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Jacket ASOS | Denim Shirt Vintage Mum’s | Jeans Zara | Shoes Office | Bag Camerabag Ebay

If someone could explain why the weather is acting like a spoilt brat these few days I may today sleep with my toes uncurled. Well literally. It’s probably morally wrong to write this sentence, but I’ll write it anyway because since when do I have morals?: It’s freezing cold, even inside a bed. The last time I checked it was June, am I correct? I’ve been sleeping with a thick hoodie on and that’s saying a lot to someone who usually sleeps naked.

I can’t wait to be more experimental with the boots, although I think they’re the perfect upgrade to a half-arsed comfortable outfit like this one. I got the vintage camerabag over a year ago with a Praktica Nova SLR and a few lenses, all for £5. I may want to extend the straps if I had any idea how to go about doing that. Anyway, can one describe bags as comfortable? because this one is, everything is so accessible – I never knew I could find my housekeys under 3 seconds without causing a storm. Well, too bad it’s just a fancy box.

I don’t really sleep naked. I wear socks at least, duh.

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  1. Those shoes are so, so amazing!!

  2. oooh…your shoes are grrrrreat

  3. very nice usage of a camera bag. love the simpleness of this,i actually think office has an awesome variety of shoes at a very low price…wish i lived in the UK! :(

  4. love that flash of blue denim. it’s been getting so much colder that i’ve even tried layering stockings… =_=”

  5. Ughhh I expected such great weather when I got home back in LA and it’s been freezing! My mom turned on the heater this morning because she said she was so cold at night. yeahhh my morals too… eh?

    Only £5 for that compartmentalized bag AND camera/lenses? Wow :O

  6. I love the use you made of the camerabag! :-)

  7. That bag is wonderful, reminds me of Chloe SS09 a bit, actually. Then again, I’ve always had an irrational love for square bags, I just love the structure of them. Do you ever use the camera itself?

  8. ahahah. You always make me laugh so bad.
    I’ve noticed that the weather was freezing in here too!
    I tought in the first place you were carrying a guitar bag. But obviously you don’t haha.
    That bag is stunning anyways and your shoes are like perfection.

  9. I love your bag so much :D

  10. this look is really great. Love them all especially your denim shirt and camera bag :)

  11. kochana, w Polsce taka sama pogoda. na szczęście dziś się wypogodziło, więc na Twój przyjazd (mam nadzieję!) będzie już jak w lecie ;D
    ten kuferek w formie torby to naprawdę świetny pomysł!

    kisses <3

  12. No one likes cold feet, no matter what season!

  13. i know the weather is sucking so bad but im sure it will get warmer soon…hopefully cos i really want to spends the day lazying in hyde park like a bum lol…i love your use of the camera bag and the shoes are fab

  14. Luv this!!

  15. totally hilarious statements, love your “since when do I have morals”. the office shoe looks great. i had check out the website and totally love it, the price is reasonable too. hate the weather and the temperature too. its suppose to be sunny and hot and its suppose to be summer. what the hell had happen??

  16. aww your little camera bag reminds me of my long-gone briefcase *sobs* I might just have to search around ebay for a new briefcase -.- but shipping to HK is gonna be a biaaaatch.
    those shoes look soo cooool and comfyyyyy. jealouzzzzzzzzzz

  17. I like your bag so much, it’s really kinda cool!

  18. the new shoes looks amazing!! yes the weather is terrible! it’s completely opposite to the nice weather last week!

  19. Haha, good to know you where socks at least :D Love that bag.

  20. like denise, your bag reminds me of one i loved vm. wish i have better ‘luck’ ebay. shopping there isn’t exactly a breeze for me. i like your jacket too.

  21. I love that you’re using a vint camera bag as a bag..it looks awesome.

  22. love the camerabag!

  23. I love the vintage camera bag!! and the shoes. great outfit

    Love your style!! :)

  24. great look! I love the way you combined this shirt with the rest of the outfit! shoes are gorgeous and the bag… a little jewel! so cute!!!

    PS: yes, it’s june and the weather in Italy is awful too! just today has been a warm and sunny day…

  25. low intelligence comment from pigface:

    ‘i like yo bag woooman’

  26. I LOVE YOUR SHOES! the whole outfit screams perfection! I seriously adore your style…

  27. I love the shoes. office are bang on it with heels.

    and I know right the weather is shocking!!!
    I want the warm weather back!


  28. i raced through this post to see where you got that gorgeous bag – ebay of course. enjoy it, looks fantastic. the shoes are fantastic too.

  29. I agree, the weather does mess with our minds occasionally. I’m lovin’ that denim shirt also, and I compliment you on that find of camera bag.

    It would be mine

  30. Shini, this is BRITAIN remember?!
    Why would it be hot and sunny when it could be cold and rainy?
    Thats the thing I hate most about living in this country.. GAH x

  31. Those shoes are great! Same for the bag. That grey bag you posted some posts back, is that leather? What a great price if so!

  32. Your shoes are so divine!

  33. did i ever tell you that your blog is my favorite of ALL fashion blogs.i read a lot of them till now and there wasnt one i loved more.

  34. I have a very similar shirttt!!! Really nice

  35. uhhhh this is sooo perfect i neeed that shirt!

  36. i adore your statement shoes a lot! LOVIN it!!!!!
    rarwww.. if only i could get 1.. xp

  37. wedges! *shrieks*

    ahaha. id sleep naked too if it werent for my intrusive family :(

  38. wow~!! Great blog. I love it and linked you to my blog : )

  39. I love denim shirts. and As i have already expressed, love the shoes!

  40. Omg You Got the Office shoes! Love them.

  41. you have a very funny style of writing haha. lovely blog overall. and those shoes make me want to check out Office sooo bad when I go to London this month!!

  42. ive been eyeing off those office heels!! but instead bought a suede pair which ill put on my blog soon. i cant get enough of my denim too. Great minds huh?
    My camera blog is a geeky piece of rubbish that deters me from bringing my new camera anywhere. Lucky you!
    You look gorgeous as always.

  43. OH MAN, I’ve been coveting those office shoes forever now. I think I might get the ones in fushia, though… Are they super duper comfortable? They look like they are!

    I may have to trail them until they go on sale, though. I cant spend that much on shoes right now!!! Oh unemployments…

    I hope you made a fortune on those Emma Cook boots!

  44. word to that, sista.

  45. Loving the bag and the shoes of course, even a half-arsed outfit can be pretty awesome with the right accessories! ;) We still need to meet for this French tea sometime Missy! Have a good night – yes I know, it’s late (!)

  46. Those shoes are making me want to break my high street shoe ban!

  47. love your outfit and I love your outfit :) I have a real ugly camera bag… I might look at something else now too… although I really have to protect my camera from myself haha…

  48. The camera bag is a gem!

  49. Love your outfit , very simple and boots really fits with the rest of the outfit…Love the denim shorts to:)