I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Dress – COS, Knee-high socks – Market in Korea gift from mama, Shoes – Office, Belt – Rope, Bag – Market in Vilnius, Sunglasses – 80’s Purple, Watch – Casio through ASOS. Thank you Macku for the photos!

The first generation Barclays Cycle Hire bicycles appeared today all around London at 6am. I had pre-purchased an access key as sort of a dessert after a gruelling main-meal window shopping session at ASOS, and after having experienced the privilege of giving a new city bike its first spin, I must stop and give myself a pat for such a thoughtful pre-arrangement. I can be so smart sometimes! I wish it happened more often. Only signed up members can use the bikes for now, so there were a fair amount of keyless people fawning over the new bicycles – stroking them, sitting on them, serenading them, licking them… a kid came up to me in his own bicycle and asked me how I took one out and I said dood go away, you HAVE a bike. If you have an address and a bank account in London, I suggest you head over and get yourself a key. They’re heavy as hell to ride (felt heavier than the French Vélib) but so worth it when you realize later your damned body is heavier to lug around.

(Oh, some are probably wondering what I did with my own bicycle – I don’t normally ride it into the city [7 miles], so the Cycle Hire scheme is better for short trips within town.)

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  1. Your bag is just beautiful, I just moved to London so better get myself one of those keys, lovely blog! Hope you stop by mine.


  2. The colour of your entire outfit is so natural. I really like this outfit as it gives me a very comfortable feeling!

  3. they should have city bikes in every city of the world!
    i am in love with your outfit btw :)

  4. We totally need something like that here except we get really harsh winters. Sigh. A girl can dream…


  5. I love the idea of these bikes – I saw a similar system when I was in Europe, perhaps in Amsterdam or Paris?

    Looking gorgeous as per usual x


  6. I read about the new bike superhighways! really cool. :) wish we had that in southern California. because you know it would really be nice to NOT DRIVE once in a while.

    LOVE your outfit, btw!

  7. Ooo you look sophisticated!
    I’m still waiting for my key to arrive so I can start cycling around town hehe.

  8. I’m some what obsessed with your outfit. There’s a beautiful simplicity to it and I love the colours. I always feel like cycling around the city but I never end up doing it :(

  9. very cool indeed!

    love the colors in your getup!

  10. You’re so pretty! I lovelove your style. <3

  11. gorgeous shots..like it

  12. love everything about these..:)

  13. i love the pictures so much:) and the dress with the rope belt is gorgeous:) so is your bag!!

  14. Love it!! Your outfit, photos, everything.

  15. Even in pictures the bikes do look heavy. Pretty though. But not as pretty as combo of your green dress and gorgeous bag! Nice : )

    And haha! I would say the same thing to the kid!

    Visit my blog!

  16. Love the dress! Esp with the rope belt you put on. <3

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  17. Ah I just love the idea of people serenading city bikes :)
    And your bag is wonderful, it almost matches your skin colour… That’s refinement.

  18. Nice!


  19. Wow, the bikes do look heavy… I wish they’d have the same thing here, though!

  20. Shini.. I love your hair :(
    If your fishtail braid has hair flickering out then I guess I won’t even try since I know I fail then haha.

    The bikes look really heavy but I wouldn’t mind riding it anyways. They look really fancy, no wonder why people were jealous of you.
    Your outfit looks really good as weeelllllllllllll~이쁘다 ㅋ

  21. That ensemble is sheer perfection!

  22. I saw those on the news yesterday. They look heavy indeed. And I really like your belt/rope and bag by the way. Lovely!

  23. yerri

    love this outfit!

  24. firstly, id like to thank you for the comments in my blog :) i literally froze when saw “shini” in my email inbox !! so thanks for making my boring saturday into a happy one :)

    nextt.. i love the outfit (as always..) just wondering did you ride a bike with the dress ? i find it really hard to ride bikes in anything but shorts/pants..
    i love the postman style vintagy bag too !

  25. I just love the idea of riding these around the city and not having to worry about them! Love those socks and that awesome watch with your dress. Have a great weekend!

  26. Nina

    That’s such a great concept. In the Netherlands we’ve had something like this too, well the idea was already there back in 1965. :)

    And again I’m in love with your outfit. So stupid that I myself would never come up with it, I probably wouldn’t even give the dress a second look. (But that’s also because I never wear dresses and I’m a bit scared to do so. Yeah, that’s ridiculous.)

  27. Shini, you’re super pretty! I really love your bag anyway!
    the bicycle is kinda cute, LOL! Well, I have a thing with the color of blue! :p

  28. This outfit is lovely! The colour of the dress is gorgeous!

  29. love these photos and your dress is fabulous, that colour is jus gorgeous



  30. Love the colour of your dress, I think you’re really pretty!

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  31. Oh, hello :)

    This dress is dope, i really like the rope to.

    What do the rent-a-bike people have in the way of a bmx?


  32. Everything is beautiful in this outfit! The bag, the shoes, the socks,… I like everything! :D

  33. I love your dress, I love all the green clothes!

    C. des Soeurettes Dalyne

  34. I ♥ ur outfit! This bag is wonderful! ;)

    new post! < 3

  35. AMAZING outfit. i’m in love with your brogues!


  36. Love the bag and the colour of your dress. I think the Barclays bikes are a brilliant idea, I saw that Kit has signed up so I can just about imagine you two riding around together! I’m not surprised that they’re heavy, they look it! I’m also slightly embarrased to say that I haven’t ridden a bike since I was maybe 15.

