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Lubitel, camera TDF

Kit’s clashing (but it works so well!) leggings + socks combo

Sweater & Scarf – Gmarket, Pants – Vero Moda through ASOS, Shoes – ZARA, Necklace – ASOS, Lace top – COS, Bag-  Public Beware

For those who know of my (irrational?) fear of clowns, this is a huge improvement, no?

Kit and I were scouting side streets of Covent Garden the other day for a good shooting spot, knocking on walls with our blogger stick and scrutinizing the look of each street when we stumbled upon this wall. It was just around the corner from the Royal Drury Lane theatre, right by the headquarters of Paul Smith. I was erh *cough*copulating*cough* with the wall, you know, duty of a style blogger (Get friendly with backdrop), when a man on a bike came up to us and said the mural was only recently deleted. He then whipped out his iPhone and commenced searching for that picture he took of the whole clown, and while doing so I think we saw his entire lifestory in about 500 photos before finding the clown? Well anyway, the charming man showed us the photo and it got me thinking… why did they leave the half? I understand graffiti laws, but half-fulfilled graffiti law?

I just wondered if anyone knew about the story of this mural. Although, I promise I’m not that obsessed in finding out, it’s a clown after all.

Thank you Kit again for the beautiful photos!

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  1. love the mix of colors :)


  2. These are beautiful photographs, Shini. Especially the first.

  3. MW

    what shade of nail polish are you wearing

  4. Mint Green by Barry M and a matte pastel green (from Korea) on every other finger!

  5. There seems to be a lot of people out there with an irrational fear of clowns– must be the fault of Stephen King’s It. Or the fact that they’re inherently mildly creepy. The graffiti wall is the perfect backdrop, though! The first picture is perfect, and your face in the second one is pretty darn precious, can’t lie.

  6. You always have such a wonderful sense of color in your photos and outfits. These are no exception, awesome post!

  7. your outfits always make me smile, so creative and colourful, i wish i had your wardrobe!


  8. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    poltergeist haunted me for quite a while. and then it’s stephen king’s book that gripped me more than the movie did. i’m not so fearful of real life clowns but i have an unexplained phobia against A&W bears or any ‘live’ giant mascots.

    love kit’s legwear. both your outfits are great.

  9. Yoshi

    I always think it’s really sad when beautiful street art gets painted over because someone makes a complaint about it to the council, or the council notices…
    Near where I live, someone had painted a huge mural of Che Guevara and another guy, on a set of double garage doors… but they got painted over because the owners didn’t want to pay to have it listed as a ‘mural’… now all you can see is the tip of Che’s hat. :(

  10. May

    Again, Great Photography! And of course fabulous outfit!

    Love Love

  11. i’m 100% for graffiti but graffiti/murals of a clown?? not cool…………………

  12. Interesting mix of clothes and colours :)


  13. loving the pant!!!


  14. Demian Lee

    Hum, interesting hair style first of all. That half a clown gives strange feeling, especially not having his mouth gives more emphasis to those vacant eyes… Nice photos! I love the first one the most =]

  15. i have those h&m leggings! loves it!

  16. Such an amazing outfit!!! I love the trousers and shoes combination, just beautiful!! <3


  17. I really like the combinations of powder blue, khaki and salmon colours! You mix pastels really well!


  18. KIM

    lovely photos! as all ways of course.
    at school we have several clown paintings in various parts of the school. ironically enough they’re in the scariest areas the health centre, the drama centre…

  19. You look stunning, love you trousers and your blase attitude to the ginormous half clown behind you. I quite like the half a clown, it’s not quite obviously a clown which is always good.

    tweet tweet tweet


  20. so these photos are beautiful and your outfit is totally inspirational. the colours in those trousers are so entrancing. i love that shot of kit with her camera! she is so cool. also what are the chances of that guy going by with his iphone? how funny. that is a pretty amazing graffiti – maybe they got half way through and realized it was too impressive to be removed… maaybe? or maybe they just needed a tea break and haven’t made it back yet? xx

  21. beautiful color palette and I love the contrast against the wall.

  22. love the mix of knits with the trousers- such beautiful textures and colours!
    clowns freak me out too – but these pictures are beautiful

    check out my blog if you have time :)

  23. Cute pants! Btw, thanks for dropping comment on my blog :)


  24. He looks so cool as half a clown, and less freaky! Keep adventuring :)

    Fly high!

  25. Oooh yay two of my favourite bloggers! I saw these on Kit’s blog, I love these photos she took of you. That mural is pretty great too, I get all inspired when I come across a wall like that…only for no one to be around to take a photo of me next to it. Maybe I should have my own Kit haha!

    I am so loving the colour on those trews, they remind me of late summer evenings/sunsets (wow that was cheesy). Kit’s vintage camera is awesome too!

  26. I love it so much! Your jeans, are amazing!

  27. amazing photos and outfit!

  28. AHHH!!! i love your outfit! especially those gorgeous coral pants

  29. These pictures are so perfect! <3

    Maybe the grafiti cleaners were scared of clowns as well ;) they erased the most scary part that makes it a clown: the mouth. Hmm.

    “As pretty as”

  30. Avianna

    Clowns are creepy.

    But, I love your photos and those pants are so cute!

  31. Love your mix of colours and what a pants you have on.

  32. Maybe they got lazy? Unlike Marloes, I reckon it’s the eyes, not the mouth, which are the scariest thing about clowns.

  33. Maybe they couldn’t bear to take away the clown’s eyes? They are so detailed and life-like, it might feel like a crime to tear them off the wall.

    And those pants you have are fantastic! Such a soft connection of colours.

    (and thank you for the comment!)


  34. great photos! loove your pants :) and shoees

  35. Clowns were my absolute greatest fear when I was little. Despite being just a tad creeped out, I love these shots– the wall complements your outfit beautifully. I love the fit of your sweater, and the cowl. I kinda want to steal Kit’s shoes + leggings.

  36. Oh Shini I didn’t know you have fear of clowns, we would’ve judo-ed the damn wall.
    I have absolutely no fear of clowns maybe because I never seen one at the circus before?!

    To the half clown on the brick wall, I solute you and RIP.

  37. oh wow this post is amazing. and I love the title

  38. A strange sight…but a great backdrop for a photoshoot! :D

  39. Love the print on the pants, and amazing photos as usual :)

  40. for some reason the half-full clown looks all the more nostalgic. quite charming <3

  41. Siena

    The clown’s Charlie Isoe’s. And he was just featured in Juxtapoz too.

    Like your blog.

  42. awesome pants, I love the colors

  43. those shoes!!! brb pillaging every zara’s within my reach

  44. Amazing blog!

  45. Holly

    O M G

    seriously? your blog is getting better exponentially! I’m so smitten with ther gently mottled pink pants tucked into your suede brown booties. And the eyes? I was like-That’s my EYE! But on a wall! And how sweet are the striped tights?

    Yeah I’m freakin’ out over here…

  46. I believe the mouth (ie the part of the mural that has been covered up) would be account for about 90% of clowns creepiness so pats on the back for your efforts but you may have a little while to go til you can wave that (not so)irrational fear goodbye !! I adore your pants.


  47. D

    Hi, love the pants youre wearing! what size did you get it in? thank you! & i love your style!

  48. Hiya thanks! :D I got it in size S!

  49. D

    wow! thanks for the fast reply!

  50. hehhe , i have got same leggins as you in the last picture :) H&M

    Maria, xox

  51. Owht those aren’t my legs, they’re the legs of Kit! But that’s cool :D

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