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Designer, Grzegorz Matląg

Maldoror Off out-of schedule; Polish Fashion Week Łódź

The vamp theme is undeniably kitsch on paper, and I’m not going to pretend I’m a huge fan of it – you say vampires and all I can think of is you know what and I’m not even talking about my dearest Voldemort, I’m talking about the shiny chest/literary homicide thing. So why am I sharing this collection by Madoror, I guess I was drawn by the feel of old Slavic savageness that fueled the collection. Grzegorz himself looks a bit like a Celtic warrior and that’s the sort of trait I love in a designer, something that ultimately will translate into a collection and allowing the public to own a piece of him.

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  1. I’m afraid Grzegorz looks more like a Bard (if you insist on the “celtic”), or a Skald (if you’re going more for the Skandinavian feel). Although, all things considered, he lacks any musical instruments, which would pretty much make him a court poet (since what is a bard without his faithful lute, flute or bagpipes?).

    Anyhow, the vampires need more glitter. What kind of a vampire doesn’t carry a glitter bag?

  2. Beautiful shots, I love everything about the collection! Especially the glitter and mesh :)

  3. I think the collection is quite beautiful. I like the mix of the really dark elements with the red and sequins. Red seems to be making quite the revival this season and I’m really loving it. In the past it hasn’t felt very fresh but somehow it feels totally right at the moment. Especially love the unexpected details of sheer lace details on men… and an entirely red suit… especially the shoes! Yes, I love it. In a sort of transcendental gothic vampire glam way.

    p.s. when I think of vampires all I can think of is either Robert Patterson or Brad Pitt… neither a bad thing, eh?

  4. Ula

    Owww it’s beautiful, but little mistake MaLdoror not Madoror i think :)

  5. wow. this collection is beyond fierce. thank you so much for sharing it. i love the vibrant reds.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  6. Beautiful….. WOnderful pics ;)

    ALEXA CHUNG: her own label? http://magmoiselle.fr

  7. awesome pics, thanks Shini ;-))


  8. Grzegorz himself looks a bit like a Celtic warrior and that’s the sort of trait I love in a designer, something that ultimately will translate into a collection and allowing the public to own a piece of him. I really love this phrase for some reason. It really exemplifies the European idea an artist’s work is a manifestation of himself–and that connection remains even after, say, a couple of sales. I really love the use of red in this collection–particularly the red loafers. It’s like you take something pretty grandpa and turn it into a ‘oh no she didn’t wear that to the funeral’ look. You had a photo in the post below where someone wore red shoes with red jeans and the effect is stunning, and I think I’m really coming around to the all-red look. Unfortunately, I tried on a red suit a few days ago and the color did not suit my coloring at all so it seems I’ll have to do a lot of picking and choosing when it comes to the color red.

    The red aside, I’m not really digging the clothes here. This comes as a surprise because I’m a huge fan of goth fashion, but I just don’t think it’s all that interesting here. It almost seems more like a caricature of ‘darkness’ with the high neck satin dress. Also, I don’t feel like a lot of this stuff is very wearable–the overall effect can be nice, but I’m not sure if I’d ever buy a pair of mesh pants. I’m actually more of a fan of the designer’s tribal-Celt look, because it’s not a look that has been as ‘done’ by the fashion industry. Just think: a line of gigantic model women in blue body paint, leather armor, and thick wool garments. It’d be really striking in my opinion!

  9. very nice

  10. yobruva

    A M A Z I N G as always…

  11. hahha…the vamp theme has been quite ubiquitious around in my place lately….though unlike you,i really enjoy it hehhehe. The above shots are great fun..and also loving the look of the collection, the pieces…umm..not soo much.Have to say..red on men…not that bad;)
    wish someone would vampire-beautify me!!

  12. Also…”Grzegorz himself looks a bit like a Celtic warrior and that’s the sort of trait I love in a designer, something that ultimately will translate into a collection and allowing the public to own a piece of him”
    i love that phrase:)

  13. lovely photos! the clothes and makeup is stunning!!

  14. Reminds me of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula… moody, dark, luscious…


  15. Your photos always capture he atmosphere beautifully. I really love the “runway” stone floor, really cooll! X

  16. slavics are savage? you are right about that. living among croats myself.
    this all seemed like a theatre show to me

  17. I dunno actually, are they? I always picture this medieval… bold, brazen image when I think of ‘slavic’! Savage in a good sense, of course.

  18. Ooh, those pants/leggings 3rd pic on the left are AMAZING!

  19. Look at that make up! Awesome


  20. You take backstage shots so flawlessly… a HUGE inspiration for me to get better and better with my own backstage coverage :)

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::

  21. Love the whole black and red theme! So goth and vampire-ish!

  22. Love how you’ve continued the vamp theme in the tone of your photos too, they capture the mood so well. I really, really don’t like Voldermort though, I think because of his scary snake, I lost sleep for days after reading about it!

  23. Love your photos. L o v e. These clothes are not something I would normaly like but in these photos: pure joy.

  24. Amazing lighting in the shots, love the colours


  25. Mesmirizing. I am fixated on the midnight suede pumps. Yum

  26. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a very special event! Great job! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  27. I love this…One of the best shoots I have seen in awhile..GREAT!

  28. FABULOUS!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  29. It is truly captivating! It sounds so bad on the paper and looks so good when he does it! I love the womenswear and all the shoes!!

  30. What beautiful pictures! The first one is stunning.

  31. nice shots!


  32. What To Wear

    Eccentric and Bold…..loving it- http://www.weathertowear.com

  33. nice to see what our neighbors are up to, but i must say, there’s much cooler stuff here in croatia. indeed, not so much slavic-savaged influenced, but cool anyway ;)

    greets from croatia..


  34. I’m sure there’s a lot of cool stuff in Croatia, and I’d love to check it out. :)
    I haven’t yet posted about the rest of the shows though, it’d be unfair to judge and compare the entire fashion industry based on one show!

  35. incredible photos!


  36. Very edgy….

  37. Im actually quite disturbed by this myself (vampires and shiny chests). really when you think about how old the legends are and all the ways they have been put to words or pictures, you suddenly just think of That Shiny Chest. Very disturbing indeed.
    The vampire itself quite lost its attraction overnight (or year)
    beautiful pictures though, as always!