  37. she’s adorable..:)

  38. so fashionable gurl..love her now

  39. shaima

    hey shini well guess what i saw you while you was in old street standing near the bikes i wanted to come up to you but you was on the phone. you are much taller than i thought you was. but the funny thing was that man with you that was constantly fixing your outfit while you was on the phone. anyway do u live aroung that area because i just live in that area where the park is just behind where the bikes are

  40. I love your outfit!
    I love the dress, really.

  41. love the outfit and may i just say, your hair is kind of perfect and my jealousy is through the roof. beautyyyyy

  42. You look super pretty in that dress! :D

    And I heard about them encouraging more eco-friendly transportation aka ride a bicycle, in London now. I used to think of getting a bicycle to cycle to college at southhampton row but horror stories of how cyclists would get stuck under the bus wheels and the bus driver continued to plow down the street with the cyclist in tow, TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. Cycling in London requires shitload of balls to do and I respect all cyclists there. lol :D

  43. ooOOOh! I’m so pleased you tried one of these out! I read too that they were a bitch uphill but I guess you’d still get somewhere quicker!
    I loved what you were wearing when I saw you so here it is again – I love it! Love the rope particuarly!

  44. I was reading about this scheme yesterday and thinking it sounded great. I wish something similar would come up North – I love biking!

  45. ohh i love your outfit in these pics. the colour of that dress really suits you and the glasses are so cool. how amazing is this new bike scheme?! oh wow wowowo…. can’t wait to spot them around london. although. i am so rubbish with directions that i don’t think i would be good on one of these in big ol london-town. xx

  46. Hey !!

    I have the same casio watch
    and i absolutely looove it :D

    it is very old school ;)

    Like your style and your blog !

    Feel free to visit mine on

  47. Was wondering when London would catch on to the rest of Europe! These bikes look great! I can understand why people went gaga!

    Love your outfit. Great watch and bag.

  48. Your hair is beautiful down. And I would have definitely pre-purchased a key if I lived in London.

  49. This colour on you is so, so beautiful

  50. I saw someone riding one around wondered what it was about. Love the green dress.


  51. The bike scheme is such a great idea. I’ve seen this countries across mainland Europe but never in the UK so far. xx

  52. This outfit is amazing on you! The green dress is so pretty , love it with the high socks !


  53. you’re soo gorgeous shini! got a real natural beauty about you that i’ve always admired


  54. Nice outfits, nice blog, nice pictures.
    I love everything!

  55. The bikes are so nifty! Love your bag.

    We Sleep

  56. I am useless at cycling so I might have to give the Barclays Cycle Hire a miss before I kill myself! But I’m glad to hear people are interested and using it – even my parents want to have a go!

    I really liked your outfit that day, I managed to get a sneaky shot of you and put it on my blog! It was so nice to see you again :)


  57. Love the socks paired with this dress! You look lovely dear!

    Your pictures are amazing!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  58. You look absolutely lovely! I love how you’ve teamed the socks with the outfit, such lovely colours. I’m a big fan of your green dress!
    They really are pretty photographs you’ve taken.


  59. Your dress is really cute! I also love your watch

  60. I love the dress, especially the color!


  61. ive always wanted to rent one of those little bikes, but been a bit scared about getting run over! looks like so much fun.


  62. Love your outfit, so simple but so beautiful. I have a bike but don’t ride it very often. I don’t live in London, but am always worried that I will fall off it.

  63. everytime i go a long time without reading fashion blogs, yours is one of the first I always come back to. it makes me forget why i even stopped reading them in the first place. how come all fashion blogs can’t be like yours shini???????

    supppppperrr love your bag. i started handmaking small leather goods. perhaps i should tackle BIGGER items such as a bag like yours? meh sooo hard.

  64. tu est très jolie, et ton look j’adore, ta robe est magnifique, et tes photos superbes

  65. how come I love ALL your bags?

  66. What a bloody good idea! These things should be everywhere! I love to bike as it is! God, I am baffled by the awesomeness of this!

  67. I’m so jealous of cities that are embracing the bicycle movement. Here in the US we’re a little behind the times and/or everyone is too attached to their convertibles and gas-guzzling Range Rovers to really change. Not that many places are super bike friendly here unless you live in big cities like New York, Seattle etc.

    Whenever I go somewhere with bike lanes I get a little choked up inside. Riding your bike on the street in Ohio is basically a death wish waiting to happen. No one is used to it here.

    Love your outfit, simple yet chic and that bag is to die for.

  68. i really like the earthy colours of this outfit, & your luxrious-looking leather satchel & rope belt. awesome details, your posts are always so inspiring <3

  69. Love the socks !

  70. I love your outift! The colour of your dress and bag is fab and I love your watch. I’m out of London at the moment but I can’t wait to try to bikes, it’s such a great idea!


  71. Beyond adorable~ <3

    Yes, I'm on a massive commenting mode today! Haven't got time to visit your blog the past month~

    MISS YOU! ^^

  72. Heya! I always like it when you put up editorials with Korean celebs :P missed you too!

  73. Gorgeous outfit – the colors are a wonderful mixture of earthy tones… that dress is divine!

  74. nothing can i say… i really love the way you dress.. :D i love your boyish look..it looks pretty on you.
    but the girly one is also good..
    love,love it!

    P.S. : please check my blog.. :)

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