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Park Dong Jun

What started out as a parade of borderline generic-Asian dress designs with ribbon belts, when Park’s pattern prints started flowing out in combo with velvet and wool, the collection graduated to a wowza wrap-up. Inspired by Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Park had illustrated dark romance, playing with a rather ‘passionate’ colour palette of flame-orange, crimson, black and nude – all on a cold forest backdrop. It was like psychedelia on a runway, seeing those silk prints flitter by dragging their blue shadows…

Shin Jang Kyoung

The models looked lethal as they stomped down the glittery runway in their black pleather (as we like to call it) stripper heels and crow’s nest hair. I was amused at the show they put on more than the collection itself (a theme done-too-often, I find), especially at the end when the entire 18-model troop walked up and down, up and down the runway for a good 10 minutes. The collection screamed the usual gothica, femme fatale, feminine domination – but that last act was like a crack of the whip, so effective.

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  1. Wow Shini! You take some magnificent photographs!

  2. Even though I don’t like seeing that much black on a runway, they seemed to have ample lighting to show off all the details.
    (I have to say, I love the glitter..)


  3. Great stuff, I love the flame-orange color and the second set of darker looks.

  4. Lovely x40! I like how light the velvet looks.


  5. Oh wow this looks amazing! Pretty and classy


  6. Really love Shin Jang Kyoung’s collection!


  7. that banan couture is amazing, i love the hair and the fashion in all these sets
    -reinna sherie

  8. May

    Shin! Love the new photos! Alwys support!!


  9. wow, that first image is so striking! Some amazing talent there.

    I’ve just launched a giveaway on my blog to win Laura Mackness for Weekday and Benefit treats if you’re interested!

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. meyer


  11. Shin Jang Kyoung’s work looks amazing! I literally could wear it all! It’s so interesting to see fashion from other places than just the usual Paris-London-Milan-Tokyo-NYC axis. Thanks for sharing this Shini!!;)

  12. Wow you took some incredible photos Shini! I love the rich, regal colours of Park Dong Jun, especially the first few snaps.

    I can’t take my eyes off Shin Jang Kyoung’s parade of stripper heels!

  13. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    excellent narration again, esp the crack of the whip bit.

  14. awesome! love the colors and materials used here

  15. wow.. never know korean fashion is this……. nicenice!
    nice snaps as always =)

  16. love love love.

  17. Lovely photos! The contrast from the first collection and the last one makes this post that much better :)

  18. Great photos here, I really love Korean street style and pop culture as well! :o)

    Lola Re

  19. Stunning catwalk photos esp Park Dong Jun’s vibrant collection love love love.
    I’m ready for part 2.

  20. Love the red velvet robe-style coat. Would totally wear it.

    Your pictures look awesome!


  21. Kyudane

    Wow, just wow. Amazing photography, great words, great blog. Thousand praises to you Shini!

  22. Wow, Shini, these are great shots – they both look like great shows. Besides being a brilliant photographer, I love the way you write.

    It’s so weird about that dream.. posted about it before I even saw Kit’s post:

    have a lovely weekend & hope to see you soon! xox

  23. The quality of these photographs are something else, you can really feel as if you are there.

  24. Hans

    Hello Shiny!

    I love your blog!

    You look amazing on the first picture!
    Who took that photo of you?

  25. wowza! shini! i am so happy that you’ve posted on this trip of yours. this is so incredible. seoul fashion week isn’t something i would normally look into. thanks so much for sharing about it. first of all, your photos are insane. we need to talk about what type of lens you used. the colours in the first show are so striking. i love the red coat sparkly coat and the very feminine pleated skirt that is next to it. the second show looks like such a stark contrast! definitely a femme-bot theme going on. i love the second photo that is aimed towards the photographer pit. almost looks like she is being beamed down from some alien space craft with mist all around her.

    ok ok. seriously love these and could ramble about them for ages. will leave it at that. thanks for sharing!! xx

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  27. Thank you so much for sharing! I love everything! Fantastic shows! The pieces are amazing!

    xx Emi


  28. The colours against that blue backdrop are absolutley stunning.
    Then onto the black!Love the contrast.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. So many beautiful garments!

  30. Amazing photos! I love the details of the black pieces.


  31. Wow, interesting.
    For a while I wasn’t surfing blogs including yours actually…
    But today morning I thought of your blog which I loved:)

    When I found this posting, I was surprised because Park Dong Jun is my aunt.^_^
    SO I’m sooo grateful for your posting and photo!