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Shirt – Iris & Ink (the Outnet). Skirt – YesStyle. Shoes – Vintage Ferragamo. Bag – Kurt Geiger. Belt – Vintage LV. Thank you Kit for helping with the outfit shots!

The first few days of Spring, when you can make any sarcastic, over-exaggerated remark and funnily to some extent it will be correct, and for once you get to be a legitimate smartass. (Woo!) This is literally the most sun we’ve had the whole damn year, it’s so beautiful, I am like literally dying – normally this would be classic case of ‘I don’t think she knows what literally means but just nod and smile’but in April, it’s all technically true! The sun is stronger by day and hanging around much longer; the trees are in full blossom and it’s finally starting to prove the apocalypse wrong. And in my own defense, the last bit is always true, no? Anyhoo. Following up on the previously expressed thoughts regarding my love/hate relationship with London, the sun really is a catalyst. It’s like coming home and finding brownies – it calls for a good snogging-on-the-couch session, which is what the above set of photos is, lucky you.

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  1. Such a angelic look!

  2. Beautiful London snapshots. Adore your bag!

  3. London is such a beautiful city. The blossomed trees are gorgeous, so is the sunshine when out more often!
    gah, I could use a brownie right now.


  4. beautiful!


  5. You look amazing!


  6. Your photos are so beautiful! Love the long skirt!


  7. you outfit outfit is really nice!!! I love your style!!!

    DIY on my blog… http://www.thestelstyle.com

  8. That skirt is lovely, can’t resist a button-up! You’ve captured London perfectly, I definitely feel better about the place when the weather is decent and I’m not commuting. Like the look of Kit’s outfit too, hope she posts it on her blog.

  9. Ahh I get all happy when the sun’s out, nothing like a good dose of Vitamin D.


  10. Such beautiful photos, wanna go to London now!!

  11. Such beautiful photos!I’m dying to go to London;I live up north and have never actually been :-( hopefully I’ll be able to go soon!

  12. Love the outfit! Really cute pics :)


  13. london is gorgeous in spring!

    xoxo from rome

  14. you look adorable like always and yes, I love London!!! Have to visit London again

  15. These photos are wonderful!


  16. Beautiful photos, I’m loving that we are finally getting some milder weather.

  17. Such wonderful photos!


  18. Lovely pictures!

  19. Kyu

    From England with love, literally.

  20. love the photos. i wish I had your eyes.

  21. London is so beautiful when the sun is out! And that skirt… x

  22. ooh such pretty photos! your skirt is so ethereal!

  23. Seraphina

    So happy for you that London has been having good weather (and the brownie simile is so true.)

    It’s finally spring in Beijing too! Beautiful flowers a’ blooming

  24. beautiful shots! and love your maxi skirt!


  25. You look lovely.


  26. Amazing pics! and you look gorgeous!

  27. I love your style and photosxx

  28. Looks so fun:) b.

  29. in love with these shots and your white maxi with a nude shirt


  30. this is all so beautiful! I especially love your shoes!


  31. Your photos are always beautiful! I’m so jealous right now by the way, in Australia we’re heading into the colder months and it’s not very nice…

  32. Basia

    What kind of camera you’re shooting?
    What lens?

  33. Stunning photos as usual!
    Tabara x

  34. The flowy white skirt looks lovely :) your outfit photos are especially nice too. Thanks for the snaps of London! Wish I were there~


  35. very fresh photo!

  36. Great photos!! Very nice outfit :) The shoes are very cute :)


  37. I looove these two outfits !


  38. Spring came late and is still not here in Switzerland. You picture diaries are the best. What a fresh feeling we get out of your pictures. Romina

  39. Yeaah! spring! finally!
    I like your skirt

  40. I love your outfit!



  41. Claire

    When the sun shines in London it is the best place to be – everyone is so happy! Adore those shoes too.

  42. Beautiful pictures!


  43. I absolutely love your white skirt paired with that belt and Ferragamos. Great look!


  44. Wow. You have the look of an angel with that outfit. It is simply gorgeous. :)

  45. Looking at these pictures made me wish that I’m in London right now. The grass always seem greener on the other side isn’t it?

  46. beautiful photos as always. i love your outfits!

    love from japan


  47. The Saucey Sicilian Salesman Sold Sausages

  48. Love this outfit, so spring!


  49. Yey! I love seeing touristy London photos on your blog. It looks gorgeous and your outfit is tres chic. You look very lady like. Yummy. xx

  50. Great pics of London! Love your leopard pring handbag!

  51. London have never looked so beautiful! Your pictures are always top notch!

  52. Such a beautiful photos!


  53. great pictures with water! lovely :)

  54. Spring time photos, love it!
    blog o modzie
    blogerki modowe

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  56. I spent this past week in London and the weather was just unbelievable! I skipped most of the pre-spring period which is always stringing out for too long in Warsaw, jumping from “snow just melted down” straight to the “everything’s in bloom” stage. Anyways, your skirt is lovely, looks like those fallen rose petals.

  57. very slowly starting unfortunately ! nice pics, refreshing ! x

  58. These pics are so beyond amazing, wow!

  59. The weather is great here too. Glad to see you look so happy out and about :)

  60. LOVE your bag :) It is so perfect!

  61. Crikey – is that really London?! haha spring certainly is making it look better (or actually, probably just your eyes and lens Shini!)
    Yep, you’ve made it look very nice indeedy! love! xxx

  62. anita

    Makes me miss london :( great shots

  63. Very nice pictures :D
    Why don’t we follow each other: you can find me here: http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it
    Francesca from http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

  64. What a beautiful post and outfit!
    Rosie x

  65. Love it :) So elegant

  66. the photos are gorgeous and you look great as well, as always! :)
    making me really look forward to my trip to London in september

  67. ChicTrends

    Those shoes are adorable! Hope you didn’t get your clothes too wet!


  68. Dear me, I missed London even more with this photos, if that’s possible. So glad you’re finally getting some sunlight over there. It’s been boiling hot here and I am not amused. Will trade the harsh sunlight for some annoying rain clouds any day. x

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  72. What a great look, so summery and I love the white maxi skirt- heavenly!

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  74. Sarah Nizomi

    beautiful simple outfit and amazing city

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  78. Thank you for sharing such an informative