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Tunic – Gmarket, Pants – Zara, Shoes – ALDO

Our family has once again displaced ourselves into another holiday – by car this time, to the fabulous youth city of the south – Kraków (Cracow). Five hours of semi-car-sickness and 3 hours of blind knitting (knitting in complete darkness), we entered the city at 1am, still bright and bustling with nightlife. We have no itinerary for tomorrow or Sunday, and since August 15th* is a national holiday I doubt anything will stay open – but the general idea is to bumm around Old Town and overdose on tourist ice cream then come back to the hotel to watch more grainy CNN.

Actually, I can’t wait to see the capital of culture, not that I haven’t been here… what, 6 times in the past, but I don’t think I was ever old enough to appreciate the beauty of the city. Well then, I shall report back soon with visuals.

*August 15th is a national holiday in Poland and numerous other countries commemorating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – which to this day I still do not understand as nowhere in the bible does it claim that Mary was lifted up into heaven. Here’s a personal message to Christians of all denominations: It’s best to base your faith on the bible and the bible only, question teachings that are not supported by the Book.

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  1. i am love with your shoes!!!

  2. Danielle

    i wholly agree with that statement to all christians.

  3. Sophia

    Have fun on your trip! What are you knitting?

  4. Ahh family trips. I’m actually headed to China/Japan with 5 family members, one best friend, and a sister’s boyfriend….

  5. what are you knitting?! i can’t decide what to start knitting….

  6. Weell I’m knitting an elephant :P

  7. can’t wait to see the finished products of your knitting….:)

  8. Have fun!! Cracow is great!!!!

  9. I’m glad yo went to Cracow. That’s my hometown and I love it dearly. But I have to live in Warsaw, which I consider kind of exile:). Cracow is a wonderful city, you’ll enjoy your trip.

    BTW, I’m an evangelical Christian, too, and I totally agree with your statement.

  10. Cracow is a beautiful city, but I don’t like crowds like this! I recommend you Wroclaw, it’s also an old city with lot of gorgeous tenement houses, small bridges, parks, charming pubs. It’s called “a little Venice” and it’s worth to seen it. Have a good time in Cracow!

  11. I totally agree with your statement. And I´m in love with your shoes! Enjoy your trip

  12. CzerwonaAzalia

    hey girl i knew that you will come here, to us in cracov:)
    Like i said before : if you want any help or tour please let me know by reply. I also recomend you YOUMIKO SUSHI on Szczepańska 7 – it is right in Old Town city centre, just few metres from th emarket squere. Good and cheap sushi in damn small local. :)

  13. i like this getup. can’t wait to see Krakow through your eyes.

    if i’m not wrong, Catholics go by a different Book… yes, the Lord’s Word stands.

  14. You seem to be a very skilled packer. I suck at packing, generally looks like an atomic bomb has exploded in a small plastic square. Hummmm

  15. agree with this: It’s best to base your faith on the bible and the bible only, question teachings that are not supported by the Book.


  16. I hope you like Cracow:)

    Btw. I don’t like polish national holidays like today when all shops are closed. Poland is very catholic country and everybody must adapt it. It is sad… ( some people in Poland even protest against Madonna’s concert in Warsaw today) ;)

    have a nice day,

  17. have a great time there! i love your shoes. :)

  18. Laura

    I totally agree with your statement about questioning it if it’s not in the Bible. I love your shoes and that you can knit. <3

  19. Can’t wait for your update of your travels :) Loved how you packed.

  20. The Assumption of Virgin Mary??? Interesting… I agree with you on wholeheartedly believing in the scripture!

    I’m excited to see your photos of Krakow… (I had to Google map that to get a sense of where you were going hehe).

    and speaking of holidays… today is Liberation Day in Korea! :) We would probably be speaking in Japanese if it was not for this day.

  21. What are you knitting?
    You made me want to knit again, but all I really can knit are half-finished scarfs.

  22. I totally agree with you on the basing your faith only on Bible thing.
    I’d love to live in Europe (random I know).


  23. Such methodical packing! I get car sick too. Glad you got to your destination safely. I’ve stumbled onto your blog and am so glad I did. Love the layout and your clear gorgeous pictures. Go the Canon 400D!! But the lens you’re using is amazing too. You’ve been linked. Hope you don’t mind!

  24. Tina

    I love the layout, but just a thought: the links on the left and the “credits” of the clothing on the right are really tiny– the font looks blurred together. Maybe it’s just on my page, but it’s hard to read!

  25. ooh, fun.
    i love your blog and everything that you post:)

  26. you always seem to be traveling somewhere hahaha so luckyy!! i like that our suitcase includes rolls of yarns, how useful! your floral shirt is so spring-y

  27. Great booties, the buckles are a cool detail.

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    Have a nice day ahead.

  29. wonderful Outfit and amazing Blog!!


  30. ok, and now i’m SURE i walked behind you today in Cracow :)) i recognised you (you were with your boyfriend (?) and mum (?) there) but didn’t say anything because i wasn’t that sure… and, believe me or not, me and my friend immediately saw you in the crowd and firsly didn’t know that was you. and my friend said “this girl is the stylish girl of all i’ve seen today” :) i agreed! you wore these pants from Zara and a shirt, right? :)

    miłego pobytu w Krakowie!

  31. Love your Shoes. / Carolina from Sweden.

  32. those shoes are amazing:)

  33. I want to marry your shoes.

  34. oh man, those shoes are terrific!!
    i just found your blog…all the DIY is so inspiring. i’ll be back.