so smart, so delicate.
    Congratulations, you inspire me.

  130. Sarah

    Option #1 is making this seriously frigid and woefully gray Seattle day a little happier. Just awesome.

  131. Selina

    merci beaucoup Shini! Will continue reading your expensive blog since there are freebies… oh I feel so cheap just saying that! haha no really, thanks! I will choose option one if I am so lucky xo.

  132. Priyanka

    1. These are lovely.
    2+. You’re kind!

  133. Haha, this is why I come here. You take fantastic pictures and are hilarious. Commenting! Entering!

  134. Samantha

    Beautiful! Option 2!

    I like blogs and all, but yours is the only one I actually enjoy reading.

  135. Joyce

    Your website is great!
    Happy New Year!

  136. S. Leslie

    Definitely pinning towards Option 2. My blah blah winter wardrobe could use a splash of color, and I think that colorful retro scarf would do the trick. Besides if I don’t wear the scarf my puppy would. She just came downstairs wearing my blue cashmere scarf– I guess my sister decided to play dress up with her…
    Love your blog.
    Hope I win!
    — S
    (incase there are two of these it is because I re-submitted this because my internet lost connection)

  137. Pretty, pretty. Thanks for the giveaway! Would love option 2.

  138. Charlotte

    They’re both two lovely rainbow coloured options, the only (and right) way to choose is through eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Coincidently (or is it fate? (yeah, I don’t think so) I’ve been trying to find some nice accessories/jewellery and boom you’ve introduced me to Boticca, so thank you.

    On a unrelated and random, this was a nice breather from god-awful Maths. Pretty colours to give my eyes a break from numbers, numbers and more numbers. /rant over

    P.s. Is it awkward this comment is longer than the others thus far? *awkward turtle* I blame the sleep-deprived state. Aight, night!

  139. S. Lim

    So lovely! Thank you for doing this. Your humour and sense of style is precious.

  140. Michaela Ho

    soo purty…

  141. Aha, love that Lucy Jay silk scarf! Reminds me of kindergarden years of crayons and thumbs-in-the-mouth day-dreamings~~~

  142. Carolyn

    Love the site and option number 1. The photos you put up are so beautiful. They add cheeriness and art to my long days at work.


  143. Normiu

    I love option two, in love with rings :) good luck to all, kisses from mexico ;)

  144. mello

    i would love option 2!
    irinasas at yahoo dot com

  145. yes, but it is a sorta completely awesome giveaway.

  146. Lauren

    Nice! Thank you for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  147. Love the giveaway, thank you! Would love to sticks and stones!!

  148. Melissa

    Love option 2 and the blog. ;) Thanks!

  149. All are beautiful pieces! Giveaways are awesome, I love free stuff :)



  150. If you’re only going to hold one or two giveaways a year, then this one seems totally worth it!

    Both options look great but that triangle print scarf is INCREDIBLE!

  151. Joyce Wang

    the rings are amazing !

  152. Hey! Thanks for this giveaway! :) Always admired your style, and what’s more, you can do so many handicrafts! Cool! :)

  153. Katrine

    Option one looks beautiful to me – exactly the kind of thin bracelets I’ve been on the lookout for. Also, I am starting new, living-on-the-premises school soon, and anything beautiful to which a bit of storytelling can be attached (and I find most beautiful things lend themselves to storytelling… never mind truthfulness) would be most valuable to me. I suspect I will need distractions and pretty things to seem interesting 24 hours a day, for half a year, to 120 strange new people. Glitter should help!

    (Also, reading your flower market post a couple of days ago made me want to buy you flowers. Not in a creepy way, I don’t think – no yellow roses – maybe it’s a bit of a creepy thought anyway – , just from the feeling that everyone should treat themselves to flowers once in a while, even if one hasn’t an acceptable receptacle. Especially in january, though your photos made me feel unusually content with the cold weather and light. And so I wanted to tell you, if you haven’t noticed, that it’s hyacinth season, and the bulbs in pots last ages longer than the cut ones and need no vase, and they are amazing.)

  154. Iina

    Twigs & stones !!!!! gorgeous

  155. Oh shini! you’re so funny xoxo
    that whole doctor-syringe thing really made me laugh :D
    I don’t usually comment on giveaways. guess you’re one of the special few – solely because I love your description by the end and the very interesting pics. you’re planning on giving away. or yea…”associated” with the giveaway XP

    I’m speechless by the colour and print of the jacket. it reminds me of Sara Phillips..

    Style Hostess

  156. Alison

    I love the colours in that silk scarf! Option 2 is definitely my fav.

  157. I love the arm-y brat spread!

  158. I adore option 2. There are several influences at once, all melded perfectly.

  159. Christine Kim

    Option 1 is amazing! I’m a bracelet fanatic!

  160. always admire your blog and those lovely pics. so professional and personal. option 2 is really stunning. x

  161. Riki

    those bracelets are so simple and chic!

  162. I’m in love with the second opinion :)

  163. What a great giveaway, thank you so much. Your blog is amazing!

  164. Denise Seow

    Definitely love Option 2. Twigs and Stones tickle my fancy, lovely!

  165. Patricia

    We all could use a good arm party, so I’m going for Arm-y Brat for sure! Love the shock factor of your floral blazer, by the way.

  166. I love them both but to not be greedy, I’d say Option 1 for its subtlety and burst of colour!
    Thank you :)

  167. Leslie Patiño

    Option 2. twigs and stones. I want have luck with this giveaway :)

  168. Alicia

    Twigs and Stones is my favorite :)

  169. Lauren Peterson

    Fingers crossed :)

  170. The toosis ring is absolutely beautiful, labrodorite goes with everything!

  171. Izyan

    Loving option 1! Such an awesome giveaway!

  172. Natalie hUghes

    i read your blog all the time, you’re inspiring me to start my own. I love your style. Natalie-Jade x

  173. Hello, Shini:
    Thanks so much for the givaway! I always enjoyed your writing, so funny.
    Wish I could write like you!!

  174. yeehui

    so beautiful! :)

  175. Thanks for hosting this! : ) If I won, I’d choose Option 1.

  176. Anita

    These are so fierce! I would love to rock any of them!

  177. Krisa Tran

    love it.

  178. andrea

    Beautiful giveaway! … Loving both or 1 or 2 or any of them! … crossing my fingers! thanks

  179. Stephanie Mak

    I always used to make friendship bracelets and give them to my friends, but that was never reciprocated. Probably because I did a really bad job. Ha.
    I would be so thankful if I were to receive option one, (your bracelet looks infinitely better than any I have ever made).

  180. Bonnie G.

    So cute! I love the photo with the Bottega Veneta perfume. <3

  181. they are both amazing in their own way. but i feel i would get a lot of wear out of OPTION 2 because of my obsession with rings.

    Christina D

  182. Haina

    Twigs and stones; I love that ring!

  183. Oh, I love the rings! Fingers crossed (har har)!


    p.s. I really respect how you handle giveaways on your blog, it’s true it does get annoying when the blogroll contains ONLY contests or giveaways. It always surprises me when you have giveaways… since they must be good for you to actually host one.

  184. Hui

    These are very cool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Bianca Crudo

    Love the giveaway! Hopin’ for option deux :]

  186. Caroline Mesko

    This giveaway is fantastic!!

  187. Joanne

    All of the items are so cool.
    This blog is amazing along with the photography, layout & especially outfits. Always inspiring.

  188. Great giveaway! I’m joining!


  189. Barby

    HAHA. Thanks for the give-away, and for not chucking too much of them at us thereby maintaining blog ‘expensiveness.’

    P.S. Have liked Park & Cube lightyears ago. Love your blog!

  190. Thank you so much. Can’t decide between both but leaning towards option 2 solely bec I wear rings.

    Taking this opportunity to say you have such a lovely blog.

