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Stop terrorizing the playground, make your own indoor swing


Step 1
An upcycle mission

You may have seen these colours on the high-street, lining the windows in technicolour lattice of one much-adored brand of the people… Uniqlo! (Although I’d have taken McDonalds for an answer too – McCheese-strings can totally be a thing.) Celebrating their 100% Extra-fine Merino Wool collection, Uniqlo had their windows bedecked in an installation that involved meters and meters of elastic strings – seven boxes of which ended up in my cave of a flat early last week for a rather exciting upcycling collaboration.

Now, don’t let the breezy number ‘seven’ fool you, because the boxes held over four hundred rolls in 65 different shades, which is naturally 64 more than my hamster brain can compute. Mind-boggled, I called Gyu (a CSM knitwear graduate, who, for long-time followers should be familiar from previous posts) for advice. ‘Oh jeez we can build an Oompa Loompa village with all this‘ was her greeting when she stepped into my apartment blanketed with a layer of awkward-shaped rolls of rainbow strings… We flirted with ideas like tents, trampolines and canopies, and tested the strings with various tension swatches (double-crochet, knitting, weaving, braiding…). Finally deciding on building a hammock, she left me after a few lessons on macramé techniques (promptly forgotten the moment she was out the door…)

Turns out one needs a company of veteran knitters to accomplish anything as big as your body. Well, I should’ve known, I have troubles applying body lotion.

So that’s the story of the swing.


Gyu testing single-crochet in a swatch



Step 2
What you’ll need

Extra-strength yarn (I used three colours – 1 skein of the main colour and a bit of the other two) · knitting needles (appropriate for the choice of yarn, I used 6mm) · crochet hook or yarn needle · 7 meters sturdy rope (before purchasing, make sure to determine length by measuring height to ceiling) · 2 x stripwood (cut to 25cm long. Make sure they’re wide enough to fit the rope with enough room around) · 2 x D-rings · Optional and depending on method: Sandpaper · drill · 2 x ceiling hooks.


Now, I really do recommend testing elastic tension for the swing seat by knitting up a square swatch before starting the project, and putting your entire weight on it. You might find that your yarn, or even knitting tension calls for some mini problem-solving/improvisation. Alternatively, this project can be done with cotton fabric, which can easily be sewn around the stripwood.


Start by knitting the swing seat – cast on 30 stitches and knit in moss stitch (Mine shows garter stitch) until work measures the width of ONE thigh – the seat will expand when sat on. Cast off. (If adventurous, try the herringbone stitch and knit until work measures about 30cm)


1. Drill two holes big enough for the ropes at each end of the stripwood, leaving at least 1.5cm space around the hole. 2. Bind the knitted work to the stripwood using the Crocet hook or knitting needle. 3. Insert one end of the rope through the hole, and make a knot. 4. Loop the rope into the D-ring and hang onto ceiling, then repeat step 3 once the length is determined. Repeat on the other side.


Step 4
Swing & tips

The best way to determine how high the swing should hang is to measure it about an arm’s length higher than your normal dining-room chair. That way, the swing seat will extend to a natural hanging-length. Adjust the rope knots for length if too long. Depending on the type of rope, you will need to secure the edge with duct-tape or seal with a flame. For mine, I wrapped a bit of yarn in a different colour over the duct tape for visual effect. Consider adding tassels or wooden beads to your swing if that’s how you roll.

I personally live in a flat with a mezzanine so I hooked the D-rings to the upstairs bars and let it hang it that way, but do purchase a strong ceiling hook if you wish to hang on the ceiling. Alternatively, skip the D-rings and simply loop the rope around the hook or bar.



In collaboration with Uniqlo; Photography – Park & Cube aka tripod

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  1. really great pics


  2. beautiful!


  3. this is truly amazing. totally wish that i could do this! did you make that swing gif via photoshop?

