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AW12 Paco Rabanne at Totem PR Paris

The Paco Rabanne Office

When it comes to fashion history I can just about recognise the decades thanks to Disney princesses (gets a little fuzzy when it comes to Mary Poppins though) (Does she even count as a princess? I always thought she’s more of a witch…) so I’d like to apologize first if you’ve spent a week in a dusty library memorizing the influence of Alberto Giacometti in the work of Schiaparelli for your fashion exam. I say this because I had no idea who Paco Rabanne was, even when I was buzzing up to the showroom in Paris I was in the dark as I hadn’t had a chance to look anything up. Mind, this is highly irregular, for someone who even looks up her postman in Google. This is also irregular, for someone who owns MANY bags of jumprings and pliers.

Paco Rabanne, simply put, is the father of unwearable, fantastic, otherworldly garment concepts. Think dresses pieced together with metal chips, paper, plastics, rubber. Think early 60’s, the novelty of the decade is tie-dye and shorter skirt lengths – the architect turned designer produces dresses out of metal sequins so that the light catches the texture brilliantly on black & white TV. If your dress breaks, the tools you have in your bag can also fix your drainpipe. After years of hiatus in the design front, the brand is designing again with Manish Arora leading the creative. I’m loving how he’s managed to take all that history and character and translate it into such a sleek wearable collection. Chainmail and fuzzy knits, so Joan of Arc.

[portfolio_slideshow include=”11739,11593,11594,11740, 11592″]

A big thank you to the Paco Rabanne team for the warm welcome, and Ykone for the organization.

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  1. Woah you didn’t know who Paco Rabanne was? He was the only designer who invented chain-mail dress, he was my biggest influence in fashion design :P

    Love the pics.

  2. I love the way you are making pics so much!!! I enjoyed that so much ^_^

  3. stunning pieces!


  4. Ooo texture love!

    | Bright Green Laces |

  5. i love all the details!


  6. I always swoon over your close-ups so as a Paco lover I’m in heavenn!
    Just a little heads up.. Manish Arora is no longer creative director :(

  7. Oooooh just found that news too, thank you for letting me know though! Sad :(

  8. the detail. sure it’s one of my fav designer.

  9. These are such spectacular captures of fashionable items!


  10. shiniiii this new layout is BOMBSSSSS :D

  11. stunning photos!



  12. waow.. its seems greaaat!!

  13. the first picture is gorgeous!!


  14. wanna copy/paste everything into my closet!

  15. Wow, thanks for sharing these amazing close-ups! It’s great how the label has been reinvented for 2012 and make the chain detailing look fresh. I wish Elle still did freebies like that, wish I’d been alert enough to get a copy (ok I may have been under 10 but so what)?!

  16. Your pictures are always beautiful and the collection is so inspiring. By the way, your new layout is perfect , I love it ! Way to go Shini ! :-)

  17. these are just awesome, every single piece looks perfect. absolute adoration. love


  18. wow! love the texture and details!


  19. wow can’t believe you didn’t know about Paco!! he said the world was going to end in 2000….Anyways, I love all the chain details and metallics!
    Amazing photos as always! and love the new layout Shini!

  20. So in love with the color tone and the ivory coat, Wish I can fly to Europe to window shopping right now ;)

  21. OMG. The jumper on the left side of the first image is heavenly. I loved it instantly… then I scrolled down and saw the metal and plastic disk bits… holy moly. It is DIVINE. I love the avante garde unwearable stuff in photos… but it’s pieces like that which you can wear in real life (actually… the more basic the better) that I REALLY love.


    p.s. I freaking adore your blog changes… you’ve upped the blogger bar my love.

  22. Dan

    WOW so heavenly! *___*

  23. OMG the skirt with chainmail detailing =O FAB! My fav piece absolutely love it!! x


  24. great pictures as always, ps i liked the old look of your blog.


  25. Thanks for the feedback! As much as I loved the old look, the typography wasn’t sound at all and efficiency-wise about 30% less than the current one! (i.e too heavy blogposts on top of eachother = scrolling marathon = devaluing of content) Hope you get used to this one, but do let me know if you have any discomforts.