  191. Pear

    option two please :) i love the rings!

    thank you. you’re so nice xxx

  192. i don’t usually enter blog draws (just like you don’t usually hold them) but the bracelets in “arm-y brat” are too cool for school. way to keep the vibe “expensive” ;)

    xx a.

  193. Helen

    love both choices … but i’m a sucker for friendship bracelets right now and the pairing with the gold just looks so pretty!

  194. xr

    me please me please!! loving the bracelets!! im loving the arm-y brat!!

  195. Melissa Messer

    Liked on FB! I adore #1, those bracelets are too stinkin’ cool.

  196. wizzant.

  197. Rachel

    aww, these are so beautiful! option two especially is stunning, i love the colors on the scarf! :)


  198. If I win the friendship bracelet does that mean you’ll officially be my BFFL??

  199. Linley

    love option 1!!
    and it’s my birthday ^.^

  200. Maycky Tang

    Thanks for holding a give-away. I like how you smuggled in your friendship bracelet as a part of the prize. :)

  201. Vanessa Chung


  202. Angie

    Hey there, thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway! The twigs and stones option is so amazingly beautiful!

  203. Hyun Anna Kim

    -Thank you shini for having an awesome giveaway! yay!

    *I’d love for option 2 *

  204. Chris

    I’m doing this for my girlfriend.

  205. Hyun Anna Kim

    -Thank you shini for having an awesome giveaway! yay!

    *I’d love option 2 *

  206. sharon

    Park and Cube is my favourite blog,very enjoy reading it daily.
    Thank you for the giveaway !
    I handmade silver jewelry ,kind of a Jewelry designer,hope to make something you like.
    I adore option 2.

  207. Jean X.

    Such a lovely and thoughtful giveaway! Thank you Shin and Boticca!

  208. Carol Lee

    It’s my first time ever participating in giveaway contest. Option 1 just caught my attention, and I really want shini’s unique DIY bracelet!

  209. Oh it’s so hard to pick! But I think I love the bracelets the best – especially the bright friendship bracelet, they’re all very pretty :) Thank you for the opportunity to enter, I have my fingers crossed! Keep up the great work with the blog, loved the DIY hair piece post from yesterday.


  210. Bridg

    Sorry, forgot to mention my FB name is Bridgid Hawley :) x

  211. Maija

    <3 this giveaway :)

  212. Megan Douget

    arm-y brat is adorable! Love colors mixed with metal

  213. Tali Shani

    option 1 rocks!!!!

  214. Rachel Kong

    This ends on my birthday. Hope to win something nice. Twigs and stones may break my bones…

  215. Seraphina

    Totally irrelevant but the graphic design on this post looks GREAT

  216. amy

    loving both of these little gems, but would pick twigs n stones if super lucky enough to win… thanks for creating and sharing such an inspiring blog :)

  217. Ouuuuuhhh I adore the stones ring!

  218. Eileen

    awesome giveaway! the ring with 3 stones is gorgeous

  219. aznbyulxx@gmail.com

  220. Carmen Stephens

    These are so beautiful! I really love your blog, the photos are always amazing!

  221. Free stuff is always good. It definitely doesn’t cheapen your blog (but I’m only saying that since I love free stuff, heh)! You shouldn’t feel like you’re asking for my soul. I’d gladly give it to you for that amazing silk scarf.

  222. well, I’m not picky I love both options:)

    just liked Boticca and I’m a fan of yours for some while…

  223. I love giveaways – only cos we get awesome free things and both options are too brilliant. :)

  224. i really love the casual colorful bracelets i’d wear them with anything everyday

    email: burnttoast41@yahoo.com

  225. awesome!!!



  226. Marisa Hom

    These are so cute! would love to have!!

  227. I recently stumbled upon this blog. I love it- fresh simplicity, amazing images. As for the giveaway: thank you,…such beautiful items, especially option no 2. I will like it on fb for sure!

  228. mioka1@op.pl

  229. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, although it’s quite sensible that it’s a bit of pet peeve. The first option is my favourite as each piece is just eclectic and stand-out-ish on their own. Hope that you have a pleasant day! xx

  230. Hope i’ll win


  231. Definitely digging arm-y brat option 1, they would look awesome piled high with a watch too. Loving the giveaway!

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    oh i cant choose i think i like option 1 best

  233. Amaia

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    Winning anything would be awesome!

  236. Debora

    Debora Ferri

  237. So beautiful! Option two for me, I adore the scarf!

  238. They’re both irresistible options! I would love to dress up my hands in any case! :)

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    Great, great give-away! The colours alone made my day :)
    But I cross my fingers for option 2…

  240. You’re cool and the bracelets are cool x

  241. This is really gorgeous!
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  242. traci

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  243. ilaria

    option 2 is gorgeous…grazie!

  244. Ooooooooohhhhh! Arm-y brat! Frolicking festival fun all over my arm! x

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  246. Daria

    I love your giveaways because they are So Rare and that makes them So Cool!
    Thanks for giving us all a chance to win :)

  247. You blog is like, killing me with its beautiful graphics!

  248. Nice giveaway!
    I think I will go for option 1, because I’m still looking for some thin bracelets around teeny tiny arm…
    And yes, I liked you both on facebook!

    my email: joy.justlikesushi@gmail.com

  249. I want option 2! It’s so beautiful!

  250. I’d have to resort to option 2 (even though both are gorgeous) because rings are my thaaang!

    Love your blog and loving this giveaway

    Holly xx

  251. Iva Cota

    I love the option 1! :)

  252. I’d love, love, love to win! Twigs and Sones are the winner for me. X

  253. Thuy Tien

    I´m entering! Option 2 would make me really, really, like really, really happy. But still, looking at your aesthetic pictures is always very delighting, so not winning is also cool

  254. Gabriela

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Both options are amazing, and I love Boticca! I’d be happy with either option :) Fingers crossed xx

  255. Phillip-Michael

    LOVE your blog. You have inspired me to design some interesting pieces that I’m working on!

  256. WOW love the scarf!!!!
    and I love your blog!

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    Thanks for the giveaway Shini!

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    Hope you’re having a wonderful week,
    Jules x

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  260. With any of this, I bet Pocahontas could paint with all the colors of the wind!
    I adore every little detail!

  261. I would love to win option 2!
    Francisca Silva e Sousa

    Thank you, your blog os my favorite! Keep it expansive ;)

  262. first of all i would like to say what a lovely and perfect blog you have! thanks to share all this moments with us! thanks for this giveaway. i like boticca and you via facebook name sabrina sayna!
    If i win i will appreciate to have the first option love the brats! here is my email: alamode-de-sasou@laposte.net. Thank u so much :)

  263. option 2! so cute


  264. konstanze

    I’m a big fan of boticca, I love especially their designer Interviews!
    The twigs and stone set is great!

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  266. I follow you and Boticca! This giveaway is really great. I prefer option 2! And this giveaway definitely doesn’t cheapen up the blog :)!

  267. I absolutely I adore your blog and this give away is lovely, I love how there are more options. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  268. LOVE LOVE IT!!

    definitely giveaways are for high-priced BLOGs! ;)

    arm-y Brat looks Amazing!!

    all the best with the blog

  269. Option 2 is beautiful – that silk scarf would look amazing tied to my new yellow satchel bag I got yesterday. Fingers crossed!

    I agree with you about giveaways – too many is unnecessary. But the odd amazing one can be really exciting! I have only ever hosted 1 (mainly because I haven’t got anything as amazing as this to give away!)


  270. Nicole

    What a lovely giveaway. I’ve been a long time reader of park & cube and I have to say that the photography blows me away with each and every post. Thank you for your amazing posts.

    p.s I’m totally a bracelet kinda girl – obsessed with overloading them with any outfit I wear.

