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Bag – Bally

Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_001 Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_002

IFA Berlin with Samsung



Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_005 Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_006

Announcing the newest member of the Club des Chefs



Michel Troisgras


Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_010 Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_011

Davide Olandi


Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_013 Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_014


Doina of The Golden Diamonds

Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_016 Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_017

Davide Olandi, Michel Troisgras, Elena Arzak and Christopher Kostow



Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_020 Park-and-Cube_Samsung-Home-Appliances_021

And a fridge about the size of my first London flat.


Wearing: Bag – Bally. Top – Uniqlo. Jeans – James Jeans. Boots – Acne Jensen.

I will be the first to admit that I am exactly who they call a bad worker, someone who blames her tools for flaws in skill. I burn tea because the “kettle is old”, or, my scrambled eggs are on fire, because the stove just doesn’t… understand me. Also, I suck at blogging because my laptop is SO DAMN SLIPPERY. Yes, they call me the creative one. Lest we forget, the more you complain, the more you squirm to find a tool that will do your job better (or entirely for you). This particular ‘bad worker’ goes to IFA Berlin (trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances) and comes across a particular Samsung oven that won’t burn cookies to ash – an oven that gets you – and discovers features that will allow her to bake a perfect batch of peanut butter cookies, but also a sloppy lasagna on another shelf – all at the same time – and screams WHAT? NO WAY, SHUT THE FRIDGE DOOR. Now imagine, what a good worker brings to this equation – innovators and diligent thinkers. Like Michelin starred chefs, seven of whom Samsung have appointed into a superhero club (Club des Chefs) and borrowed the passion and expertise to produce a revolutionary new line of kitchen appliances (namely, the Chef Collection). Samsung took a couple of us out to Berlin to experience this first hand, which included a cooking demonstration in the Samsung Premium Lounge by four of the chefs themselves. The good workers bustled about, marrying cod with chorizo, negotiating temperature with the oven (the one that gets you). In the meantime, the bad worker blamed my fork for slow eating and resorted to shovelling in as much Michellin-blessed food with my hands. It was kitchen magic, a keen partnership of master and machine – finished with a fairy-dust sprinkle of crispy shiitake mushroom shreds.

A big thank-you to Samsung for a deliciously refreshing experience!

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  1. Ollyvia Laura


  2. Your writing, photographs and graphic skills are amazing. This is such an interesting experience to have and you put it across perfectly. Love your work so not sure why you would make up excuses of any sort. Haha! <3

  3. wonderful capture!

  4. miri

    WOW! Sounds like a great expo! I love the fridge you are looking into. I would love to have it too!!

  5. You are so luck to try “Michelin Blessed” food :)


  6. funny post! I am a “bad” worker too…all that food looks divine!


  7. The pictures are incredible! And this fridge, wow since when do I love fridges so much? haha x


  8. I need these appliances in my kitchen right now!!


  9. Cute post! I love Samsung. From my phone to my touch screen hob! Samsung through and through :P

  10. I’m sorry to be that girl, but it’s Davide Oldani, not Olandi ;)

  11. Thank you :)

  12. Gorgeous pictures. You look lovely!!!
    Lots of love, xx

  13. Lovely pictures and the food looks amazing! Such a great expo!

  14. Amazing! You ve managed to make this look totally sexy…. Clever girl.

  15. Love the photos!


  16. so i found my dream fridge!
    also no, you shut the fridge door!!

  17. Angel

    Woah, that really sounds like such a fun and unique experience!! The only reason why I’m familiar with the word “Michelin” is because my sister loves watching documentaries on awesome chefs and their restaurants, so I can only imagine the amazing time (and food, of course!) you had. Speaking of “bad workers”, I’d blame myself all the time for almost everything, but when it comes to video games, sometimes I’ll just blame the remote controller for being unresponsive or my internet for lagging when I’m playing an online PC game. Love your writing and photos! Need to find a way to learn how to be as graceful as you in photos (or just learn how to avoid being in photos). How can one look so elegant while looking into a fridge.

  18. Danielle

    Love the event! x

  19. Amazing clicks.You look really beautiful!!

  20. Ashely

    Love your all items ! Especially your jeans <3

  21. Your writing and photography is always so flawless! Always a pleasure reading your posts!

  22. I’m in love with samsun products! I’m also a chef and this collection makes me so happy. I guess I’ll be searching for them in my country. Thanks fors the amazing pictures.

  23. Hope you had a nice time on IFA – this fair is so cool!

    Best wishes from Germany,


  24. These pictures are PRISTINE. Totes gonna get a fridge like that when I grow up and i’m gonna organise it in the exact same way. xxx

  25. Hello, great pictures ! Amazing Club ! Have a crazy day ! Mélanie

  26. I´m in love with your blog&photo
    Its SO GREAT <3
    A hug from Spain!!


  27. omg, these Samsung fridges are amazing !
    I would love to have one, I am fighting every day with my hubby’s beers over , we never have enough room for groceries !

  28. Those appliances, though…. allow me to wipe the drool off my nook! What an amazing experience!

  29. Chaery

    Wow. That was you! I saw you at the IFA press conference. I was quite sure that you are the girl from Park&Cube but I missed the chance to say hi to you. Anyway I am glad that you enjoy our show!! (Yeah, I work for Samsung HQ)

  30. Great pics *_*


    Francesca http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

  31. Such great photos! I love all the industrial design of the products. Thanks for sharing!


  32. Such great photos! I love all the industrial design of the products. Thanks for sharing!


  33. Looking at these photos, although there’s no specific foods in sight, makes me– funny enough, very hungry! Great casual look, I’m a sucker for stripes but the bag just ties it all together elegantly.


  34. Julie

    Hi Shini! Just found your blog and love it! So creative and artistic. I live in Berlin/London and go to the IFA every year! How did you like Berlin??

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