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Fact: My sewing machine is from the Czech Republic so I had to teach myself from scratch using the Czech manual book. Who knows if I’m doing anything right…

What you’ll need:
Two identical cardigans in different colours, seam ripper, sewing machine, fabric marking chalk or pencil, dressmaking pins, thread, ruler.

Fold the first cardigan backwards into half.

Measure an inch away from the fold for seam allowance and mark along the entire length of cardigan.

Do the same with other cardigan.

Cut along marked line

Using a seam ripper, remove tags that might get in the way of sewing. Pin the two cardigans good sides (outer sides) facing, along the entire length of the cardigan.

Sew a zigzag stitch, and leave seam allowance fabric uncut in case of fray. If you have an overlock machine or a serger, you’re one lucky bugger.
Victim cardigans – Uniqlo, Striped dress as top – Topshop, Pants – Gmarket, Necklace – NastyGal, Nail Polish – Castle Dew ‘Tint Mint matte’ (Korean)

Best thing about sale season is that DIY victims are also discounted – how else could one justify cutting up two perfectly fine cardigans from Uniqlo that originally cost £19.99 each? Also had no idea if the fabric would up and unravel into a yarnball when cut so it was a bit of a gamble, but if that be the case I guess I could’ve just shipped off the yarnballs to BP for them to shove ’em down their broken oilpipes. Bunch of geniuses, those oil mongers.

This piece from Karla Spetic’s AW10 collection was the primary inspiration, although everything seems to come in two-colour nowadays – leggings, tights, shoes… Anyway, it’s a quick & easy DIY – you could even hand-stitch instead of using a machine but then again it might be Christmas by the time you look up.

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  1. I totally thought of those AA tights when I saw your DIY! would love to see you wear the cardigan! :)

  2. Hehee I am wearing it in the last photo :P!

  3. totaly love the idea!!! i need to try it…as soon as i get back my sewing machine!


  4. Great DIY Shini! I love that it is so simple that everyone can do it and it seems like it would be really quick too. I’ll be keeping an eye out for cheap cardigans!

  5. awesome!
    as soon as i’ll have more time i’m gonna do it!

    great post, XOXO

  6. Great diy, thanks for sharing. And the manual is in Czech (I´m Czech)..did you understand it? :)

  7. I did understand some bits that sounded like Polish but not enough to get me through, the diagrams helped though ;)!

  8. This is seriously so amazing – I’m in awe.
    I’ll definitely give this a go after graduation! :)

  9. I sooo admire you. been following you eversince i discovered your blog. you make such amazing diys!


  10. That’s super cute!

  11. Shini–this is gorgeous…and GENIUS! :) You make it seem so effortless, while when I imagine myself doing the same DIY….can only lead to utter disaster.

    Maybe I should finally invest in a sewing machine!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  12. You are so talented *_*
    Love the colour of the two cardigans together <3

  13. Hehe, funny idea ;)
    Great belt and necklace by the way.


  14. Wow fantastic diy, and your cardigans came out looking fantastic!!


  15. Nice idea Shini! I really like the black/white duos I keep seeing around the shops. But I am wayyy too scared to DIY my cardis eek!


  16. It’s so inspiring!!! I love that kind of ideas, simple to do and so geniale!!

    Please, check my blog, hope that my DIY will also inspire you :)

  17. I am from Czech republic and it made me so happy that you are using something from my country :)

  18. This is stinking sweeeeet Shinmeister! How creative are you?!

    Oh and I think you’re getting even cuter by the day. Just had a look at your last two posts, Miss Glamazon ;-)


  19. What a lovely tutorial! I will definitely be following through with this. Thanks for the tips! It reminds me of a cardigan The Clothes Horse wears, also.

  20. Ohhh which cardigan? I’d love to seee

  21. Jennifer


    Hello, not the op but I thought this also; the original clothes horse post is here:

    She also has two dresses in a similar style!

  22. Maria

    LOVE this DIY, so cute…I would totally try this if I still had a functioning sewing machins :/

  23. WOW, this DIY is so awesome. Guess it’s time to bring my dusty sewing machine out for some little projects

  24. Luna

    I am gonna totally do this. It’s awesome!