  271. ooh… I’d love to have a friendship bracelet from you! def. option one!!

  272. nicky

    I love rings in general, but I think that these are wonderful!

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    Option 1 would be my choice. One can never have enough bracelets!

  276. Fantastic prizes! But I prefer the option number 2 :)

    Vittoria Gallacci
    email: vitto.hallagher@hotmail.it

    Come and visit my blog if you want!

  277. flo

    Wow! Everything gives you the “summer feeling” at once! If I would have to decide I`d choose the cocktail ring of option II as my favourite…really classy and still twisted enough to spice up your evening garderobe. Thank you for sharing this with us…and yes: just the right amouth of expensive for your blog in this giveaway! ;)

  278. great giveaway!


  279. Hello and thanks from Stockholm!

  280. Aleksandra

    Bottica is a realy good brand :3 option 2 is my thing !
    and I love your blog! also, the jacket in the first photo is awesome!

    Pozdrowienia z Polski :)

  281. Jia Ping

    I adore both options, but im in love with the cocktail ring by Toosis! Have been searching for one like this, high and low. Hope im the lucky one! *fingers crossed*

  282. I love love love the twig and peridot ring – definitely into my rings right now. But the bracelets are very pretty too.. I’d love either, really. But the rings the most :)

  283. Diana

    Ohhh.What a lovely pieces! Hope you have a good day ! xoxo

  284. I’m totally keen on option numéro un. xx

  285. Agnieszka

    love your blog and bottica.com. i’ve just ordered great necklace, thanks !!

  286. eirini

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  287. Good luck everyone!

  288. Krystel Rowe

    Awsome & fashionable giveaway :D Good Luck everyone :D

  289. Love both of them! They are just gorgeous! But I personally would pick 1st option, because I <3 bracelets and these are absolutely amazing! I'll try find something like this in my country!

    Greets from Poland!

  290. Penn

    Omg it’s so cute, would love the option 1 please

    Big thank you and hug xxx

  291. lovely lovely option 1 :)

  292. all the pieces look amazing!! hope i’ll manage to win although it seems quite unlikely. but anyway thanks for introducing boticca to us! i really like websites that sell unique jewellery like this :)

  293. Aoife Noelle

    ARM-Y BRAT! I could do with a bitta that, thank you. x

  294. Amanda Smart


  295. Option 2 i want, because its simply amazing, as your blog!!

  296. I love option one. Beaded bracelets are brilliant. Please?

    God bless,
    :> Olivia

  297. Whaou love bracelets (OPTION 1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thx for this giveaways


    Laberiane Ponton

  298. Ahhh I’m from tiny island Singapore and I love your site to bits!! Hahaha would love option 2 so terribly althought 1 is still an awesome catch ;)

  299. Loves it

  300. You were the first fashion blog that I ever saw! And thanks to you I learned how to knit a few years ago :) keep doing the great job! <3

  301. i’d be really, really happy with this beauty.

  302. Adela

    I love the crazy scarf and rings,

    Dziekuje :)


  303. Yoshi

    Done and done! Thank you! You always present things so lusciously.

  304. Ida Maria Aunsbjerg Villadsen

    Did you know the danish word for sausage is “pøls”. I guess you learn every day

  305. woohoo!thumbs up for great giveaway!both options rock, but number 1 rocks like mick jagger on a sweet summers eve. cheers from good old Poland!

  306. María J. Martín

    Gracias por el sorteo de parte de una seguidora de tu blog en Sevilla (España).

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    love the scarf so bright and colorful.
    just checked there website love it
    thanks for sharing.


  308. I recognise their stuff but I didn’t know who they were. Amazing. Done, done & done (& the deadline’s my birthday!) xx

  309. Cristina B.

    Lovely giveaway, I love the option #1 :-)

  310. Julia

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! The bracelets are so adorable!
    Fingers crossed!
    Greetings from Poland, Shini! :)

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  314. Option 2: Twigs and stone won it over for me!

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  316. Love love the blazer I wanted to get the same but out of time to!

    x Romi


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  318. Maylis

    Oh my god I want this :)

  319. irene allan

    Loving these, can’t quite decide between the 2 which is my fave the twigs & Stones are fabulous but i also love the arm-y brat! Boticca is one of my favourite sites

  320. Sara

    “souls on a clipboard….” <—– hahaha!
    But, I guess here's mine? :p
    Love the rings fo' sho' :)

  321. Milka Maneva

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  323. Kerri

    Love the bright scarf!

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    Xx from Paraguay, South America.

  326. I’ve been a lurker for a long time – you have a lovely blog! I adore option 2.
    I also liked you on facebook and not because I had to! :)

  327. Devina

    i love option 1 ♥ :)

  328. Joana Basto

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Crossing my fingers! :)

    I love option 2 … And of course like both Park & Cube and Boticca, a lot !!

  329. Julia

    Beautiful! I love option 2, I just can’t go past the popping colours in the scarf!

  330. oh my! these look lovely! <3

  331. Lovely.Rita

    Great giveaway, option 2 is to die for!

  332. Lucy

    I love so much the “option 2 ” with the solitaire ring from Michelle oh, I saw it on your post about firenze and then search it on Botica website but it’s not affordable for me… maybe this is my chance !! fingers crossed :)

  333. Beautiful stuff, especially the second option! Thanks for a great giveaway and for introducing us to brands that are not so known! :)

  334. MarinaB

    Thank you for sharing! I like better option 2.

    MarinaB from buenos aires argentina


  335. yasmeen.fahmy[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thank you :)

  336. After much deliberation I have decided that arm-y-brat is my favourite! I’m such a fan of your blog; it’s so beautiful and I love the personality that comes through in your writing. X


  338. Laura

    Option 2 is my fav! :)

  339. What a beaut of a giveaway for a beaut of a blog. I love a good arm party as much as the next woman but my vote is for Option 2.

    Thanks for this and for leading me to the Bottica website. Uh oh.

  340. Agnieszka

    i used to make such bracelets as on the left (your diy) so thanks for that, they’re lovely :)

  341. Heather

    Love the jewels! I want them all! x

  342. Oh these are both really lovely, option 2 is really really lovely though. xoxo

  343. Jojoba

    Me love option 1!! Was virtually drooling over the bracelets and could not believe my eyes that there’s really a giveaway of it!! Thank you,thank you,thank you so much for being santa!!

    much love, =)

  344. Both are gorgeous, but I’m leaning towards Option II! Have been searching for jewellery as understated and elegant as these by Boticca, I think I now have a go-to brand for such pieces (:

  345. GiselleRC

    I think I’ll go for the twigs and stones. Thanks for the giveaway!


  346. Vasilisa

    and me and me and me)
    reading ur blog already for a long time, u are so awesome and inpirational)
    thanx to u

  347. What a lovely giveaway! Hard to decide between the options – but I guess that the rings would get more use… …so #2 that is.

  348. <3

  349. Lauren

    Option 2 is lovely!

  350. Patti

    aw thanks for making this give away :) the bracelets are so cute, reminds me of how I would wear a bunch of bracelets made from thread and beads, when I was a kid!

  351. Sara

    So cool giveaway! :D

  352. Gosh, I just discovered Boticca but I already love it!

  353. Yaniko

    Absolutely stunning both of them, such good taste! I’m crossing my fingers here :) Thanks for holding these giveaways!

  354. Awesome! Option 2 is stunning! But I do love option 1 too!!

  355. Arpana Gurung

    It is definetly the LUCY JAY scarf. The vibrant colours and the patterns are just to die for. The statement piece .and the TOOSIS ring! <3

  356. Isabelle

    twigs and stones! gorgeous!

