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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Pink jacket – SteveJ & YoniP; Above & Left: Jasper Garvida AW10 (Propeller Shirt)

Top: Beautiful digital print ‘Tiger Dress’ by Belle Sauvage
Left: Silk dress by John Rocha

Top: Dress by SteveJ & YoniP, Left: Leather Headpiece/Brooch by Havva

Vintage Asian Clutch

Binglaba Neck Cuff

Vintage Silk shrug in brides section

My preconception of My Sugarland, formed solely by clicking around their website, was crumbled to pigeonbites when I visited their boutique last Friday. I judge books by their covers, I admit, well maybe because my profession is to design the covers, so naturally I wasn’t too impressed with the usability of their site. I guess I went a bit S Cowell on My Sugarland and judged it too hastily, because that boutique was actually a helluva singer. I mean, treasure trove. I’ve never seen vintage and contemporary designers mixed so tastefully – from 60’s wedding dresses to digital prints by Belle Sauvage, the place screamed of the acute palate of stylist Zoe Lem, founder of the boutique. To think I dismissed such a place as another one of those overpriced vintage shops, pfft, I see now why my boyfriend dubs me retard so regularly. Retard will get her wedding dress from here, dear boyfriend.

Thank you Holly from My Sugarland for helping me with the photos!

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  1. Lol!! I bet he was pleased to hear that! :)

  2. These photos are a marvelous treat for the eyes– Sugarland indeed! The light pink jacket is pure love, especially. And is it odd that I’m totally digging your nail color? I don’t think I’ve ever wanted dark forest green until now.

  3. omg, those things are so incredibly cute ;) it´gives me inspiration and it makes me want to do some more DIY´s!!!! thanks for posting and please keep on inspire us :)

    greetings from BeRLiN!


  4. I was thinking ‘treasure trove’ when I was looking through your pictures…it must be so much fun exploring that shop, so many pretty things! That digital print dress is wonderful.


  5. It’s one of my favourite shops!! I bought the pink silk jacket you pictured there! I love the vintage Asian clutch. <3


  6. this place looks awesome! all the pieces are so pretty. and you look so cute in the hats! xxx

  7. What a gorgeous shop! Everything you’ve pictured is so pretty. I particularly like the vintage clutch x

  8. your pics are so colorful and joyful! and you look gorgeous =)
    have a look at

  9. I adore My Sugarland, it’s gorgeous in there!

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. totally dreamy!

  11. That dress from SteveJ & YoniP is wonderful! And although I hate to admit it, looking at their website I never would’ve thought the shop would look so great IRL.. Oops. (I guess I judge books by their covers as well haha)

  12. My point exactly ;)

  13. I wish I can go there! You look effortlessly fabulous as always :)

  14. GAHHH, I love that printed blouse!!!!! & this store seems really really cute :D

    we haven’t hung out once since I got back :<

  15. God, I totally love all the clothes and all the colors on this post! Great job!

    and check out my new project – Story of my Clothes

  16. What a fun place and the asian clutch is to die for.

  17. Everything in that store just looks so fun and beautiful! I especially love the clock in the first photo. Is that for sale too?!

    I know where I’ll be visiting when next I’m in London….off to stalk the website…..


  18. Hi, what a lovely post, I can actually feel the ambience of the boutique and your pics are awesome and able to convey the whole mood of it. I can spot also very good ideas like those mixed wardrobe handles. Needless to say the John Rocha’s dress is to die for!

  19. These pictures are AMAZING!
    That Belle Sauvage dress looks so good on you! :)

  20. how lovely! The hats are so nice
    Love your images, as always

  21. viva la sk

    Wow what an amazing boutique! I can’t tell what is vintage and contemporary in some of your pictures. Maybe they can get you to do some web design for them! It would be a worthy investment!

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  23. love your blog! so inspiring!
    and that digital print blouse is ridiculous great! love it!

  24. you got your hair done!!!!! :) it looks really nice :D
    do i here wedding bells in the near future>???

  25. *hear*

    lol. i can’t spell for crap :P

  26. clara

    i LOVE your nail polish, where is it from? ;)

  27. Oh wow, that place is stunning. Also, I now have a strange desire to acquire hats!

  28. that boutique looks like vintage heaven…


  29. oh shini! i’m so glad you put this post together! i had looked at their website and actually walked past their shop in angel a few times… knew that carrie was doing some work for them and that was pretty much it. i have to admit, i pretty much had the same perception that you did but it looks incredible in this post! it looks like way more than the site gives away… seriously incredible. definitely want to check it out in person now! love all the photos of you dressing up! xx

  30. Love the photos. Great color and composition.


  31. This made me laugh so much! Just found your blog- glad I did :)

  32. Love these pictures, they make me wanna go shopping so bad.

    love you shini…


  33. This store keeps popping up in my mind too, and I really must go along and pay it a visit.

    Your pictures look wonderful – it really does look like a London treasure trove!

    Looking gorgeous as always

    Miss B xx


  34. wow. such a great collection of items.

  35. ah carrie of wish wish wish interned here didn’t she? i’m going to use a cliche to describe this but what an aladdin’s cave!! i have saved so many inspirational pictures for use in the creation of my dream boutique/book-cum-stationary shop of my dreams x

  36. amazing dress!

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