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What you’ll need
Victim jeans, Narrow cutting board or cardboard piece, knife, Vacuum Cleaner

Slide the cutting board into the leg – this is to avoid the back side being slashed.

It’s best if you wore the jeans to see where to start slashing. I started just above the knee. Start slashing the jeans horizontally – Do them in sections instead of the whole width of the jean for more destroyed effect.

Slash first, then scrape off the denim to reveal the threads.

Pull out the denim fluff and discard. This will cause considerate amount of dust, so have a vacuum cleaner ready.

Since the dawn of the skinnyjeans era, Boot cut jeans have been neglected and pushed into the back of the wardrobe doubling as nests for Narnia refugees. What, I found a family of badgers in my stash, and a small talking-ant colony in the back pocket, go check yours. Anyway, I thought this could be a good DIY to bring them back into wear. I think it’d look good for the whole length of the jeans if you’re daring enough.

A few tips:

  • For choice of denim, a semi-thick, spring jeans would work the best. Avoid thin summer jeans or thick winter jeans.
  • I’m serious about the dust – apart from the denim fluff, there will be actual dust – so if you’re allergic, better see if you could use a dustmask or a handkerchief.
  • For maximum effect, destroy the whole width of the jeans.
  • Washing tips: Turn jeans inside out, put into a pillow case and wash in a delicate cycle. Washing will make the jeans fray more, so it could be an idea to slash less and then shove it into the washing machine for the fraying effect. Can’t guarantee similar result though.

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  1. Ooooo this looks fun! Maybe I can find some bootcut jeans somewhere…


  2. What about the pile of flair jeans that will forever haunt me? There’s gotta be something that can be done with those.

    These look good, by the way. :)

  3. @miss a., I took a pair of wide-leg trouser jeans [which were made out of fairly thick denim for some reason] and cropped them to just under the knee . I just did technique to them from about an inch above the bottom him to mid-thigh, they now look like super punk-y, distressed gauchos. I’m assuming the same thing could work with flares. A sidenote, I didn’t slash the jeans all the way across since the legs were so wide. Instead I zig-zagged down the front of the jeans with 3″ slashes. Turned out great.

  4. this looks SO GOOD. I love it. Now if i can only get off my lazy ass and actually do it haha

  5. my poor bootcuts have been worn about twice this year. I remember back when shredded jeans were the fad about four years ago. I didn’t like it then but it’s kind of appealing to me on the second (or so) go round.

  6. GENIUS, genius shin park.

    i did that to a pair of grey skinny jeans from H&M circa ’04 a month or so ago slashed all the way down the legs and it looks so much better. but i don’t feel brave enough to wear them down the streets of toronto, haha. not exactly the most fashion-conscious city, i’d say.

    and the video.. MAN, i was like, wth, is this on fast forward?! you work so fast! wowow, must be how you get all the DIYs in! it looks amazing, i would’ve never thought to do it this way either (i used a seam ripper… LOL

  7. shiniiiiiiiiii this turned out so cool!!! I wouldn’t even have anything to slash though other than a pair of already slashed vintage levis… anyway love the video! I couldn’t watch it for very long bc i was so scared you were gona cut yourself and I am a big scaredy cat o.O

  8. wow! loving the result, that’ll keep those pesky narnia refugees away =P

  9. Awesome DIY! And I do have a ton of boot cut jeans from years past just collecting dust. Alas, before I can recycle them, I’ll need to lose about 10lbs first :p

    le sigh. hehe

  10. Great result! Man, what are we going to do when the skinnies go out? Make leg-warmers??

  11. oh my… i love it!!

    i like how you added vacuum cleaner to the things to prepare… so thoughtful you are!

  12. Shini! Holy smokes. I think I have some perfect jeans to try it out on.

  13. so cooool shini!! the video aspect made it so much more informative hahaha.
    narnia references FTW!!!!!

  14. Hey shini! I love your DIY’s. I would love to wear jeans except its so hard to find jeans that a flattering for my body… sigh

    When i find a pair i am willing to give up i will definitely give this a try. Thank you :D

  15. Awesome DIY! You make it look so easy…

  16. Great knife(xacto blade) skills! You would make a great bow&arrow maker!

  17. one word.

    HOT. the rips are perfect and the fact that they arent skinny or overbleached is just peachy. well done shini!

  18. I love love love love your blog! The jeans look really good.. gawk I got unpatient on mine and slashed to rough :( haha maybe I can fine tune a bit.. this is absolutely perfect! xoxo

  19. It turned out really cool!

    How come your DIY always ended up perfectly? :D :D

  20. nicely done!

  21. U r genius yo!!!!! this is effin ahmazzing!!!!!!…..ur DIY game is way CRUCIAL, i love it!!!! why spend $$ when u got Shini???lol

  22. very good work!

  23. nice diy! these turned out really good :)

  24. MAN IT”S COOL!! def gonna try it at home

  25. oh my god shin that made me NERVOUS! careful with the cutter lady! amazing diy yet again.

