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Marc Jacobs Wellington

Cashmere sweater, Muriee. Boyfriend Jeans, ASOS. Booties, Sam Edelman Rowin. Specs, YesStyle, Bag, Marc Jacobs Wellington

Just a quickie before I go tip a huge bowl of rice crackers from the lounge snack-bar into my boyfriend jeans for the 8am flight back home. I’m wearing the exact pair now and by happenchance caught a glimpse of my reflection at Tokyo Narita airport and honestly thought it looked like I pooped me pants. In a good way, like, you-ain’t-gonna-pat-me-down-there-surely type of convenience. Anyhow, this is probably not the outfit to be posting while on a layover in 35ºC+ (95ºF) Dubai, but I’m quickly learning that it’s not summer in London if there isn’t at least one piece of cashmere in a July outfit, so to heck with it. This Muriee piece is another one of those that fly on and off the couch with an indecent wash vs. wear count ratio, with a shape so boxy that so effectively conceals all stages of le food baby. My favourite bit is the fact that the cashmere is dyed with berries and leaves, brownie points for eco-friendliness!

Shot in London before leaving for Japan; Thank you Kit for helping with the snaps.

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  1. i love this simple look!


  2. Makes me miss my home away from home.. Lovely Japanese maples too!

  3. So laid back and lovely!


  4. Such a super cute, boyfriend-inspired look! The cashmere knit looks so divine, and the satchel makes the perfect accessory.


  5. So clean and casual ^___^
    You look great!

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  6. these photos are so gorgeous. you manage to look so chic despite how slouchy your outfit is. i think it must be the elegance of your watch and bag. the glasses give you a cute nerd vibe too but i especially love the bag!

  7. casual chic!


  8. oh yes, I love the casual and simple look! I also look like that at work ^_^

  9. Love your blog! And your style. Thanks for sharing it with women.

  10. Oooooh i like that! Using berries and leaves eh? When i hear things like that i feel the urge to splurge more.

    P.s how wuz dubai!?

  11. Love the boyfriend jeans! X

  12. I feel like Muriee is taking over the internets. If only they did men’s and I too could experience the cosiness. From apples to berries and leaves, I really need to start getting some foliage into my blog posts…

  13. Hello there @Duck, this is MURIÉE and yes, we are taking over the Internet! – all part of a larger-than-life master plan! :)
    We do menswear too! if you would like to get your hands on our super soft cashmere then try NELSON, a classic cardigan dyed with tea (caramel color) or woad (blue) – have a look & contact us before shopping ;) : http://www.muriee.com/men/cashmere/nelson-caramel.html

    Best, Anne

  14. Gorgeous shots as always!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  15. Your boots are amazing. The look is also really cute, effortless but chic =)

  16. I love Muriee sweater, I wear it nearly everyday without washing it (no odour), don’t have the guts to handwash it after I destroyed my brand new Uniqlo cashmere sweater in HK….it stretched badly.

    Best to stay in Dubai, the weather is *burp*

  17. You look absolutely gorgeous!


  18. wow! this looks so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  19. Love the look, girl! The sweater is amazing and I love boyfriend jeans. Perfect for flying :)


  20. Casual and lovely look!


  21. Boyfriend jeans are like the pyjamas of denim.
    Material Fixations

  22. You look amazing!


  23. Love the simplicity of this outfit.

  24. I love your outfit especially your top and bag!

    Théa Unknown

  25. As usual you look so lovely. I love the color block detail on your sweater, those boots make this look more edgy than sweet. Uh I’m also dying to have a beautiful glasses as yours :)

  26. Beautiful look!


  27. ayy_ayy

    i love to wear my dad’s loose jeans. i ripped it too. :)

  28. I like look your blog!!! You you are sweet and wonderful!!!


  29. You look amazing ! Gorgeous photos <3

  30. BEAUTIFUL PICS! Thanks so much Shini – you look great!

    great to help a wonderful brand like Muriee ‘take over the internet’

  31. Hey, I like so much your watch!! the retro style is so cool!!
    Your top is really trendy and classy, amazing style!!!

  32. Hi!
    I’m from Brazil and i saw your blog on signature9 and i’ll be really glad and honor if you check my website and give your opinion! I’m on this blog thing for 3 years.
    Congrats for your blog btw, it’s awsome!

  33. This look is amazing! I love paisley. ♥

  34. Adorable as always


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  36. forever the best !

  37. Saci

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for almost 2 years now and I just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are! Thank you :)

  38. effortlessly chic!


  39. i love your style! the jeans is great.

  40. perfect boyfriend jeans!


  41. Love this. Makes me yearn for Fall…

  42. beautiful! really


  43. Yay, for lace-up bootie heels!

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