I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Lomo LC-A+ Courtesy of Lomography

Big apologies to Lomography as I’m very certain they approached me with the LomoAmigo project hoping I might share some fashion scenes. I do think these results do emphasize the worth of the camera better – my ordinary life has quite a low fashion value, and if the LC-A+ is truly an snapper for life it would’ve compiled 5 rolls of absolutely randomness with only a sprinkle of said ‘fashion’, and voila what do we have here. The only thing I could ever ‘whip out’ in my life had been the tissues in the bra when I was 13 before my mother would approach me, but the past few months the camera had cosily taken its place in there. The reason I carry this around everywhere is because there’s hardly any obligation for composition or simply, much thought really, into photographing – of course after you’ve gotten used to the levers and the calculus problem you have to solve before every shot. Think, would such spur-of-the-moment shots would be achievable by, again, the tank Canon? Do check out my LomoAmiga interview if you’d like.

* Wig pic unrelated to Seven Sisters incident, that one I asked for permission for and the owner said TAKE PICTURE, TAKE MY MONEY, NO SHOOT I HAVE FAMILY.

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  1. lovely photos! you have a great eye, Shini.

  2. Love your writing style and the photo of the white-haired lady

  3. i love these photos! you are sooo talented! i especially love the first two! i have been dying to get a lomography camera my self!


  4. Your photos turned out amazing! I really like the quality

  5. I love the shots.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. You are right. You captured some fashion but I always thought Lomography was great for everything. These pictures put me in a good mood after having a shitty day.

  7. In randomness you’d always find beauty (:

    Loving these photos babe!

  8. I’m really loving these lomography photos!!!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures shini!!

    Love From Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  9. Famtastic images shini.
    You definitely get an atmosphere and a sense of being there with lomo that isn’t there with digital no matter how it’s photoshopped. I’m so impatient though, I can’t stand waiting for the film to be developed! My fave camera was the old Polaroid Colour, instant lomo!
    ps. The pic with couple and dog is incredible

  10. Oh I miss London… I love love love the picture with the yellow bag at the bus! Makes me wanna buy a lomo NOW!

  11. Shini, these photos are beautiful and have such an honest quality about them. Kit has completely made me want to get into lomography and this has only made me want to get a camera even more! Absolutely love this post. Fashion or not, I love seeing the world through your eyes… xx

  12. Amazing photos!

  13. i love you and your yellow obsession <3

  14. i love that yellow bag <333

  15. The pic witht he yellow bag is just perfection, love it! :)

  16. Magnifique !! :)

  17. all shots are simply amazing. seriously? how do you do that?
    when I take some shots, only 1 out of 5 are good ones.
    your shots seem to be good al the time!


  18. Naaah, same with me! I sent in 5 rolls which means about 120 pics, and seriously only about 30 were good to show, the rest just ordinary stuff ;)

  19. Oh my, those pictures are beautiful! :O They have such a nostalgic and warm feeling!
    I already was thinking about buying one, but now I definitely am going to. :)

  20. lovin the photos and your outfit!!


  21. Nice pictures! There’s something so charming about the way photos on a Lomo turn out. A few years ago a friend and I tried double exposing a film in a Coloursplash. He took a roll of film of his daily life, rewound it and gave it to me. The results were beautiful.

  22. i really like these shots! they’re great! thanks for sharing darling.and for taking your time to stop by me.
    best wishes that you have a wonderful christmas.
    take care


  23. Thanks for your comment on my blog Shini!!! :)
    I love the way you take your photos… such an artistic eye.
    I can see your multi colour nail polishes again hehe what colour are they this time? :)

  24. Heheh such a long time ago, I don’t even remember! Owh, I think it was just the rainbow from before!xx

  25. I love all the random things you managed to capture, I don’t really know much about the cameras themselves but it’s a wonderful effect. Love your outfits too and hope you have a great Christmas!

  26. this post is absolutely great! my favorite pic is the second one’s!

  27. my my…you do perfectly well being a lomoamigo…heeehhee…seriously great photos..especially of yourself in the bathroom..
    as i’m such a taker of your words…i’m gonna grab me one….:)
    p.s-love that shot of your boyfriend by you…!!!!!!!!!

  28. great pictures, i want a LC-A+ camera!
    love that yellow shoulder bag.

  29. My friend had a Lomo, and it took the most wonderful photos. I got all excited when I saw that you own a Lomo too, and love it. :D

  30. <3

  31. Totally love these set of photos! :D

  32. These are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!


  33. I love the one with the yellow bag. Amazing shot!

  34. Really cool photos!



  35. great pictures and i like it when you dress like that; love the leather skirt (?) with the tee.

  36. you take amazing photos. i love all of these.

  37. That yellow satchel photo is utterly stunning! Gorgeous selection of images xx

  38. Nina


    Great pictures! About the yellow bag, I’ve been craving it for ages (well I preferred the green one) and didn’t buy it eventually, but seeing yours makes me regret it. Though, I see it as a compliment that you liked it too!

    And I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!


  39. I JUST got my sister a Lomo cam, she’s very excited, thanks for sharing these, they have motivated her to brush up on that calc lol :D Happy holidays to you Shini!

  40. you always post so pretty and inspiring photos. love your blog <3


  41. so so so so so gooooood.

    i especially like the pircture man with dog an girl drinking coffee or so. perfect snap.

    you are awesome!

  42. HEY SHINI,

    Beautiful photos, I love the ethereal quality. I just ordered two lomography cameras which I am looking forward to playing with, however I’m sure it’ll take months of fooling around and many rolls of film until we can call our relationship stable. I’ll look to you for inspiration!

  43. […] – On a test ride for a fun project but already 70% sold on the Korean typing capabilities. LC-A+ camera, usually takes about 4 full days to realise that I’ve been shooting sans film. […]

  44. […] It all began on Asos where I spotted them for the first time: the gorgeous bags of Cambridge Satchel Company. No-nonsense leather bags available in nice bright colors, ready to spice up all your outfits. I managed to forget about them by keeping in mind the price, which isn’t that high for real leather, but I am just a poor student so for me it is. Though, now I’ve seen Shini carrying one of them, it’s back again. No, I’m not obsessed this time, but isn’t it one of the most beautiful bags you’ve ever seen?! Funny fact: the last bag I had an obsession with ended up on Shini’s shoulder too (second picture here). […]