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Tap, tap, tap on that fish tank…tap…tap…

Edit: Giveaway Closed!
Due to overwhelming responses and finite number of tickets the guys at Masha Ma had to put up a white flag to close the contest early! I do apologise if you were hoping to enter; and for those who entered, thank you for your interest! I hear the guys over at Masha Ma also gave away a few standing tickets randomly as a form of apology, so not all bad news hopefully.

I’ll be contacting the winner tonight!

The wonderful people at Masha Ma offered to give away two seated tickets for her show this London Fashion Week! Remember thisblack coat with handles I almost stole? I saw sneak peeks of her SS11 collection when I was at the studio and it looked very promising, I’m fully expecting it to be a SS!! collection.

Here’s how to enter: Easy, like tapping at a fishtank – Email press@mashama.co.uk, and simply write the password ‘MONKEYSODA’ in the title and provide your name. Someone from the Masha Ma team will get back to you to let you know if you’ve won or not!

The giveaway will end on Saturday, 12.00 (noon), 18th September 2010, and the winners will be announced that same afternoon so that appropriate plans can be made. I’ll be personally meeting the winners before the show to hand the tickets over.

**Little trivia about Fashion Week tickets: Seated tickets are very exclusive and only offered to established members of the press; it also allows you to skip the queue for the show that might be stretched around the block! So get tappin’!

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  1. Elizabeth

    This is random and has nothing to do with the post, but is the font of your header?

  2. Zbigniew

    As above, I’m also interested in the font of your header and the footer too..?

    Moreover, I’d like to enquire about the texture and type of the paper that can be seen leaning against the wall in the picture. I WANT THAT PAPER!

    I’m so messaging them about those tickets!
    How much are they worth? Maybe I’ll pawn them and get enough monies to buy more Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Yeah!

  3. What a great giveaway!! too bad i don’t live in England.. bummm,, :(…..

    Whoever wins it.. congrats:)

    ahh im obsessed with the layout of your blog!



  4. A shame I don’t live in London :S But really cool of them to give away tickets!

  5. Just entered xD

    Hope they pick me. I’m attending the London Fashion Week exhibition but i’d be so cool to watch at least ONE catwalk show.


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  7. How I wish I was in London :D <3

  8. Shini you’re so kind!
    Big big thank you for mentioning me and Carrie to them – we got invites today!
    Sadly I wont be around on the tuesday though so wont b able to make it but hope you will enjoy it! :)
    Lots of love and kisses x

  9. LK

    I just received an email ticket saying that the seated ticket was given away. Hmm… It says that the contest is open until Saturday. I’m very confused. Although they did offer me a standing ticket.

  10. E

    I got an email saying that Ive been offered a standing ticket, too
    and so did my friend

    i find this quite confusing aswell

  11. I just got in touch with them, and apparently they had an overwhelming response so they had to close it earlier! I’m so sorry about this, they had a finite number of tickets, so they had to stop at a certain point!

  12. I was just about to email you saying thank you for putting them in touch with me – I’ll be at the show. See you there I hope x

  13. shame i am not coming to London but wow that jacket in the iridescent bronze fabric is just incredible, thanks for sharing!

  14. Dear Park and Cube Followers,

    We have received SO many responses that unfortunately we had to close the competition down early!
    We were so pleased with the masses of responses, but had to stop early as the amazing park and cube followers almost crashed our inbox!
    We did manage to send out a few standing tickets and I hope you accept it as our apology for cutting it short!

    Shini will announce the winner soon!

    Thanks so much for all the support! Park & Cube has the best fans!

    Masha Ma Team