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Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

Bag, Marc Jacobs Wellington

Petersham Nurseries Café

Image shot for and courtesy of Editer.com

Image shot for and courtesy of Editer.com

Image shot for and courtesy of Editer.com

Image shot for and courtesy of Editer.com

Baby beetroot with barrel-aged feta salad by Chef Greg Malouf – Recipe & more info available at Editer.com

 Petersham Nurseries, Church Lane, Off Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7AG

Since all eyes & ears are on Federer’s back-hand and Serena’s grunts in Wimbledon I thought I’d share another compelling destination in a similar area: Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, which is just 6 miles (or 20 mins car-ride) from the courts. Mind, I live in North-East London and this this as South, and West as it gets without dropping off the map – the journey’s over an hour on the tube and my mind leaked out around about Willesden Junction… so when I finally got there my mood was down to a silent-growl (nevermind the screams of seat-pattern embedded buttcheeks). Of course, the tendency of my mood is like that of a Pomeranian, and shall we say Petersham Nurseries was a beef jerky wrapped in a sock. The place was a breath of fresh air – literally – with roses, ferns, foxgloves, jasmine and hydrangea that were exhaling scents while the red dirt floor smelled of of fresh rain (the weather was trying to be nice, as Sophie cleverly put it). We met the star chef Greg Malouf as he demonstrated how to make Baby beetrood with barrel-aged feta salad at the cafe, then I wandered off to explore their home-ware & antiques shop while the taxi never came. I mean, it did come in the end, with much coercion and one too many threat calls (think an episode of 24),  but it did give me time to pick out exactly what I wanted to get the next time I braved a trip down again. I’ll just need to bring a truck and lottery money, that’s all.

Edit: Just realised they take orders online/over the phone too but I’ll pretend not to have seen that.

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  1. What a magical place!

    Petite Promises

  2. Looks scrumdidlyumcious : D

  3. You are such a talented photographer! I am always so inspired when visiting your blog. x

    Kate {Modette}

  4. What a lovely garden post that is truly enchanting! Love it!
    ~ Jillian

  5. What a beauty! Looks like a perfect venue for all sorts of occasions i.e wedding. It has this nostalgic, Tuscan meets palm house garden party feel to it. Wish I could visit there once my hayfever is over (mid July-ish).

  6. i feel like a fairy-tale place..

  7. love the pics so much, beautiful place! Exciting and so much to see.

  8. I probably say this is in every single one of my comments on your blog, but your photos are seriously magnificent. They are so mesmerizing and I feel completely immersed into the environment in which you captured. These photos take me to a whimsical world. Thank you for that.

  9. Amazing pictures!

  10. Love the simple beauty of the place and the intricate colorfulness of the dish!
    Material Fixations

  11. Richmond is such a beautiful place, you definitely should hang around South London more. Beautiful places =) Your photos as always gorgeous and inspiring! Never get tired of them.


  12. what a nice place!

  13. these are beautiful photos!


  14. Such a captivating location- love how fresh yet lovely and vintage everything looks.


  15. Amazing pictures!!! I love the way you present them and your …jokes!!!

  16. That salad is out of this world! So many beautiful details captured, if I ever find myself wondering around Richmond lost, I’ll just come here!

  17. Such a cute idea!



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  19. Darnit, I wasn’t done yet!!
    Hit the return button instead of the tab… it’s late, that’s why.
    Thought I’d let you know that if you think the weather is crap in London, try Vancouver. We’ve had approximately 30 days without rain in the past 10 months, and I’m not joking. Not that it matters much, but maybe it makes you feel better:) Nevertheless, you seem to manage just fine taking your stunning pictures and capture the essence of a plant’s life in crappy weather. You turn even a simple herb into a creation:)

  20. What a charming spot, and with Greg Malouf at the helm I’m sure you were in for a treat :)

  21. This is adorable, what a lovely place to spend an afternoon!



  22. oh what a heavenly place – and your photos, stunning as per usual.

  23. You’re a great great photographer. I still am jealous of your talent!

  24. Thanks for making us travel with you through your beautiful photos!

  25. wow! this looks fab!!!

    xoxo from rome

  26. Love the Marc Jacobs bag! Stunning photography as always, flowers in food always make it a hundred times prettier! Looks like a beautiful place.

  27. I love the design of this blog and the wonderful photograph.

  28. What an adorable place!!

  29. very beautiful pictures!


  30. Wow! Looks magical!

  31. Beautiful images! Love it’s!


  32. waow.. i really fell in love with your photos.. love it so much


  33. That rustic theme is so beautiful and ethereal! I love the striped cups especially.

  34. Lovely photos! I live in SW London but i’m the same when it comes to travelling too far, i’m’ not much of an adventurer when it comes to the suburbs :) Petersham looks great though, i’ve never been there before…

    Katie x

  35. Gorgeous photography…. this looks so… omg… so amazing :) xxxx


  36. I’m running out of ways of expressing my love for your photography skills, so I’ll just keep repeating: I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! They make me wanna be a better photographer, can almost smell the flowers from looking at them! xx

  37. Kris

    The district line journey is horrendous, next time take the South West train from Waterloo, only 20 mins. Lovely pictures, I love the nurseries. x

  38. fantastic pics!

  39. Stunning visuals, like always! I’d love to visit that place, it looks like it has so much character.

  40. These are all gorgeous photos.. they look straight out of a magazine.

  41. That looks lovely! It’s got sort of a under the tuscan sun feel to it. It’s always nice to get away for the city for some fresh air!


  42. These photos are so beautiful and the colors are amazing!!Love love love!!!

  43. Jels, another place on my long list of restaurants I have to try out while I’m still in London… You always make the colour so vibrant and fresh. Food porn of the highest order.

  44. Incredible photo post| I like very much|

  45. Nooo waaay – I have had this on my Must See lists for so long, and I still haven’t made it! (I did used to live in Sydney, so it was a bit of a hike…) Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to move it back to very near the top of my list.

  46. This photos make me really want to go there. so beautiful.Thank you for sharing!!:)

  47. The best cafe!!! Very intresting interior!!!

  48. I would be afraid to eat something so pretty!

  49. Your photography is stunning! I am in love with all the antiques!

    xo Sara

  50. Fantastically brilliant looking space. Without these spaces being blogged about, I would ever had an idea they actually exist so close to where I am.

  51. Lovely. I wish there really were trees that grow straw hats…

  52. what a wonderful place! i wish there was a place like this where i live!

  53. Beauty!


  54. Your photo’s are always so gorgeous! This blog is perfect (:

  55. wonderful shoots! :)

  56. what a gorgeous place!


  57. WOW! I love this pictures!


  58. Went here last weekend per your recommendation and absolutely loved it. I moved to London earlier this summer and was able to recommend it to a friend who’s lived here for 11 years, so thank you for the recommendation! Lovely photos as well.

  59. great place and love your photos as always ! :)

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