I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Sweattop Uniqlo | Dress Black Luna Vintage Ebay | Shoes H&M | Bag River Island


Why the name Park & Cube? [Maria]This is going to sound corny and cliché, but since you asked… Park is my last name, so that one’s easy – the corny starts at Cube.

I realised how fashion blogs can easily turn into something overly materialistic and shallow in content, so I was quite determined to give this blog some depth. I took the idea of a typical square image, and basically gave it more depth in a physical sense. So a 2D, flat or ‘shallow’ element gains depth and becomes a 3D cube. That’s where the Cube is from. Don’t get it? Don’t worry, I don’t really get it either.

Do you have any DIY-projects you’d love to try, but haven’t yet? [Maria]

I’d love to try something like this, jacket embellishment using thick-width ribbons, subtle but bold at the same time. (Found in Anywho)


What’s your favourite area in London? [Zara]


Can’t say I really have a favourite, but I do love the Docklands. Not many people know about it since it’s not really a part of the tourbus route – this is where Canary Wharf is, the business sector of London. No, I don’t hang out with depressed stockbrokers, I just like how the river and concrete meet – sort of like a hypermodern Venice. There are residental areas where flats look out straight onto a canal – One day I’d like to live in one of those flats and toss leftover pizza crusts right out the window for the swans. Convenient waste disposal, I must say.


Google Images: Docklands

What three things would you bring to a desert island? [Phuong]

  • TV
  • DVD Player
  • Band of Brothers Boxset


Google Images: Band of Brothers

Given that I won’t need to build myself a mini wind generator for electricity cuz I so suck at manuals.

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  1. i adore your skirt and boots, you’ve a great blog! and its so funny, a lot of my friends are OBSESSED with band of brothers. haha.

  2. Realllly loving this outfit. The length is greatgreatgreat.

  3. great imagessss =) as always
    love ur blog!

  4. oh shini, haha i love your boots and the reason for your blog name. it does have depth, so to speak for a 2d web page!

  5. hahaha i never questioned your blog name
    though i always thought it was kinda like new york street names. like park ave hahaha
    thats awesomeeeee :)

    i love the skirt! i would probably cut it into a mini just cause im so short though! :)
    it looks great just the way it is on you!

  6. by the way– love the shoes!

  7. oops realized my first comment didnt gp through–

    i was saying that your explanation for the cube is great–not corny at all

    also, that jacket youre trying to do a diy of is awesome; love the napoleonic + asian influence in it

  8. whoo i was wondering when you were going to wear that long dress!

    and i love your thought process in making your blog name. as much as i love your photos, i love reading what you have to say and looking at your non-outfit photos like the ones from italy :)

  9. P.S. i’ve started pairing PARK with other 3D objects… i just can’t help it. park and cone, park and sphere, look what you’ve started!! haha park and cube is great!

  10. I really really love your boots!!!!
    oh wow also love the whole look..you’re so great

  11. i would’ve never guessed that’s where the ‘cube’ comes from. but it kind of makes perfect sense now haha. i haven’t been to london in so long i’d looovee to go back and visit this aforementioned docklands! hypoermodern venice? yes please!!

  12. Very cute!! I really love your shoes!! Ahh, so the mystery is solved! Cool explanation although I’m still figuring it out.

  13. I think you’ve really succeded in making this blog something more, I’ve only read it for a cuple of days, but I think it’s great, it brings me something other than just clothes.

  14. Love your skirt and your boots, as well as what you’d take with you to a desert island haha I laughed out loud.

  15. lulz omg the cube explanation is perfect…i always loved names that had obscure meanings…i love it. park&cube just rolls off the tongue too.

  16. Amazing styling! I would never had thought to wear it like that.

  17. love that floor length skirt! :) that’s a dress right? and amazingly, i get what you mean with the CUBE. hahaha

  18. it’s a very chic outfit and i love the zip on your shoes! i have an urge to get a similar skirt!

