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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

In Dior Joaillerie-Horlogerie boutique 8 place Vendôme; Hotel de Crillon

I must’ve simmered in the London pot little too long to think that stepping out with a lightly-packed bag while high-fiving the drunk neighbour at 4am is a very appropriate start to a romantic Paris trip. Drunk on a Sunday night, true hipster pirate freelancer spirit, aye? I should know, I’m captain of that ship. We’re sinking and all that. Anyway. On arrival I searched around for my driver (ho ho my driver, when would I EVER say that again) and spotted a man holding up a ‘Mr Parcchini’ sign. Naturally I glazed over and kept looking, thinking poor Italian man with a name that sounds like food. After a flurry of texts between Brian the PR, turns out Mr Parcchini (ParkShini) was to be my alias in Paris – I’m guessing the reservation was made by phone. So I said that’s me and from then on the driver couldn’t stop looking at his rear mirror, so I spoke in a deep voice to take the mickey out of him and all, buhehe.

Dior kindly invited me down for a day for the introduction of the spectacular Dior VIII watches – to be extra clear, it does not have six wives, one with a cocktail named after. Apparently 8 was Mr Dior’s lucky number! Look out for part two and three, because I’m in Seoul at the moment with acute exhaustion and the internet in this damn hotel costs £10 an hour I decided to skip the research this time and write this up in Word. It just underlined ‘Parcchini’ in a red squiggly line…

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  1. Wow Shini! These photos are so incredibly beautiful. I love the slightly grainy vintage feel… it makes it look like a totally magical other-worldy place. Like some sort of mystical Parsian/Dior fantasy.

    Can’t wait to see more. The watches are incredible! xx

  2. very smart, you went incognito… happens with my name all the time, too (and sometimes it really annoys me – how hard can it be?) anyways… nice pics! i’d love to be a hobby goldsmith/watchmaker with a professional goldsmith’s studio! (as for the dior watches – to be honest, i like them more when they comes in single pieces and not as a whole watch ;))

  3. phenomenal shots as always and these watches are just so perfect


  4. WONDERFUL post ;D

    STREET LIFE: DAISY LOWE @ Elie Saab Show

  5. All these watches stuff in dior! so interesting!
    are you still in paris?

  6. Ooh nope, I was there just for a night from Monday – Tuesday! xx

  7. this is once again, hilarious. you have a voice in your writing that is completely original and utterly adorable. i love this post. i’ve been thinking about how much i want a dior watch…

    you’re in seoul? so am i, are you enjoying the mind boggling humidity?

  8. Ooh you are too? it’s raining cats and poo now so it’s rather cool and nice but yarrrh yesterday it was boggles woggles. Does wonder to my skin though hahah
    How long are you here for?

  9. @Shini, i’m here until october… gahhhh, don’t even want to think about the rest of the summer and hot it’s going to be! i must add that i’m the only member of my family that will not spend the summer in europe this year due to the fact that i’m absolutely broke. sigh. i will have to live vicariously through your blog posts.

  10. LOL. That is hilarious!
    I love that you got to get really close and see the intricacy of the watches, that must have been pretty cool. x

  11. Absolutely amazing photography!

  12. After your lovely story all I can think is “£10 an HOUR?!”.


  13. I don’t actually think it was £10 but it was definitely £6 for 30 minutes… oh wait that makes it £12 for an hour so wow I guess that’s worse.

  14. The Dior event looks so neat to have been part of! I especially am smitten with the captures of the roses and interior decor as well.

    ♥, Jamie

  15. Ahh you so lucky and so fancy Mr Pachinni. I’ve got a few errands to run next week, can I borrow your driver?

    Miss you!

  16. £10 an hour?! Blimey! Great pictures though and how exciting to see how it all happens in Dior World X

  17. Your photography is beyond gorgeous! The watch is equally stunning! I couldn’t think of a better way to kick start your trip,ha!x

  18. Funny annecdote and lovely pictures!

  19. Oh, these photos look like a dream! I am very curious for the next 2 parts, the watches are marvellous!

  20. D

    Hi babe, may I know what’s the colour and brand of your nail polish? It looks gorgeous!

  21. Ohh I believe it’s this one http://goo.gl/1Pkn1 from The Organic Pharmacy!

  22. Canary

    ‘Like’ doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((((((((

  23. Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it now, does it work? x

  24. @Shini, worked. you have pretty lashes.

