I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Coat – Mum’s Deni Cler, Dress – Mum’s Fürnkranz, Shoes – Nine West, Cashmere Scarf – Uniqlo, Bag & Belt – JHYoo

The minute I stepped outside Warsaw airport it was WHAM, a scratchy slap across my face with the rotten realization that I’ve been painstakingly lugging around 23kg of junk that’s altogether suitable for a different climate. As always, I’d completely underestimated the bitterness of -18Cº (-0.4Fº) and packed inadequately; forgive me, but UGGs are starting to make more sense now. There’s only so much shuffling I can do in my mother’s wardrobe to seem like nothing was missing during the raid, but I was never able to fool her by scattering food all over the dinnerplate to seem like I’m done – so I don’t really suppose I’ll get away with this.

On a separate note, these photos were taken by Yoo and Ji today, two cheerful 11 year olds in my church. Granted, I had to juggle a few snowballs to lure them away from their friends and plant some enthusiasm by turning the photoshoot into a game of sorts… those who’ve ever babysat will agree: the Who Cleans Up First Wins! game is so so soo deceiving and fun. I did all the camera settings and quickly explained how the focus works, and said the one with most focused photos will win. I forget the score but I think I won.

Evil, who, me?

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  1. what a gorgeous color, that raspberry! love it with the white tights.. a wonderful wintry look :)


  2. I’d say more resourceful than evil. If anything, you’re a kind soul for playing with children and teaching them about photography! ;)


  3. Simplistic but adorable. You always find the garments with the best little details! For that I aspire!

  4. What pretty acid-strawberry-syrupy it is, your mum has great wardrobe.

  5. do what you have to in order to get the pic taken… i know i do. :-)

  6. I am totally feeling you on the weather thing. Toronto is so frigid cold and snowy I have (almost) resorted to Uggs. And forget outfit photos when there’s 3 inches of snow on the ground! Love the vibrant colour of your coat and those shoes.
    p.s. you in the white dress in the post below = beyond

  7. I love what you are wearing in this outfit!!! The white stockings blend well with the snow ;]

  8. these are beautiful shots and i just love your red coat


  9. oh dear, you look like that little red riding hood girl.. she’s quite cunning herself too, you know.. muehehe.. xx

  10. Hahaaaa so true, except, do I get eaten by a wolf and spend the night in wolf tummy with granny? That’d be a strange christmas.
    (Dude love your header in blog)

  11. Helena

    My advise for polisch winters: if wearing skirt/dress always two pair of tights, one of them thermo if possible (the had some at Rossmann that look like normal 100 den tights) and a sipmle jersey hotpants. Always wear thick socks in (knee-high) boots with a thermo inlay. Scarf. Hat. Note: You are loosing 30% (!!!) of your body heat through your head… NO UGGS.

  12. NO UGGS, hahahaaaa good one, I was only kidding, with my neck on the block it seems.
    Thanks so much for the priceless advice – I can’t imagine wearing that much but if I can avoid death in le snow then Rossman is where I’m headed tomorrow! Actually, Uniqlo’s heattech have been saving my life till now, you should seriously look into it! Keep warm xxx

  13. oh..my..the coat looks delicious against the snowy surrounding…and i can’t believe 11 year old can’t take a photo as such….i wish i was there to take yours…lol…

  14. Ehhhh, polish winter can be painful…. But the glittering snow is awesome!

  15. Isn’t raiding mother’s wardobe so satisfying! I’m feeling that maybe it adds an elegance too.

    Ps. I love it that you’ve got some creepy timing going on, you always seem to drop by just in time to enter our lil giveaways! hah! BTW. I hope you’re satisfied, our summery weather has since turned sour and it’s been raining for days straight! Anyways have a magical christmas in the snow and with the fam.

  16. Beheheh but I didn’t enter! But really? I think I have giveaway radar, just for your blog. You have the best giveaways, seriously.
    Hope you have a wonderful sunny Christmas! xx

  17. Your hair looks lighter, did you dye it? I wish I could borrow my mom’s clothes when I visit my parents but we have such different tastes and sizes. That shade of red looks great on you, I love it, so festive.