  26. Thank you for your DIY tutorial (as well as all the past tutorials)! I’ve just discovered your site, I’d love to try this out over the weekend :)

  27. WAAAW.

    You’re brilliant! You are the best at DIY’s, no doubt about that.

    I’m definitely trying this out! just gotta find the perfect jeans first..
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  28. Destroying jeans is one of the better things in the world!! so much fun!!

  29. this is so so cool!! thanks for sharing :D


  30. al

    LOVE IT! ;]

  31. Oooh another great DIY =) I always love your DIYs!!
    thanks for sharing!

  32. Always good idea thanks a lot ^o^

  33. awesome DIY tips!!!
    I’ll try this sometime!
    great blog too!

  34. COOL!! it would definitely look better if you do the whole jeans.. or just the knees but i like it like this as well ^^

  35. That looks awesome! thank you for posting (:

  36. OH wow! my DIY list is endless..just never get the time to do it!
    and its worth doing..thanks for the tips x

  37. this is awesome…and a diy i actually have the patience to do. thx, shini!

  38. wow! I should do this! amazing!!!

  39. Beautiful DIY!! Those jeans look awesome! I just used my scissors and made crazy cuts on my poor jeans. Great job!! xxoxoxoxoxo

  40. Holy shit, they turned out AMAZING.

  41. Wow, this is amazing! Definitely inspiring me to go and do something. Especially with my old jeans! Thanks for this tutorial.

  42. these are amazing!!!

  43. You are too amazing! I need to find some old denim asap!

  44. ahhhmazing, i’m so gonna do this someday soon :D
    about my knitting, yeah I of course *intended* to use mohair BUT it was way too expensive to buy here in the shops and in the end I must say I’m also glad about having used normal wool, it should be easier to take care of concerning washing, too… we’ll see^^

  45. This is one of my favorite blogs because of all the fabulous DIY’s!
    Please keep putting them up forever!

  46. that looks awesome!!!
    great DIYs
    i like it!!!

  47. I love this!
    I’ve been meaning to try it out on an old pair of skinnies for a while now but I’m worried about how they’ll hold up in the wash?
    I absaloutley DETEST handwashing.. x

  48. i’ve just checked your Q&A site and it’s great that you’ve been in Poland and even raised here :D
    and how’s your polish? do you know the language? it will be great as well :D greetings!

  49. oh, so it’s great that you at least understand polish :))
    polish is very hard to speak, sometimes even for poeple who speaks polish in everyday life! ;) too many “sz”, “cz” and other similar words.
    i’m glad i met you :) it’s great to know a person from another country that raised in Poland :) does your family still live in Warsaw?

    pozdrawiam i życzę miłego wieczoru :)

  50. Katharina

    Wow you´re great!! I love your diy´s <3

  51. when you said you were doing the dDIY. . (secretly i sighed).. i thought you were going to do the same thing as you did to the black pair. then i saw these pics.. i think my eyes are in happy land. AGRRHRGRRHHRGHHG these are so greato!! i actually want to do this… and i fell for your video caption.. i was watching in fear. gullible as ever i am. also nice to see that efficent asian work ethic you got going.

  52. love this dyi.

    amazing work, I want to try this.


  53. I love how the shreds become soft and cascade down a bit. It looks lovely! It’s not quite my style, but I think I shall destroy a pair of those boot cut jeans just for my own amusement!

    I do love your DIYs so =]

    La C.

  54. Love DIYs! This one is fantastic x Sushi

  55. fantastic tips! i really appreciate the depth you go into with these tutorials. i now feel like a brave warrior as i continue in my shredding journeys.

    i’ve actually been meaning to shred up some boyfriend jeans (err..actually, they ARE my boyfriend’s jeans), so wish me luck!

  56. great tutorial! I’m definitely gonna give it a try!


  57. I love PARKandCUBE! shini your a genius! love the jeans haha i was in my closet yesterday looking at my bootcuts putting together outfits because they have been neglected as of late… now i must find a victim pair i dont think i can slash cavalli and chloe…. on to the thrift shop!

    keep up your glorious DIY projects inspiration just oozes from u!


  58. Awesome DIY! Those jeans looks great. Shall try it after exams, oh exams.

  59. Mikella

    i LOVED this. i’m in my last year of high school and i wore the jeans i made like this to our senior bash and it was fastastic i got the “jelous” look from just about every girl there! absolutely stunning! cant thank you enough

  60. this was so informative and really helpful. thanks so much! would you like to trade links?


  61. love ur handmade project!

  62. oriana

    just finished mine, love them! considering taking the shredding a little further up the thigh though

  63. ci

    these turned out great. you have talent girl!

  64. Great Advice!

  65. Lucy

    This has been a great help and gives a fab effect! although causes a lot of fluff haha
    Have been on a mission bleaching and ripping my jeans today!
    Hopefully they will turn out good enough to be able to wear out in public …
    needed a way to fit in with the summer trend without spending the cash!

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  69. these are AHMAYZING

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  71. adrian22


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  81. Anjaleia McDonald

    I WILL be doing this tomorrow :) thanks!!!!!

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  87. maya luna

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