  357. I heart the rings & scarf!!!!
    Beautiful!!! ^^

  358. In the 4th grade(it was in 2001), I had a business- I sold friendship bracelets for 50 cents per one))

  359. Maria Fatima Cuevas

    In my best Borat voice, ” I SO EXCITE!” Both options for the giveaway are absolutely gorgeous and it’s so generous of you to give us the opportunity to win them! The “Army
    Brat” really got my attention because of the friendship bracelet–lol, aside from the beautiful chevron print and the fact that it’s a great stacker, it makes me think that wearing it could set as a reminder to always be FRIENDLY AND KIND to people and less army brat-esque.

    I’m going to feel like an idiot of that wasn’t what you were going for with the name, lol, but it was just a thought. :)

    In short, I love Option 1 “army brat” and I thank you again for giving us the chance to win it! :)

  360. beatrice

    so amazing!
    fb:il mercatino di bea

  361. Doris

    I would love to win the 2nd option. The scarf’s pattern is too cool and the rings as well.

  362. Option #1 is fancy. I’m usually not a fan of gold, but it works. Adore the name too!

  363. Emma

    Oh this is so beautiful! I really love the twigs & stones set.

  364. Alina

    Giveaway at it’s best, dear. Gosh i love the rings, and the scarf actually calls my name!

  365. Eric

    My wife would love the scarf and ring! Would be a great Bday gift for her!

  366. Vero

    So gorgeous! Love the blog, long time lurker, first time posting ;) That scarf was worth giving it a shot!

  367. Nina

    Love option 1!

    Email: nina_1128@hotmail.com

    Thanks :)

  368. Sara

    Love option 2!


    i love both options! especially #2…

  370. shannon z

    Thank you for the offer!

  371. Aimee

    This is awesome! Both options are lovely but twigs and stones is my fave. Hope I’ll get lucky! :)

  372. this is an amazing giveaway! i would probably do backflips if i won option #2!

    i like you and boticca on facebook, too!


  373. Zdeňka

    Option 2 is very very nice. :)

  374. LOVE the scarf!!!

  375. Both options are lovely! Can’t wait for the results ;)

  376. Jina Lee

    Option 2 is beautiful! I loveeeeee!


  377. Tess

    love both!! brilliant color choices and contrasts – perfect for leading the way into spring!

  378. Wow, I must be out of the loop but I’ve never heard of Boticca before; they are so lovely! It all seems so versatile.

  379. Expensive blog is my kinda thing :)
    Thanks for the giveaway. I tried to make my own friendship bracelets, but they all seem rather amateurish.

  380. Sydney

    I would love the second option. Thanks for making the giveaway such a good one!

  381. Anny-Rou

    WOW~~love the scarf !

    Thank you for share these awesome goods.

  382. ooh those bracelets are really cute, I love them! and the twig ring is gorgeous. :)

  383. I like you everywhere. <3 And still my favorite blogger too! Ciao, Jess p.s. #2

  384. Jessica Dearman

    Hooray! Giveaway!

  385. maria

    I love the 2nd option :)

  386. omg, i LOVE the scarf!!
    thats why i wish myself luck :))

  387. Urška

    Great great great and super rainbow-y colorful.
    And ofcourse I would choose the 1st option because it’s just gorgeous! (:

  388. Hélène

    awesome giveaway ! I love option 2 !

  389. Julia

    I’d love option 2! :))

  390. count me in! if I have to decide between the options, I’ll go for #2. not that a DIY by Park & Cube is not very tempting, but when I saw that scarf, I was sold.

  391. Oriana W.

    The twig and stones is gorgeous! Thanks for doing a giveaway. Your photography is lovely.

  392. Hi Shini,

    Happy New Year! I love your blog, as you already know. Thank you for the elegant touch you add, it´s lovely. I´d like to enter the contest for option 2 please. Both options are very pretty. Thank you! Bettina

  393. Shami

    I’ll go for option two. Although I really dig the bracelets (and I think owning a DIY friendship-band from P and C would be rather special!!) but I’m just really bad with bracelets and sorts so it has got to be the lovely rings! Vive le Park and Cube!

  394. nuria

    really nice selection… love option 1
    thanks for this giveaway!

  395. Suubi Njuki

    Lol! ..”it kinda cheapens the blog” LOL! that’s why I’m subscribed to you.. your bog is my slice of chic with no effort at all :-)

  396. SIP

    Twigs and Stones is my favourite. Absolutely gorgeous colours on that scarf! Btw, nice friendship bracelet – I used to do loads of those in my teen years and give them out to all my friends, they are fun to make!

  397. love everythingg! but option no 2 is what i crave for recently <3 !

  398. Mayra Sanchez

    Love option 2-….. totally in love with it! A fan From Puerto Rico!!

  399. Brittany

    Those rings from Boticca are absolutely marvelous! Yes please!

  400. Sofia

    I love the friendship bracelet and the scarf.
    They’re both gorgeous!
    If I don’t win the bracelet, I’ll try to make a similar one :)

  401. such beautiful bracelets!

    love option one so much
    your blog is so wonderful

  402. mk

    oh i love your DIY thing!!!

  403. Lauren Sien

    Ahhh I love both options! But since I have tiny fingers and most rings don’t fit… Option 1!

  404. Ah that’s ok, I’ll be asking the rings to be adjusted to the winner’s fingarrs!

  405. Lauren

    @Shini, Yay! Eggcited!

  406. Nice! Option 2 por favor.

  407. Such an amazing giveaway! An i agree with what you said about doing giveaways. You’re truly not buying my soul, you already had mine!

    Love, Nura from World of Fashion Inspiration

  408. I’d love to wear that cocktail ring…

  409. Valentina

    Oh, so nice!

  410. Jonna

    I never win on anything so I usually never even try when it comes to giveaways but this one I just couldn´t ignore! Love option number two, especially the twig ring, it´s simply amazing! Would wear every single day!

  411. Eleanor

    Oh my gosh! Would love to win the Twigs and Stones option!

  412. Maria

    So pretty rings. Fingers crossed!


  413. Susie

    Wow, both of them are so lovely! THANKS!! and good luck to me… :)

  414. Love the blog….its brightens my day! Making the pale blue scarve you showed a few weeks back, thanks again!

  415. clare

    PS. I loooovve option 2

  416. What a great giveaway! I love the option number 1 :)
    Soooo exciting ;) thanks!


  417. These bracelets are gorgeous! I really love the bright colors.
    Haha, thank you for the giveaway! x

  418. maike

    ps. I like both options but option 2 is really lovely. :3

  419. Love this giveaway! Both options are fabulous.

    I totally get what you mean by giveaways (hangs head down low because I just held one on mine) *sigh* my blog has been cheapened… definitely keeping that thought in mind for future reference now! lol xox

  420. I love all of these bracelets!

  421. ooooo I love giveaways! (have yet to win one :) i love option 1.


  422. Dear Shini, your blog IS expensive in a very good way!
    I wish I got something from this cute brand! My fav is of course the ring and scarf…

    It will be a great end of semester gift for a poor design student like myself…:)

    come pay me a visit – xx from Tel Aviv

  423. .gio

    Amazing giveaway!


  424. Joanna

    just in love with no. 2!
    śląc pozdrowienia, droga Shini!


  425. Obviously thanks :-D

    I found out your blog last week, and it is already in my Top Sites on my Mac! :-D

    Hope to win set number 2!


  426. Bo

    Love your blog, and great giveaway. Thanks!

  427. Katherine Sarah

    Pretty. Please. *-* Option twoo is beautifulll *-*

  428. Maya Siegel

    Want me some bling! (and thanks)

  429. Ferny

    Either option is awesome, but that silk scarf is calling to me!

