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H&M Magazine: Summer 2012

Shoes, Patrizia Pepe. Trousers, DIY

Thank you hubby for helping with the shots

Next time you’re out shopping for a pair of scarf-print trousers, you know, with dodgy stitching and a waistband scrimped out of an old pair of jeggings, I recommend you pop into H&M and pick up a copy of the summer issue magazine. Then come home, dig out an big old scarf, and give your sewing machine (or mum) a good rattle. I personally was like this through the entire procedure but I promise it was a lot of fun. Best bit? Use the leftover fabric to do Erica’s (of the emporium that is Honestly…WTF) satchel DIY that’s on the other side of the spread. I’ll pop the full DIY up live next week, so go dig up a big scarf in the meantime!

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  1. Claire


  2. I feel like I might be too short for pants that awesome (Idk…flashy pants and me have an uncomfortable relationship. Haha) but you make everything look amazing.


    Castle Fashion

    PS: Love the new layout. It’s so badass (and by that I mean crisp!)

  3. This is INCREDIBLE Shini. I’ve been scarf print dreaming ever since I tried on those Celine trousers in Paris. Holy moly. You look like you’re in Marrakech or something! Just imagining you need a VERY long/wide scarf. Can’t wait to hear more details on how you did this. Can you reveal what the measurements of your scarf were? Wait, I’m not sure why I’m even asking… I don’t have the skills to pull this off. Could possibly persuade my Momma to make it for me though… mwaaahahahha (best evil laugh). xx

  4. I am in complete awe of your beautiful, self-made trousers! This just wants to bring out the crafty fox in me and get to the sewing machine!


  5. Emily Ulrich

    I really do need to muster up enough courage to attempt some DIY of my own. This result was fabulous, but I can’t help but feel as if all I could accomplish is a floor scattered with detrimented cloth.

  6. holy moly! Shini, 넌 진짜 아이디어 쩐다;;;대박!!!!!!!!!! Must pop into H&M today to grab a hold of that mag.

  7. I have already gotten a copy of H&M magazine!
    When I flicked through it, I saw your face near the last page. At that moment I felt happy to see you ( esp. I need not stare at the screen ).

  8. i’ll wait for the DIY

  9. I loved to read it! did they just ask u if u’d like to contribute and all?

  10. Comfiest things ever! Love the H&M magazine!



  11. I am begging, please, return back to the old style of showing posts on a blog. This new one, with opening everything is unreadable :(

  12. Ooh sorry if it’s not very comfortable – I actually made the change because I don’t really want my blog to look like a traditional blog – where you only really see the latest post. If you’re not following via Bloglovin’ or an RSS feed then I do recommend changing your bookmark to http:parkandcube.com/blog/ which is the classic view.

  13. @Shini, Thank You! :) I understand, why this change, and direct link is in this case surely made for me ;)

  14. LOVE those trousers!

  15. I saw it today i n this magazine, congratulation!

  16. A very good DIY project. Simply and quickly.I like it.

    Stacy from http://www.stacyco.blogspot.com

  17. okk.. i love the print pants with the printed carpet!!! seriously it’s amazinggg!! ;)
    very nice photography too-

    xx nathan.niche

    P.S.check out my new big post on the DOVER STREET MARKET ANNUAL SALE if u havent already, it’s hugeeee! with 75% off all Comme des garcon pieces.


  18. Love the carpet, the scarf and the camera in second photo.
    The camera looks like an antique. Is that a Leica?

  19. it’s just a vintage Praktica! :D

  20. I am the only one who is annoyed that they have hyphened sustainable in your little quote. Maybe it’s just the angry graphic design in me… but anyway… cute trousers and the new layout is snazzy! x

  21. Ohh goodness, hyphen or no hyphen I personally blocked out that quote bit, it’s such a ‘DUH’ sounding thing to say!

  22. gorgeous!



  23. Oooh, fancy smancy! I like DIY with the exact reason you’ve stated in H&M. But I should learn to sew better, because then, maybe, I could wear my DIY-things more than just a few times… :’)

  24. this method is kind like brilliant…lol..I don’t have scarf. Malaysia is a hot country.

  25. awesome


  26. I saw your DIY in the H&M magazine about a week ago and it seemed just perfect for the weather in Poland at the time. And even though the heatwave is over (well, just for now), I’d still fancy a pair of such pants!
    PS. By the way, I love the new design of the blog!

  27. Dear,

    H&M brought me to your blog and I truely love it! THe DIY that you did for H&M is amazing.. From now on, you’re one of my favorite bloggers! =) About the DIY, I’m def. gonna try it out!

    Keep up the good work.


  28. Those trousers are looking great.

  29. This DIY is soooo cute, a PJ pants you can wear in bed and out of bed (don’t bother changing it) and wear it all day. Make a matching top woman!

  30. I made a pair of pants from a gipsy style skirt. They are unique :)

  31. They opened new H&M in my home town. I bought there some new things and I took their magazine. And what i saw! You! It was soo cool! you are really amazing :)

  32. H&M magazine, thats cool, I wonder do they have it in every country or? I love reading about amazing DIY although I seldom do them myself. I usually admire all the creativity and imagination :) love the idea of scarf pants, everything is scarf-looking this season, and I hope the trend will continue :)

  33. Mmmm, lovely Shini. I’m picking up my copy on Tues so will have a proper look! x

  34. wow, looks amazing! I have to try this

  35. Great DiY!!!

  36. ayy_ayy

    a scarf-print t-shirt will be nice too. :)

  37. Love your photography.


  38. Such a great idea – the pants are so cute… now on the hunt for a fab scarf haha ;)

    B x

  39. The print is beaut, I want i want! and the link to the little dog made me laugh, A LOT! x

  40. Love this idea – I was worry about my skills when it comes to this though.

    I tweeted you but have to say your new layout is DA BOMB.

  41. Nice trousers!

  42. I can’t wait for you to post the DIY. You definitely rock those pants. It’d be a good sewing experience for me…I hope!


  43. I’m thinking of walk to the next H&M an get that mag now!

  44. Cant wait gor the full tutorial :D

  45. whoot! can’t wait to pick up a copy! xx

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