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Agata Wojtkiewicz

Joanna Klimas

Paprocki & Brzozowski show & backstage

Polish Fashion Week; Łódź Fashion Philosophy; Official page, Facebook; Vienna International Hotels Blog

From the high ceilings of Andel’s loft suites to floating silk grazing the polished catwalk, my Łódź (Wuudge) Fashion Week experience couldn’t translate better into anything other than a light spring breeze. Oskar shepherded us to formidable seats at each show, the collections melted in the mouth, and if you can believe it, every single pair of heels fit the models’ feet. I feel that some international press members have been slightly too critical on the design & organization and too proudly sat on their high horses, and as much as I may be on my own high horse (donkey on platforms, for what authority do I have) making such remark, Łódź you please cut some slack for a young city? Sure, the theatre aspect is still yet to drop anchor, but the essence of fashion shows, the wearables, was undeniably strong. If the event has one anchor it’d be the fact that all designers have accessible ateliers that stock each piece without absurd pricetags dipped in inflated egos (save for a few). Talk about down to earth.

(Some may remember Joanna Klimas from back in October when I visited her Atelier)

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  1. Really..really…beautiful shots!!
    No knowledge about polish fashion week…but hanging on to your photos and words….IT is breezy;)
    Also nice to know that the pricetag isn’t that big a bitch!

  2. I love all your pictures!!


  3. Awww I miss my sleeping on my ‘bed’ at the Andel’s.

    I agree, some international ‘so called’ press members shouldn’t be too critical and judgemental on the designers, where’s all the postives? For frickin sake it’s not a fashion contest.


  5. Lovely post…It’s really sad that criticism of fashion is usually so pretentious!
    Love the nailpolish colour!

  6. Eleanor van Overdijk

    Shini, awesome posts from Poland. Love your blog; its smart, witty and insightful, keep it up!

  7. I absolutely love the beautiful nail polish colour! And the architecture is incredible!


  8. you are too good at what you do.

  9. i love the nail color!

  10. good shots! i like blue dress and black coat

  11. and again… i love your blog! your perspective, the photos, the way you put them together, the colors. everything. its so tasteful and clean.

    best from vienna,
    die melange.

  12. My lovely Łódź… <3

  13. Lovely pictures!

  14. OMG>>>>>>>>>>>> that was so awesome… thanks for the great photo story…I thought the rooftops were very interesting and love the fashion photo’s… and I must mention..the yellow fingernail polish, very cool!

  15. Love these images! So pretty! Great post! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  16. Oh, I love that there’s so much talent around the WHOLE world, and these outfits look so wearable and fashionable and designed at the same time! Beautiful! And the down to earth price tag is certainly no less disappointing! I always really do enjoy your pictures!

  17. More beautiful images. You are making me jealoooouuuus!

  18. beauttttifull!!!! your photos are mouth watering (quite literally). X

  19. what a fantastic recap. i love the photographs you used. the first building is so symmetrical and gorgeous.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  20. the last look is very cool

  21. These shots are so freaking cool, especially the one obscured by the two heads. The first one looks like a painting <3.


  22. Word to yo mother (whose pottery shop I still need the address to, by the way).

    A few points worth noting:
    1. Oskar… oh fair Oskar. How I do miss being escorted, vodka coke in hand. Those were the days.
    2. Hear hear to the inadequacies of ‘so-called press’ and their all mighty high horses. Forever will the floors of overstuffed trains reign supreme, so long as there are macaroons to help soften the blow of the hard floors and orange juices prepped and ready to be spilt down painfully beautiful cream blouses.
    3. A polished catwalk is one thing that surely didn’t go unsprayed and buffed… would it be worth introducing them to the glory of that paper stuff they lie down in London? Perhaps, but the anticipation of seeing how slip-proof the perfectly fitting shoes are would be lost.

    p.s. is the merit of Fashion Week Poland not indefinitely boosted by the limitless ways of working Wuudge into a sentence?

  23. Your photographs never cease to amaze! Woweeeeeeeee! You always manage to capture beauty.


  24. STUNNING photos~
    love that yellow polish btw :)
    xo Diana

  25. love the drapey silhouettes and the tattoo’s on the arm!!


  26. How amazing this looks once again!

    Juliet xxx

  27. The photos are wonderful and I love the long blue dress!

    It’s the last day to partecipate to my giveaway:

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