  430. I love your blog, and thank you for offering such a cute giveaway! I love it <3

  431. I love both sets but that chevron friendship bracelet really caught my eye. I wear a million wrap bracelets each day, would love to add these to my collection.

  432. Andrea

    Great giveaway:)

    Thank you, love your blog :)


  433. Lorraine Hamilton

    Wow, 429 comments!! That’s quite intimidating but such a beautiful prize is definitely worth trying for. Thank you (and Boticca) for choosing such a lovely giveaway… and for giving it away. x

  434. Oohw pretty stuff. But I think twigs and stones fits my style better!

    Love your blog and your style soo much. And you are sooo pretty!


  435. Kasha Pundyk

    Wow! Those bracelets would inhance any outfit. Subtle but amazing :)

  436. Meagan

    Twigs and Stones is absolutely lovely and elegant. I adore it.

  437. Victoria

    Ah I love the friendship bracelet! But I’ll still go for option 2 though because the twig ring and scarf are to die for! I like how your giveaways are brightly coloured (:

  438. Victoria

    Ah I love the friendship bracelet! But I’ll still go for option 2 though because the twig ring and scarf are to die for! I like how your giveaways are brightly coloured (:

  439. Steli

    great! I like the 2nd option

  440. wow

  441. Chloe

    these are so beautiful!

  442. love it!

  443. Hanna

    Love both, but I’m obsessed with rings, so I think I’d choose 2!

  444. Ooh, I would love to win the Twigs & Stones option!

  445. madalena carneiro


    wow love everything =)

  446. oooooh exciting! a giveaway on an expensive blog is better than ten giveaways on a throwaway blog!

  447. Really enjoy this! Such a nice brand.


  448. stephanie soueidi

    Twigs and Stones of course!!

    Love your blog!!
    Cheers from Canada!

  449. Would love Option 1. Arm-y Brat FTW ! Thank you Shini and Bottica ! :D

  450. Bo Min Jeong

    Amazing blog! I love it!

  451. Abigail

    The scarff is beautiful. I love the bright colors.

  452. I’ve been a follower of PARK & CUBE for a couple of years now but never entered in one of your giveaways. I love rings and especially enjoy collecting unique-looking ones, so the twigs and stones would certainly be lovely.

    Thanks for giving your readers such a lovely giveaway opportunity!

  453. Hq

    Oooh la la! Option 1 is lovely~

  454. Adele

    Cute, cute, cute! Love your blog, the way you write doesn’t just make it a fashion blog, but a style blog. you dress in a way that is so enviably you, it’s inspiring. I’m more of a Twigs and Stones kind of gal, so here’s hoping!
    Keep up the amazing posts. They’re like a window into your life!

  455. lovely giveaway!!
    I adore option 2! ;-)

  456. thanks for organising this awesome giveaway!! :)
    both options are beautiful!!

  457. Loving the Option 1, I have been lusting after some adjustable length arm candy for EVER. Skinny arms = bracelets repeatedly falling in my coffee/hand bag/random unexplained locations. Cue love for the far left slide-y one.

    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life x

  458. Lena CS

    option 2

  459. awesome prints and lovely bracelets!

  460. Julka Sz.


    so beautiful! :)

  461. BK BoKyeong Kim

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!
    Too difficult to choose one of them..
    I wish i will be lucky enough to be chosen ! ;)


  462. oh! i never win one of these giveaways!

    keep up the image quality, and the quirky honest texts. :)
    and STOP cutting back on D.I.Y posts!

    ur welcome!

  463. Am in love with ur blog!!! And I love option 2!

  464. hiiii love the giveaway! definitely very tasteful, nice choice! :) thank you for the giveaway and for choosing pretty things! xx

  465. omygoodness! option 1 is perfect!!! this would be the most lovely present for a birthday coming up on the 23rd. thank you for a lovely giveaway, and the always inspiring posts :)

  466. Wonji HONG

    ahh j’aiiimme both of them =) !!!!
    it’s so hard to choose, but I vote for the SECOND OPTION! (the scarf is so gorgeous!)
    (very nice giveaway ;) )

  467. Kaybee

    These are beautiful. Thank you for holding this giveaway. My fingers (and toes) are crossed!

  468. I just cant say wich one of the options is the prettier! Both are soooo pretty!

    xx Fabz

  469. Beth

    I am really enjoying this blog— all the eye candy. Both choice are fabulous!

  470. My bleak winter wardrobe could seriously use that smile inducing scarf :) I’m ok with scrounging…

    You’ve been posting LOADS lately! And I love it xxx

  471. Option 2 looks like a legitimate version of wrapping plants and small pieces of origami paper around myself, a habit that for some reason most people look down upon. If I win maybe I can stop being such a fashion pariah! (not likely.)

  472. Dira

    just found your blog, and it’s official your blog is my new guilty pleasure.

  473. Madison Wong

    Woo! Thanks!

  474. Sherry

    I ADORE YOU. Checking your blog is like my motivation of the day :)
    Thank you for giving your reader this wonderful giveaway! (I used my friends’ facebook to like the 2 pages as well! SUPPORT!)


  475. Soo Shin

    I love both of them, but arm-y brat seems perfect for the summer in New Zealand atm :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  476. gia

    i want to make those DIY bracelets! very well done!

  477. Phyllis

    WOW love them both, impossible to decide! So fun and fresh! Gee, I hope I get it :3

  478. “soo expensive” ;)


  479. Colleen

    Ahhh i have never heard of this company before but I love it!

  480. Rachel

    Option 2’s gorgeous!
    Is this opened internationally though?

  481. Katie

    Love the geometric print of the scarf! (Here’s hoping you escape the purple rash… sounds dreadful)

  482. deb

    hello! i only just discovered your blog today, but the lovely photos and writing are going to make me a regular visitor ^^ i’ve always liked boticca’s stuff but their prices are been a little beyond me atm, so thank you for holding a giveaway for them! love rings so i’m going for ‘twigs and stones’.

  483. Bee Chien

    Omg i’m loving your giveaway! Hope I’ll get it! T^T

    Keep posting beautiful posts! :D

  484. fantastic giveaway! thanks for hosting this.

    loving both of the options :)

  485. Thanks! Will feature your site on my blog soon. :)

  486. Lauren

    I would love to win the second option! The 3 stone ring is gooorgeous.

  487. Tara Downs

    Would love that dreamy floral jacket. So gorgeous

  488. just adore this giveaway!!! <3
    it woult be a very beautiful gift for my birthday if i had a chance to win…
    ps i super enjoy you`re blog everytime!!!

  489. Cat

    Ever since I saw the scarf showcased in option 2, I have been having daydreams of wearing it this spring–the only thing brightening up my rather boring everyday outfit of work appropriate pants and shirts.

    But even if I don’t win, I have to tell you that I’m a huge fan of this this blog! Whenever I’m having a bad day at work, your awesome photography brings a smile to my face. :)

  490. timea

    i like both options very much:D
    wish wish wish to win

  491. ani

    option 1 sil vous plait. those bracelets are gorgeous!

  492. Oh my goodness! These look so amazing! So vivid and awe-inspiring. I would love to win these :)

  493. YH

    The first choice looks really cool, and thanks for holding this great giveaway! It’ll take a long time to count all these comments ^^

  494. Aleksandra

    Love the blog, and you DIY. It really reminds me of my childhood. all of my friends were wearing those bracelets,and I was the only one, who never knew how to make them, hehe.

  495. lucy

    Awesome giveaway! Army brat I think is for me :)

  496. Eden Siesser

    Beautiful Merchandise!

  497. Magda


  498. crystal su

    i love this cool things especially..option 2 : ))

  499. Very pretty !
    I really like your blog, I’m sorry I haven’t commented until now. You are a great inspiration and you have beautiful pictures !

