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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






Sweatshirt – DIY Uniqlo, Shirt – FCUK, Pants – Zara, Shoes – Fred Perry, Bag – Vintage

Next time you visit Krakow, get your hands on a bike – beg or steal (well, don’t steal…borrow), get yourself on those suckers because personally I think that’s by far the best way to experience the city up-close and at your own pace. Bicycle-lanes are clearly marked all over town, and here in Poland biking is allowed on pedestrian paths in most cases so it’s absolutely safe.

Ohh this little trip made me fall straight back in love with bicycles, and now I’m craving very much for a ladies town bike so I can load flowers and fresh baguettes in the front basket and have hair rustle in the breeze as I peddle past the busy little bistros…   …owkay, waking up.

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  1. Oh it looks lovely!! I’ve been reaaally wanting a bike as well but I think I’ve been waiting for one to miraculously appear. I don’t know where my apprehension is coming from because if I plan on moving back to Los Angeles after college… I will never ever get to experience riding a bike in a city!

  2. that picture of the giant bubble is so awesome!

  3. bubbles! BUUBLES!!!! kay…now i sound like a little gurl

  4. how beautiful! yeees, biking sounds sooo relaxing ;)
    not to mention the amazing exercise it for the leggs!
    i looove your cut off sweat shirt too ;)))

  5. I love the shot of the gigantic bubble!

    You’re lucky to get to travel a lot, Cracovia looks amazing! I swear I haven’t been in a bike for quite a while, but from what I can recall, it was lovely to ride it by the beach.


  6. Wow. I’ve always wanted to visit Poland ever since I saw my mom & sister’s pictures.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. The one with the giant bubble is just incredible.

  7. looks like you are having a great time and thanks for having such a lovely blog :)

  8. like everyone else said, that giant bubble photo is so cool. great cityscapes ~

  9. esteff

    ommggg i justt read that you study in st. martins, i want to study there, please tell me if it is so hard to get in??

  10. Eee I love the picture of the bubble!!

  11. i love biking. my dad and I used to be pretty hard core (we did these huge 200 miles 2 day trips) but it is such a great feeling. Though Seattle is pretty helmeted so we don’t look quite as chic (but we do look safer). those bubbles are so pretty and I love that intricate leatherwork on the horse.

  12. CzerwonaAzalia

    Cafe Camelot is lovely , isn’t it? Hope you have great times and i will be today on market squere so i will eyeing aroung to catch you :D PS. what you liked the most in the moment?

  13. and that’s why i love Cracow…

    buziaki :*

  14. hello :) thanx for the bike advice… it really makes sense but not just for Krakow – for each city I visit next, I’ll try to ckeck it out by bike. it gives you freedom to chose where to go and to get there quickly … nice nice ;)

  15. That place is stunning! And I’m in love with the first picture. Makes me feel like I’m there…

  16. I SO wish we could ride bikes on the pavement here! On the road is a total death sentence! haha. It looks so beautiful where you are.

    x x x

  17. You did really cool pictures of the city!!!

  18. I love Cracow!

  19. oooh.
    You are in Cracov.
    Amazing place.

  20. Oh I love the new layout! I haven’t visited in a while but this is just gorgeous. I’m bookmarking you again – I think I lost your link before but I’m glad I found it again. :)

  21. These are amazing photos again. I didn’t like your new layout the first time I saw it, but now I love the bigger photos (they are bigger, right?). I’ve bought the &-bag too, after I saw yours. I love it. :) And those pictures make me want to travel. <3

  22. well, the truth is that biking on the pavement is banned in poland in most cases, but because of the way many drivers treat cyclists (like they don’y exist/don’t have any privileges) most of citizens choose riding on pavements. i guess police usually ignores this, but i’ve heard of financial penalty for riding on a pavement and it’s about 50 pln, but could be 500 pln as well (it depends on the policeman) and it sounds somehow scary.
    well, ride safe and enjoy your time in cracow!

    ps: the cafe you’ve photographed is just opposite the cinema – place where i’m working :).

  23. gorgeous photos. i love biking

  24. I really like the horse photo. Yay to anything equestrian!


  25. really fantastic pictures, girl. enjoy this ride of your life here on earth.

  26. Yay to giant bubbles! These photos are awesome. Oh, how I miss bike-riding.

  27. lovely pics!! love the bubble one and the cafe with the posters above it.

  28. The bubbles look just like the wormholes in Donny Darko!
    So cool to see you out on a bike, it’s the best form of transport, so free and easy with a beautiful breeze.
    Peace sea breezy!

  29. yea that sounds like heaven, riding a bike in a provincial/beautiful town. nothing like that here where I live. Only ugly buildings and modernism.

    Love the horse harness, it reminds me of the harness you have lol.

  30. this looks like a wonderful daytrip. making me nostalgic….

  31. Great pictures, love the cropped top :D

  32. your cropped sweatshirt is so cute hahahaha. and LULZ at the DIY above. that bubble photo is amaaaazzinnggg. you seem to capture the best stuff. i haven’t been biking in ages, but the last time i did i biked to a waterfall and it was pretty frickin awesome!

  33. Awesome pics!! i will come back for sure!

  34. that’s so great you’ve been there.
    Cracow is my favourite town here, in Poland.
    have you met with some polish bloggers there ?

    of course, love your pictures. and the cropped shirt, I did a similar DIY :)

    hope you’ll come one day to Warsaw so we can meet.


  35. Oh but I live in Warsaw! :P

  36. loving the scenery. gorgeous.

    and loving you in the cropped raglan.

  37. bubble= amaaaaaazing!!