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Middlesex University graduate show, Freerange Art & Design show

There really should be much less underestimating of student designers and even lesser overestimating of bigger designers, some of these students here bring more milkshake to the yard (+boys) than the powder milk I sometimes see during LFW. These are my top seven, but absolutely head over heels for the menswear collections by Yasmin Bawa and Rasha Swais. Head over heels also for that Asian girl I seem to have developed a girl-crush on in that 15 minutes of catwalk, WHO IS SHE AND CAN SHE HAVE MY NUMBER?

Freerange exhibitions of graduates and students of all manner of design ends on the 25th of July, get down there before I crack my whip.

Thank you to Lucy of Margaret PR for hooking me up with the show!

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  1. Love your pictures, as always!
    This show looked amazing. I love the pink printed and pleated dress and the color palettes these young designers chose! You’re right, fashion students’ works shouldn’t be underestimated!

    Xx from Paris
    Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  2. some amazing talent here… love the jumpsuits for men, it really rocks with the work on the patterns and textures!


  3. Oh Shini I love your behind the scenes shots! It’s lovely to see what it was like back there after seeing what came out in front. I’m strangely rather proud to read your kind words about my uni but thats because these students deserve it and I would totally agree, I was SO IMPRESSED with this show. And there are some darn boring designers at LFW sometimes. I would gladly wear the majority of the pieces – particularly if hottie over there wore em. Totally feel your lust.

  4. Wow…I really like the Rupal Patel and Sally Kite collection, ones to watch out for I hope! Also the menswear looks goooood….
    I thought the asian model was Liu Wen but then sense took over and…….she’s cute:)

  5. beautiful pics ;))

    street style: olivia palermo http://magmoiselle.fr

  6. wow, these looks are just spectacular, brilliant edgy chic




  8. nice post! xx


  9. So much truth in your words about student designers versus those more popular. No bashing intended, really, but it’s far easier to pass off mediocrity (or craziness for that matter) as great fashion when you’ve already got a powerful reputation.

  10. Beautiful photos, Really like Yasmin Bawa’s collection, I agree too sometimes I think that the collections shown at LFW aren’t half as good as recent fashion students work/collections!X

  11. lesedi

    Wish I was there


  12. Becky

    Beautiful pictures, lovely designs

  13. love seeing the behind the scenes of things like this. thanks so much for sharing love.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  14. Wow, i think my favourite from these snippets is Pa Ya Hui.

    Lovely photos. The top one has a great edge to it, sort of Jurgen Teller like?

    Just discovered your blog, trawling through the archives.. <3

    Katie x

  15. This looks incredible. I love how you’ve structured this post. The men’s collections you’ve included look seriously fierce. Really awesome. p.s. totally recognize the Asian girl… am sure I’ve seen her walk at LFW before. Must remember which show it was….

  16. Yesssss, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! People should be more appreciative of these young designers, they probably have a fresher perspective than all those who have been in the industry for umpteen years. Not that I that I don’t like the established designers, no. I just feel that the public tend to neglect and go gaga over established labels just ‘cos everyone is doing so. The design should stroke the heart, not the name.

    Love your blog btw, have been following for quite awhile ^^

    Kristie S.

  17. Totally smitten with the Pa Ya Hui collection, but all are truly remarkable. And instantly coveting that frock with the exposed pleating.

    ♥, Jamie

  18. These are all so great and I especially love Yasmin Bawa’s stuff. Amazing and the colours are to die for.

  19. Canary

    I<3PARKNCUBE *^^*

  20. Danielle

    That Asian girl looks beautiful! I want her number tooooooooooooooooo :(

  21. Oh my goodness–does that girl above have neon yellow hair!? Amazing.

  22. it’s nice that you still go to student shows!

  23. Imogen EIGHT

    Great shots Shini! You know, I came all the way into London, not SPECIFICALLY to see Freerange but as a major drawing factor, and it was CLOSED the day I came. So, so gutted. Eugh.

  24. great picks

  25. Such lovely pictures of amazing fashion design. A talented group of people, indeed!


  26. This is SO impressive, can easily pass for LFW, easily. xx

  27. I think I am in love with the Rupal Patel dress on your favorite model. *__*
    These designs are incredible! I’ve always believed in young designers, anywhere, even in Manila. And those prints on everything!!! I think I will buy something similar if I can today, hehe.

  28. holy cow! this is the best collection of grads i’ve seen from one university. why haven’t we seen more coverage of it?? what would we do without you…

  29. This line is lovely.
    The floor length brown waist skirt is great.

  30. My nosey self always finds it interesting to see behind the scenes…sewing machines and ironing boards all over the place :D

  31. Wow. What a collection! Loved Rupal Patel and the men’s collection. I will def try to go there. x

  32. Love your pictures as always. I often come to your blog, but never comment. Will start doing that.
    THE ASIAN GIRL, gorgeous!
    And wow, these are design students? Well, they should be on these important fashion shows, because these are some great creations. Those patterns Sally Kite used for the dress in the middle picture is beautiful.

    Take Care!

  33. Gorgeous images!! Thanks for sharing!! x


  34. omg seriously, totally thinking the same thing! that Asian model is gooooorgeous~ in love with her features.
    awesome collections! there’s so much talent out there that slides under the radar. cool as photos too!
    xoxo Diana

  35. you always have the most beautiful pictures!!Amazing show its my dream to follow a “defilé” sitting just in front row, in real life!

  36. thank you for the photos! awesome!!

  37. Loving the Yasmin Bawa jacket that looks like it’s been dip-dyed in a complex weave… Reminds me of the “tartan paint” concept :-)


  38. Beautiful photos and I love those chelsea boots that seem to be part creeper and part boot in the 8th photo. For some reason that is the thing that made me to a double take while I was scrolling!

  39. Great upcoming talent here, looks like it was fun! xx

  40. Yes I totally agree with you…and these are great photos!


  41. Totally agree with you Kit, I’m so impressed with the graduate talent from the UK this year. Great photos, and love that creamy dress with the kinda pleated inserts in the skirt – would purchase immediately given the chance!
    Sarah-Leigh x

  42. amazing catwalk pictures! I would love to work backstage, and your snaps have truly captured the fun and chaos that goes into preparing a show :)

    xx Sarah

  43. Stunning, stunning, stunning!

  44. Natalie

    Hi Shini,

    The model that you drooling over in girl crush form her name is Yeon she is said to be a big near enough super model from…. KOREA! She is signed to Profile. Eun Jeong used her at her last on schedule fashion show – two seasons ago.

    Natalie X

  45. Must second the Chelsea boot love–it is absolute perfection. Just the right amount of height in the heel, with a lovely rounded toe–amazing! Hopefully someone will put it on the market.