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Shipley & Halmos for Uniqlo | Office Shoes

The colour of the top reminded me of some pieces from Alexander Wang’s SS09 collection; I convinced myself that I’ve never ever owned a colour like that in my entire life. I know, dramatic, at least that seemed like a reasonable excuse at the time. Also looks like I need to sell another pair of shoes just to justify keeping the lurrvley feet mummifiers. I’m thinking of selling my Emma Cooks this time, it is now damn clear that I’m not a size 5. Now, I could sell it on ebay for a ridiculous sum and be a happy bunny for a while until the ebay fees come out… or I can make someone else happy by selling it for £140. Anyone? UK Size 5, like new, comes in original box, carecard and dustbag. If you miss it now you’ll be the one finding my ridonkulous ebay listing a few months down the road and then you’ll probably have to sob into a tub of icecream from all the regret.

I’ll be closing down the shop from the 23rd of June till late September 2009 as I’ll be separated from my stuff when I return back home to Warsaw. Unfortuantely I do not own a donkey on which I can load my merchandise and travel the world to sell goods at an empty street corner nearby you. All transactions must be concluded by the 22nd, so I can send out anything on the 23rd! Hm, I may be updating the shop from Warsaw, who knows.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. i’ve been looking for that color (/ any seafoam green turquoisey aqua colors actually..)! wow i love how it’s sheer.

    and i also love the shoes!

    still haven’t hit up Uniqlo yet but since we don’t have one back in Toronto, i have to get on that pronto.

  2. Those shoes are amazing Shini!!! I also love the top, my fav color! So sad the boots are not my size or they would have been mine!!

  3. wonderful shoes and top!
    i love both!

  4. AGHH if only I haven’t spent $200 on ld tuttle booties and $80 on fryes and $115 on wedges i would SOO SNATCH UP THE EMMA COOKS.. they are in my size!!!!! :( :( maybe i’ll sell my fryes.. i’ll think about it but i better think fast cuz someone is going to snatch them up quickly!

  5. I love that color! Amazing shoes!

  6. YAY! I just bought a tank top of the same color and as you said, I thought I’d never own something that color either.
    And it also reminded me of AW’s ss09 collection!
    These new shoes are so niceee!

    I’m not a huge fan of the Emma Cooks boots but I’m sure you’ll manage to sell them for 140£ since they’re sold out and like “it-shoes”.
    Anyways, good luck on selling them dear :)

  7. Love both of your new purchases! The color of the top is really pretty.

    I you haven’t already sold the EMMA COOK boots, I’d be VERY interested. I missed out on them when they first came out and was praying that they would bring them back but that never happened. Unfortunately. And I din’t have the money to get them off ebay. But 140 pounds is a great price I would be able to afford.
    I’m a size 5 as well. You would def. make me very happy ;-)



  8. czy to kolor miętowy? wspaniały jest, zazdroszczę! :)
    na pewno warto mieć w szafie jakiś ciuch o tak pięknym kolorze :)

  9. Libby

    Can I buy the Emma Cooks? I will consider you my personal saviour.

    I am also going to go hunting for those Office ones…

    love the blog :D

  10. Libby

    I also adore the actual page, did you do it yourself?

  11. I totally love the shoes, and the top, it seems like it has several layers or something? Really adorable.

  12. dear god, you are tempting me so much… I’m searching madly for that boots, but I can’t find it anywhere…
    I was just thinking on buy new bags… and pitty that I’m a poor poor student with lack of money :(
    but I’ve to think about this… those boots are one of my obsession…

  13. Wow – those shoes are amazing! And they look vaguely comfortable.. :)

    It would be mine

  14. the office shoe looks gorgeous.. i adore the pastel colour of the top and the flowy material. like some summer shimmery clothes.

  15. Definitely want those boots – I’ve sent you an email Shini so let me know! x

  16. I love love those shoes!

  17. amazing photos and those shoes!! wow!

  18. that color is so dreamy, it reminds me of the ocean. And the shoes are crazy fierce.

  19. Julia

    Hello :)

    I’m going to be in London next month for 5 days, and I wanted to ask, if you know any special places I could go. I hope you answer, you can also anwer to Julia_Wertheim@web.de, if you want.

  20. Treasure-x

    Love the blog and especially your style!
    You seem like a great person!


    Pining for those emma cook boots…. sadly not my size!!

  21. I saw that at the Uniqlo in 명동! I tried on the jumper by the same Shipley & Halmos and loved it… but had too many other things in my hands to buy it. I think that color will look great on you!

  22. oh my! i love that seafoam colour, i cant wait to see you wear it, it probably looks amazing on you! and, cant believe youre selling youre emmacook babies! i wish i had cash on me:(

  23. i lOVE the colour of the top….yes it is quite A.Wang

  24. I loooove seafoam green..such a beautiful summer color. I have a couple shirts in seafoam from AA.


  25. oo that top is cute. i never saw it when i saw the s&h collab at uniqlo in NY ): or maybe i just skipped right pass it cos green is soooooooooooo not my colour. and ahhhh i am so jealous of those shoes. the wedge looks so comfortable!!!!

  26. i love these shots. you really know how to take awesome pictures.
    the mint green top is so beautiful. <3

    mi ji

  27. So so so pretty.

    Love Grace.

  28. Jodie

    Hi, I would be so so interested in the Emma Cook boots if they haven’t been sold! I just placed a £200 bid on ebay with 8 days left and know I am going to end up paying up to £600 which I really can’t afford! xxx

  29. Owh you’re a tad late! I’ve done an auction in my shop a week ago and they sold for £145! Sorry about that!

  30. Roxie

    I want your emma cooks!!!!