I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Blazer Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays Jeans H&M Shoes Asos.com

That’s not dandruffffff, it’s pissin’ rainin’!


Taro. Right off Canarby street somewhere…

Today: (with Ellen. I’m so sick of you)

– Churchie church

– Walked into topshop and mocked the ‘infected’ jewellery section (neon yellow, pink and blue jewellery are back apparantly??). If I was more stealth I’d have taken some photos but then they’ll think I want to copy their ‘design’. puke. Oh wait, we have that convenient online shop thing, right, duh: example pukage

– Got lost somewhere in bellyregions of centralish London somewhere near Regent Street and found Mr. Taro, where waitress couldn’t figure out why we needed two spoons for one ginger icecream dessert.

– Stumbled upon Japanese secondhand manga/bookstore, scored on secondhand Japanese ELLE Jan 2009 – except all the pages kinda smell like chicken teriyaki…

– Finally found SOHO redlight district. Check out those pretty pretty nekked ladies posters with dish boobies!

– Trickled into leicester sq through chinatown, gave customary visit to public ladies toilet and checked ellen’s weight: 233kg. Wuman, you’re underweight!

Got home and coloured nails Talluah style: skittles!


    Weeehee, hope you all had a nice weekend :D

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  1. I love the detail of your nails!!!



  2. Well, actually the one I posted a photo of isn’t the Isabel Marant one! It’s a different one from http://www.oaknyc.com, but it’s so lovely as well.

    Your blazer is blazin’

  3. sounds like such a cute day!

    i remember walking through soho one time and some men trying to entice us to come in by selling their dancers as “american style”! haha!

  4. your shoes are amazing and I’m loving the nails! Trade links??

  5. shini ur nails are so pretty!
    i want to paint my nails and now i can’t since school is starting (i draw so whenever i paint my nails i tend to paint the paper lol)

  6. What an inventive way to do nails. Mine are chipping and I can’t decide which color to paint them, so I’ll take a page outta your book and use them all.

    Also, cute Tommy blazer. The crest is perfect. I’m a sucker for anything and everything in blazer form.

  7. I need to go to London! Your pictures are so pretty..especially the lanterns! What do you study?

  8. i’ve added your blog to my blogroll, i think your style is amazing, simple but chic ! <3

  9. pretty pretty nails! i love reading your daily adventures =D

  10. Really amazing outfit as always!!!

    & i linked your blog to mine because I love it too much!! :D


  11. oh i think i love you and your style! haha
    love the blazer and wash jeans!! your nails are very cute also :)
    xxx LM

  12. Hi, tahnks to stopping by. You’re blog is great!
    Hope to see you soon!
    Lot’s of love

  13. oh I had a terrible weekend but I’m going to pretend your stories were in it to make it better :D lovely outifit, the belt looks gorgeus in there.

  14. thanks:) oh yeah I feel like I’m torturing my self every time I look at the shoe post…

    love your blazer!


  15. Hi! first off, let me say great blog! also, i”m using your DIY for the shorts, and I have a question. Did you shred the back of the shorts too? i couldnt tell fromt he pictures. thanks!

  16. Love the jeans !

  17. I just love your blazer and its perfect how you combine this preppy piece with a simple t-shirt and cool black belt+shoes!xx

  18. cool jeans!!! love! xoxo

  19. don’t you just love busy days?
    seriously, you have the most amazing taste in clothes. that blazer is EXTROADINARY. and i really want to make some shorts in the way that you did a few posts ago, so cute :)

    That’s not dandruffffff, it’s pissin’ rainin’!- made me laugh!


  20. lol what a fantastic day it seems so busy and the such. I’m expecially liking yourdiscordant array of couloured nails. Seems paradoxal cause it looks so lovely but so true.

  21. Sounds like you had quite the advanture.

  22. Sounds like such a fun time. I love how this outfit is kind of classic but still really ‘you’ :)

  23. yeah i agree, it might look a little trashy shredding the back. well, i finished them. they dont look near as good as yours, but I like them. :)
    thanks for posting the DIY tutorial!

  24. Hi Shini, it’s emily again.

    I just got my csm student offer package and I’m seriously confused about the living places.. I have no idea which place is a good place to live. If you can give me some tips on good living places, please shoot me an email (emmuuhhlee@yahoo.com)

    I will be eternally greatful!!!

  25. i love how you can make such a casual outfit so chic! and your blog is great – love the DIY tutorials!

    do you accept link exchanges? either way, i added you already because i adore your style heh :)

  26. hhaha. I love how you pointed out that the rain sprinklings were not dandruff. and chicken teriyaki scented Japanese magazine… mmmm.

    I see you’ve found a Japanese bookstore. I checked Google for Japanese bookstores in London and it pointed me in the direction of Japan Centre at 212 Piccadilly, W1J 9HG. They have an online website that delivers too!

  27. your nails remind me of skittles. i like.

  28. aw thanks Shini!! :)

    also just added you to my blogroll..cos i think you have great style and personality!

    much love xxx LM

  29. love the blazer with the gold buttons and stripe inside

  30. Your shoes and jeans are really really cool.
    hahaha this topshop necklace is really ridiculous. So so ugly.
    You make me feel so nostalgic about my “I love japan soooooo much” period when I read your posts. I used to listen to japanese music all the time and download japanese magazines when I was like… 13/14. Haha The old time…
    I even tried to learn japanese kanjis hahaha. I was hopeful, I remember anything anymore. I’m such a failure right?

  31. ooh that blazer has the perfect slouch to it, especially around the arms.

    I added you to my blogroll too- see you around the internet!

  32. hehe, if only i could ask for samples!

    heheh the ‘infected’ collection. have you SEEN the multicoloured headband thingy? its GHASTLY.


  33. that is one perfect navy blazer. and i love your candy colored nails. so funky and fresh.

  34. greaat nails reminds me of tallulah – nice outfit too! as always duh


  35. ooh, thanks for noticing :)
    i love those shoes you’re wearing, they look great with eeeeverything.

  36. best manicure EVER.

  37. i love your candy colored nails. so funky and fresh.

  38. your are looking great with this jins and Tshirt.

  39. have you SEEN the multicoloured headband thingy? its GHASTLY.

  40. Love the shoes, great photo also. A typical day in London. You really know how to dress.