  25. ooohhh..Paris!! You really go places don’t you ?! Love the photos ….
    I just got a Dior bag…coincidence or what..hahah..:D

  26. Gorgeous photos! I bet it was amazing…

  27. Beauuutiful! x

  28. looks absolutely incredible. such a beautiful setting and location. wish i could have been there.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  29. These are really gorgeous photos! The composition and colours are perfect! :)

    I’m so jealous that you got to see those watches and how they’re made! I collect watches (to put it nicely, it’s ‘eccentric’, I know) – this would be my dream!

    Anna | http://www.anna-sofia.org/blog

  30. Again: Such beautiful pictures! Thank you, my dear!

    Love, Carola

  31. you did it the style way..

    A couple of lovers sailing around the world.

  32. Fantastic Photos!


  33. Wow , this is such a beautiful post. I really adore the watch with the art-deco inlay. What did you think of the couture collection? I didn’t think it was so bad!

  34. Incredible post. Can’t believe watch making looks like a nightmare with all this tiny bits and bobs everywhere.

    Do you get to keep the DIORRRRR watch?

    Miss you pooohead.

  35. amazing collection of watch from Dior :) are you in seoul for work? have fun (though yes I know this rainy weather is not very pleasing but still)!

  36. Amanita

    WOW!!!! Impresionante!!! XOXO


  37. Sarah


    Parcchini – your new coffee name! XD

  38. gee, the watch looks brilliant. so glossy , and elegant.
    so from london on to seoul in just a few days. very tedious for the body, i must say, but invigorating for the soul

  39. That watch you are holding is absolutely beautiful. *___*

  40. Cat

    First of all; stunning pictures and what an absolutely beautiful watch!
    Secondly; stunning wit! I absolutely adore the way your posts are not that big and yet you still come up with something witty to say. I totally dig your humour.
    By the way, Bloody Mary was Henry’s daughter, not wife. ;-) (Thank you ‘The Tudors’, for making me know so much about the Tudor period…).

  41. I’m in love with your blog !

  42. In elegance we trust

    I love the pictures! They are awesome!


  43. wow! so interesting post…and what about the pictures? amazing as always! :)

  44. You make Paris look so lovely and romantic, my dreams of paris were brutally shattered when I went in May. The infamous and rare crutch-bashing. In a nutshell? A man got a boner on my thigh during rush hour on the metro. Endured for 30minutes. Romantic? I think not.

    LOVELOVELOVE your photos :)


  45. Shini, argh i just melted because of that first picture with the roses…
    Hey, when are you in seoul till?

  46. NikAdel

    I love ur blog! Ur pictures speak for themselves and ur writing is so thoughtful in way, that wit comes across more than once! And hahaha that happens with my real name/ names all the time. Ooh I was wondering, because I was reading through ur old entries..Did you grow up in Poland?!!
    Oh and I forgot your such a fashion inspiration!!

  47. wow Shin, you’re one lucky daydeee :) Gonna call you Parcchini from now on! The photos are all stunning, like real adverts the house might take if it wanted to show how ‘heritage’ it was :D love.

  48. Wow what an exciting thing to be asked to look at. :)

    I love your blog it’s always so visually pleasing !

  49. I absolutely love the photographs you take. Always.
    What an exciting opportunity you’ve had with dior! Congrats on that :)


  50. chrystal

    Am a huge fan of your blog/photos/style and writing skill. you’re like a magical all-in-one package!

    Coincidentally I was in seoul frm july 7 to 14th too! and yeah bcus the internet was way too expensive i had to rely on free internet on my crappy phone (not iphone) every morning at krispy kremes.

    LOVED seoul though, would have loved to see your photos of seoul if you still had them. The cat cafe was beyond awesome though!:)

  51. Mr Parcchini im waiving my hands in the air like i jst don’t care right now and its all your fault! The blog is jst getting better and better how what huh and more useless mumbling, me eyes cant squint anymore in amazement. (at this point you may pat your back from me)

    Till the next time Mr Parcchini


  52. […] for one.  See what I mean by world apart? These rare hotel treats spoil me rotten (last one at Hotel de crillon courtesy of Dior), but thankfully I’m usually back home in my Dalston warehouse-conversion flat before I even […]