I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Coat – Vintage thru Etsy (Black Luna Vintage), Striped top, shoes – Gmarket, Leather top – Topshop, Leggings – DIY cut, Dress – Zara, Yellow bag – Uniqlo; Second photo from Style Slicker

Hi, I happen to enjoy being dressed like Thomas the Tank Engine [THANKS KIT] (complete with rail tracks and diamond fences) and possess a generic Asian face, thank you.

Disgruntled blogger says wussup punk. I guess having this 20 20 hindsight on the humiliating behaviour during LFW by certain fashion bloggers and learning about shockingly judgmental thinking behind streetstyle photographers is not helping the mood here. I remember when these photographs were taken I was in absolute bliss and gleefully basking in the LFW creative energy… I’ll explain the fuming later, but you can start by reading this article by Robin Scott of The Global Herald.

(Thank you Kit for taking these pictures1; the shoe shot I stole from her blog, as you can probably tell)

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  1. I love your tights!! and your vintahe coat is perfect i love his color this blue is one of my favorite!

  2. Love the Coat. Great Color!

  3. so adorable!

  4. What an ass…Robin Scott needs to get off his high horse and stop writing sh*t! Just because some people don’t know how to behave doesn’t mean everyone is a pig

  5. hmm I’m intrigued to hear why you are disgruntled. I love your Tommy the Train look, by the way. :)

  6. Yoshi

    Hm, I guess you will be elaborating on some of the things you mentioned that are making you fume…. at least I hope you will…. I am really curious. And I did read the article, but I don’t know anything about Robin Scott, so I will reserve judgement for the moment. I do agree with Ditaa though.

  7. You’re so pretty!

    That is all.

  8. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    the bad behaviour bit at the food/drinks section was a mere portion and i felt that he was just stating what he witnessed. seriously, what do you expect when there’s a huge turnout? if i may comment, based on what little i know about writing and last of all fashion, i thought he attempted to cover the standard aspects that have been surrounding this real fashion journos vs accidental celeb fashion bloggers issue with balance.

  9. eLLy*

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

  10. These past few days, I’ve been reading a lot of posts by bloggers with the same topic – “the Media & the Blogsphere world of chaos” that is. I think somebody, better yet … EVERYone should try to work out something that can work for both parties . This is why I never liked going to fashion shows and rather see street style blogs, fashion blogs or just an online diary like yours from the comfort of my sofa, in my piglet PJs.

  11. Tommy? Who’s Tommy? It’s Thomas The Tank Engine hahaha…oh who cares it’s same thing.

    I read Robin Scott’s post a while ago…mmm I agree 1/4 of it.

  12. I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it!

    If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot!


  13. i think you look absolutely fabulous!!! i love the bright jacket and the different print mixed together!!! so daring yet gorgeous!

  14. I’m loving your LFW pictures & outfits Shini :) Have a great weekend!

  15. This is partly why I stopped the whole fashion week thing. When I do make it back to London I will only attend shows of the people who’s work I am truly passionate about and believe I can write a coherent and intelligent commentary on what I witnessed at their shows.
    That said, I have been to shows and seen badly behaved ‘professional’ fashion journalists who had no sense of etiquette, nor simple manners for that matter, and it had nothing to do with the influx of bloggers getting in their way to eat the pastries (few bloggers attended shows then anyway). They were, quite simply, idiots with a notebook.

  16. Not only that, but I wonder where on the pecking order he would put a fashion blogger who has decided NOT to work in the industry in spite of offers? One who prefers to just blog about fashion rather take it up as a career?

  17. Absolutely agree, I don’t work in the industry (yes, despite that the blog is naturally a part of the fashion foodchain) and will ever want to, so where do I fit in? Where do YOU fit in as a massively influential fashion blogger who’s not looking to chat up a high name to get to ‘places’ or snag a job feeding the hungry (models)?

    This so called professionalism they looked for in attending bloggers was already lacking in the PRs who accepted press passes and gave out invitations to anyone like hotcakes. I don’t disagree to everything Robin Scott wrote, in fact I put it up as reference so people knew what happened – the tone of the article is generally supportive of the bloggers. It’s simply sad to know that after this season being a ‘blogger’ will first and foremost mean to the industry as someone who should not ‘cross the rope’ and keep their hands to themselves.

    I’m considering skipping out on the whole fashion week scene next season, I came home Tuesday rather disgusted by the whole industry.

  18. You are so right – he might want to have a close look at the PRs who, for all intents and purposes, seem, generally speaking, completely inept yet are supposed to be the epitome of professionalism. I have never asked for a ticket for a single show in my life (I have only ever asked for an additional ticket), and when I have been invited by the designer personally rarely does the PR send out the invite, thus meaning the designer has to personally add me to the list!!! That, to me, is shocking.

  19. I absolutely love this whole outfit. Your coat and shoes are such standout pieces! xx

  20. Amazingly blue coat!’

    juliet xxx

  21. Love all of your leg wear, you are the queen of the tight! Hope you had a great time at LFW



  22. Wow, you have an amazing.. air around you. The whole feel to your look, from the ends of your hair to the heels on your shoes, it all just works very well.

  23. My mother say: lovely! “)

  24. Oh, Shini, soon as you have free time – this week if possible? – I’d love to sit down with you over a cupcake & have a nice chat. Just scanned thru Robin Scott’s article really fast – and commented – and at times was offended but I agree: he’s not totally anti bloggers, and in some ways is also criticising the established journalism world for being so threatened by ‘us’. I keep thinking of that Dylan song: ‘get out of the old road if you can’t lend a hand, cause the times, they are a-changing’.

    And I apologise for not sending you any shots! I’m still trying to catch up. I had some lovely shots of you in your Day Two Outfit – I know you don’t like that busy background but I thought they worked quite well… perhaps @ some point you can do an Alternate Version of Day Two Outfit.

    I might just do a ‘spotlight on’ on my sidebar.. okay to use your photo?

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend babe. xox

  25. p.s. now I’m really curious what happened!! & to think I was so excited at how nice everyone was!

    Well as my dad would say: ‘If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs, you don’t understand the situation.’

    Call me naive, but perhaps ignorance really is bliss.

  26. great outfit! love the blue jacket and black&white stripes combo. awesome :)

  27. Just realised that your shoes in 2nd photo looks more sharper than mine :S

  28. I sharpened it, hahahaa

  29. I’ve never used sharpen tool, I will use it from now on hahahahaha

  30. Samantha

    Just wanted to say you look really really great :) Your outfits just keep getting better!

  31. great outfit! i like it

  32. love the blue jacket

  33. Gorgeous coat! I just blogged about the color! Check it out! :)


  34. i’ve always wanted a coat in that color!

  35. I saw you that day :) Or, you walked right past me. Didn’t realise it was you until you were gone :( Love your blog, btw! and your style..

  36. I love that blue colour on you. It looks fabulous :)


  37. you’re pictures are lovely and so are your looks.. which camera do you use ? xx hope ou can stop by ..


  38. This coat has the best life with you! You look amazing!

  39. Dee Mane

    I absolutely love these shoes….i found them on gmarket, but the seller doesn’t do international shipping….im really confused….i would really appreciate it if you can point me to the right direction :D

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