  26. Such great pieces! <3 This would só spice up my wardrobe…

  27. oh these are cool! must resist urge to attach curtain rings to my knit jumpers…probably wouldn’t capture the same chic elegance right?

  28. That’s actually a really cool DIY idea, you should try!!

  29. Man, that white neutral colour palette with the shock of cobalt and those YUMMY pastel macarons look absolutely amazing!! I love all the metal and chain mail details…bit heavy though!

  30. Paco Rabanne magic! Oh you make this look so heavenly.
    the silver glitter details, the shoes..and do I need to rant a whole new thread on that sequinned clutch?

    each piece is totally a wardrobe and personal investment. can’t wear it often. too good and too intricate for everyday wear. but still, a nice wish to hopefully get someday~
    amazing photos as always ^^


    Style Hostess

  31. Now I know who Paco Rabanne is, and I am going to check out their collection all the time because of those intriguing metallic details in every single piece!!!
    ~ Love ~

  32. Claire

    Much better than the previous layout! Congrats on the new masterpiece! x

  33. New design! I love it.

    Great pics.


  34. I always love Paco Rabanne’s work. I could never buy it, or wear it. Your photos are really stunning, as always.

  35. Oh goodness, now this is resurrection at its best. Very well done Manish Arora! And cools points to you Shini for the excellent photography.

    [ freshlygiven.com ]

  36. Paco Rabanne is one of the greatest designers. So inventive and strong.
    I like the brand so much, I even put a look from the current collection on my blog header haha.

    Great shots, as always! You’re very lucky to have visited their showroom. Thank you for sharing the ‘event’ with us :)


  37. If I could wear chainmail in daily life I totally would! Sadly, it’s expensive and heavy and… well, it’s chainmail!


  38. Beautiful collection.
    And I love the new desing of your blog!

  39. wowwwww!

  40. I can’t help but think of medievil times when looking at these photos…and the cologne my dad wears.

  41. This is fabulous, Shini! I always enjoy a visit to your site, and have just noticed that you have made a few changes here and there—looks great!

    Have a wonderful day!


  42. wow! i am seriously impressed. i had no idea this is what paco rabanne was made of – love those small chain/metal elements against what looks like the softest cashmere/angora blend in the world.

    thank you for sharing… and photographing so beautifully!

  43. Jessie

    Love your new layout!

  44. LCM

    You’re pictures are simple amazing! So chic and well-edited


  45. Paco Rabanne equals very original! Got his perfumes :)

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  47. I see what you did there with the name…

    Oh Shini, you didn’t know who Paco was? Saying that, I haven’t been looking at Manish’s collections for the brand because usually I don’t like his own line. WHO KNEW his Paco stuff was so megachic?! Now it seems like a shame that he’s leaving them already:


  48. amazing texture! love your photos :)

  49. Wonderful collection!

  50. All of them looks so elegant and they looks so comfortable to wear too. A high quality garments like that is surely expensive.

  51. The texture in your pics is amazing. My fingers are itching! Plus I want to lick the screen, taste the macarons…

  52. I wish I have these clothes, that house, money, model wife. But alas!!! Those things are not for me!!

  53. Ernesto

    I can wait to give a dress to my girl specially the black bag the lady is holding.

  54. amazing photos.so many beautiful clothes

  55. Love your sense of style…

  56. so many beautiful clothes

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  60. This is the first time I know about Paco Rabbane, which remind me back to the Jil Sander collection. It’s minimal and unique material

  61. i’ve never heard of Paco Rabanne. the garments are def a work of art..those shoes, those bags…smh lovely.

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  63. […] Paco Rabanne (a millennium late) and their come-back collection Wading through the fields (and possibly dog poo) with L’Eau de […]

  64. […] Paco Rabanne (a millennium late) and their come-back collection Wading through the fields (and possibly dog poo) with L’Eau de […]

  65. ouah… that’s so great

  66. Uuauuuu it’s so cute and soft. Love new collection.
    But I would wear the collection with http://www.mas34shop.com boots, heels, stilettos….