  18. Nooo I didn’t dye my hair, actually I’ve never dyed it, I think that’s the reason for it being a few shades lighter than black – sun and stuff ;)

  19. This is seriously cute. Seriously. Winter cute. xxx

  20. haha, my cousin is 12 years old and he can´t take photos at all :D
    and you look lovely and it doesn´t even seem it was so cold :)

  21. Haha make him take about 50 and you’ll be able to pick 4-5, that’s what happened for me here ;) It’s actually not that cold once the snow falls, there’s a nice toasty feel to the air! x

  22. Joe

    These pics are stunning – must be pretty talented kids to take such lovely pics! Love the cashmere scarf, I’ve got one very similar from UNIQLO :)

  23. Lovely outfit! I like your blog =)

    Kisses from France


  24. haha funny you:) or do i have to say ‘evil’ you;) I think it’s rather brilliant taken advantage of your piece of the babysitting and making them happy? nothing right right? and I get what you mean with now the UGGs not being so dumblooking after all, at least thats what I though when snow started being about 10 centimeters and more. I still have to make some pictures in the snow aswell.. can’t be bothered to do so though, as I have to learn for school and can’t be bothered to push my dad again to take some decent pictures. lovely how you pulled off these shots with the two 11 year old:)!

  25. Try doing that game with your dad! Hehehee We should be shot btw for giving Uggs some credit… I kid I kid.

  26. @Shini, haha.. I think my dad would notice somethings up:p I think I’d rather not get shot please! haha. ahh im so excited for this weekend: christmas or should I annoy people and say X-mas;);) hehe. too bad there’s only one service in my church this Sunday! (can’t wait for the presents muhaha.. of course that’s the only thing I care about:p)

  27. Oh! and btw, on the blazer in my outfit post: it looks as though it has two layers, but its sewed that way, so it looks like as though it has two layers.. but yet its one.. confusing? I think so! its a well made blazer.

  28. Red and black always looks so perfect against a snowy background…and I’m envious, because your mother has such great taste!

  29. Hahahaha, I think you did a great job… and the 11 year old’s too. The shots look amazing and I adore the (colour of the) coat! Really, really pretty!

  30. Taken by 11 years old? Love it.

    Your mum’s wardrboe is seriously BOSS!


  31. love the shoes and the red coat

  32. Coat is super lovely, colour is stunning!


  33. haha, nice way to force my younger brother to take some photos of me! i love your mum’s coat.
    oh and Polish winters can really be painful. sometimes, when i’m desperate and just sick of wearing trousers, i wear a skirt/dress with shorts underneath, and 2 pairs of tights hahahaha. when it’s -20Cº even that doesn’t seem to work though!
    and the last thing, in which district of Warsaw are you actually staying? beacuse my neighbourhood looks kind of familiar ;)

  34. Heheh my solution is to stay at home and close to the covers! I live in Wilanow, but that was taken somewhere near Puławska street, which is where my church is!

  35. love that raspberry colour <3

  36. Love that red coat :D


  37. hahaha! Such a nice title :)
    When did you show this perfect coat last year, I wanted see it more and more..! And finally it is! Thank you.
    Kisses, Shini! :)

  38. Love the red coat on the snow. You look so shy and cute <3

  39. just perfect! the coat is stunning and the shoes are great – will be hawking nine west til they pop up on the site to buy most definitely.

  40. cute, christmassy outfit!! Or maybe i’m just seeing the holidays in anything red and white nowadays!
    and i think the kids were pretty good with your camera!

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  42. amazing photos….-i’m going home (warsaw) in january …hope it won’t be THAT freezing!
    i love your sweet comment – THANK YOU!

    xoxo from rome

  43. It’s just as cold here. Nice, isn’t it? I really like your shoes and the red coat.

    juliet xxx

  44. nuh uh Shini Park did you just say that Uggs are starting to make sense????!!!! omg
    :P lol
    i am very disturbed that 11 yr olds have better photography skills than me, maybe i should take lessons….–_–

  45. Trust me, we took about 50, only about 4-5 survived, and there was a lot of cropping involved… What can I say, free and evil service :P

  46. can’t believe those shoes are from nine west! i picked up nine west heels last black friday and i’m still in love with and wear it frequently… they’re slowly stepping up. I SEE IT :)

  47. that first shot is stunning! i love it.
    and them shoes are perfect. great find!
    hope you’re having a good week dear
    happy holidays

  48. well, kids are more like that these days. need motivation and game too much.
    i love your shoes by far more than the clothes

  49. Isn’t the snow so great for blogging photos!? These are amazing.

  50. Beautiful coat. The colour is lush. It looks so striking against the snow too.

  51. well, that remark was quite beyond essay style. more like a dissertation or some thesis paper.
    and what a way to enter with the first comment! respect

  52. Oopsy I just SPAMMED YOU, please feel free to delete as necessary! It kept appearing that the comment was too long so I spent ages cutting it up hahah…. oh I feel embarassed ;)

  53. Hahahah that story made me laugh so hard. And damnit… even 11 year olds can take better photos than I can! ;)


  54. oh my God! this coat is so lovely!

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