  500. ayu

    really love the twigs and stone ! the ring must be so perfect in my small finger :)

  501. Thaaaaaaaaank you! :D

  502. Just checking out Bottica – gorgeous!

  503. Justine Kilkerr

    Both are beautiful, but Twigs and Stones is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  504. both gorgerous! just in case, the rings are lovely!!

  505. Karen

    Love the second option! Hope I make a chance!

    Greetings from Belgium!
    Thanks! ;)

  506. wow cool collections, and i wish i win the giveaway… wish me luck :)

    P.s: i already like boticca and Park and cube on facebook :)

  507. @Ersa Adiprasetya, i choose the 2nd options please.. :)

  508. @Ersa Adiprasetya, i choose the 1st options please… so up to you shini.. :)

  509. Rita C.

    Really love those bracelets!
    They’ll look cool with tee and shorts.


  510. The colors, the patterns, the materials,the inspiration.Option 1? option 2?How can I choose?Love them all. Hope to be lucky. Thank you, anyway.

  511. Iga

    I absolutely love option 1.

  512. Ohhh option 1 would be so nice :-)
    So fingers crossed!!!


  513. Love your blog, I go to it every morning for inspiration. So with this entry I am wearing bright prints today. Disclaimer: I live in Miami and it’s 80 degrees.

  514. Love your blog, I go to it every morning for inspiration. So with this entry I am wearing bright prints today. Disclaimer: I live in Miami and it’s 80 degrees.

  515. Tina W

    Thanks for the giveaway! The DIY accessories are really cute!

  516. LOVE THE VIVID COLOR~~Always love your style, keep shining:)

  517. First, it’s a very good occasion for me to tell you how pretty and interesting and inspiring (and obviously EXPENSIVELY SO, haha) your blog is to me*
    And then, i love love love the multicoloured scarf of the “twigs and stone” option…
    I’d love to welcome it on my shoulders!
    & Thanks for your blog no matter what!

  518. Twigs and stones,

    thank you <3

  519. Aleksandra

    option 2 please :) !!!!! thank youuuuu

  520. Paola

    Love the rings!!! I could totally see myself wearing them ;-) Thanks for this giveaway!

  521. I liked Boticca on facebook, and i’ve liked your page since really long ago. :)
    Thanks for this, you have the sweetest giveaways <3

  522. Shilbe

    @Shilbe, ahhh option 2 please :)

  523. love the bracelets by Boticca and the fun colorful DIY!

  524. LOVE the arm-y brat bracelets xxx

  525. Thanks for such a cool giveaway ! Love the triple stone ring especially!

  526. Serena Chan

    eek, both of the options are oh so lovely and colourful!

    Enter me please!

    Thank you for holding the giveaway! x

  527. Julie

    I love option 1 – simple, colorful and stylish – sure hope that it’s gonna be mine!

  528. Jagoda

    I love option 1! It’s definitely in your style :)

  529. zeline

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  530. olusia

    This giveaway is awesome :) ! thank you :) I wouldn’t even know what to choose so we’ll see if I win ;)
    Have a good day!

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    Scarves and rings, my 2 favourite things :)

  532. Dragana

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

    I’d love that first option.

  533. Lucy

    I love option 2—those rings are stunning.

  534. Here is my email :)


  535. Love the scarf. Twigs and stones is my choice!


  536. Love the scarf. Twigs and stones is my choice!


  537. Joy.Y

    I love the myriad of colors of both accessories! Kudos to Boticca’s aesthetics!

  538. Jenny

    Option 2 is gorgeous! I love the hues of the cocktail ring and the design of the first ring and scarf. Simply lovely.

  539. Begoña Moreno

    I love option 1. Bracelets are so nice.


  540. GlamaRuth

    Both option are very nice, but I weave my own bracelets, and I’m a sucker for rings, so Option 2 is my favorite.

  541. I love your blog even IF you do the odd giveaway :) Besides, nowing you and your tastes (that sounds creepy because we’ve never met, but hey, that’s blogging for ya!) I’d expect something special and beautiful and demure as a giveaway item, and here we are with TWO amazing options by a genuinely interesting brand. Perso, I’m more partial to the twigs and stones, so here’s hoping I’m one of the lucky few!

    good luck everyone!

  542. Wow, what a great giveaway! :D Thank you very much; I absolutely adore your blog!

  543. lovely giveaway, thanks! i prefer option 1 :) xoxo

  544. Sara

    I love it!

  545. Maggie

    Love the twigs and stones!

  546. Hi!
    Lovely options both of us but I like more Option 1.
    I like a lot your blog and I want to congratulated you for your great job with photos! I’m photographer too, if you want to take a look ;)
    So many thanks! Sandra.

  547. Jessica Liu

    i love the rings they’re gorgeous :)
    amazing giveaway!

  548. All done dear! Option 2! I’m in love with those rings ♥♥

  549. Jess Z

    both are lovely. and I don’t mind your sponsored posts, you approach them with the same humor and personality! thanks for being considerate of your readers.

  550. Mika

    Both of them are charming, but if I have to choose I’d go for the second one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  551. Esther

    Both of these options look wonderful!
    Thank you for doing this :)

  552. ♥♥Twigs & Stones♥♥
    You are so expensive that’s why we love your blog :)
    Bottega Veneta is one of my favorite scents love how you incorporated it in your layout.
    Much love, Lidia

  553. sj

    ooooh I’ll definitely choose what you made.
    Whoever gets that friendship bracelet becomes your friend?

    so, option 1:arm-y brat!
    Thank you for holding a gie-away!

  554. I’d be happy to win option 2. Thank you!

  555. Magda

    oooooohhhh love your blog, your style, and this sweet giveaway ! :)

  556. Iren

    Adore 2nd and keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for blogging, one of my fav blogs so far.

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    Wow I would love to win both! I like the first option the most! This is a great giveaway.

  558. Yao

    Oooh, I love option 2! Thanks, Shini!

  559. Love this stuff! Saw you on the street the other day (was too shy to say hi) – but love your blog!

  560. Loving the colour pop from option 2!

  561. i would adore arm-y brat on my wrist!!

  562. Beatriz Rodriguez

    Great giveaway!!!!

    I’d like the first option!!!!
    Love it !!!! :)

  563. love the scarf in #2

    #2 please!

  564. Aisha

    Super giveaway! Who could resist a friendship bracelet made by your own fair hand? So I am definitely hoping for Option 1 – Arm-y Brat. Thanks Shini!

  565. Oh my goodness! These both look absolutely adorable. I especially love the scarf and the branch-ring. Can’t wait to see who wins!

  566. Loving the colors and wild prints! hope I win :)

  567. Haley McLain

    Lovely pieces & your blog is just as lovely :]
    Option is my fave. That ring is badasssss.

  568. Holy fantastic jewelry. I don’t have a Facebook, otherwise I would like the pages.

    Anyways I love your blog!

  569. Lili R.

    Both options are amazing! But the one I dig the most is the 2nd :)

  570. Natalie

    option two has my heart!

    i would already be clicking on the links to purchase, but how awesome would it be to win them here.. as if i need another reason to love park&cube even more!


  571. yay giveaway! love the bracelets.

  572. Tina Ng.

    Oh they are beautiful!!!

  573. Ann Pham

    I’m so glad that you spend time thinking about what, “we” the people would like. Thank you so much Shini for the amazing give-away!

  574. Emily Koh

    gah i’m drooling over option 2. and you know what? my birthday is on the 22nd, this would make the odd 19 a lot more special hehe


  575. Emily

    gah, i’m drooling over option 2
    just a thought…my birthday is on the 22nd… so the odd 19 might not be so bad after all

  576. Such a lovely giveaway, not a pet peeve on your blog! Always inspiring – :)

  577. Judy

    So nice! I love them both but would definitely pick the second option as I’ve always had big ring-phobia and want to get over that.