  4. I want such a swing in my flat too! However, I cannot think where I could attach it…

    It just looks fun and reminds me of my childhood days (we had a “mini-playground” that included a swing in our tiny flat in Moscow)



  5. This has to be the coolest thing ever! Now I really want a small swing in my living room!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm – fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  6. Wow,Shini, this is groundbreaking. Based on your title, I supposed only a child can sit on this knitted swing. Btw, what camera do you use? I love how clear and clean all your pictures tend to look.

  7. Perfect pictures, really cute. I love the atmosphere)

  8. WOW!! I want to do this!!!!! Please, this is FAN-TAS-TIC. I’m definitely doing it
    Lots of love, xx


  9. Amazing post! Love those Levis!

    Ripped Jeans

  10. Now this is definitely a project I can see myself doing – I’ve always wanted to get into knitting. I’ve bought several balls of yarn, yet all I’ve made is half a scarf!
    Great post and pictures!


  11. If only I had the kind of space to suspend a cute swing like that onto the ceiling!
    Interesting DIY and beautiful tutorial photos as always.


  12. If only I had the kind of space to suspend a cute swing like that onto the ceiling!
    Interesting DIY and beautiful tutorial photos as always.


  13. Another amazing post, do you know how talented you are? This is so real and it’s like you’re guiding us through not only the tutorial but also the preperation and the day. Also, i love the simple and cool jeans-and-white combination!

  14. Another amazing post, do you know how talented you are? This is so real and it’s like you’re guiding us through not only the tutorial but also the preperation and the day. Also, i love the simple and cool jeans-and-white combination!

  15. oyster.girl

    hei , can you please write what title has the book you photograph with ? thank you!

  16. Helpful information. Fortunate me I found your web site by accident, and I’m shocked why this twist
    of fate didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  17. This is awesome! I want one!!

  18. Beautiful pictures! I love your simple outfit on the first picture! Well done on the swing, it looks lovely

    Sophia | sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  19. How cool is this idea? Very creative. If I didn’t live in a rented flat with my family, I would’ve jumped on this project immediately. Oh, and love the gif! ^^

  20. Lovely to see the brainstorming and research process. Beautiful photos!

  21. Another beautiful post as always. Unfortunately I don’t think a swing will fit in my house haha…

  22. you’re an artist! this post is perfect!

  23. Wow, this is such a cute idea! I never would have thought of making an indoor swing before! Swinging was basically the only playground activity I was ever involved in, so this is bringing back a lot of fun memories! I will have to try this when I get my own place!

  24. This is amazing! Your pictures are wonderful <3


  25. holy crap these are amazing photographs and the tutorial is not too bad. You literally have been outdoing yourself on these posts! x

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  27. that is SO pretty! such a cute idea. wish I had one in my room! also love the gif moving photo


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  31. In love with this, such a brilliant idea chick

  32. This is so much fun! The first photo is amazing!


  33. Jo

    lovely idea, too bad my ceiling wouldn’t support that. can i ask you were that white mesh shirt is from? it looks awesome!

  34. This is one of the coolest and most fun diy projects I have seen. I definitely want to add a swing to my home!


  35. miri

    WOW, amazing tips! Thank you for sharing!

  36. you’re officially the winner of the “best ever diy” award.



  37. Love the swing!!!! It just brings me back to my childhood seeing this. Have to talk my bf into installing one in the living room now..


  38. Wow such a great idea! Few years ago we had a swing in our livinroom too :D

    Best wishes!


  39. This is a great idea for a kids room. I love it.

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  51. What a fun and great addition to your room! I love that last swinging video image, it really puts the action into perspective :)


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    Nice project ^^

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    Such a cool quirky project… on a side note, I have been searching high and low for months for white and gold cups and saucers like the ones pictured in this feature. Where oh where did you find them?

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  57. Kayla

    What a wonderful idea! I’ve taken up knitting and haven’t been able to stop. It is so therapeutic. What book on knitting is pictured on this post? I need it!

  58. Hi Kayla! It’s called Complete Guide to Needlework by Reader’s Digest – it’s so old, you’ll be able to find it for really cheap!

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