    (btw, i think i might give the second half to my best friend, haha. matchy matchy!)

  25. Hahaa that’s such a great idea :D Too bad my second one came out size XS cuz I cut too much on the first one ;) must make best friends with someone uberskinny quick.

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  27. great idea!

  28. High five!! You & your DIYs always inspire me :)


  29. muito legal!

  30. clever!

  31. oooh wow!! something tells me if i tried this by myself at home i would have ended up throwing a big ball of yarn in the corner only to have my mom help me later haha

  32. wow, this is a very cool idea with the two cardigans, it’s like mix and match, even better mix and stitch. loved this post, very informative. thanks. have a great day


  33. this is awesome. so simple yet i haven’t got the equipment to do it… so it’s still pretty enchanting to me. well done for not letting them unravel to bits! i would have been afraid of that happening too. so much cooler than two solid cardigans! xx

  34. Awesome! :D

  35. Nina

    This is so amazing! Guess I’m too afraid to try it myself, but yours came out very well. :)

  36. Such a clever idea!


  37. Well done! And on the first try, too :)

  38. Kyu


  39. Am. a. zing. I particularly like the colours you went for. I’ve got to get me down to uniqlo!

  40. woo cute! I actually have a cardi juss like this from H&M! I was soo surprised when i saw it a few years back i was like :O so CDG, instant purchase!

  41. amazing dyi!! love it!!!


  42. What a lovely DIY! This is so clever
    thanks for sharing! :)


  43. its so hard for me to find the “perfect” cardigan–muchless two that i’d want to cut up! but i love this in theory :)

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  45. These look gorgeous! Great idea!

    juliet xxx

  46. Love this idea!

  47. Love, love, love your blog. x

  48. Wow really really nice !

  49. Lenka

    lovely carduogans…thanks for great idea..
    I´m also from the Czech Republic, its funny to see something in Czech on your blog…

  50. These carduogans are SO COOL!!!!!


  51. Carly

    So i’m thinking, jeez you actually did it twice just for illustration (last pic)? I am a total idiot :D great diy though, although possibly i should stay away from sharp things with that kinda of intelligence!

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  53. Love the sweater, totally smart. Do not sew myself but tempted to try this project.

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  55. Love this! Everything you do is amazing!



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  57. love it! thanks for sharing

  58. love-di

    marc jacobs did this too.

    so cute!

    takes friendship bracelets to the next level!
    “friendship” cardigans.

  59. I just came to your blog from eli presentacion….LOve it!!!! I am a fanatically DIY maker, and this idea is just great! love it! hugs

    check out my DIY hugs…sissi

  60. so refreshingly creative! am definitely giving this a try. thanks for sharing

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  63. just love this jacket!

    and did it with a friend, shared the work (i cut it, she sued it) and now we both are so happy! have a look on my blog.

  64. @Juli, mistake in the blogs name zimtschneckenprinzessin.blogspot.com

  65. Really love how that turned out, great job!!

  66. This is such a good idea! I am definitely trying this out!

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  69. callen kim

    hi :)
    It is very funny.
    I want to make but I don’t have sewing machineT^T

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  71. omg, im from czech republic:D great idea!

  72. annyeong!
    That is very cool! Cruella De Vil ^^

  73. I love this caduogan, I will try to mix some other colors ;) Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I would like to inform you that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I love your blog and your DIY project.

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  76. questa si è una bellissima idea……

  77. Emily

    On the last photo you´re wearing the cardigan while holding it.
    So did you make two?
    But then what about the inch away from the fold?

  78. The project does make for two cardigans, if you sew up the remnants! The second one will indeed be slightly smaller, which in my case was fine because I started with two boxy cardigans anyway, so the second one fit me perfectly.

    Alternatively, you can bypass the inch allowance and end up with two identical, albeit SLIGHTLY tighter cardigans! Hope that helps a bit.

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  80. i love your blog style & aesthetic.

    Thanks for the DIY tips :)