  578. Alexa Roquemore

    I love them both!!! mmmhmhmmm arm-y brat!

  579. Rina

    Thanks for holding the Boticca giveaway! You do hold the lovelist giveaways (I check out their site and am contemplating a personalised name necklace already!), last was Furla. We readers would greatly appreciate even if we did not manage to win them. Hopefully this time round the lucky one might be fine :)

  580. Rina

    @Rina, Sorry bout that. I left out the option. It will be option 2!

  581. love the arm party on the left, but I really like the twigs and stones option even more!!!

  582. That Lucy Jay scarf. Oof.

  583. I love your blog, wonderful photography!
    Best wishes

  584. Lina

    I absolutely loved the 2 option, so that is my answer. :-)
    Btw, your blog is amazing! I love they way you show us what you see trough pictures and text.
    Thanks for giveaway!

  585. Would love to win this! Also, thanks! :)

  586. Gabriela

    I just love the bracelets. It would be soo great to have them! :)

  587. winnie

    Option 2 please!! thanks!!!!

  588. Ada Young

    It’s been so long ago since I started following your blog! Such amazing photographs, the simple aesthetics and attention to detail that really draws you in….

    it’s so hard to pick!!!!! Both options equally beautiful…. : )

    decisions decisions…

    I pick option 1.

    – Ada

  589. that scarf is groovy. plus I think my mom would do a little happy jig for that Michelle Oh ring.

  590. the scarf is beautiful. colours that go with pretty much any solids!

  591. oh the second set!
    handing my soul up for collecting for something sparkling – i guess i’m easy.

  592. option 2 for sure!

  593. Accessory-love at first sight, I think – to win either option would be a delight. Thanks for your generosity and work in blogging!

  594. Chiara

    Waaa! It’s amazingg I like the option 1

  595. Jodi Taylor

    Beautiful stuff


  596. I would love to win the option 2, I’ve never won anything before. By the way, I really really love your blog.

  597. Ellie

    Wow, option 1 reflects my lifestyle! :D

  598. let’s try)))
    I really love your blog and what you’re doing!

  599. Victoria

    Love the pattern on the scarf, beautiful!

  600. Twing and Stones! Such a boooooooootyfull scarf :)

  601. Heather S

    I’d never heard of Boticca before now, thanks for the introduction! Just spent a while perusing the site and it’s fabulous! PS. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  602. both are nice, but this bracelet is so cool.. i hope win!
    xoxo from Brazil! ♥

  603. The Toosis cocktail ring is BEAUTIFUL!

  604. holy cow, yes. add me to this list.

  605. Sonia

    Both options are really beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity ;)

    Your blog is lovely!!

  606. sarah

    love the giveaway, option two is my personal favourite.


  607. Love the jewellery! And the blog! And the photography!

  608. Option one is beautiful – though both are really lovely gifts!

  609. Cindy G

    What a great giveaway! The army set is so me. Thank you.

  610. Gabrielle

    The Twigs+Stones option is lovely, as are you ^^

  611. fab!!!^^
    i love the option 2 ;)


  612. Love!

  613. noi vee

    so hard to choose but those rings, ie ie ie!!! love the second package.

  614. katherine

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  615. Option 2 is amazing! :)

  616. Gwen

    Twigs and Stones may break my bones, but I LOVE BOTICCA! xoxo

  617. Si Chen

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  618. Evi

    Oooh my…!!!! this giveaway looks amazin…!!!! i must admit i heart the #2 option..i have a thing for rings..!!!!

    btw since its the first time i m leavin u a comment i must let u know i love ur blog and sense of fashion …but most of all ???? ur pics…!they re so bright !

    soooo i ve liked the facebook pages…just in case my fb is Evi Lianantonaki Ph

  619. SarahKlara

    Not easy to choose but arm-y brat would surely make a lovely gift for my sister’s birthday. Thank you for this wonderful idea and the chance to discover something so beautiful.

  620. Just found your blog, love it! Great giveaway, thanks!

  621. Gina

    wow, the items under twig and stones are beautiful.
    thanks and love your blog!

  622. Lovely giveaway! I am in love with the vibrant colours of the scarf and your bracelet!
    Thank you!!!


  623. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeple. I hope I win. :0)

    >(((((:) it’s a shrimp

  624. Maria João

    Uuh love option two! I soo want it!

  625. Diane

    love your blog and option 1!

  626. paula celaya

    i will go with option nr 2! your blog is amazing btw!!!

  627. Sae Lon

    Anaphalactic at the thought of a website give-away… Poor Shini… Well I hope you don’t get the purple-ish rash this time… xx

  628. loving both options but my pick would have to be option 2!

  629. This is great! Always love reading your blog, so keep up the great work. :)

    of course, thank you for this giveaway, it’s lovely!

  630. Kimberly

    WOW, THEY ARE SO LOVELY! option 2 is just exquisite!
    and thank you!!

  631. Brenna

    I am all over that twigs and stones grouping. So into it, some sort of action might have to taken for raising my eyebrows suggestively in its general direction. Here’s to hoping no one took notice.

  632. Junniez

    Love your blog! These accessories are so adorable~ I love option 2

  633. Mari

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  635. Diana

    Loving twig and stones. Loving ur blog.

  636. Trine Struwe

    You have such a great eye – and a wonderful, inspiring blog:-)
    Thank you for that!

    – Trine

  637. twigs and stones is my pick! love your site, your sarcasm and style :)

  638. i love option 2)

  639. Twigs and stones is definitely my favorite out of the two options..! The scarf is marvellous!! wish me luck…
    xo, Clochet.

  640. Catriona

    Option 1 is amazing :) great giveaway!

  641. Domi

    Thisi is a beautiful giveaway, so I’m happy you let yourself be convinced this time:) I love this gold plated rings! and the twig one is also to die-for:) All these items are very cute, nice colours!

  642. Elena

    Crossing my fingers.


  643. Claudia

    These are absolutely beautiful!! I especially love the first option. :D

  644. ALLYSON

    Definitely twigs and stones :) I’m definitely going to check out bottica now!

  645. Kasia C.

    it will be nice to win 1 option


  646. So great giveaway! ;) I really love the first option!!! Just crossing my fingers!

  647. Jelena

    option 1 would be great for my lonely arm. fingers crossed!

  648. awesome giveaway!

  649. Caitlin Dallas

    Gorgeous. Thanks so much for the wonderful selection of items!

  650. So hard to choose- bracelet or scarf! at this moment- i’m scarf!

  651. Emma G

    Such a great giveaway, j’adore the twigs and stones option, definitely more ‘me’ and ya know I love to talk about me, myself and I.
    Good luck y’all

  652. Krissia

    Krissia K.


  653. Wow, both of these options are gorg! I would say I prefer twigs and stones by a tad.

  654. Wow! great giveaway. I love the Lucy Jay silk scarf.

  655. Natalia

    I like both the first and the second option, the bracelets are lovely :) Love your blog

  656. Carole Yue

    This is why we lurrrrve you, P&C! And I approve of your selection! ^^

  657. Aleksandra

    Option 2 is amaziiing :)
    Would be really nice to win something, never had luck in such things.
    Crossing my fingers and totally thanks!

  658. Count me in! Lovely items :)


  659. I love option 2!!!!


  660. Option 1 please!

    Been wanting to start an arm party long time~ Only have a couple of pretty ribbons from Liberty wrapped around my wrist at the moment!


  661. option 2 please.


  662. Natasha

    Beautiful pieces there! And a very sincere thanks, Shini for being such a positive role model in the blogging world.


  663. Winnie Tran

    This is probably one of the best blogs I’ve seen.