    (i left the answer on your previous posts yesterday, don’t know if you saw it :))


  19. oy, know what you mean about not wanting your style blog becoming something superficial, materialistic, and well…substance-less. trust me, you don’t need to worry about that. i remember stumbling upon this blog a bit back and that never came across my mind. instead, i noticed the impeccable styling, the beautiful photography, and to my surprise, the most pleasing web design i’ve seen in a while :o)

    do the jacket!

    perfect combo with the sweatshirt and dress. it all looks so comfy!

  20. i can’t wait to see the jacket you wanted to diy!


  21. S

    Those shoes are exquisite. Were they from H&M Trend? I am falling deep in love with H&M shoes.

  22. i love those shoes!!!!! i could never find cute shoes in h&m..

  23. love how the skirt has that column of metal buttons! and those gold zippers are great! i always wondered where “cube” came from, the mystery is solved :)

  24. Great as always, very relaxed, which I of course like a lot.

  25. I never go to the right H&M’s for shoes, it seems. Never seen these either! :)

    I know what you mean about canary wharf.. I’ve had a few interviews around there and when I’m waiting in reception I often just stand at the huge glass windows and gawk at the totally unfamiliar concrete surroundings, haha. TY for the answer:)

  26. I love the name of your blog! And I totally admire how much thought you put into it. It’s so distinctive.

    And your dress is amazing with the sweatshirt layered over it…and can I just say that I’m totally going to steal the entire outfit you were wearing in a previous post with the yellow jeans? Genius (jeanius?)

  27. haha. i get it! (i think?)

    this a great outfit, the shoes are a perfect touch!

    unrelated to P&C, do you have any idea how to convert WMA files to MP3? just wondering:)

  28. I quite love your sense of humour; the crusts out the window thing made me smile. Also, I think your reasons for choosing your name are totally ‘cube’ ..new word for ‘deep’ dontcha see?

  29. Shini!!! You’re on Fashionation!!! fashionation.wordpress.com

  30. You are a superstar!!!!!! Yes I am a UK 4 :) !!! (Sorry for ! overuse but I’m so excited..!!) Can I buy them off you, please? I even have the exact money sitting in my wallet in a red laisee packet waiting to be spent on them!! xoxo

  31. Oh… Oh! Umm Yes I don’t mind at all! Swap or buy is fine with me :) Moving house? Exciting! Shall we do a meet & swap – you armed with shoes and me with 150 squids? xoxo

  32. z

    Or would you prefer posting & bank transfer? I don’t know what your stance is on anonymity & meet ups etc.

  33. z

    Yayyyyyy. Umm.. I’m up at this hour because I overslept (badly) this morning and thought I’d try make up the revision time by starting early…. very early, haha. Where would you like to meet? Wherever is easiest for you – I am in the near vicinity of Russell square/Kings cross so I can pretty much get anywhere. And also, When is best for you? Would today be alright? It would def. start my weekend off on a great note :) xoxo

  34. z

    I shall email you my mobile phone number, could you send me a text with whatever plan is best for you? I am turning to revision for a bit :) x

  35. re your comment: True, that photo is not current–I’m not sure when the original photo was taken but the article I took it off of was dated Feb 2008 although frankly, jessica does not have the best style and i would not be surprised if she wore something like that even NOW. nonetheless, i used it to illustrate something i see women now doing ALL THE TIME (boo). heehe

  36. Great boots!!! I love the exposed zipper especially in the front.

  37. LOVE the boots and love how you choose your blog name!! :)

  38. Seriously, i already told you how much i love these H&M boots, if you ever want to sell them, pleeeeeeease, tell me !
    I’m still searching for them everywhere without any luck… And i’m kinda desperate actually :)

    Have a nice week end !

  39. You have an awesome blog! I can’t believe I just now have stumbled into it! I could never make a long dress and sweatshirt look that good.

  40. YAY you answered my question! haha i expected you would bring your laptop! i would bring a goood bed! hihi and i’ve been to canary wharf it’s pretty cool, have you eat at chilies before? it’s really nice ^^ xoxo

  41. What a beautiful outfit! I love the maxi skirt paired with those boots and the simple white top. Looove it!

  42. the idea of using word CUBE it’s great! and you’re right… it gaves more depth!!! :D