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Retro to military classics

Angels Retro Sale February 6, 2010
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There’s a special folder I like to call ‘Canned & Non-perishables’ that contain photos like these that act as insurance when sleep, laziness, natural disaster or sudden death strike on my end of the paper cup telephone. Today I’m too drunk on fatigue to string together a season-appropriate post so here we go, gone and dug out photos from the Angels Costume Sale from February. I’m sure they speak for themselves without having me write a semi-coherent paragraph here about something irrelevant. Here’s a one-word review for the sale: WHOOPEE! (Let’s not get me hooked on one-word reviews…)

There’s no news in when the next sale will happen, but follow them on twitter to be the first to know!

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  1. that sale looks heavenly.
    i am very jealous at he moment(:

  2. Yah I’m still awake after you left.
    Hmmm I should go to this one next just for prop shopping for future shoots, hoping they’d relocate and transport the stock over at the Truman Brewery so it’s easier to travel for hungry fashion commuters like myself, just an idea??!! ;P

  3. Oh……. I want to go to this sale……. Want one in Hong Kong……………….

  4. Gosh, I wish such things existed here… instead all we have are Salvation Army thrift shops which seem to specialise in the BAD 80s fashion. Sigh.


  5. oh, wow!! i’m sure you took home w/ you loads of good stuff. if that were me, i’d probably have hoarded those hats!

    boat ride through the sky</a

  6. oh my!
    that place looks like vintage heaven! :D

  7. Vanessa

    The best kind of post for my day today too (horrible mind-numbing day – all kinds of bleh!).
    I could happily look at another kazillion photos like this from the Angels sale! There’s something strangely relaxing about them. Anyway, in regards to the sale itself, I’m so jealous!!!

  8. aahhh such a glorious shopping opportunity. Whenever I imagine these warehouse sales I just expect it to be a total bloodbath trying to fight over all the clothes. But this looks somewhat peaceful and not at all hostel haha.

  9. oh my goodness, looks like it would have been absolute pandemonium!

  10. that sale look crazy and cool!

  11. wow nicee I’m sure you had a great time there


  12. That looks like fun in heaven. Love it.


  13. it looks like heaven & hell simultaneously! it’d be heaven in the prospect to find true gems there but it’d be hell, too, i’d feel totally lost and desperate and would leave just after 5 min :)

  14. wow this is HEAVEN!! really wanna go next time its on!

  15. haha i have spotted myself in one of the pictures!!

  16. Yoshi

    This is the post I have been waiting for all my life! :D thanks!

  17. oh my gosh, i wish i was there.

  18. Great blog. Cool pics & great content.
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  19. Kyu

    grotesque but beautiful.

  20. Maike

    Oh my god!
    I wanna go there, too. It looks amazing!

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  22. ooh, that place should be paradise, i’m jealous :(
    where is that?


  23. Somewhere in NorthWest London, only happens twice a year, so I’m sure another one’s coming up soon!

  24. looks like heaven to me ! even if i dont get anything out of those boxes, i still love the thrill of digging and digging and digging for treasures :)

  25. THAT’S where I could have got a nice boater hat! uuuugh! xx

  26. I don’t own twitter, but I will set up an account if it means I wont miss out on another sale like this again.

  27. obsessed..wish I was here! where is this btw??


  28. This was somewhere in NorthWest London in their warehouse I think, but it happens about twice a year!

  29. … Wow! Look at all that… stuff! I bet you had wicked fun rifling through so many clothes. Lucky lady. x

  30. oh my god, wow. very lucky girl you are :D, THAT is like my amusement park… but better! i wish i was there, it seems like so much fun

  31. Excuse me as I turn green with envy…….i so need to go to an event like this!!!


  32. Adrian Wilde

    can anyone who lives in Australia and is less lazy than I am organise something like this?
    pretty please ~

  33. Oh I remember that post!! I wish that I had the opportunity to go to something like that in New Zealand :(


  34. i dont know about angels but that looks like HEAVEN!!

    i say “yes please” to one word reviews. i hate reading more than 3 lines mostly because im really slow and having some problems with focusing :)


  35. Oh wow! I would have a field day in there!

  36. I am loving you blog as always :) your photographs are absolutely amazing and you have such a magical way with words. Keep it up, the posts make my day!!! <3
    follow me at…
    Ella xx

  37. Your blog is so lovely!
    Thanks for the inspiration <3

  38. Haha, that picture of all the women digging through the clothes with a focused expression on their face made me laugh.

  39. paradise!!!! <3

  40. woow yeah that looks like paradise!

  41. after reading this post I wish I could be there too to grab some loots there. Love the straw boatman hats!!!

    I love your blog and I will be following your blog through bloglovin=)
    do follow my blog too if you like


  42. I should have been there too!

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  45. Cal

    Do you happen to know if there will be another sale like this this upcoming year??

  46. Hmm I’m sure they hold it annually, but to tell the truth haven’t heard anything about one being planned for anytime soon – best follow them on twitter? https://twitter.com/#!/angels_sale

  47. Cal

    @Shini, okay, thank you so much!