  664. Emily

    Gorgeous stuff, as always. Love your blog Shini

  665. I love both options. they are amazing.

    brilliant giveaway xxxxx
    thank you xx

  666. Tera Kristen

    My soul is cheap! I don’t need Mephostophilis – just some shiny jewelry :)

  667. Mia McCarthy

    They are both so pretty, it would be amazing to win either of them! Love your blog!

  668. 赵玉琴

    I like this web so much!Crazy for
    the pictures,fashion clothes,elegant models here!

    And talking about the two above,I like the Army Brat – I love fabric and metal in the jewellery!

  669. Michelle S

    Love to enter! Both are so pretty, but the scarf is so pretty.

  670. Sofia

    Option 2 is amazing!

  671. zchu31

    These are amazing. Thank you for the giveaway! They all look so cute :) I would love to win option 2 :)

  672. Jen

    I’d love option 1!

    Thankyou! :)

  673. Nik

    The scarf in option two can really brighten someone’s day! Option two is my favorite :)

  674. Megan Baker

    Love twigs and stones. And your blog of course! :)

  675. Orlagh

    Twigs and stones my break my bones… (but at least the scarf would serve as the world’s prettiest sling!)

  676. Sharene Mullings

    Yesss beautiful stuff.

  677. beatriz montoya

    Hello. Very nice giveaway. I like both of them, but perhaps I prefer option 2.

  678. Cristina

    Adore the eclectic designs! I’ve never seen such cool patterns on a silk scarf!! <3

  679. fashion.dubrovnik

    Cute, thanks for this :)

  680. Wow the ‘twigs and stones’ things are just beautiful! x

  681. Ellen

    the bracelets are so pretty….

  682. Sarah

    The scarf is smashing!

  683. Ali Thorpe

    Stunning prizes, so beautiful, thank you! Yes yes yes, please include me in the draw!

    I am following both Facebook pages as requested x

  684. Really love the first option! Would love to be entered for it :)


  685. Diana Cotter

    You’ve certainly found some really lovely things to show us. Hard to say which I prefer, but I think the beads in Option 1 just swing it for me :)

  686. I much prefer option2 because of the lovely scarf :)
    great pictures!

  687. Momo

    Happy New Year!
    Lovely choices…tough one …Hmmm Option 1
    Thank you Merci for your lovely blog :)

  688. Bobo Ho

    option 1 is really special and i love it !!!!
    so nice of you for such an awsome giveaway, merci bien

  689. I loveee both sets!!! what a lovelyyy mix in the first set so relax and colorfull!!
    And the second i justt adoree the ring with the stone :)
    I would love bothhh of them!!

    I want to win!!!

  690. Oh my god I can´t believe it, So amazing both options I want everything, But i gonna start with the options 2 with tjis amazing things, I love the michelle oh ring is so special.What a good GIVEAWAY!


    Eve CG.

  691. ooohh like option 1, these bracelets, cute. Love that fragrance in this pic too, Bottega Venetta is nice & fresh & a little peppery. X

  692. Mon

    I love the option 2 ! x

  693. Annette Whatley

    Both options are fun & beautiful!!! :-)

  694. Looooove the colors!

  695. Shirley

    Thank you for the great giveaway!
    Love option 2 :)

  696. Renelle

    I love option 2

  697. Paulina

    Pokochałam Twojego bloga od pierwszego wejrzenia, piękne kolorowe zdjęcia, a teraz jeszcze ta apaszka <3
    Pozdrawiam i czytam .

  698. alicja

    never won giveaway; is it possible?
    whatever, nice to have you in favorites, this silk scarf is soo adorable, a little bit crazy for me, but everyone needs something different in wardrobe

    best wishes

  699. Agh, this is such a great giveaway. Both options are great, but I’d have to go with the Twigs and Stones option (2). I’m always in the mood for beautiful jewelry and scarves.

  700. teffy


  701. Linh

    Great give-away! Great blog! Big Personality.

  702. Either option is an awesome option!

  703. Rae

    arm-y brat

  704. Netty Lim

    Awesome giveaway, I love your blog.
    Twigs and Stones would definitely be my pick!

  705. mmm really craving option 1! fingers crossed.

  706. Amy

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! (See people do listen to your motherly side-comment suggestions). Thanks for reminding us of our manners, by the way.

    Option Two (Stick and Stones) looks lovely – brings me hope of a better, more beautiful tomorrow. That might be slightly superficial but hey, we only have one life to live so might as well strut through it.

  707. Emily Ann

    Wow, both options are gorgeous.
    I love the pattern on the scarf in option two, along with the ring that looks like a bended twig. Although the DIY-type things are cute, both are so lovely!!!

  708. me likey!

  709. Ida

    Twigs and stones are beautiful, and I really like the colours of the scarf, so I choose option two.

    I discovered your blog for one or two weeks and I really like your outfits and the photos even if I don’t understand everything you say (because I’m French).

    Thanks for the giveaway (even if I understand you couldn’t send it to France (In case I win, crossing my fingers !) )

  710. Dom

    I’ve been following your blog ever since I found it while randomly blog-hopping 2 years ago. You introduced me to the world of Uniqlo, so THANK YOU! :-)

    Oh, and I love Option 1!
    Keep up the inspiring work! :-)

  711. Love these, thank you so much for such a generous giveaway! I’d opt for the arm-y brat choice.

    heartshaped_box_18 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  712. Love the option 2 !!
    Thank you :)

  713. both options are amazing, but option 2 is the best, nice giveaway!


  714. Becky

    Both options look supermegafoxyawesomehot!

    Do you think you could do a DIY on how to make that friendship bracelet?

  715. amazing giveaway ! i hope i`m lucky !



  716. I must have these precious! :D


  717. Aleksandra

    Twigs and Stones is my favorite! :)

  718. oh I love it :o Especially love the way you paired (that’s you, I think) the bracelets with that floral jacket.

  719. Kitty Hawk

    oooooh, how lovely! i’m always thankful for someone bringing more colour into the world! i could never decide between 1 or 2, so i’ll let fate and fortune do the honours :3

  720. Ah I know what you mean, but it doesn’t hurt to do it once in a while. I like the floral pattern shirt on your first photo btw’s.

    I hope you don’t mind me joining the giveaway. I shall pick option 1 ; arm-y brat.

    Here is my email –

  721. option one is pretty amazing looking!! Your blog is real inspiration for me, thank you so much!xx

  722. Option 2, love them. You did a giveaway with pretty pictures and nice styling, it didn’t cheapen the blog once in a while. Thankyou. I like Park & Cube and Bottica in fb as well.

  723. Andrea Smith

    I know exactly which I’d choose…to help accessorize my wedding get-up next month!! (crossing fingers!!)

  724. Great giveaway! Love option #2

    xx, Brine

  725. Stephanie Marie C.

    I love the second option! It’s such a delicate combination. Thanks for doing this Shini and thanks to Boticca, too!

    Cheers from Boston,
    Stephanie !

  726. Leah Louthen

    Twigs and stones are beautiful!

  727. Ilyana

    Twigs and Stones may break my bones but Park & Cube, your entries never fail to excite me! x

  728. ManYee Wong

    These are fantasicccc ! :)
    I love option 2 !

  729. The twigs and stones are really fun and dress-upish! Yeah I know I should grow-up. Or more importantly not be writing this while my boss is in the room, but it’s how I get my kicks. ;)

    Thanks for posting the giveaway!

  730. I would be so happy with either of these! They’d provide a little spring(time) in my step!

  731. Julia Cho

    How to choose? Both options are so beautiful :) but I adore the Lucy Jay printed silk scarf!

  732. option 2 is flawless, those stones are gorgeous. But i’ve been craving for bright color also. i hope i can get all of em :)

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